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84 soldiers, police killed in separatist clashes

YAOUNDE, Cameroon (AP) — Cameroon’s prime minister says 84 soldiers and police have been killed during months of fighting with separatists who seek an English-language state.

Prime Minister Philemon Yang on Wednesday announced a new $220 million emergency humanitarian assistance plan for hundreds of thousands of civilians that the government says live in precarious conditions because of separatist attacks.

Yang says civilians, mostly in rural areas, have paid the highest price of the “ugly war imposed by the terrorists.” He appeals for national solidarity.

English speakers have called for reforms and greater autonomy, alleging their marginalization by French speakers. The English-speaking community accounts for about one-fifth of Cameroon’s 25 million people.

Amnesty International this month called for an end to “unnecessary and excessive force” on both sides.

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  1. RIP compatriots.
    Real kamerunians will never forget you.
    The love of and sacrifice for our country is your legacy never to be forgotten.

    • Who are the real cameroonians?..The retarded people dragging the country in to a stupid barbarism,?..
      Those that caused this war should be brought to justice and be hanged..I mean Biya and most of his ministers…If you talk of a country being one and indivisible on the one hand , and on the other hand you cant even solve simple internal disputes, then something is not right..When there is a fight or misunderstanding at home, you dont send soldiers to rape, kill and brutalize people you call your brothers and sister..What you do is that you listen to them and look for a solution to the problems.
      How many cameroonians died and are still dying?..How many have been displaced?..How many radicalized?…Who is a real cameroonian?..Think well and think twice my friend …

      • Biko,

        When a child would not follow his father’s instructive tutelage, the mulongo straightened him up! But sometimes, the child’s attitude may be a reaction to the father’s nonchalant manners. In this sense, I agree with you.

        • @Ras…
          Garri don pass water.
          Did you say you agree with @Biko without spewing ‘big grammer’ invectives? I thank God for you, or just maybe…..

      • @ Biko
        We are now in a situation that we can’t speak with armed people.

        • @ Bikutsi – I see, I guess that is what stopped you from speaking with people armed with peace plants?

          Keeping in mind that when the consortium accepted Biya`s call for dialogue he arrested and sent their representatives to jail, why would any sane person be willing to speak with Biya on this issue?

          However, facts mean nothing to people like you so I am not surprised by your attempt to change the narrative by claiming “we can’t speak with armed people”. Shame on you and your kin.

          Truth is the resistance is light years past dialogue with your banana republic girl. Freedom or nothing at all is our objective.

    • Mbappe je suis contre ces cessessionistes mais je ne vais jamais comprendre cette strategie de Biya , son armee brule les villages et terrorise les populations, meme ceux qui n’ont rien ä voir avec ces gens. Beaucoup de villages sans raison sont partis en fumee , je n’arrive pas ä comprendre comment des militaires peuvent executer des ordres pareils??? Biya et son gang merite tous la prison.

  2. It’s these lies that do nothing but alienate people more. The precarious conditions was caused by soldiers burning, looting and raping villagers who had only one option left, fight back or escape as refugees. Now we have 84 sent to sleep in Ekona alone. Under the command of Colonel Mountain Lion, the 84 terrorist soldiers were neutralized as they struggled to burn down more houses. It must also be made mentioned that the massive arrest, killings, extortion and incarceration halted ever since the brave Amba guerrillas picked up arms. Like Prophet Honourable Wirba prophesied, you will beg for federation and the people will refuse. Injustice has become law, resistance must become a duty. Long live Ambazonia, short live the struggle. The war Biya declared continues until he calls it off.

  3. Inacurate death figure. We know biya`s gov`t doesn`t give correct statistics eg `zero mort`.
    And more will die to please biya for no good reason other than for being robots.
    And the prime minister, failed to say biya refused dialogue, and plunged the country to war.
    I saw some guest, behaving restlessly in the hall. One hall mark of a dictatorship, is that
    people have to swallow the bitter pill whether they like it or not.
    How would the PM, read to an audience, without taking his head up? This is unethical and
    a sign of guilt.

