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4000 persons in Batibo displaced after deadly clashes between gunmen and security forces

Journal du Cameroun | Villages like Korgwe, Effa, Koroko, Ambo and Angie in Batibo Subdivision of the North West Region are not only empty, but also in shambles, following deadly clashes between unknown gunmen and security forces.

According to reports, over 4000 locals have deserted their ancestral site after the March 3, 2018, confrontation between the Cameroon army and some unknown gunmen who are reportedly paying allegiance to the Ambazonia Defence Forces (ADF).

The March 3 incident is said to have been the bloodiest of all confrontations between the Cameroonian troops and the ADF, since the commencement of the Anglophone Crisis.

It is also reported that villages like Gurissen, Kwano and Tingto, have completely been reduced to rubbles.

Speaking to reporters in Bamenda, the Mayor of Batibo, FrederickTanjoh, confirmed that there were deadly clashes between troops and ADF, with untold casualties.

Even though he could not give an exact number of persons who perished in the confrontation, social media has been awash by information that over 70 soldiers were killed by the gunmen, while hundreds of the gunmen also paid the supreme prize. Even though JournalduCameroun.com could not independently ascertain the number of deaths, it can however confirm from thorough investigations that the collateral damage was colossal.

“People who were on the Bamenda-Batibo Highway have confirmed that they saw legs of people dangling from a military truck heading towards Bamenda after the March 3 incident. As we are talking, nobody is willing to give information about the causalities recorded so far and we are only left with prayers.Mass arrests of civilians is the order of the day in Lower Batibo…” Mayor Tanjoh confirmed.

The municipal authority also revealed that since the upheavals in Batibo started, some Fons have also deserted their palaces and are taking refuge in Bamenda, while the whole Subdivision is swamping with uniform men, some in assorted dresses.

It would be recalled that Batibo came into the Anglophone Crisis spotlight on February 11, when the then DO of the area, Marcel Namata Diteng was abducted by gone at the Grandstand.

As all efforts were focused on finding the DO, the gunmen also kidnapped the Northwest Regional Delegate of Social Affairs, Animbom Aaron Akiabom. Till date, both officials have been held incommunicado by their abductors.

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  1. And the barbarism continues in the name of fighting terrorist..
    It is very shameful that we come to this forum and only support killings, claiming Cameroon is one and individsble, but nobody is willing to organizee a drive to help the displaced cameroonians in Nigeria..
    We are quick and pointing fingers..Quick at calling others names like terrorist and seperatist, but when it comes to helping innocent people caught in a brutal barbarism, nobody talks and nobody is willing to help..
    But we are also very fast to run our mouths how cameroon is one and indivisible..
    If we love cameroon so much- Why not help cameroonians seeking refuge in Nigeria?..
    Why not help those running away from Batibo?..
    Why not help in kwa kwa ?.
    We are just noise makers -responsibility is Not our strength…..SHAME

    • well spoken

    • Ambazonian monkeys must die!!! They are so much stupid and not capable to learn French. I did it in 3 Months, they cannot do during lives. When weed doesn’t allow to grow normal plants, it must be removed. Same with these animals who prefer to kill for colonization English language. I did not see that French part of Cameroon to be very reach and happy and other side to bee poor and sad. All is the same. The PETROL and interested business people are always in the middle. There was no any revolt in the world which were not paid from interested people !!!! National interest is just a ******)))

  2. My second question goes to those who believe we have a strong Army..
    How can untrained so call Amba soldiers kill over 70 BIR soldiers?..
    Untrain troops with Slippers killing and capturing train soldiers ?..Is it not embarassing?..
    When will the war be over?..
    I thought the troops were sent to bring peace to one and indivisible cameroon?
    Can you hold a people by force?..
    Can you fol the people all the time?..
    Do we really believe in peace?..Is peace achieved through respect and dialogue or with arms?
    I feel sorry for the poor , babaric rapist in the name of soldiers who really believe in victory and think they will bring peace in the region by killing old women, raping women and burning houses..
    Thats not cool –

    • You are writing rubbish.
      This is not a conventional war where 2 armies are facing each other.
      This is a hit & run from the cowards ambazombians.
      Let them man up and face the army in a face yoga e and see if this does not end in minutes.
      Gorilla warfare is a different type of fight.

