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1 gendarme killed, school burned in northwest Cameroon

YAOUNDE, Cameroon – A gendarme was killed late Monday in clashes between English-speaking activists and police in Cameroon’s Northwest Region, an administrative source told Anadolu Agency.

“Constable Maj. Djodnia was killed in front of the Jakiri bilingual high school by masked men,” said Adolphe Lele Lafrique, the region’s governor.

“We have been informed that there has been a confrontation between activists and the police,” the governor said, adding that he had no information on the exact circumstances of the clashes.

Several activists protested across the region on Monday as President Paul Biya marked 35 years in power in the central African state.

“The Jakiri bilingual high school was burned down over the weekend, and we asked for a troop reinforcement to secure our region especially on this day, when demonstrations should take place to celebrate the 35 years of our president in power,” Lafrique added.

Four educational institutions, including the high school, were burned last week by Anglophone activist who said that the schools should remain closed till the Anglophone crisis is resolved.

The English-speaking regions of Cameroon (Northwest and Southwest regions) have lived for almost a year in tension with strikes and demonstrations denouncing discrimination against the Anglophone minority in favor of the Francophone majority.

Violence left dozens of protesters dead and over 100 injured last month after tens of thousands of people began a peaceful march to proclaim the independence of Western Cameroon, also known as Ambazonia, according to the International Crisis Group.

French Cameroon gained its independence from France in 1960. In 1961, a federal state was set up when British Cameroon gained its independence from Great Britain and joined French Cameroon. The federal state was later dissolved in favor of a unitary state in 1972.

Since then, English-speaker say they are being marginalized, forced to use French in public institutions and schools and use the French-Cameroon legal system in courts.

Anadolu Agency

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  1. ““All who draw the sword will die by the sword” (Matthew 26:52). 

    • DALI DALI,,,,what is dramatic with (bereh wereh ngang),christians,is that they read only one book over and over.each time something happen they quickly go back to quote from it because it is the only thing they know.their vesion is so limited that they can’t think outside anything written in that violent bdogmatic book.for over five hundred years that americans have lived exclussively from slaughtering others and taking what belongs to them.what has happened to them?if nothing happen to them in the last five hundred years.we can say without possibility of mistake it will not in the next five hundred years also.african christians are soo rediculous that they quote from the book that was used to rationalise their own distruction.and who put that book in their hands?

      • Omnes enim qui acceperint gladium gladio peribunt

      • The bible is global and not only Africans quote from it sir! Divert your anger elsewhere. We have more pressing issues e.g the said Anglophone crisis which is currently rocking Cameroon.

  2. Isn`t this a contradiction?
    The governor, claims he was informed about a confrontation between activists and the
    police. During which, a gerdarme { not police} was killed { Monday}.
    Over the weekend, when the Jakiri bilingual school was burnt down, they asked for reinforcement.
    So, who killed a gerdarme {when masked men and police, had their wahala on Monday?}.
    The governor, `adding that he has no information on the exact circumstances of the clashes`.
    Remember, there was reinforcement in town already.
    He is a victim of the armed reinforcement and the armed forces already on ground zero.
    `Ambazonians, use peace plants to tell their story`.

    • E pluribus unum ex Ante

      Pinguiss you and your Republique people will have to learn. You see how you interchangeably use police and gendarme?
      This your confusion is how you run your French backwaters. We are tired of the thing you call la Republique.
      We have left for Buea. Please take note.
      If the news is not “fake” may the souls of all genuine peace keeping troops departed rest in peace.
      Our fight will carry on.
      We shall never ever yield. Mark my words….never

  3. should have used his weapon and sprayed them with bullets , hopefully the next ones (gendarmes ,policemen) won’t try to talk to those terrorists , their heads are empty and they are walking corpses ,shoot and ask questions after don’t die stupidly, the state armed you for a reason to protect public buildings , the integrity of this country and the sanctity of our lives (yours included ) . The secessionists are not our brothers as some still believe ,smoke them out with no restraint it will teach the others . I’m glad his death will serve as a wake up call to the authorities. The people of jakiri should bring out the culprits or face heavy retaliation and militarization.