    • What you idiots don’t understand is that Biya doesn’t give a sh’t if anglophone people are killed and houses burnt. Your strategy is not working. Biya doesn’t care. Look for a more civilized strategy that will be supported by the majority of anglophones and the international community. Biya is winning.

  4. rip compatriots we will never forget the men and woman who defends the flag “green, red and yellow”


    • bamendayboy , il faut reconnaitre l’armee camerounaise ne defend pas le peuple , sinon pour quelle raison peut on bruler des villages entiers??? Je connais de nigerians qui sont victimes de cette barbarie . L’ armee devrait combattre les sécessionnistes et collaborer avec les populations , mais ce qu’ils font est terrible.

  5. Brown Sugar (Abuja)

    Cameroon’s prime minister says 84 soldiers and police have been killed during months of fighting with separatists who seek an English-language state.

    Why not grant them their request now, how many soldiers and police would have to go down the grave before the government think out of the box, Mr. Minister.

    Remember, this is an agitation for self determination, and those killed are fathers, uncles, brothers to many families. The struggle continues, the world is following the events as it unfold.

    • Bro, leave that ‘belly ” PM to keep ranting. What he even failed to bring to the limelight is the number of innocent civilians that have been gunned down. These crooks think life ends here .He doesn’t even know Biya well. Biya is doing his best to take along his “nchinda’s ‘ who will serve him in hell.

    • This type of extraordinary reasoning is what one would expect in those ogogoro huts in Egbeda. If the Nigerians are all as wise as you… well, I guess we shall find out as soon as your Federal Government starts the total and due REIMBURSEMENT of the USD 322 millions to the ‘poorest Nigerians’.

      Interestingly, the aforementioned amount is just a fraction of more than USD 3 billions that were stolen by one Nigerian impostor in just five years… in a country that is threatened by all sorts of virulent agitations for self-determination!

      Thus, as a Nigerian spectator of the events in Cameroon, you may require a healthy amount of reservations because the universe is following the situation in Nigeria, Africa’s most dangerous time bomb… to see how you manage the virement.

    • Behold, the sly old Nigerian has suddenly become the dispassionate arbiter ever since he lost Bakassi after a senseless war that cost so many lives! Who would have imagined?

      ‘Why not grant them their request now, you ask with crude compassion! But we already know what you after. You will not get it, sly Nigerian arbiter. We know you even better than you might think you know yourself because we have been observing you and your intrigues for over a century now!

      If you don’t mind your business, we shall help you split your country into a thousand pieces beginning from the North.

      Before I forget, over 200.000 Nigerian soldiers and civilians perished alongside 2 million Biafran people between 1967 and 1970. Do you remember what that massacre was about? But Nigeria is still one country!

      • Thanks Ras! It’s always a pleasure to read you as you educate the likes of John Dinga and Brown Sugar on this forum. This Nigerian kid will think twice before meddling in Cameroon affairs again.

      • Ras Banga,
        Slow learner, we say 3 billion not 3 billions druggie! You think your pomposity will conceal the fact that you are an empty suit. How great is it to see you make an inventory of the funds embezzled by Nigerians! Wouldn’t it be intellectual honesty for you to tell the Nigerian gentleman that you have a whole cabinet at Kondengui and that as a weak knee hypocrite, and coward , you are too scared to venture into the figure those financial terrorists have to return to Cameroonians? It seems you know Nigerians better than Cameroonians, you really do! The all-knowing one, how many Bamilekes and Bassas we’re wiped out in your own country in the 50s? It seems to me you live in a glass house, but prolonged drug use would not open your eyes to reality.

        • You say Bakassi was a senseless war and that Nigeria lost people. At the beginning of the senseless war now going on in Cameroon, you danced in the streets when soldiers arrived your own region. You want Nigerians to mind their business? Tell me, who carried bags of money to Nigeria to strengthen the hand of Boko Haram? Who carried millions to Nigeria to get Ayuk Tabe and his men? Who is therefore minding the other’s business? Remember Nigeria repeatedly asked you to fight Boko Haram on your land, but you repeatedly crossed the border chasing the thugs into their territory. What lessons do you have about meddling druggie?

