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27 soldats tués en 18 mois par des sécessionnistes (ministre)

APAnews | Le nouveau ministre camerounais en charge de l’Administration territoriale (MINAT), Paul Atanga Nji, a informé dimanche que les séparatistes des régions anglophones du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest, qualifiés de «sécessionnistes terroristes», avaient déjà assassiné 27 éléments des forces de défense et de sécurité en un an et demi.

«Avec comme mode opératoire des assauts sur les motocyclettes, ces activistes ont également incendié plusieurs édifices publics, des écoles, centres hospitaliers, marchés, véhicules, domiciles privés et autres églises dans la zone», explique le ministre dans un communiqué de presse.

Ces «milices terroristes», a affirmé M. Atanga Nji, ont tenté mercredi dernier, «à l’aide d’armes de guerre», d’attaquer des soldats assurant la garde d’un établissement confessionnel de Batibo (Nord-Ouest), «avec pour objectif manifeste l’enlèvement des élèves».

Mis en déroute, les assaillants ont néanmoins réussi à ôter la vie à un élément en tenue et à blesser trois pensionnaires de l’établissement.

Dans la même circonscription, selon le MINAT, en plus d’une cache d’armes et d’engins explosifs découverts, il a aussi été enregistré 18 cas de viol sur des filles âgées de 13 à 18 ans, «dont certaines sont enceintes aujourd’hui».

Paul Atanga Nji, lui-même originaire du Nord-Ouest, constate que la plupart des conducteurs de mototaxis, activité noble au demeurant, exercent en marge de la règlementation en vigueur en même temps que le secteur est désormais envahi par «des activistes sécessionnistes, des bandits de grand chemin et des repris de justice qui œuvrent pour le compte des forces obscures».

Face à ce phénomène qui prend de l’ampleur, le MINAT a instruit les gouverneurs des régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest d’interdire provisoirement (entre 7 et 10 jours, éventuellement renouvelables) l’activité des mototaxis dans plusieurs arrondissements placés sous leur commandement.

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  1. Ambazonia Amba

    How can it be 18 months when the first soldier was killed after October when thousands of ambazonians where mercilessly gunned down by barbaric terrorist from la Republic. Ambazonia will be the graveyard of these demonic terrorist.

    • wrong infos and bias,so u neednt bother cos it is from atangana njiga,he is talking of rape with out any shame,why not talk of the old women burned in their houses?

  2. Mabanda Boy don buy case

    Kill all tertotist soldiers invading your homes, burning them to ash s while taping your women and murdering your children. I say kill them anyhow, anywhere and anytime. Kill them like like they kill Sam Sawyer.

  3. Mabanda, i am surprised people like you exist in Cameroon. Bad luck!


    Significant successes have been achieved by Southern Cameroonians:

    1. SC is now ALMOST ungovernable: Southern Cameroonians do not listen to orders of Proconsuls from LRC
    2. Timber vehicles from LRC no longer enter SC. The few that attempt are burnt down
    3. The distortion by LRC of the history of SC has been reversed. Every child in SC now knows that SC and LRC are two different nations
    4. The forces of lawlessness and disorder no longer stand on the road to collect FCFA 500. They are afraid of the so-called “secessionists”
    5. Terrorist soldiers from LRC are returning in droves to their country in body bags
    6. The so-called ‘ministeres de souverainete’ is no longer a NO-GO-AREA for Anglophones

    • 7. Two LRC Proconsuls are now hostages of Restoration Forces
      8. The whole wide world is now aware of the Anglophone Question
      9. Proconsul Okalia Bilai sleeps in Douala and works in Buea. He even suffered a stroke because of the UNSTOPPABLE momentum
      10. Proconsul Lele Afrikaner sleeps in Mbouda and works in Abakwa for fear of the so-called “secessionists” ( the right word is SEPARATISTS) .
      11. LRC has started promising the tarring of the Ring Road and the construction of the Victoria Deep Seaport
      12. The words NATIONAL INTEGRATION have disappeared in the dictionary of LRC
      13. LRC is almost bankrupt because of the UNWINNABLE war. Cancellation of cycling race because of lack of funds, payment of salaries of civil servants prefinanced by DANGOTE, loans.

      • Conclusion

        Now that Biya’s war has started, Southern Cameroonians should stop begging for dialogue. LRC will benefit more from a genuine dialogue than SC. Southern Cameroonians should concentrate on supporting our Restoration Forces FINANCIALLY. LRC can NEVER EVER defeat us in the land of our ancestors

        The war will therefore decide the fate of that God-forsaken INFORMAL COHABITATION

        • Biya no longer needs his government spokesman, Tchiroma.
          The overzealous AtangaNA Nji has cumulated the posts of Gocernment spokesman and Interior Minister.

          No wonder, Biya appointed this Anglophone traitor to help resolve the Anglophone Question by disseminating lies.

          One thing is 100% evident:

          A thousand AtangaNA Njis can NEVER EVER stop the present momentum.


        • @Mvomeka
          No one states it better than you do. Precise, concise, and true to the letter.
          Thanks for your incisiveness.

        • Mola,

          God bless you and yours


  5. This is a text book example of a frozen conflict, which is apparently draining resources unnecessarily. What is the need putting up people born in the same triangle against each other? Nobody is coming from Chad, Nigeria , to fight security forces. You can’t unleash security men into residential areas and call those who will oppose this terrorists. The desire to make terrorists out of some is so strong that nobody is listening. The announcing of this large number of fallen soldiers proves the tactic has failed. Soldiers cannot fight the same people they live with. It’s a difficult balancing act. Bring the problem to the negotiating table as we have been saying from the beginning. Branding people terrorists has backfired, admit the error and change!