      • well theyre using the means they got its their land and dont want cameroun on it period. they re ambazonians and are independent. little by little 70 today. 30 tmorrow before you know cameroun terrorist are finish. down with lying one cameroun lies

      • Its very easy to point fingers and accuse others right?..
        What are good at as cameroonians?..
        Either we are making noise, or we are killing our brothers, sisters, mothers,fathers in the name of chasing terrorist..Where will all this lead to?..Is it not shameful to talk of a gorilla war in your own country?..Have you ever asked yourself why it went so far where we are today?..Are you really optimistic this primitive moves of burning villages will bring peace to cameroon?..If our failed government dont have something to hide, why is war the only alternative?..
        Mbappe:- Yaounde Gangsters have planted a cancer in cameroon. We need to chase them away, then clean cameroonians and make the country an ambitious country- Stop making such comments like Gorilla war and bla bla bla -its not true..

    • Where did you get that your 70 BIR killed? From Bareta? Even Boko haram, at its top, couldn’t account for such casualties.

    • @Biko

      we will not negotiate with the terrorist period, they want a civil war we will bring that.

      No government on this planet earth will negotiate with terrorist, even the human right association know the truth.

      the enemy of my enemy is my friends, if those families members need peace they should cooperate with the government, and tell where those terrorist hiding themselves.

      • Cameroun terrorists govt
        is just that. no body wants them. let the wsr go one biya is the cameroun citizen who declared a wsr on an independent country. when heavy weapons arrive the war will be taken to mvomeka

      • Are u sure u are not a terrorist Bamenda Boy..
        Who gives u the right to call a cameroonian TERRORIST?..
        Who is a terrorist?..A person who decides to fight for his rights?..A freedom fighter?..A person who is against slavery?..
        MY only advice to you is to rethink, and then I am very sure you will be a shame of your comments..If you love Cameroon, you will like to see Cameroonians walk hand in hand towards the future, you will encourage nation building through dialogue….You will be proud of the country and will even feel worried why many cameroonians are seeking refuge in Nigeria because of an internal conflict caused by brinless people in yaounde..
        I see you have a long way to go in terms of critical thinking, but one day you will wake up from sleep..I hope not when its too late..

    • Pure fake. Social media Propaganda by ambasonia followers. It’s not true. No 70 soldiers were killed.
      We will see the winning only at the end.

  3. The area has to be cleared of terrorists.
    One who host or Harbour a terrorist puts himself/herself at risk as a potential target of anti terrorism operations and could become a “collateral damage”

    • It is one thing to track terrorists, and an other thing to kill innocent citizens for the sake of killing.
      As we are speaking, hundreds of young people have been killed. This nonses needs to stop. Period.

      • Madame,
        Not sure where you are going with this.
        Could you elaborate on where my statements make the laws enforcers kill innocents?

        I will be appreciative of your insights

        • Terrorists cameroun bir are not law ebforcers but civilian innocent murderers and rapists. these are low down tugs no respects the should be all eliminated. that way ambazonians can run their own country if you dont kniw yet ambazonia is already independent since 1961 and its signed no treaty with french niggas of cameroun repubkic

        • Mbappe,
          Africans need to build bridges with each other, not burn them!

    • To ambazonians mbappe. bir are terrirists. true
      and mbappe thinks our villagers are terrorists. true to his own mind. lets go on. lets see who will own our labd. mbappae. and his cameroun loves to own our kand and rule us. thats a goid feeling for them but for us. its not a good thing every one rule their iwn land. soo God will decide
      whos the winner. and owner of victoria and buea
      and bda… okay. dont lusten to french niggas no more tell your vilkagers to arm. and shoot the rats on sight son of bitches

  4. Has Osih, visited the area? And this is the man and party that will defeat biya / cpdm
    to continue the one and indivisible cameroon, with power to the people.

    • @joshua

      you re talking nonsense, I can see your mind is full of illustration .