        • @Firefighter,
          Please do not miss the bigger picture in the pattern!!!! Knowing Nigerians more than Cameroonians fits into the very same mold of knowing the distant NW more than the very close SW, isn’t it?

        • Hey Fruitcake,

          I have told you that you are a man of low intelligence… just like your master, the impotent warlock. The chunk of obfuscating mess you write actually bespeak your insanity!

          Well, let me assist your understanding once more:

          ‘A senseless war that cost many lives’… can only be interpreted by a benighted fruitcake as meaning ‘a senseless war and that Nigeria lost people’. By the way, learn to make paragraphs. Pitiful illiterate!

        • Hey drug addict,
          Yup, i’m talking about two ideas you raised; the Bakassi war and the 200,000 people you talked about, so “ And” is in its right place. What intellectual at your age doesn’t know that there’s nothing like ,”3 billions”? Drugged up lightweight bring on the bullying effrontery you display to conceal your hollowness and I will put you in your place!

        • Ras Tuge is a nauseating shithouse, a nasty old man who seeks relevance by using unwarranted aggression to silence oppressed people.

    • A cause de ces ‘ Ambazoniens ‘ idiots, voilà un Nigérian qui vient se mêler. C’est n’importe qui qui va se la faire maintenant. De quoi je me mêle, mr le Nigérian? Dernierement Boko Haram utilisait 5 petites fillettes pour en faire des camicazes. Allez- vous en occuper bon sang…

      • I understand you can’t imagine your high and mighty government whom you spent a lot of time here defending is bending.
        Mammy, that Southern Cameroonian train took off a long time ago. We will take the money because it is ours, but that train is not stopping.

        • Un train qui roule sans conducteurs n’ayant à son bord que des drogués!
          Mon frere, C’est le déraillement total et la catastrophe innévitable.
          Où sont les railles? Et c’est quoi votre destination? Buéa? Là capitale du Sud- ouest Cameroun?
          Mrd! Pouquoi vous etes toujours à gauche coe ca?

        • @Bikutsi…
          All I’ll tell you is ‘TIME’ will tell. Mark these words.

        • You must understand that there is no limit in defence of privileges and ethnic belongings.

    • @ Brown Sugar MaMa, Why don’t the Nigerian gov’t also grant the request of the Biafrans in Nigeria who also want to separate to form their own country? Biafra is an ethnic group composed of people with the same culture and ancestry in Nigeria. The fighters for their independence have complete support from the people and represent the Biafra people of Nigeria. The difference in Cameroon is that this terrorist group called Ambazonia doesn’t represent the majority of us anglophones composed of the NW and SW people who have nothing in common except the White man’s English language. The people of the SW and NW have a different culture and ancestry and hate each other. The truth is the 2 provinces separating from Cameroon and forming a country will lead to the disaster we have in South Sudan.

  6. Brenda Junior Paul Biya

    So this yam head Yang Philemon never registered any civilians who died either by shooting or burning even those of Menka Pinyen planned by his subject Atanga Paul Nji? Only uniform people who died matter abi? No worries Mr Yang, when it shall be hot on you in Oku you will ask asylum in Sangmelima you dull fool.

    • Please go to youtube and watch the video. The likes of ngole ngole, atanga nji and co,
      were very restless on their sits.
      The right Hon US Ambassador was present.
      It is a dishonest regime. The people, have allowed people with blood in their hands, to
      rule them. These are things that hurt Trump about black people.

      • ‘Hurt Trump about black people…’, as if rasclaaat Trump is some type of model for Black people! Ridiculous!

  7. Anglophones have risen,and we want nothing less than the complete restoration of our statehood.it was a federation of two equal states of which the larger lrc took upon itself to plunder/marginalize the resources and people of Ambazonia.

