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124 milliards de FCFA de dépenses militaires au Cameroun en 2018

APAnews | Le gouvernement camerounais a décidé d’allouer en 2018 une enveloppe de 124,212 milliards de francs CFA pour des dépenses militaires, et dont l’objectif principal est d’enrayer les crises sécuritaires dont connaît le pays, en particulier la guerre contre Boko Haram à l’Extrême-Nord et l’insurrection liée aux sécessionnistes anglophones dans le Nord-Ouest et le Sud-Ouest.

D’après le ministère de la Défense (MINDEF) qui a assure qu’ « aucun pan du territoire national ne sera négligé », il est notamment question d’apporter des réponses idoine à ces deux « pôles d’insécurité ».

Les dépenses militaires destinées au volet logistique, humain, technique et opérationnel dont la finalité étant « de préserver l’intégrité territoriale du Cameroun et d’assurer la sécurité des citoyens et de leurs biens ».

Ces dépenses militaires font partie de l’enveloppe globale des 238,910 milliards de francs CFA de budget du ministère de la Défense issu de la loi de finances de l’exercice 2018 votée au parlement en mi-décembre et promulguée mercredi dernier par le chef de l’Etat Paul Biya.

Analystes et observateurs s’accordent sur la fait que le renforcement du dispositif sécuritaire sut le territoire national constitue un défi devenu crucial en raison des violences causées par Boko Haram depuis 2014 puis des activistes sécessionnistes des régions anglophones depuis 2016 et dont on note une radicalisation du mouvement avec des attaques terroristes, l’assassinat des forces de l’ordre et la destruction des édifices publics.

Ces derniers n’écartent pas d’ailleurs que « le montant des fonds officiellement alloué aux opérations militaires soit revus à la hausse selon des contingences » tant tout semble croire que ni la fin de la guerre contre des obscurantistes de Boko Haram encore moins contre les partisans de la sécession du Cameroun n’est pour demain.

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  1. Les terrorists n’ont qu’à bien se tenir j’espère qu’ils en ont autant.

    • You are an idiot! A disgrace to academic exposure and a fraud to morality. Earning a degree in the middle of those who are known for buying their credentials have placed you on an illusory pedestal of enlightenment. It’s discernible from you deductive conclusions that you lack any standpoint of conclusive tolerance even for those not sharing your viewpoint. Look up the word terrorist. Explore the ramifications and tell me who the terrorist here is. The fact that the British handed over our people to yours as you claim does not diminish our human rights. It doesn’t condemn us to a lifetime of exploitation and abuse and that’s why we are determined to fight you frauds till the end. Like your king Biya keep spinning lies here you are doing the same while your army die in their numbers. Fool!

  2. Uniforms, weapons, money and training ..lots of national investment end up in the wrong cause.

    Douala is not a declared battle ground yet it has become the theater of the most recent bloodletting by a trained, armed gendarme, taking out his frustrations on colleagues and those in his inner circle. What guarantee is there for the casual onlooker or passer-by?

    Now questions are being asked about the criteria for selection and recruitment, nature of training, etc of those wielding arms and callously slaughtering innocent citizens. Read Cameroon-info.net. Weep for a nation gone to the dogs. Week for Cameroon.

    • Matthew24:33 “Even so, when you see all these things, you know that [the end of Biya’s regime] is near, right at the door”.

      • Congo: accord de cessez-le-feu entre Brazzaville et les rebelles”

        The Dictator of Congo Brazz. is realistic. He signed a ceasefire agreement with the rebels because he realized that it was impossible to defeat rebels in any ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE.
        However, Biya is using revenue from Ndian oil to fight “secessionists”. Of course, he is wasting his time and energy. It is impossible to win an asymmetrical warfare.
        The USSR learnt her lesson in Afghanistan and ran away. America and Nato took over and they will soon runaway. Asymmetrical warfare NEVER ends.
        The foolish decision of Biya to declare on SC will backfire because LRC can and will NEVER EVER defeat Southern Cameroonians in SC.
        One thing is 100% certain: The Anglophone Question MUST be resolved this time around come rain come shine

        • Militarising SC is a very expensive and foolish gamble by Biya. The soldiers have to be paid outstation and risks allowances. If they were not paid they will turn their guns to Biya.
          Asymmetrical warfare is open ended. There is no time-limit. Sudanese rebels fought the government for over thirty years before the government gave up.
          Southern Cameroonian so-called “secessionists and terrorists” have much time. They will abundant the BIR in Manyu and move from place to place. They will then hit the occupiers and then disappear into thin air. The BIR of LRC will then turn their frustration on innocent villagers, maiming, raping, killing and even burning down houses.
          All asymmetrical warfare always end up on the dialogue table because it is UNWINNABLE. Biya will soon BEG for dialogue.

