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27 présumés séparatistes tués par l’armée au Cameroun

BBC | Les affrontements ont eu lieu à Menka, un village de l’arrondissement de Santa, localité camerounaise située à environ 20 km de Bamenda dans la région du Nord-ouest.

Par Frederic Takang, Correspondant BBC Afrique, Bamenda

Ces combats ont fait 27 morts tous des séparatistes selon les sources sécuritaires, 40 selon des témoins, qui indiquent que la force publique aurait enregistré plusieurs blessés.

Un important armement militaire a également été récupéré, d’après une source sécuritaire qui a requis l’anonymat.

« Nous avons reçu des renseignements faisant état d’une attaque d’envergure planifiée par les activistes qui ont élu domicile dans une auberge ici à Menka. Nous avons alors pris des mesures conséquentes et voilà le bilan », rapporte également une source sécuritaire sous anonymat.

Les échanges de tirs consécutifs à la riposte de l’armée ont duré quelques heures, non sans inquiéter les civils.

« C’est comme si nous étions en Syrie, ou à Bagdad, ça tirait de tous les côtés vendredi matin», a indiqué un ressortissant de la localité de Menka joint au téléphone depuis Bamenda par la BBC.

C’est la toute première fois qu’un affrontement entre les éléments séparatistes et les forces gouvernementales dans la région, fait autant de morts.

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  1. Keep killing civilians including women and children and then dress them up as separatists. We’ve also heard the Yaounde Crtv well prepared version of separatists turning on themselves. Once you are done killing them turn on those amongst you and then onto yourselves. Murdering will not unite your fragile hypercentralized tribalism fueled state. Murderers.

    • ‘C’est comme si nous étions en Syrie, ou à Bagdad, ça tirait de tous les côtés vendredi matin», a indiqué un ressortissant de la localité de Menka joint au téléphone depuis Bamenda par la BBC.

      So you see… they were not civilians. They were armed combatants according to what this eye-witness account indicates. Tell those manipulated youngsters whom you are using as your pawns that it is about time they return home. This is the first real confrontation with the military and you can see what happened to them. Man, it’s a waste of time… what a pity!

      • Idiot

      • different version of the story,all lies cooked up,where are the weapons seized?

        • Even if the weapons were displayed you will still say that they were planted by the army.

          You must count yourself lucky that you even see the images… normally when the army or police kills enemies of the state in the Western world you never even know what they do with the remains.

        • @Ambas
          we don’t Need to see the weapons. Let the fight continue. Some of you thought that the best think to do is to fight war. What have you seen. Man no run. Have you heard of tens of thousands dieing in other countries having conflict? When you will near 1,000 then you will learn to be realistic. bla bla bla. Stupid Ambazonians. Idiots. Anglophones are being killed not Biya or CPDM.

    • Going back to the legacy question. It is clear that Biya wants to leave office like Mobutu and not like Nelson Mandela or George Washington. With all these atrocities committed by his barbaric army, it is correct to say that Cameroon is far from being the “the one an indivisible country” this monster-despot president had said a while ago. This is guy called Mr. Biya does not like the truth and neither is he comfortable with the truth. A simple suggestion by US ambassador that he should reflect on his legacy sent his hand clapping minister wanting him to remain in power. One thing I am sure about is every beginning has an ending. In just a few months or a few years this dictator will not be around. I am sad to see that innocent women and children are the sacrificial lambs in this struggle.

  2. #kill all terrorists in our country as well as their backers both home and abroad!

    • Douala people cannot even unite with your Bassa’a demography yet you want to force your entire criminal empire on Ambalanders. Unity and stability in a pack of cards. I pity the way those Douala chiefs tote down the statue of Um Nyobe. In a short while Beti people will do the same to that of the Etoudi Bulu chieftain Mpkatt chtristened a while ago. Unity my butt!!!!

