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232 containers contenant le matériel préfabriqué du stade Paul Biya réceptionnés

APAnews | Quelque 232 containers contenant le matériel préfabriqué destiné à la construction du stade d’Olembé à Yaoundé d’une capacité de 60 000 places dans le cadre de la Coupe d’Afrique des nations (CAN) 2019 qu’abritera le Cameroun, sont arrivés au port de Douala en provenance d’Italie, a constaté APA jeudi sur place dans la métropole économique.

D’après une visite guidée organisée par le directeur général du Port autonome de Douala (PAD) Cyrus Ngo’o, le premier bateau transportant ledit matériel préfabriqué a accosté au port de Douala le mardi 2 janvier 2018,

«C’est du matériel préfabriqué en béton armé. Il est fait dans des usines au millimètre près. En termes de qualité, de sécurité et de durabilité, on ne peut pas trouver mieux», a expliqué un responsable du ministère des Sports et de l’Education physique (MINSEP).

De son côté, le directeur du PAD «en tant qu’autorité portuaire chargée d’accueillir ces équipements, je suis venu l’assurer que le discours du Chef de l’Etat est une réalité», a-t-il déclaré.
Les 232 containers vont être déchargés en quatre jours, et le premier convoi a quitté Douala ce jour pour Yaoundé, le ministère des Sports ayant créé une unité spéciale pour assurer la sécurité du convoi du matériel jusqu’au chantier, quatre convois de 15 véhicules par jour seront effectués chaque jour. Soit 60 véhicules de matériel à Yaoundé par jour.

En août 2017, l’ambassadeur de l’Italie avait confirmé l’engagement sans faille des entreprises italiennes retenues dans la construction des infrastructures de la CAN 2019, à livrer à temps le stade d’Olembé encore appelé stade Paul Biya.

Selon l’entreprise en charge des travaux, Piccini en l’occurrence, une chaîne de montage de ces matériaux sera installée dans la ville, pour soutenir la production des éléments préfabriqués, environ 50.000 tonnes de matériaux préfabriqués seront utilisées pour le stade.

Face à la polémique qui enflait au Cameroun sur l’impossibilité de construire ce stade pour la CAN 2019, le directeur du projet du stade d’Olembe Marc Debandt, a rassuré que le stade sera prêt pour la dernière inspection de la Confédération africaine de football (CAF) qui envoie dès la semaine prochaine au Cameroun, une première mission d’inspection.

Pour ce responsable étant donné que la compétition se jouera désormais en juin 2019 nul doute que les délais seront tenus «car, Piccini, entreprise expérimentée, a déjà construit des stades similaires, notamment celui de Rome, en seize mois», précisait-il.

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  1. This is bad news. Cameroonians need roads, portable clean drinking water, Electricity, good health facilities etc etc and not a Paul Biya stadium. This stadium is the last thing on their list.

    • Pal,
      In Cameroon things are done in reverse gear.

      Elsewhere a ministerial/government department is created based on need, and then a suitable candidate is appointed to run it; Cameroon places a candidate first, and then creates a ministry/department for him/ her.

  2. Borrowing money to:

    1. buy 500.000 laptops
    2. organise Afcom
    3. hold phony elections
    4. fight an UNWINNABLE civil war

    is a herculean task for any highly indebted poor country (HIPC).

    Can such a HIPC ever emerge by 2035 ??
    The answer to this question is still blowing in the wind


  3. Once again the ambaZombians are quick to criticize for the sole sake of running their mouth. And you people claim to be smart?

    Everywhere else on planet earth, the organization of a tournament of this size and even bigger events such as the world cup is a good opportunity to modernize existing infrastructures as well as building new ones.

    The Brazilians used the 2014 WC to literally rebuild their country. Just as South Africa did in 2010 and Germany before them. Next to us, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea have very good infrastructures due to their recent organization of major tournaments.

    Even though Russia organized the 2014 winter Olympics, they are building new infrastructures for this year WC. The entire country of Qatar is a huge construction site in preparation of the 2022 WC.

    • In Cameroon, the government can NEVER do anything without the “experts” and “Smarts” ambaZombians finding something bad to say about it.

      Bunch of losers!

      • Good u mentioned Russia,Brazil and Qatar BUT u did not mentioned they are richer than Cameroon so the above criticisms by @mvomeka are valid but because you reason with your anus,it is very obvious for you to respond in this manner.

      • I don’t have to be an Ambazonian to see through bad Management. You really think everyone who criticizes the Govt is Abazonian? such rubbish.

        In your time in school did any of your teachers mention anything like opportunity cost and scale of preference?

        After 47 years at the helm, questions should be asked as to why we have no running water or stable electricity or transport system in our 2 biggest cities and yet we want to invest billions in building a stadium.

        Don’t worry; football will bring us that… you are as intelligent as a rock.