    New contracts have been signed between the GOC and foreign entities to exploit more of our resources and lrc as usual is channelling a few crumbs through its yaounde based slaves to bribe the Ambazonian populace.
    It is even more sickening to hear those same slaves come on tv to blame everyone except the GOC for what is going on in Ambazonia.

    Fighting back to defend ourselves from the aggressors is not an option,it is a must,and we offer no apologies for defending ourselves.those that our boys have eliminated wouldn’t come back to kill our people.

    • @ Palapala, You are just describing what you wish for. The anglophone people don’t give a damn about your terrorist organization called Ambazonia. The people of Limbe, Buea and Bamenda where you have the majority of anglophones are doing just fine. They are not involved in your madness. Keep on hiding in your bushes and destabilizing anglophone villages in the name of anglophones, dictator Biya and his BIRS will take care of you.

  8. Ahidjo gave LRC Biya and Pa Muna gave LRC Yang Philemon and Southern Cameroons , you are on your own. We shall over come! That this pitiful Yang never mentioned Southern Cameroons killed is a shame and where is the Oku JUJU, come and get him

  9. This is typical of what Hitler did to France during the second world war.When narcist German forces conquered and took control of south and western France,they used French men to administer the French captured territory.The narcist military occupation of part of France is exactly what LRC has done on SC for over 55 years.They went and got their independence in 1960 and used their military to occupy our land from 1961.They started using SCnians to administer the SC territory.Making them DOs, SDOs, Governors and even Prime Ministers.

  10. This is typical of what Hitler did to France during the second world war.When narcist German forces conquered and took control of south and western France,they used French men to administer the French captured territory.The narcist military occupation of part of France is exactly what LRC has done on SC for over 55 years.They went and got their independence in 1960 and used their military to occupy our land from 1961 till date.They started using SCnians to administer the SC territory.Making them DOs, SDOs, Governors and even Prime Ministers.Philemon Yang is a SCnian, but he is there to do what the ”conquerrors” ask him to do.

  11. All the humanitarian gestures they are now announcing to families whose houses were burnt down by their militay of occupation and to the refugees in Nigeria is a sign of desperation.No legitimate gov’t of a country will go about,burning houses of her own citizens.

  12. Now that the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC has FINALLY realised that they can not DEFEAT the “secessionists”, she has started crying in public and begging for normalcy to return.

    Of course, humanitarian gestures will NEVER EVER bring back normalcy to Dictator Biya’s so-called 2island of peace”. The “two and divisible” country will remain in chaos until the Anglophone Question is COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, IRREVERSIBLY and UNCONDITIONALLY resolved.

    The creation of the Commission on bilingualism, the translation of the OHADA text, Dictator Biya’s sh*thole war, etc have ALL failed to stop the UNSTOPPABLE momentum.

    Of course, Dictator Biya’s so-called “Pplan d’urgence pour soutenir le détournement de fonds” will NEVER EVER stop the present momentum.

    • Insult me or not, Dictator Biya’s so-called “Plan d’urgence pour soutenir le détournement de fonds” will surely help to increase the momentum by at least 30 (thirty ) %.

      The reason is easy to understand:

      The so-called “secessionists” will consider the launching of ” Dictator Biya’s so-called “Plan d’urgence pour soutenir le détournement de fonds” as an insult and an acceptance of defeat. They will therefore continue to press the balls of that evil dictator until he accepts to NEGOTIATE with them.

      If history is anything to go by, Dictator Mobutu also refused to DIALOGUE moderates ,such as Étienne Tshisekedi ( = Agbor Balla). That facilitated the appearance of warlord laurent-désiré kabila ( = Chon Ayaba). Kabila rejected all cosmetic mesures. Mobutu had to NEGOTIATE with Kabila.

    • Of course, Dictator Biya has to NEGOTIATE with warlord Ayaba if he wants normalcy to return to his so-called “ISLAND OF PEACE”.
      Dictator Biya should, therefore, stop wasting taxpayers money on creating this and that structure.