      • Just as SW and NW people can never unite as they hate each other. There is no way an Abakwa man will accept a terrorist from Ijagam to be their leader and vise versa. @ L’enemie, you shouldn’t throw stones when you leave in a glass house. You guys have no problem cursing the Betis even though most of them have nothing to do with the Biya regime but when they call you Biafra, you and your thin skin get mad.

        • Charles Atangana whose father was a stranger from Betiland Mbalmayo and mother a mango hawker from Batibo now thinks he’s the perfect blend. You bat! You will soon explain why you only fly at night.

        • I know truth hurts your thin skin. You can associate us anglophones who don’t support your terrorist organisation with what ever tribe you like but Santa people will not only kill but bury your terrorist thugs alive next time they try their nonsense in our village. Gas bags. Why don’t you try that your nonsense in Mvomeka if you have any balls?

  3. Repose en paix Camerounais. Nos dirigeants sont une déception. Paul Biya et ses amis chassent la fumée et quittent le feu? ? ? À moins que vous ne régliez les griefs anglophones, aucun nombre de personnes bloquées ne résoudra le problème. Le Cameroun est une victime de l’échec du leadership! Défaut de diagnostiquer correctement la crise politique et de les résoudre politiquement sans impliquer l’armée, Ne pas négocier avec les modérés quand ils ont eu la chance de le faire, Ne pas reconnaître les échecs et demander de l’aide aux bons endroits! Maintenant, ils ont échoué à la campagne PR (relations publiques) pour nettoyer leurs échecs!

  4. Don’t mess with Santa Ambazonians. We will kill all of you like rats. I have warned you here that we the people of Santa want nothing to do with your terrorist organization yet you still thought you could venture there. Next time we will not only kill you but bury you alive. You don’t have the balls to go to Mvomeka but have the balls to come and destabilize my village. People of Santa will not run anywhere. We will stay in our village and eliminate you. Make God punish wuna all evil people.

  5. Rest in Peace Fellow Cameroonians. Our Leaders are a disappointment.Paul Biya and Friends are chasing Smoke and Leaving the fire ?. Unless you settle the Anglophone Grievances, No Amount of people Locked up will solve the problem.Cameroon is a Victim of Leadership Failure! Failure to Properly Diagnose the Political Crisis facing the nation and Solve them politically without Involving the Military, Failure to Negotiate with Moderates when they had the chance to do so, Failure to Acknowledge that they have Failed and Ask for help from the right places! Now they a Failing the PR. campaign (Public Relations) to clean up their Failures!

    • People are resolute about secession and you are talking about grievances? You sound like an apologist for Ambazombi nation. So tell me, how do you solve the ‘secessionist grievance’ politically without involving the military? The government has been encouraging dialogue but all the Ambazombies want is ‘negotiate the terms of separation’ as they say.

      Ambazombi agents have no legitimacy… nobody elected them! But somehow, they are foolishly toying with the idea that they control the agenda and they want to take the entire country hostage. The majority of us in the SW just to control our own destiny in Cameroon and we want absolutely nothing to do with futile secessionist wet dreams.

      Cameroon is not Paul Biya… so make no mistake about that.

      • @Ras Tuge I heard you went to school in a Madrassa and I didn’t believe at first but now it’s clear. When I say Paul biya and Friends or Our Leaders are a disappointme. I mean all of pur Cameroonian leaders. Go back and Learn plural Nouns

        • You went to the Whiteman’s school but you can’t even write English. What a pity!

    • Go Read Between the Lines. Paul Biya and Friends doesn’t mean by himself.

  6. Repose en paix Camerounais. Nos dirigeants sont une déception. Paul Biya et ses amis chassent la fumée et quittent le feu. À moins que vous ne régliez les griefs anglophones, aucune quantité de personnes emprisonnées ne résoudra le problème. Le Cameroun est une victime de l’échec du leadership! Défaut de diagnostiquer correctement la crise politique face à la nation et de les résoudre politiquement sans impliquer l’armée, Ne pas négocier avec les modérés quand ils ont eu la chance de le faire, Ne pas reconnaître qu’ils ont échoué et demander de l’aide aux bons endroits! Maintenant, ils ont échoué à la campagne de relations publiques (relations publiques) pour nettoyer leurs échecs!

