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202 Cameroonian migrants return home from Libya

Journal du Cameroun | Some 202 Cameroonian Migrants who left the country in search of greener pastures have return to the country from Libya following their repatriation. They arrived at the Yaoundé Nsimalen airport last night.

The migrants of Cameroonian origin (including 9 pregnant women) residing in Libya were voluntarily repatriated to Cameroon. Their repatriation comes within the framework of an IMO intiative which seeks to protect and reintegrate migrants. .

Tuesday’s migrant return is the second in a series as 80 persons were equally repatriated from Niger few weeks back. According to an official from the Ministry of External relations, the program provide an alternative to the migrants, who for the most part, go for the adventure out of despair.

As a result, the official went on, the OIM supports the reintegration of migrants upon their return. “When they arrive, we register their details and ask them what pushed them to leave. Then we find out what they would like to do in Cameroon. It is based on their response that we offer subsidies to start activities. The amounts vary between F CFA 500,000 CFA and F CFA 1,000,000 CFA ” he said.

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  1. I said this before ..this was the plan behind the sarkozy project rapatriation of africans from europe and france…this is the mali sahel project…please check withing these peoples if there are none that were forced for rapatriation from france and europe jails!

  2. Fingers crossed, but it is a shame that at a time when other countries are doing everything possible to bring out the best in their youths,lrc is instead pushing its own into slavery.
    Lrc can as well provide them jobs in diaper making indutries so as to cater for all those great grand fathers in the gov and senate while waiting for the country to emerge in 2035.
    The 1m will be given to each and every one of them the same way laptops were given to university students two or three years ago or did i miss something?
    Ambazonia lets move,the 2035 tsunami is not meant for us.we have already had enough.
    Welcome back home my dear brothers and sisters,i hope and pray you can find peace in your fatherland after what you have all been through.

  3. africanasala

    It is based on their response that we offer subsidies to start activities. The amounts vary between F CFA 500,000 CFA and F CFA 1,000,000 CFA ”

    Their work experience and skill ought to be taking in to consideration and offer them full time jobs which will suit their needs.

    Giving them that sum of money will only encourage them to try other routes such as meeting “doci man”and try to get a visa, which everything might end up being squandered.

  4. A functional government should be worried when its active workforce emigrate in droves despite all the accompanying risks. But with Mukete at 99 still running his office, Nalova at 68 newly appointed as Board chairwoman of Douala hospital, Mafany at 78 newly appointed to head committee of bilingualism, President himself about to win another 7 years term at 85 etc, what hope is there for them?

  5. bros nothing dey happen i beg make una came continue life, by the way they no dey repeat life they dey simply continue with the hope sey tomorrow go better.

  6. I hope The Anglophones amongst them are not sent straight to kondengui while francophone as usual enjoy
    their 1st class citizen privilege.