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How a 2016 song ‘dans la sauce’ lit up Cameroon’s AFCON triumph

Cameroon’s recent African Cup of Nations (AFCON) victory in Gabon had many parts to it. The setbacks with players turning down call ups was the main news around the Indomitable Lions going into the tournament.

At some point there was talk of training boycotts over lack of payment to the players but another aspect that resonates among Cameroonians is a song that rallied the charge of the Lions towards glory.

The song ‘‘Dans la sauce,’‘ which literally means ‘‘In the soup,’‘ was popular among Cameroonians who saw the team’s steady progress in the competition as a way of putting all opponents in the ‘victory soup.’

You have faced the most formidable teams, the most experienced, and as you say, you put them in the soup.

Indeed during the official presentation of the trophy to the President last Tuesday, Paul Biya had cause to use the term in an address to the players. “You have faced the most formidable teams, the most experienced, and as you say, you put them in the soup,” he said to a round of laughter and applause.

The hashtag ‘dans la sauce’ also trended on social media at some point. Most of them relating to words of congratulations to the lions and celebration of their triumph.

The song ‘dans la sauce’

The song was released in May 2016 by artiste Kien Rennise Nde, popularly referred to by her stage name Reniss. She is a Cameroonian singer and songwriter whose songs are in English, French, Pidgin, and local language, Ngeumba.

The video on Youtube has been viewed over 2.6 million times. It blends two main locations – a local kitchen setup and a blitzy nightclub. Reniss leaves her mother in the kitchen and escapes to the club where she entertains patrons to the track.

Her mother finally makes it to the club with a laddle in hand, only for a friend to drag Reniss out of the club, she subsequently begins to run back home.

Reniss became known in the African music scene after releasing her music video “La Sauce.” She released her first singles in 2011 and 2012. Her first music video ‘‘C’est la vie’‘ (Such is life) was released in 2013.


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  1. This the Cameroon some do not want to see. A so called ‘Anglophone’ singing and dancing to Beti traditional music. Thank you Reniss

    • @Confucius

      “A so called ‘Anglophone’.”

      You are learning well from the new American president.

      Because of the likes of you the Cameroon of your fantasy will never come true. If you cannot see what the criminal cult in yamande and their bosses in paris are doing then its on you.

      • I simply refuse to split Cameroonians based on the language their former master spoke. So called ‘Francophones’ and so called ‘Anglophones’ are Cameroonians and a good number of people on both sides speaks neither French or English respectively, but their traditional languages. It is stupid to use those terms in the Cameroon context and doing so is an admission of mental slavery type mentality. That is why I call it ‘so called’

        • Bravo confucious et je crois que certains specialistes de la connerie devraient nous eclairer sur la position de ceux qui ne parlent aucune de ces langues. Ou devraient ils aussi revendiquer leur Ambazombia 2 .

        • @Confucius …You think this is about Language?
          Then you are deluded my friend.
          Not even worth entertaining a dialogue.
          Keep to your monologue.

          Go back and read about the Union that gave birth to present day Cameroon. You will understand why this goes beyond Language.
          And when you are done, please spread the word around. Alot of people need educating on this issue.

        • Etangti Mo Manyang United Arab Emirates

          Confucius for your information the Southern Cameroon problem has nothing to do with the language. Its not a fight between English and French, its simply a fight for a UN trustee territory under the British colonial rule after WW1 which has been annexed and taken hostage by a gangster regime.

        • @Confucious: LOL @ that it’s about language. LOL

        • @Confucious: When someone/you identify as a “black man”, when you look at your skin, are you really black or are you more brown? Or when someone identifies as “white”, are they really white or pink? Do you always take everything literally without applying an iota of thought? LOL. You sound like you’re in first grade where things are still taken literally. Your reasoning is still at the point where you would say there are no numbers below zero… Try again, i know ur smarter than what you just wrote above about it being a division based on language

        • @Confucious is right, don’t you people know language goes with culture.If we refuse language as an impact through coloialization,then we are refusing that colonialization did caused any impact.The is an English and a French culture, which imply language has a great impact in culture and social life.Our teachers went on protest because French teacher were assigned to teach in English schools, who cannot even expressed themselves in English.Adapting both cultures should be appreciated, that is reason @Confucious is appreciating Reniss

        • Never in my lifetime someone has basically spoke my mind like you Confucius. The only problem cameroon has is the system not some colonial based subdivision.