    1. The US was defeated in Vietnam
    2. The USSR was defeated in Afghanistan
    3. The US + NATO cannot defeat the Taleban in Afghanistan
    4. LRC, Chad, Nigeria cannot defeat Boko Haram
    5. The AU, Somalian Army cannot defeat Al Shabaab
    6, Sudan could not defeat S. Sudan
    7. Ethiopia could not defeat Eritrea
    8. Serbia could not defeat Kosovo
    9. Indonesia could not defeat East Timor
    10. Columbia could not defeat the FARC
    11. etc

    Of course, LRC can NEVER EVER defeat Southern Cameroonians

    • @MVOMEKA

      please stop using southern Cameroon as your reference, you need to used ” ambasonia ”

      ambasonia are terrorist

      • we are terrorist and you are what????bush he goat ,war monger ,more than just a terrorist,we are terrorist fighting for our people who are you fighting for?your stomach ofcourse

  6. @Biko. you can only read when people are called terrorists but neither see allien flag hoisted in kamerun nor read writings calling for the killing of the so called francophones. As for the refugee, I never stop them to come to YAMBASSA LAND ( in the Mbam & inoubou). They decided to support the terrorists & some are just going back to their country of origin. Those that are Kamerunians are in Bamenda, Limbe, Douala, Bafoussam, etc.. Remember that Boko haram terrorists were also hiding among the refugees. This conflict is a blessing to Kmer for training our boys & buy more weapons. As @Mbappe said ” a tree cannot make a forest” Biya is just a man but THE SYSTEM IS THE PROBLEM.

    • You this useless homosexual, where the hell is Nyambasa and why should citizens from a different country go there?
      I bet you’re looking for heads to chop off for your ritualist colleagues in Nigeria.
      Frustrated idiot.

    • @ Mbamois
      Vous m’étonnez souvent avec certains de vos propos ds ce forum. Ce qui se passe actuellement dans cette zone est innacceptable!
      Des villages entiers sont mis à ras, et vidés de leur habitants.
      Imagine toi un peu que cela se passe dans ta région d’origine. Des gendarmes/ militaires arrivent et tirent sur tout ce qui bouge ou respire! Des villages sont ravagés et mis à feu. C’est du n’importe quoi. Le sang camerounais a assez coulé ainsi. Il faut arreter ce massacre organisé.

      • Pour la toute première fois vous êtes sur le bon chemin.

        • J’ai toujours été sur le bon chemin. Mes vérités ne sont pas tout le temps agréables. Je ne suis pas ici pour plaire à qui que ce soit. Je suis là pour partager et échanger.

    • @Mbamois: i thought we are already very mature to think of that country as cameroon..When u already start with Francophones and anglophones death, you are supporting a useless barbaric war of cameroonians , killing cameroonians..There is nothing like killing or cleaning a village from terrorist by sending many thousands as refugees..If you are a cameroonian of good will you will not write this childish comments..Who told you there is a Guerilla war taking place in cameroon?..
      people are diverting from the real problems by using strange names ..This is a war where cameroonians are killing cameroonians and is the most barbaric and primitive war you can ever imagine..How many years do they want to burn villages? And u think LRC troops will win?..keep dreaming..

  7. Biko, there is no such thing as strong army against own people. Even if you have the strongest army on earth, each day you fight your own people, you weaken yourself a little bit more. There is another factor to consider: A strong army derives from a strong people, meaning, when they turn to fight the people, they encounter a strong “people”. strong army vs strong people= a lot of casualties and at the end, only one will never lose: The people!!!!!!!

    • Amba bot.
      Stop it troll!

      Then Cameroonian army is not fighting its people.
      Stop spreading fake news.

      We are flushing out ambazombians.

      • Épée Dipanda

        Your flag with one star is an illegal flag.
        The legitimate flag has 2 stars.
        Unfortunately young soldiers are dying unnecessarily.
        They should be focused on protecting the 1961 constitution not a regime.

  8. Lord have mercy.

  9. You guys are sitting abroad enjoying yourselves and pushing those back home to fight, thereby losing their lives and the lives of innocent ones. This nonsense has to stop. If you say lives have to be lost for success to be achieved, be part of it by going back home and fight. Don’t just sit in the US or Europe and give commands.

  10. In Cameroon people are happy to support Biya who has hijacked the nation, change the constitution to stay in power, change even the name of the country, refuse to respect the bilingual clause enshrined in the constitution promoting forced francophination of Anglophones.
    Your support for Biya is not patriotic it is destructive
    If you believe in Cameroon, you can’t believe in a president and his government who has no respect for Cameroon, the constitution or the people.
    7 years ago the Syrians were protesting against totalitarian policies of Asaad, his response was and is still total brutality of anyone he considers opposition. In the end the destruction in Syria caused by the ego of Asaad and his supporters has damaged Syria beyond recognition.
    You kill Cameroon to support Biya.