        • They will ABANDONE the BIR in Manyu…..

    • Ops!
      Weep for Cameroon.

  3. We have decided to spend our money to kill terrorists no matter the diversion brought here and we will kill them till the whole world say Amen because when idiocy becomes andemic the whip remains the only serum.

    • Endemic you mean.
      Let us hope you can spend that much year, after year after year.
      In the meantime the Catalans voted for independence….a quand le vote en region Anglophone?

    • The last sentence of the article should tell you your desire to kill is tempered by your understanding that the hunter can become the hunted.

      • Authentic Anglos are opting for peace………we,real fighters, are going to do what it takes in 2018 to put real pressure on the system to start a face-to-face dialogue with authentic Anglos, political parties, the clergy, civil society.

        We’ve got to take back NW/SW from the hands of conmen…

      • You have no understanding Depimento aka firefighter you are the prototype of” left side brain”As I have said before I once thought you were smart like many Chinese till I realized you are not different from the ones left home upon all these years spent in China.As they use to say in the other side ” habillez le chimpanzé,donnez lui la voiture il démeurera un animal.”

  4. Merry Christmas to all.
    Time to reflect if we have to remain as a family.
    Anyway wish all of you a happy time with your loved ones.

    • Your gorilla face say merry Xmas? After chasing children and women from their homes to become refugees in a foreign land through an Um Joseph prefectorial order, you open your smelly fangs to talk about staying as family. No little baboon. Ambazonisns want nothing to do with you brutal uncivilized primates.

      • Get a life idiot.
        Still I will wish happy holidays season in your miserable self.
        The symptoms are so deep, it will take one a life to rescue you. But you ought to be cured from that “whatever you misery” is.

  5. Jsus Christ!!! with no portable water, schools, electricity these beti Ewondo Bulu gangsters are trying to spend and fight their way out of these crises.The USA thought likewise when they flew B52 bombers to Vietnam.This crises will not be settled on the battle field.Ambazonia already have trained guerrilla warriors that left Mamfe and are training warriors in other counties.Next attacks will be well coordinated with sophisticated weaponry and more casualties.The best way out of this problem Biya created will be through dialogue if not…….

    • @ndamba The dialogue will take place when we will wipe out all the terrorists then If they’re few with common sense we will invite them .

  6. **** Christmas Breaking News ****

    ” Reports from Ndian confirm that the house of the colonial DO has been burnt to Ashes. Similarly the same operation saw two gendarmes and the commander of Ntoko brigade sent to the world beyond. We are told the three corpses have been taken to the mortuary in Mundemba”

    My take:


    LRC has militarised Manyu. The “Secessionists” have relocated to Ndiian. LRC is now forced to send his soldiers to Ndian.
    However, that will take weeks if not months. LRC has neglected Ndian Division since time immemorial: zero tarred roads, zero portable water, zero CrTv signal, zero electricity.
    The greatest paradox that defies all human logic is that Ndian Division is the source of the wealth used by Biya to develop towns in LRC

    • Of course, Tchiroma and CrTv will not tell the citizens of LRC about the killing of the three Gendarmes in Ndian.

      I repeat once more in good faith:

      Biya should convene an INCLUSIVE and GENUINE dialogue because the window of opportunity for a peaceful settlement is closing extremely fast. The “secessionists” are determined to kick LRC out of SC.
      No dirty tricks, no Commission on Bilingualism, no bribing of Anglophone self-seekers and traitors, no genocide or crimes against humanity can stop the present momentum.

      The only thing that can stop the present momentum is: INCLUSIVE + GENUINE DIALOGUE

      • @MvomekaThere will be no dialogue you promised financial support to terrorists don’t be afraid stand on what you said. we will be counting down bodies here to show you how dull you are.

        • l,enemi dans la Maison

          you are too ignorant to understand the different stages anglophones or better southern cameroonians have fought this same battle till today. we know where we failled and what were the causes. Today we have corrected those errors and are aware of how long it will take us to Buea. The yaounde junta can use all their budget for the military in Ambaland, it will simply not work with a simple reason. No active leader of our struggle and majority of our sponsors are in la republique pay roll, has any busines to benefit from la rep or live in the cameroons. more to that 80% of our people live on money we send to them.. la rep has lost the battle since. He who pays the piper dictates the rules. Any opposition in the cameroons has never succeeded because most leaders were in la rep pay roll and

      • @ Mvomeka.
        As loving sons and daughters of Cameroon, we all owe a duty to seek the most meaningful and logical path to peace and stability. So far, dialogue has been brandished here and there as the panacea.