  7. This is great news.
    The “general” is talking, giving up hiding sites.
    Flush out the cockroaches

    • Wrong language. Not in Francafrique again. Never. Let legality and longterm peace prevail. May all evil conceivers be vanquished.

  8. wuna no get odechi again? Nollywood go kill all wuna.foolish people, wuna want fight army.stop this madness and seek peace and stability

  9. Like I said before we will not negotiate with terrorist; if you don’t like it fell free to cross to Nigeria.
    I will pay 200 dollars to each ambazonia who are been killed.

  10. “I will pay 200 dollars to each ambazonia who are been killed.”

    “Flush out the cockroaches”

    “We will kill all of you like rats”

    “kill all terrorists in our country as well as their backers both home and abroad!”

    sad sad state of affairs in that country ………….

  11. When tomorrow comes, even the frogs, will regret why they supported
    or accepted biya`s` carnage on the Anglos, the way we all see it.

    • @ Joshua. Stop your lies. Those people killed are not from Santa. They are Ambazonia terrorists who came to intimidate villagers to support them. I am from Santa and have been advised by my people that those who were killed were Ambazonia terrorists and no villager was killed. Your terrorist organisation doesn’t represent us Santa people and we will help the military to flush you out where ever you are hiding in our village. We won’t let you destroy our village like you’ve done in other parts of the SW and NW provinces. You can never intimidate the great people of Santa to support your madness. Next time we will not kill but bury them alive.

  12. **** BREAKING NEWS ****

    The US has started reacting to Dictator Biya’s confrontation with the US Ambassador:

    „If the Cameroon Government thinks they can intimidate the US Ambassador, it will not work.
    It is in their best interest to solve the problem”

    Amb. Stephanie S. Sullivan

    Deputy Secretary of state for Central Africa

    • A motion of congratulation to Dictator Biya and his BETI crime syndicate for killing 27 UNARMED Southern Cameroonians.

      Having said that,

      killing in cold blood 27 Southern Cameroonians out of 8 million southern Cameroonians is mathematically and statistically considered as insignificant.

      Simply put, the remaining 7.999.973 Southern Cameroonians will continue with the war until “one and indivisible” Cameroun Oriental emerges by 2035.


      • @ Mvomeka. Stop spreading fake news. My village people say they were not unarmed. They were not from Santa. They were Ambazonia terrorists who were trying to intimidate them to support their terrorist organisation. My great people then informed the governor of the NW province about their presence in my village and the military came and took care of them. Thanks to the braveness of the people of Santa, they would have ended up like the other villages which have been destabilized by the Ambazonia terrorists.

        • 1. LRC has killed 27 “secessionists”. Hallelujah
          2. The war will soon come to an end. Hallelujah
          3. LRC has defeated SC. Hallelujah
          4. The Commission on Bilingualism will soon start teaching French. Hallelujah
          5. LRC is FINALLY “one and indivisible”. Hallelujah

          Long Live, King Paul! May you live long! Longer! Longest!
          Yes, Biya should live forever. He should be like the Almighty God.

    • The Indonesian forces also killed indiscriminately in East Timor. Women and children were shot in the streets. The Indonesian soldiers killed everyone they could find in East Timor. The Government of Indonesia justified their crimes with the fight against terrorists and the protection of the territorial integrity of Indonesia. Citizens of Indonesia applauded and supported the crimes of the army. They continued to swear that Indonesia will remain “one and indivisible”.
      The citizens of East Timor NEVER gave up fighting to defend the homeland.
      In the end, East Timor ( Population =1.2 million ) SEPARATED from Indonesia (Population =261 million )

      Citizens of LRC (Population = 16 million ) should think twice whenever they claim that Biya will NEVER allow SC (Population = 8 million) to SEPARATE

      • The difference is that East Timor represents people of the same ancestry and culture and didn’t want to separate because some of them spoke some foreign colonial master’s language. Ambazonia is a terrorist organisation that doesn’t represent the majority of English speaking Cameroonians from the SW and NW provinces. The only thing that links the SW and NW people is the colonial master’s language called English unlike the people of East Timor. So Mr. Mvomeka as usual you are comparing apples and oranges here.