    • Lol.
      You are a blatant, a ignoramus consuming MSM without thinking.
      So in your opinion, the revolt in Syria was built from within?
      I will not go the length, it will be a waste of energy as you seem to lack basic geopolitical acumen.

  11. Taking down an entire village doesn’t make sense. I believe an easy way for armforces to win this fight is by being friendly and getting closer to the local population in an attempt to gather intelligence while sparing the lives of the innocents. It isn’t fair for people to die for what they didn’t do. Gather intelligence and track down members of ADF. Erasing a village is a crime with unimaginable consequences as innocent victims may decide to pickup guns and fight against the regime. Our arm forces need to review their strategy and spare the lives of civilians. They need to work hand in hand with local authorities , chiefs and fons. I feel bad for all the displaced families and may the souls of the deceased rest in peace.

    • To mbappe. and all french cameroun niggas supoorting their soldiers on a foreign land
      its ok. but to us we must defend ourselves.its the most noble thing a vilkage can do when attacked by a foreign terrorist group as bir
      they must shoot until none left. they must use magic. tgey must use any thing in their power its completely legal. its called self defebse if cameroun frebch niggas knew that ambazonians were their brothers tgey wont had started murderibg them in cold blood

  12. To mbappe. and all french cameroun niggas supoorting their soldiers on a foreign land
    its ok. but to us we must defend ourselves.its the most noble thing a vilkage can do when attacked by a foreign terrorist group as bir
    they must shoot until none left. they must use magic. tgey must use any thing in their power its completely legal. its called self defebse if cameroun frebch niggas knew that ambazonians were their brothers tgey wont had started murderibg them in cold blood

  13. LRC is killing people and burning homes in Ambazonia, making permanent enemies. Soon permanent enemies will reach a critical mass for freedom to dawn. How foolish.

    • MD all terrorists and those they use as human shade will be killed till Bamenda/Buea recover their former rhythm to show you that idiocy can be contagious.

      • Fool! Look up the meaning of contagious. I don’t know why Im even reading this your stupidity all the time. An old man with a toddler’s brain.

  14. The foolishness in all this is that it is the people of the NW and SW that pay the price each time this useless Ambazonians carry out their terrorist activities. The same people the Ambazonians claim they want to liberate. Why don’t they go and attack Biya in Yaounde or Mvomeka ? I am sure the Ambazonians know that Biya doesn’t give a damn if everybody in Batibo is killed

  15. Kill them all clean them to the last one e ent their kids…..i will never ever be on the side of those that take arms against their brother never…during the maquis at least we were fighting against france eventhough france was using our own peoples to fight us so this is a kamerunian fighting kamerunians..kill them all wipe them out and their childrens also…do not let anyone survive…all those writting here and on social media you are next!

  16. For ever young

    Be careful what u wish for if u are truly bami, u dis moronic idiot ,especially the fact that your tribe is all over the place in every body back yard in cameroon

  17. When u come to this forum, you then really understand that Cameroonians are people with certificates but not educated people..You can attend all universities and have all forms of certificates, but when you cant even think critically, ask questions , understand your history and be critical to wrong doings, you will remain in slavery and never come out..
    Let me take this chance again to inform you that what is happening today in cameroon is just scandelous..
    What the military is doing to innocent people is not acceptable..The country and its politicians have no Agenda..
    Why are they afraid to talk to the same people who elected them?..
    If you are a wise and patriotic cameroonian and cant disagree with the Regime, the military and the actions in the NWP and SWP, then I guess you need help.

  18. @Tu fermes ton bec quand tu n’as rien a dire. C’est une affaire de souverainete & pas Biya. @ Paul Ebai. Who Told You That Kamerunians Are Ambazombians’ Brothers? @ Manyaka76 FYI There Are Sw & Nw People Living In The Mbam & They Have Never Felt Being In A Foreign Land. I’ll Never Support A Yambassa Over Dividing My Country Especially Using A Non African Heritage. If It Happens One Day, I’ll Strongly Participate In The Cleansing Of Those Trying To Ignore Our Real Ancestors’ Legacy To The White. I Am YAMBASSA, WHO ARE YOU?