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  2. Thank you @ Confucius, seconded

  3. if we are to build a strong highly industrialized economy standing on a solid autochtonous scientific and technical foundation.then science,technology,agriculture and industry must take the place currently occupied by diversions like music,football and wereh ngang(jesus)(mohamed).
    our youths must be cultivated and oriented to develop thirst for science,technology,industry and agriculture from early age.instead of listening music in public transport,they will be reading books of science,technology,agriculture techniques,industrial production,conditioning and commercialization.
    no country becomes an economic power through futilities like music and football.

  4. What is Nguemba????? Ngia Chi come help me I beg.

    • Attorney G:

      Massa, I don’t know. Methinks she sings in Mankon. Critically speaking, there is no language called Nguemba.

      • Thanks Ngia. I thought so too. These are the people that sit in yoaunde and want to teach us our history writing rubbish as they confuse the Ngemba tribes as a language. You will be shocked how many of them think 11 February was Independence Day.

  5. A bloodklaaat chant ina rasclaaat Marche de mbumbu!

  6. Weey heavens! First Supreme leader block me road meik I no go about di check my chantier dem, then Lions paralysé the whole town. After dis the commander-in-fear ku teik off again for yi bunker for intercontinental hotel.

    I know sey you be ngronbeef for Arab desert di pretend for dig fake PhD. Doh no dey for go Pays , just like Ras Tuge wey yi don hide under yi slave masters yi daughter skirt. Yi di only wikop shake yi old dreadlocks and di run yo mouth with Mi Lions, Lions. I nova see man wey yi di only do everything behind keyboard. Whitman woman no fit leavam meik yi go Pays. Yi dey like Bah Acho. Even if na 1000 terrorists attacks dem dey France, na catapillar ku drag Acho for leave yi carambert dem behind. I nova see PanAfricanists dem wey their African continent end na inside France. Listen Colby, I be watch some match dem for Afcon. I watch Lions against Ghana, go back for Pays , then go watch finals.

    As I be di travel go up contri, around Bafia yi place dem like Ombessa, Yambassa, Ndikinimiki, I start think about Mbamois. I sey na man dat wey yi di kosh kosh we online, but na yi pipo dis wey their only source of income na for sell rats and porcupine dem for corner road. Dat animals dem na their ancestors them wey dem want sey meik we chop them, then we become stupid and lazy like dem. How pipo fit go catch their ancestors for di sellam pass my power.

    Pinguiss yi own pipo worse. Yi sister dem and anti dem for Gabon want literally rape we as dem see how handsome we be. Time wey finals finish I just run go airport and go back. The one dem wey dem don drink odontol don jam jam me taco dem, so I don move my tings dem up contri. For the past five years Pinguiss di bark for here like mad dog, di tain pipo meik dem go back Pays , why yi no go back for Abakwa too meik dat vum dey?

    AG, Big John, Firebrand, I trowey salot ooh! Wanna tell dat eunuch wey dem di callam Pharaon sey meik yi hold yi cowardic self together! Dat fat for pig don go yi for head! Conni man Zammy di only join Kah Walla for fight inside yi effeminate imprisoned brains dem! After yi ku start ramble howey yi want teik the Arab way. Cruel deception!

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  7. This is a non-story man. There are more crucial issues at hand like the flushing 11 Feb down the latrine. That man is something to write home about.

  8. @Ba Thanks.The Government is looking for distractions.This regime is about to collapse. This senseless song is only popular because the artist is an Anglophone singing Bikuttsi.She will never be known if she played bottle dance or Mbaga’alum.THIS IS THE NATIONAL INTEGRATION BIYA WANTS.Destroying Anglophone culture to elevate his or that of French speaking Cameroonians.

  9. WHAT ABOUT 11th Feb dans la sauce??????????

  10. THERE IS GOD OHHHHHHH United States

    @ Confucius
    How can you go by such a great name and then spill such ignorance? You think the Anglophone problem is about Language ? Change your screen name to CONFUSION, masa

  11. People that claim they are Kamerunians do not know the NGOUMBA. Real Biafrans indeed! No wonder they want people to believe Kamerun has TWO CULTURES NAMELY ANGLOPHONE & FRANCOPHONE. That‘s also why they call a YAMBASSA as BAFIA. A GRAFFI CAN NEVER BE A SAWA EVEN WHEN ASSOCIATING CULTURES THAT ARE UNKNOWN TO THEIR ANCESTORS. MBUT

    • Dickhead don’t change the topic. You guys asked us to do something about it and we are doing it. Now I put it to you do something about it dirty cunt.