        Yet this very panacea is so murky. What shape or form does such a dialogue take? Can any sane individual envisage the president taking a seat to dialogue with people of NW/SW? In what venue – chief’s palace, office of DO, SDO, Governor? Football stadium? And who will moderate? Cardinal Tumi?Archbishop Kleda? Pope Francis? Lady Patricia Scotland? Antonio Guterrez? Mayor Ekema? Who? PM Musonge? PM Yang? PM Achidi Achu? Dakole Daissala?
        Justice Ayah Paul? John Fru Ndi?

        • First, there should be a partner in dialogue, we don’t dialogue in a vacuum. But the prerequisite to dialogue is eat one’s pride and see the humanity in each other. If any side is hell bent on pursuing the military strategy, seeing how perilous that approach, then dialogue is not for tomorrow. Overt dialogue should come after there would have been relentless efforts to smooth over tempers behind the scenes. People who refuse to talk when there are crisis always discover they have been living in a fool’s paradise. The gov’t should actually be engaging the leaders of the movement in neutral grounds out of the country. President Obasanjo has offered to be of help if need arises. Judging from his long experience, he would bring a lot to bear, especially as someone who knows the situation like

        • the back of his hand. Nobody is too big for dialogue. Americans secretly negotiated with Iraqis in Europe, we can do same. To score political points people may try to project an image of strength publicly, by seearing to crush each other, but if this thing could be resolved without causing even simple headache to anyone, that would be better. All the controversial and toxic players who have been the public faces of the crisis can only wish for the situation to rot, but nobody is going to kill their way out of this conflict. America claimed Iraqis were terrorists and not partners for dialogue, but we saw President Obama’s clairvoyance. To win concessions in a dispute, you stake out your grounds. Nobody should allow this conflict to spread to other parts of the country! A word to a wise…!

        • @firefither
          I am a littl belittled here.
          Now you would like to see dialogue between the GOC and terrorists, while not long a go you morons were singing kumbaya all over the net on how you are going to crush frogies.
          It seems like ELOKOBI and his mignons are putting some sense into those empty skulls of yours.
          No negotiation with terrrorist. That time has passed. We need to clean the land of traitors.
          Btw: happy holidays season

        • @JD, This is a Cameroonian problem and can best be understood and resolved by us. Thus none of the foreign names you listed can be of great help. I have written here before that we need an intra-anglophone dialogue FIRST before we can engage in national dialogue. This intra-anglo dialogue should enable us harmonize the multitude of anglo opinions and determine our representatives who would bear our proposals for the resolution of the anglophone problem. Intra-anglo dialogue would also address the other questions you raised. This initial step needs to happen. Presently we are disorganized and reactive: waiting on gov’nt to make some proposal. We should be proactive, realistic and organized. The current divisions within anglophones weakens us and greatly diminishes our ability to engage govt

        • @Firefighter, Glad to notice you have tamed the extremist bluster. Could this signal a realization on your part of the fallacy of the Ambazonia daydream? You are echoing the same things I have been saying here. In any case it’s a welcome rationality. Whatever the stakes are, we should be guided by realpolitik, not emotions.

        • Mbappe/ Zamfuka,
          You now discover that making threats and calling on the Police and army to go out and kill drowns out all the things others say here. Remember my statement from the beginning that we would rid our land of French slaves without firing a shot? Yes, i’m the one who repeatedly made that statement, while the two of you branded Anglophones terrorists. No anglophone, Be he AG, Mvomeka, John Dinga, you name them has ever stopped to decry the militarization of this crisis. If you think the soldiers and civilians who are killed on daily basis is a child’s play, then push your logic to the end. You guys are French slaves and naturally emotional, so you think shouting will play the magic for you. If you guys think you will kill your way out of the crisis, fine and good!

        • Zamfuka,
          What things have you been saying here that i’m Now echoing? You called Anglophones terrorists and cowards, you called their leaders conmen, just yesterday you called me murderer. When soldiers arrived the SW , you rushed here rejoicing. Are these the things you have been saying that i’m now echoing? Please, don’t cosy up to me to justify your vindictiveness! I’d advise you to stay out of anglophone business, we don’t owe you anything! Get it clear, I can never reward people who kill our people, so stop living in a fool’s paradise. You say you have been calling for peace, is it because you knew the gov’t cannot win ? You are just a carnival barker in this crisis, everlastingly beating your chest in Germany. Go home for once and pick up a gun!

