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2 persons hospitalised, 4 dead after police invasion of Belo

Journal du Cameroun | Daniel Chia and one other person whose name this reporter could not immediately get are presently battling between life and death at the Banso Baptist Hospital after a fatal car crash left four persons dead and two of them seriously injured.

The head-on collision that left the four persons dead and two of them with threatening life injuries occurred on Friday, April 13, 2018, between a Carina E and a truck from Ndawara Tea Estate.

The Carina E reportedly left Belo Sub-division on top speed and was heading to Bamungo in Babessi Sub-division after a contingent of riot troops invaded Belo as clashes between Ambazonia restoration forces and Cameroon military heightens in the Sub-division.

Stunned by the military invasion of the area, villagers started running away to neighbouring villages. It was in the course of looking for safe sanctuaries that Daniel Chia and the five others boarded the Carina E car matriculated NW 534GU that was heading to Bamungo before colliding with the Ndawara truck matriculated LT839BQ.

Out of the six passengers on board the Carina E, four died on the spot, while two sustained life-threatening injuries.

Meanwhile, the mortal remains of the four deceased were ferried to the Ndop District Hospital Mortuary while preparations for their burial are going on.

Belo has become one of the battle grounds between Ambaozonia restoration forces and Cameroon military, since the Anglophone Crisis became violent in the North West and South West Region.

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  1. They were running for the lives and died anyway.
    A sign from the ancestors that we must all fight for Ambazonian freedom.

    • Stupid. What ambzonia freedom. Idiots

      • Really stupid

      • Belo has been a war zone since you illiterate Swines beheaded Sam Soya. But we shall see the end. Man no run. Amba warriors are doing a fine job to send terrorist soldiers to hell. LRC yi Pima including Uhmmm Pima Pays and Pima James.

  2. ONLY cowards, culprits or guilty people try to flee or run away when law enforcement forces arrive . As far I’m concerned they were probably ambashitnian agents hiding in Belo . Because let’s even assume that you are afraid and scared, why not run to your house under your bed till the tension goes down ?

    • Good question! Ask your boy boy Zam Zam, why he didn’t run under his bed when you and your people were after them. Instead, the scampered yo Bamenda. Is that not cowardice?

      • ZAM zam feces and urine will forcer be more dignified than you little maggots. Hes far above your level . He’s a very intelligent and smart individual who has the interests of his beloved country above petty partisan politics. Just like me he abhors Tribalism unlike you we are pass that level . Time to go back your mountains . It’s either that or you learn how to act civilized and respect law and order .

  3. They left the Boko Haram fighting, hoping to come and just finish with those
    dogs. Surprisingly, they have met another Waterloo.

  4. Speed kills. Reckless driving kills. Badly maintained vehicles kill. The worst accident scenarios take place on good, well paved roads.

    Watch the waste of five human lives on the Ombe bridge, all because of unrestrained euphoria where moderation was called for! Why would Mayor Ekema’s Buea Council workers carry a Mercedes Benz into such an orgy of jubilation at this difficult time?

    • Speed kills essentially when a reckless driver manhandles a badly-maintained vehicle. This applies to all age groups.

      However, when it comes to the intellect, speed remains the foundation of brilliance! If this is the case, then I can confidently postulate that the older Africans get, the less apt they become at managing speed; and the more hazardously unproductive they tend to become.

      This postulation may sound counter-factual given the common knowledge in our African ontology which interweaves aging with wisdom. But it is possible to put this theory to test by using JOHN DINGA as a critical case.

      So warlock, I am waiting for your brilliant comeback!