        • Welcome to the world of robots!!!!
          The people we detest are simply tagged with our choice buzz word and then hanged – terrorists here, Ambazonia there, etc. Remember Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho(terrorist) Professor Patrice Nganang (Ambazonia)

        • @wisdom,

          One does not have to be a “Biafran, Ambazombian, secessionist” in order to understand that borrowing 150 billion FCFA from China to buy 500.000 election laptops from China is the mother of all foolish decisions.

          Foolish decisions by Dictator Biya have transformed a one-time bread basket of Africa into a basket case. You do not have to be a rocket scientist in order to say with 100 % certainty that the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC can NEVER EVER and will NEVER EVER emerge by the year 2099 let alone by 2035.

        • Historical Slaves ports in Ghana, Senegal are considered as 3Ms (Money Making Machines ). They attract millions of tourists thereby creating jobs for the youths.
          However, Biya’s so-called “one-and-indivisible” LRC has transformed the historical slave port of Bimbia in SC into a military where they train BIR terrorists.
          Thank God Dictator Biya has now declared war on Southern Cameroonians. This war will be used as a golden opportunity by Southern Cameroonians to kick out LRC from SC in general and Bimbia in particular.


        • @Mvomeka Thank you!
          We have become so intelligent that the we are now dumb. We have left “THE BASICS OF LIFE” are now living economic and socio political “THEORIES” and “FANTASIES”
          A community is a groupof families that live together in a small geographical area, to ensure that no one’s freedom comes at the detriment of the other, they set up committees to look after common interest and livelihood of the entire community. They regularly have meetings to review their development and livelihood and make changes, discipline, agree to contribute towards projects
          Extrapolate that and you have a town, region, country and more. This does not require science to understand
          People selected to manage our affairs are more powerful than the whole country and feel so entitled and full of themselves

        • “…I don’t have to be an Ambazonian to see through bad Management…”

          True. However, you must be retarded since you don’t see the context in which these criticisms are coming. You people are actually funny, you convinced yourself to be “smart” yet you are so easy and predictable. I doubt the size of your brain is bigger than the brain of a fish.

          There are countless of Cameroonians who do not support Mr. Biya or the current government of Cameroon and this is their prerogatives. However, we (I) can see the difference between them and the ambaZombians bianfrans of your kind. Cockroaches you are and you will be exterminated.

          Cameroon remains one and indivisible, do something about it!

        • Cockroaches? exterminate? Keyboard giant; “do something about it” … it’s so funny; I laughed. While human beings all over the world are working/connecting to understand our differences in culture, religion, tradition, history, political and socio-economic ideologies; people like you come up with statements like these.
          Platforms like these were made to give people a voice to be able to contribute their take or feedback on different happenings in and around our country. How you choose to use your space and freedom to express your thoughts is up to you. I would defend your right to speak your mind
          I didn’t expect you to say any less than you have or to contribute anything someone could take home with them. That’s how you were raised; what you are made of and all you’ve got . Can’t blame you

  4. Prefabricated stadium. Really ! Is that all is old absentee landlord can do after 40 years in power. Cameroon doesn’t any Engineers to build a stadium?

    • A vehicle carrying the prefabricated Stuff exploded yesterday, the 05.01.2018, destroying some of the material.

      More like Karma is getting back at Biya for taking such foolish decision to borrow money to organise Afcom when the citizens lack BCG, portable drinking water, etc

      • “The Ambazonia Defence Forces, ADF brought down one La Republique du CameroUn terrorist , while another incurred life threatening bullet wounds. Reports say the forces carried out a patrol on the 05.01.2018 around 10:00 PM Amba time in the KwaKwa neighbourhood, Mbonge Local Government Area.”

        LRC terrorists are holding Manyu hostage. However, the ADF patriots have moved to Meme to continue to defend homeland.


  5. We really wish Mr Biya and his colleagues well, but why have we develop low self esteem, my people. Where is the development plan for the country, where are our engineers, what is the Engineering arm of the military, sometimes we need to ask what, when, why and how we can get what we want. Take a step and think. Open up and accept critiscm and suggestions. Mao TSE Tung had the Speak Bitterness Campaign, and see where China is today. The Chinese feeding us, Building our roads, buying American Companies. All roads lead to China today. They are killing corrupt officials, but practicing corruption I Africa through and due to the greed of our leaders. Just no direction. Must we wait for the nation’s cup to construct Stadia, how many Cameroonians will die before a road is constructed. Shame.

  6. Biya entered politics and took responsibilities at the age of 30…
    Today he is over 80 and still dont want to leave the Youngs modernize cameroon..
    If you were born in the 70s and 80s u will be in your 40s today..Even older than macron the French president…
    Are you prepared to take responsibility?..
    We need fresh blood..We need youths willing to bring a change..
    Cameroon with so many intellectuals is being governed by drunkards, people with no vision, people with no sense of purpose and direction..
    You hear a professor supports the new computer and you are so a shame..
    What needs to be done?..
    How can we come out of this mess?..
    Are we only here to insult, drink beer, eat and sleep?