  4. @Pinguiss Why are u ranting here and trying to play the victim? since this crisis started,it is only one LRC’s military that have been gun down by protesters.U should count yourself lucky.We are going to put and end to the beti hegemony.Since,u specialised in tribal politics,u establish a divide and rule system between NW and SW while u harvest the resources from SW.There are about about 20 beti ministers with portfolio and just one from SW and non from NW.Your time is up.Your manipulation have come of age and we,the people from SW,are going to deal with u squarely.This is just the begining.A SC gov’t has been formed.Just wait,the worst is still to come,since u have refused to have it in peace,then i promise u,u are going to have it in pieces.

    • I don’t entertain numbskull airhead , how far with unesco cancelling the school year and invalidating Cameroon diplomas ,you are a crass illiterate,go Andy play with your mates in the pigsty. Jakiri has 48hours to bring out the criminal squad otherwise we will fish them out ourselves . Regardless this crime won’t go unpaid

  5. ambazonian from LRC

    In tribute to this gendarm killed by barbare ambazonians, j’ai niass copieusement une fille ambazonienne devant la photo de son excellence sissuku julius ayuk Tabz,somewhere in a hotel in Buea. My friends, the taste of her gnass was incredible. She is from the village of sissiku according what she told me.

  6. Food is medicine

    Cameroonians , Ambazonians , Malians or whatever you call yourselves…Make one week available each year, not to celebrate independence as all African regions have done since the colonialists left but rather to commence the restoration of the African pride as a people incomparable to any other despite our diversity. Denounce from now henceforth, anything that has to do with independence day across Africa and the packages that came along with it. Reclaim your minds and stop worshipping the gods of your oppressors.

  7. More than 300 people have been assassinated in the North West and South West regions between September 22nd and October 3rd 2017.The president of Cameroon has not made any statement.Many newspapers are silent about it.One terrorist gendarme is killed and there is so much noise .Does it mean that the lives of Southern Cameroonians in Cameroon is not worth anything?

    • Areu sure that medias in Cameroun were silent about all the deads in ambaland ? As well in 2008 ,more than200 people were shot dead in Yaounde, in Douala, hundred were jailed. biya didn’t made any statement. On the contrary , he took measures to intimidate the population by sending war vehicles in the road. If I follow your reasonment, the lives of Cameroonians is not worth anything .

  8. Paul Biya should be going after the fulani, Issa Tchiroma, who may be the sponsor and godfather of Boko. Moreover, Issa Tchiroma has caused genocide in the Anglophone areas, aggravating the already tense situation.

  9. Mvondo Abah Abah

    biya junta = Kim Jung Um

  10. pinguiss Hutu, you will be tried for inciting genocide. Go back to Rwanda

  11. Atangana Ndong dong

    Paul biya forever, Hutu strongman, kill all other tribes except yours.

  12. Pompidou Mensah

    Genocide taking place in Jakiri right now. Broken bones every way. Take pictures send them to

  13. Pompidou Mensah

    Broken bones and maimed and murdered bodies everywhere. send videos to http//www.unhcr.org

  14. shame only one wicked, thief, beggar, illiterate army died! the people must resort to self defense towards these barbaric invaders of lrc soldier, let they and their family feel the pain to loose a love one, they are used to killing innocent southern Cameroonians civilians with jubilation and pride to gain recognition from their colonial puppets, fending a 86 years old colonial,arrogant dictator,biya who feels he owns the country and all the people, again no one can trust the government news, who will eliminate their own to justify more brutality,if the act was done by the locals, more of these must follow to say, offering piece plants is not weakness, rise up Ambazonians, defend your lands and people!! kill many of lrc colonial masters and armies in the regions! ‘an eye for an eye’ gweme!

    • E pluribus unum ex Ante

      Please do not encourage the killing of peaceful police doing their work.
      Self defense of course is another matter.

  15. peace for grave soldiers,we must fight all this terrorist

  16. Does anybody in their right mind believe that the people of southern Cameroon will backtrack? You better open your eyes to the reality that their backs are against the wall. Until Paul Biya comes down himself to hold talks in the presence of international institutions and all parties, the situation can only get worst for La Republic from here.