        • I can see that Zam Zam has profoundly hurt your ego. Poor you. You are infatuated with ZZ and suffering from acute cognitive meltdown. For a moment I imagined you had regained some semblance of sanity, but I was obviously wrong. You are still paranoid. And sadly, I don’t respond to paranoia.

        • Firefighter,

          what I have learned outside of CMR is to love myself and my people. Like I always say, I am BLACK enough.

          My people: Anglo/Franco…

        • What you have learnt outside is calling people murderers, terrorists and cowards! This is how you love your people! Yesterday, I was a murderer, but today you strangely pretend to welcome what a murderer is saying! We will keep delivering the body blows you need! Make no mistake! I’m not unsteady like you chameleon to please your world view.

    • What wealth from Ndian ? There is no oil production going on in Ndian . Zero . If there are no roads as you say how are they transporting the oil ? Next , you are going to say there is oil in Limbe . Go to SNH.CM and look at Cameroon’s oil basin . Cameroon has two oil producing basins right now: Rio del Rey and Douala/Campo . Sorry they aren’t in the so called Ambazonia . Companies have carried out exploration of oil in Ndian and it was a wash . No significant commercial quantities of oil was found .At time nobody is exploring oil in Ndian. Not a soul . I feel sorry for you falling for the propaganda spread by Mark Bareta, Akosun Pauline et al . BIR has inflicted serious casualties on the so called ADF aka NchangShoes forces . BIR is trained and waiting for your ADF .

      • Thanks brother,
        I have being saying what you are saying for years, but these stubborn cowards do not want to learn; actually they are ante knowledge, so easy to brainwash.
        They have an illusion of some oil in their “areas” and believe what some opportunists are telling them.

  7. LRC will live to regret september 22nd and October 1st.There is an opportunity that you seize and there is an opportunity that seizes to exist.The non conventional warfare is the most complicated war to engage in.Guerrilla warfare can be described as a drummer beating his drum when the dancers are still in the dressing room and by the time the dancers get on stage the drummer would have been tired.The tactics is very very asymmetrical and illusive.If Biya thinks he has control over what is happening now then he must have really lost his brain cells.

  8. Biya dialogued with Boko Haram terrorist and even paid ransom to them to free french hostages. However, apologists are claiming that Biya will not dialogue with terrorists.
    Who is fooling who?????

    Dialogue or no dialogue, War or peace, Southern Cameroonians will rescue themselves from the evil hands of LRC.
    The momentum is unstoppable. LRC is losing soldiers day in day out but hiding the truth from the citizens of LRCC:.
    LRC can NEVER defeat Southern Cameroonians in SC
    Sooner than later, the ADF will introduce suicide vests, roadside bombs, IEDs and rocket propelled Granates.
    SC belongs to Southern Cameroonians and they will defend it come what may.


    • Biya is afraid of dialogue because he knows that:

      1. the FORM OF THE STATE MUST be item1 on the agenda
      2. the law is on the side of Southern Cameroons since there is legal basis for LRC to claim SC as part of LRC

      2017 is not 1961. LRC tricked Dr. Foncha et al. in 1961. LRC can NEVER EVER trick the generation of 2017. Our eyes are wide open. Our defence forces are doing a fantastic job. The ICC is watching closely.

      The FINAL SOLUTION to the Anglophone Question will be gotten this time around come rain come shine. Biya should understand that statement of fact.

      BTW who is a terrorist in this struggle???

      1. The GESTAPOS of LRC who have raped, maim, murdered in cold blood unarmed civiians ?


      2. Patriotic Southern Cameroon who are simply exercising their RIGHT OF SELF-DEFENCE??

      • @Mvomeka
        Could you please volunteer an answer to my question above with respect to the “ingredients” of a dialogue? I am dying to read into this. It is not in the order of the day to be judge and jury in one’s own case.

        • @JD,
          I have already written a piece about “dialogue”. Unfortunately, it disappeared into thin air “awaiting moderation “. I think it might be released sooner or later

      • @L’enemi if you were sending money to Cameroon as you said you would have thought about the fact that your people will not be able to withdraw that money fortunately you can’t . People sending money to Cameroon don’t make noise and you are not amongst them this is one thing.The other is you are too dull to understand the government will make sure that all of you wishing for the total KO have died the remaining few who will get common sense will seat for the national dialogue from your hideout you run your empty mouth if you claim to have a brain ask yourself how many villages are depraved from their population since the crack down of terrorists you’re answer will be as good as mine.