    • LRC terrorist soldiers killed 27 UNARMED civilians. Citizens of LRC are jubilating. Some even claim that the struggle will soon end. FOOLISH mindset.

      The truth of the matter is that the killing in cold blood of UNARMED citizens has intensified the momentum of the struggle. Many Southern Cameroonians have now joined the armed resistance.
      The chances of a peaceful settlement of the impasse and a “Vivre ensemble” is now ZERO. The hatred for anything LRC is credible and compelling.

  13. Things are going to get worst if we don’t stop this madness right now.
    The so called “Anglophone” elite back home and in the diasporan,and All Cameroonians of good faith need to get involved seriouly.
    We can’t just seat and watch how our Country is bleeding. All those devils hiding in the West and sending other people children to their graves needed to be identified and face justice. Those in the army who are killing just for the sake of killing should alltso be identified and face justice as well.
    For those who think they can ” win ” by taking arms against the army should think again. No one will come to our rescue. The UN will soon intervane through France and we know what the end will be.
    Someone has to be the bigger person here and wave the white flag.
    This madness needs to stop.

    • Epée Dipanda

      A moment of sanity in your routine [email protected]
      Those who invaded our homes killing our children and burning our home must wave that white flag.
      As you know the young people fighting now we’re raised by our fathers who tried peacefully to right the wrongs of 20th May 1972.
      You paid no heed to them. Those same grandfathers and mothers are raising heir grandchildren who will fight you with even greater venom and efficacy.
      We will never yield until freedom sits on her throne at the foot of Mount Fako!

      • @ Epée Your terrorist organisation doesn’t represent anglophones. As you can see in my village Santa no villager was killed or house burnt. The only people who were killed are the terrorists who were hiding in a hotel as they knew they were not welcomed by the villagers. The villages where houses are usually burnt and villagers killed are those who harbor terrorists. We the Santa people hate your terrorist organization and will do everything to help the military smoke them out in whichever hotel they are hiding in our village.

        • Bobjazz,
          You this LRC sheep goat. Stop lying! The families of the slain are talking. They say they were ordinary citizens set up by Fru Jonathan who called the army to round them up by in the dark of night after which they were summarily executed. As Mbappe earlier lied, the original plan was to deceive the world that Ambaboys are fighting each other after disagreeing over the split of ransom money from kidnaps. The question now is; how did Mbappe get this insider Etoudi information? We are beginning to figure the LRC infiltration agents roaming this forum. No struggle, no progress…Frederick Douglas.

        • .
          Not so fast. Who gives you the authority to determine what version is authentic or not?
          You advocated for a war on this platform in the name of Anglophones that your terrorist organization is terrorizing. The war is ongoing and wouldn’t stop until your organization is wiped out or the Bi Mvondo’s army is defeated. Innocent Anglophones will die in the process and so be it.
          Your criminal organization has no moral authority on this issue. You hijacked the grievances of the likes of Mancho et al for your own ends. If you have the balls, go join them in Kwa-kwa or Belo.

  14. We have now moved forward, the media has now started to reporting the number killed by the government. These reports and documentation is what is needed to eventually make the case of genocide against Biya’s devilish regime. We know there has been much killing at a greater scale by the military, not previously reported. One thing we know for sure is that no one has ever won a war, because there are always going to be casualties on both sides, lost property, demolition of wealth and so on.

    A government that makes her citizens take up arms against her is a failed government. The anglophone region at this point can’t be quelled by guns, bombs and dragging people to jail, because the guns have come in and when they do, they often stay. The solution can only come through inclusive dialogue.