  19. @Bikutsi. Tu fermes ton bec quand tu n’as rien a dire. C’est une affaire d’hommes et de souverainete. Et puis meme ce n’est pas le moment de jouer le sentimental. Tu crois que ces terroristes machent leurs mots lorsqu’ils appellent les partisants du ”un Kamerun indivisible” Biya’s supporters? ou meme lorsqu’ils font la propagande partout que les kmers des 8 autres regions detestent, tuent & considerent les kmers du Sw & Nw terroristes? Faut il revendiquer quelque chose avec des fusils, intimidations ou un drapeau autre que celui de l’etat? BIYA EST TROP DOUX. DONNEZ MOI LE KAMERUN & JE VOUS DONNE 1 MOIS AU PLUS & LA PAIX REVIENDRA. 10000 SOLDATS SANS GENDARMES NI POLICIERS & 1000 MERCENAIRES SANS TELEPHONE, SANS SERVICE TELEPHONIQUE & INTERNET NI CAMERA. PAS DE DIALOGUE AVEC LES TERRORISTES.

    • Merci pour cette réponse.
      J’ai hésité car nous avons affaire aux personnes émotives.
      Le moment est très mal choisi pour les émotions.
      On parle de l’intégrité territoriale du cameroon.

      • Le Cameroun peut retrouver son intégrité sans ce massacre organisé! Vous parlez parceque vous ne mesurez pas l’ampleur que ces exactions entraineront dans l’avenir.
        Comment justifiez vous le fait que des centaines de jeunes gens sont massacrés sous prétexte qu’ils sont terrorists?? Tous les habitants de ces régions/ villages ne sont pas des térrorists. La majorité n’est même pas pour la division du Cmr.
        @ Mbamois, tu me demande de faire quoi?? Je ne saurais me taire sur des choses aussi graves.
        Oui C’est une histoire d’hommes, mais ce sont les femmes et les enfants qui en souffrent le plus.
        Arretez le massacre!
        C’est pas de l’emotion, mais la raison.

        • @Bikutsi. Tu crois que si ca chauffe et tes madra commencent a couler tu fais comment? C’est la guerre, et c’est une opportunite de former les gars. Tu tues cinq, on tue cinquante. Si tu n’es pas de conivence avec les terroristes, tu peux rester a Bamenda, bafoussam, douala (surtout si tu es descendant Kmer) au cas contraire, tu refais le trajet migratoire de tes geniteurs (au Biafrais) meme les oiseaux le font.

        • @ Mbamois
          Tu dis ca parceque cette “guerre ” ne se passe pas dans ta région d’origine, ton village. Comme C’est ailleurs, vous pouvez toujours continuer á danser. C’est qui l’ennemi ici au juste? Les populations? S’il y a des groupes armés la bas, attacquer les, mais laissez et épargnez les enfants et parents qui n’ont rien à voir dans cette connerie.
          C’est comme tu le dis, ‘ tu tue 5, on tue cinquante “, et C’est exactement ce qui se passe et cela est innacceptable. C’est en massacrant tous ces innocents que vous retrouverez votre soit souveraineté? N’importe quoi!
          L’ennemi du Cameroun C’est le sous prefet Biya et son patron la France. Pour les chasser il faudra une union forte du peuple. Cette union ne pourra se faire avec ces blessures graves que vous affigiez au SC.

  20. @ Mbappe. L’ Africain est ORIGINellement EMOTIONEL & OPPORTUNISTE alors que le blanc, ce sont les faits et encourage l’inovation & la competence. Je ne serai pas surpris d’apprendre un jour que ces ambazombi sont une arme francaise afin de hausser les encheres a une periode ou on comprend plus leur jeu through AFRIQUE MEDIA. Ils veulent nous empecher d’agir contre eux. Wait & see.

    • Épée Dipanda

      And these are people who say they are panafricanists…l’Africain est d’abord emotionel. I need not say more to this European clone.
      It is the reason why Ambazonia must be freed from these senseless folks of Larepublique

      • what is it have to do with panafricanist?? there are no certificate for it so anyone can claim it ok? we are open to debate we dont shut people down….mbamois is wrong this time or is calling us to change and use facts..not all is bad from aryans way if life we must adapt!