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2018: Another year of mega projects, Cameroon’s government says

Business in Cameroon | On November 29, 2017, Cameroon’s Prime Minister, Philémon Yang, has presented parliamentarians the government’s 2018 social, financial and economic programme. This was as deputies of the SDF, the country’s leading opposition party, were asking for the opening of a debate on the crisis in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions.

According to the head of Cameroon’s government, 2018 will be dedicated to major infrastructure projects in the framework of a vast program started in 2012. He explained that the government will focus on the infrastructures of the AFCON 2019 and on the completion of projects falling under the three-year program (2015-2017) which did not yield the expected results due in part to a morose international, regional and national financial environment.

Among projects that are key to the government are those for the construction of the Japoma and Olembe stadiums (respectively in Douala and Yaoundé), the renovation of the stadiums in Garoua and the ongoing construction of roads such as the Yaoundé-Douala, Yaoundé-Nsimalen, and Kribi-Lolablé highways.

Many projects for energy and water supply are also underway. The most important of these being the construction of the Nachtigal dam, in Central Cameroon. This dam will have a generating capacity of 400MW.

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  1. Yet Menchum waterfalls still in the dark after almost 6 years when mention was made of a fisibility study there…election is drawing near, now they come
    Back with the fake promises naming numerous projects and realizing about 5% of them all.

  2. Nothing in Amba Regions ! Then you tell me cameroon is one?

  3. The topic should read ” year of mega projects in LRC”.They should not forget to repair the broken toilets at the douala airport.No mention of Limbe sea port,babajou -bamenda or dschang-fontem but Nsimalen- Yaounde because the king himself takes that road on monthly basis.The fight continues.

  4. Smells like election (fool me) season is in the air again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on ME!