    • @yallow dialogue will be once we have flushed out all these people terrorising our brothers and sisters of NW/SW I am surprised that they were only 27 animals.

      • Don’t worry Colby. My Santa people don’t joke. We will flush them out.

      • With all these killings and falsifications, there are at least 6 million criminals over there.

        Self-determination referendum in Ambazonia now more important than presidential elections.

      • Criminals = animals (per Genocidal Colby).

    • @ dot. I know you are here to spread fake news as a propaganda ambazonia machine. I am talking about my village Santa here and will not let you lie to the people. AS PER MY PEOPLE OF SANTA, THOSE WHO WERE KILLED WERE NOT FROM MY VILLAGE. THEY WERE AMBAZONIA TERRORISTS GOING AROUND TRYING TO INTIMIDATE THEM. THEY THEN CONTACTED THE GOVERNOR ABOUT THE PRESENCE OF THESE TERRORISTS. THE REST IS HISTORY.


  15. Like the beginnings of Syria let the supporters of the head of the Yaoundé regime in power since 1964, 54yrs now keep jubilanting as the republican army turned executioners kill Anglophones without any due process.
    Any and every Anglophone is blackmailed as terrorist or terrorist sympathizer for speaking up against the excess of the army.
    The Syrianization, Ivorinazation, Ruwandanization of West Cameroon will eventually consume Cameroon.
    “Sick for coffee must one day catch cocoa” Lapiro de Mbanga aka Ndinga man be sing say na you spoil kontry dem kill ye dasoh..
    Today the army frames and kills Anglophones as others jubilate and others are silent.
    It started with the request to use English in courtrooms and classrooms in West Cameroon in a constitutionally bilingual country, WHY?

  16. Nonsense,trying hard to turn away Ambazonians attention from the sentencing of our Mancho Bibixy by killing innocent boys and girls is barbarism at its worst.

    All those killed in Pinyin are not our fighters but innocent Ambazonias who had never picked up a pin for the struggle.
    This was properly planned to coincide with the sentencing of Mancho.

    First of all,Pinyin has never been a hot zone of our struggle,and secondly we have never had an instance were lrcs military successfully brought down 5 of our odeichi boys.
    On the contrary,lrcs birs panic and pee in their pants at the approach of our boys,and we will hold them accountable for the killings of innocent boys and girls.

    Our blood will not be spilled for nothing,we will be back.tooth for tooth.may their souls rest in peace.

    • Yea yea… you will be back and then start crying about genocide. The military has been largely in a law enforcement role and they have been extremely cautious and merciful to your gangs of armed robbers. If the government continues to be merciful to you we will take matters in our hands in the SW and confront you criminals.

      • You cannot even cough in Bangem your father’s homeland that is in complete control by the Amba boys. An army that slaughters unarmed civilians (not even war prisoners) and try civilians in a military court is in complete contravention of international law. The reckless authorities shall pay for this at the ICC sentencing sooner or later. Go and read the arguments of Dieudonne Essomba who seems more enlightened in this matter than you will ever be.

      • We only cry genocide when the innocent are massacred like the case of Pinyin.
        Our odeichi boys are no cowards and will always take the fight to the limping birs.we will never cry genocide when our fighters downed.
        Why kill the innocent?birs will never dare attack our boys for they know what awaits them.
        Lrc is no threat to us.

        If the military of lrc has only been in a law enforcement mode as you stated above then what is the definition of “war” declared on my people by the octogenarian?

        Is the burning down of whole villages and our homes with our disabled grand parents inside law enforcement?

        They thought their war will be swift but the mission accomplished banner has now been changed to law enforcement.
        Ambazonia is the birs land of no return,we will chop off more of their heads.