        • You so naive. I’ve been sending money home all the time. You think the cameroon government don’t need remittance moron? Aren’t you done with the PhD so you can go plant trees in yabassi? Lol

      • there is ZERO legal basis for LRC to claim SC as part of LRC

  9. Anglophones suffered because they never had any true representation or a poweful lobby. Biya hand picked a couple of people with the mindset of Agbor Balla that they corrupt and called elites to represent the people.The Anglophones of today has an army(symbol of power and respect) Tv station for propaganda and a governing council. Biya must be on a trance or epileptic state to think that he can play “pick a boo” with Anglophones.The so called dialogue that they will soon be the ones running after Anglophones to have will be like a stale okra soup.If they don’t step up their game before these cancerous cells call ADF metastasize, there will be no Chief, DO, SDO, Cameroonese security thieves and even governors in Ambazonia.

  10. @Mvomeka We know how peaceful are these compatriots but we will hunt them to show them that I diocy/foolishness can be contagious .

    • The problem with you CameroUnese is that you are too mouthy and arrogant. Biya went to Paris and shouted to any person who cared to listen that he will crush Boko Haram. Today, you will agree with me that he was simply day dreaming.
      The same Biya declared a swear against Southern Cameroonians, a war he can NEVER EVER win. However, you are here also threatening Southern Cameroonians when you know that you will soon lose Ndian oil.
      Let me tell you, Southern Cameroonians never attacked a town or village in LRC. You people attacked them in their homeland. You are the aggressors and terrorists. You should use that Budget to buy many body bags because many of the LRC aggressors and terrorists will leave SC in body bags.


  11. It sounds so stupid to compare the government of Cameroon with Boko Haram. Yet the similarities are inescapable.

    Boko Haram”s avowed intention is to conquer and rule the Sahel region. But then it begins by mercilessly murdering the human beings that inhabit the region. Over what will the victorious Boko Haram rule? Is it far fetched to ask a similar question of a government unleashing murders in Mamfe, Kembong, Ejagham areas?

    It seems so logical to have a dialogue before rather than after a bloody fight, nicht wahr? Why not save the energy, money and time? A suitable venue is needed for talks. A good referee is required. And committed interlocutors on both sides can save Africa in miniature so much pain and suffering.

    • Dear John,
      You ask an impossible thing. Shall a prostitute be asked to prove her virginity?
      Such is the dilemma of la Republique, the cube of sugar has refused to melt in the sea of assimilation. Wirba told them and they minded him not….they will learn that across Ambazonia, Warriors abound.

      • There will be no Ejagham Foolish State in Biafra and Mamfe (EFSBM) for the cockroach named kintan you are undocumented you talk about remittance what an joke !!

  12. @Colby I have taken note that u are over working yourself of late,just to convince Ambasonians to drop down their weapons.But let me tell u,even if your gov’t likes,let them spend all the tax payers money in Cameroon to pay the military to fight Ambasonians,they will still not succeed.Do u know why?becos anything that has a beginning,obviously have an end.Ambasonian must be free,come rain come shine….

  13. @Colby Some of u have said that what is happening in Mamfe will remain in Mamfe.But let me shock u abit with this unpleasant news,where three Gendarmes where gun down on christmas day in Ndian,by the ADF.How good is that for a christmas present? HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe have made his position clear,on this issue,that,the independence of Ambasonia is non- negotiable,and that he will not negotiate,even a federation,with the CPDM genocidal organisation from LRC,whose genocidal record can be trace back in the 50s,60s and 70s against the bamilekes.Tell Biya to go and carry those scouts for burial.

    • @kongossa this is a war why are you surprised I have said before that we will be counting down bodies here .

      • Kongossa this is the toll of the gendarmes do you have the one of terrorists, civilians ?

  14. @Colby..So,the stregth of your soldiers is on anglophone civilians who does not have arms,right… Ha ha ha ha..i go die laugh.U see your life? I have not seen any francophone civilian been killed by the ADF becos they support Biya.Why then should your scout Gendarmes show their strengths on unarmed anglophone civilians becos they do not support Biya?Until they went and burn down civilian’s houses in Kembong. Your terrorist activities on unarmed civilians in SW and NW shows how frustrated your gov’t is.And let me tell u,we have all the videos of your gov’t’s attrocities on the civilian population.They will not go free for killing unarmed civilians becos they do not support them..ALUTA CONTINUA..Anything that has a beginning,definitely have an end…

  15. @Colby..When u make civilian population your target in a war,it therefore means u are the true terrorists and genocidal organisation…HE Sesekou have re-iterated over Vox Africa,that the independence of Ambasonia is non-negotiable.And that he cannot negotiate even a federation with a genocidal organisation like the CPDM,that kills anglophone civilians who do not support them.