  6. Épée Dipanda

    If you think education is expensive try illiteracy and prison time!
    And you call this a minister? Lying through his teeth when we know that only the recent extra judicial killings by Larepublique got the Ambazonian Defence forces into self defense mode?
    I don’t know who is advising Biya but Atanga Nji may be a Trojan horse.


  8. @Firefighter. ”Nobody is coming from Chad, Nigeria , to fight security forces”. Who is Ebuta Agbor Takon? Is he not a dude you brought from Biafra? No negotiation with terrorists. Why can’t @ Mvomeka ( who knows everything) tell you how many of your terrorists have been killed & arrested in 18 months? A believe Abazombians are very smart. Just do 27 vs x deads in 18 months compared to more than 20000 armed forces in 10 yrs of conflict against x terrorists @ the same rate. NB: armed forces minus army or bir.

    • Mbamois,
      I can read frustration from you confused voice. The minister gave the figure of soldiers killed and was chicken enough to talk about the houses razed and people butchered. You announced here last time that mercenaries were coming from Chad to help you , if you are the same person announcing a counter offensive from Nigeria then fine. If you don’t want to negotiate with terrorists , wait for another 18 months and announce the killing of soldiers. It will not change the fact that it is a frozen conflict. It doesn’t matter how many “ terrorists “ you murder, the death of soldiers is apparently driving you mad , that is why you are foaming in the mouth. So what is the need to puff like a toad when you are so bitter about the deaths of soldiers? Eat your pride!

  9. 18 months indeed when these Ambazonian soldiers only started after the October 1st incident where unarmed protesters were killed. Yaounde had underestimated this problem. I called in Batibo today and they said two army commanders were abducted this morning and 4 armies killed. Students from PHS Batibo are recounting of an incident where these guys came to the school and the armies on duty fired more hundreds of shots on them causing smoke on the entire campus. None of the bullets penetrated their bodies and so the military people gave their legs and these guys decided to shot some students legs as a warning for the parents to keep their kids at home for their safety. After the ban on Motorbikes, 4 were still killed and their commander taken. Is this a solution to the problem? withdaraw

  10. If in less than 6 months, 27 soldiers are already killed which I guess is an unofficial number as the right number will be a disgrace for them to put in public, how man more will be killed by the time we go for a year. The bad thing is that the country is already running out of money when it has just started. They cancelled a race because of money, meanwhile the money is used to fight against their own people. If plan A which is solving this issue by force is not going, switch to plan B which should be to release all those arrested and sit down for genuine dialog. Things will become worst if the state runs out of cash to pay state workers because of an unnecessary war they are fighting. When they won’t have money to pay state workers, the entire country is going to riot and escalate

  11. We should teach you a lesson !diots. Kill as You want & we’ll do the same. Pls you can add more francophone civilians so far they are the cause of your misfortune for two more reasons.
    1) They do nothing
    2) killing them will attract more attention & bring the civil war that you alwaytapoj

    • @Mbamois
      Call it a “civil war” all you want, it still will not erase the truth that we are two distinctly different people who in 1961 voluntarily decided to form a union based on a federation.
      The flagrant violation on the terms of that agreement by LRC is part reason for a restoration of the statue quo prior. You can continue to pretend through your baseless claim that we were one country prior to 1961. That is your prerogative. However, you have never been able to explain to us why the entity called “Kamerun” under German colonization is a more credible formation and should be accorded more recognition than the two “Cameroons” under the French and English colonial era?

      • Épée Dipanda

        This one country business is a lie as Amaury Talbot was British Commissioner of the Obang District in Manyu around 1910. He was British not German. So which fallacy of one and indivisible are we talking about!
        The two territories have different histories and must be separated. The errors of the UN must be corrected.
        If you kill all the fighters, several more will rise up against the dictatorship.
        Ambazonia is real

  12. All the Cameroonians lost Because Braindeath Paul Biyad don’t want to negotiate a peaceful solution to the Anglophone Problem!

  13. The restoration and the release of Southern Cameroon President and his people in a foriegn prison will bring some way forward if not killing of those Terrorist forces will become the order of the day Biya should release the right figure of Terrorists soldiers kill already it’s will be a big blow to him and his gang

  14. Fools, and Idots will open their mouth and say NO NEGOCIATIONS with terrorist because they dont care about the destruction taking place in Cameroon..If the corrupt and mafia government in yaounde can talk with BOKO HARAM, i wonder why they cant seat and talk with the brothers and sisters of the NWP and SWP..Those retarded so call cameroonians who dont even undretsnd the history of the country will open wide mouths to praise killings and war because they are hiding far away and dont have any members of the families involved..Its easy to live far away and open dirty mouths to promote war and hatred..Do you know that we still pay France colonial Tax?..Do you know why?..and you retarded folks promote violence and damage of peoples property?..Its 2 years and the deaths are increasing…

  15. Thank-you Stephen! Yes, we hope you do too!

  16. THANK YOU Mvoneka

  17. 27 soldiers killed and 2500 Anglophone unarmed civilians killed by the Cameroon army.More than 5000 wounded,more than 50 000 refugees,more than 80 000 displaced people and more than 10 villages burned down by the Cameroon army.If you want to publish news better give the both sides of the story.