    • @ palapala. Stop your lies and propaganda. We the Santa people want nothing to do with your Ambazonia terrorist organisation that kidnaps, beheads anglophone people and destabilize anglophone villages. You can destabilize those villages around the Nigerian border but you can never ever try that your madness in Santa and succeed. We will flush you out. Next time we will not only kill but bury your people alive. My villagers have confirmed those people killed were not from Santa but foreigners who came to intimidate them to support their madness called Ambazonia.

      • You are not from Santa,so stop blowing that trumpet,we have had enough of it.

        • Palapala. You make me laugh. Very soon you will say Achidi Achu is not also from Santa because he doesn’t support Ambazonia madness. As I have said before, next time we will not only kill but bury your terrorist thugs alive. Try us again. Cowards. You don’t have the balls to go to Mvomeka but think you have the balls to destabilize my great Santa. We will skin and bury those your thugs alive next time we find any of them in our village.

        • Cool down Santa man.you may even be Achidis son.
          Those are really from Santa don’t trumpet it the way you do.
          The next time there will be an incident in Banso,you will automatically become a Lamso man,and next Manyu.
          What happened to your first screen name Santa man?

        • Forget about that man.

          He is always changing his origin. He has claimed in the past that he was from Nkambe, Mamfe, Kumba and now he is from Santa.

          The truth of the matter is that he is the son of Bamiliki parents, who ran away from Ahidjo and were given sanctuary in SC.

  17. why do we pretend?
    Why do we come up here and behave as if we dont know the problems of cameroon?
    we should not hide behind such words as terrorist, Seccesionist, separatist as if this is the problem..
    Why have many cameroonians in this region been radicalized?..
    We have a government that have failed..Our institutions are not working and the country is not capable of delivering..
    If cameroonians could travel and see how other African countries are developing, we would have been in a bloody revolution by now..The Gangsters in yaounde should be very lucky that many cameroonians dont travel within Africa..We are almost last and falling apart-..
    We should be proud of young men standing up to fight against the gangsters and thieves in Yaounde plundering this rich beautiful country..

    • @ Biko, and you think the solution is to kidnap, behead and destroy anglophone villages? We started with a peaceful uprising against the Biya regime (à la Martin Luther King) but was hijacked by the so called separatists with their virtual country called Ambazonia. These are the idiots who destroyed our struggle because of their hate of the French speaking Cameroonians the majority of whom are against the same Biya regime that is destroying our country. When this uprising started almost all the francophones in Toronto joined their anglophone brothers and sisters in Toronto to show their solidarity but things turned into a frightening twist when the Ambazonians lumbered in.

    • You can go ahead with your useless Ambazonia propanganda. I don’t care for only Ambazonians with their thin skin change their screen names in this forum. I have always and will always be the son of the soil bobjazz from Santa. We will bury your thugs alive next time they try that bullsh’t in my village again. Cowards.

  18. It is not a matter of “I want my own garr in the governmenti”. Every minister, MP, senator, director, army general ect serving in this lunatic government of Mr. Biya is without a soul, and should put themselves in the place of the innocent women and children who have been murdered and dumped in the bush. Africa, please wake up!! When shall you learn to respect and treat your brothers & sisters as humans.

    • Where have been living?
      Under some rocks or you are a Neanderthal?
      You are getting delusional here BRO.
      Take it easy

  19. Should it surprise the citizens that things are the way they are? When the overall working formula is “We have no lessons to learn from anyone” the rest is a, b, c.

    A patient usually has a chance of recovering from illness only by trying medication that has worked for others. Leaders resign from power. Militaries bring some of them down. Others conduct free and fair elections and then hand over. Some rule by proxy.

    Cameroon has opted for one-party dictatorship disguised as multi-partyism, what writer and satyrist Francis Nyamnjoh captures in his book “Married But Available”.

    • Sometimes you guys really really get me confused. Are you fighting for a better Cameroon which involves getting rid of the Biya regime and their master France or are you fighting for separation? It looks like some of you have been speaking out of both sides of your mouth.

  20. So far, how many arms, have been found it the villages that are burnt

    If there is no evidence, then the motive is rightly, a case of genocide.