      NEGOTIATION is now the only path to the resolution of the present impasse. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS


      Dictator Biya’s sh*thole UNWINNABLE war continues until the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC EMERGES BY 2035…

    • **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

      “There is an atmosphere of uncertainty as the government has announced a humanitarian plan to help Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees, the security of those to embark on such a perilous journey is still hanging as Separatist leaders have rejected such a plan for the communities.”

      The hypocritical “humanitarian aid” of LRC has been banned in SC.
      Any person entering SC to participate in that farce will be considered as an enemy of the revolution and be treated as such. It is wartime. The aggressor, LRC, cannot continue to rape our women, kill our youths, burn down our villages and then send the same terrorists to bring “aid” to their victims.

      The right thing to do is to first STOP the UNWINNABLE war before talking about “aid”.

      • The right thing to do is to stop people like you in the diasporan who finance and spread hatefull messages all over the ciber space to create more suffering to innocent people back home.
        You are allready under watch. Germany is not that big.
        If they can neutralize some idiots in the USA, what about you?
        I’m telling you this so that you should be aware of what is on your way if you continue to incite young people in Cameroon to war and destruction.
        Cameroon is bigger than Biya. Remember that.
        No one cares about Biya, but Cameroonians Cares about their homeland.
        We will never let you guys destroy our land. Never.

        • Which homeland sissy?
          I never voted to join you frogs. Most of you are ignorant and unwilling to learn civilized ways.
          No….I never voted to join you and we ain’t staying. And before you start arguing about the strength of my lone voice, please bring in the referendum so we are clear!
          But hey, I digress, again.
          Ambazonia for ever!

        • @ Epée Dipanda
          You are allways free to leave the Territory of Cameroon.
          Le territoire Camerounais a 10 régions. On n’oblige personne d’y rester. Arretez de vous comporter comme si on vous priait de rester. Vous n’êtes pas Camerounais.
          Nous allons bientot redefinir cette identité.
          Quittez le territoire Camerounais!

        • Soyakutsi,
          Sanctimonious hypocrite, Pinguiss must be laughing himself to sleep seeing you eating your words and honesty and joining him to say others are not Cameroonians. Remember your exact words:” ca ne se dit pas”. When the banga Ras Banga lent you will clear up a bit, you will come out and change tune and sing against the gov’t and the military the whole day. French slaves like you , with their sense of entitlement think they are talking down to their slaves and can determine their nationality and birthright! You have no credibility left as you change versions everyday, depending on when your five minutes of madness grips you. You have suddenly stopped calling on the police to shoot people!

        • Bikutsi
          You francophones did not win us in a war. We are who we are.
          We are sons and daughters of Donga And Mantung.
          Heirs to the thrones of Fako, Meme and Ndian.
          Warriors of Kupe, Manyu and Lebialem.
          Nobility of Ngo Ketunjia, Boyo and Bui and
          Men of Mezam and Momo.
          We are who we are and our identity is not up to you.
          We walked out of the parliament in Enugu and we have walked out of Ngoa Ekelle.
          We will not leave our ancestral land, you invaders and impostors will leave.
          Get used to it.
          Wata na Wata.

        • The usual lies of frogs. Shameless endless. Your rotten territory ends east of the Mungo River. Feel free to try to invade us. You will walk in the corpses of our grand children to take land which we inherited from our forebears.
          Remember before the white man your people dared not cross into our land. Today you have the force of taxation and a the weapons of an imperialist army and you think you can overrun us. You call us name all the time in a bid to prepare our homeland for takeover. You have failed.
          We will crush you with our bare hands if we must.
          Ambazonia is not Biafra and Sisiku is not the young Ojukwu.
          Get your facts right.

  13. Kemegne Theodore

    What about the thousands of unarmed civilians killed by the Cameroon army?What about the hundreds of villages burnt by the Cameroon army?Why don’t you tell the complete story?Do you think by painting the separatists Black your side of the story will be forgotten?Remember the Amnesty International report and what eye witnesses have said about the Cameroon army.

    • I don’t know what some of you idiots are talking about. Cameroon territory was divided between two white countries for their national interest and the almighty God who created Cameroon brought it back together. NOBODY in the world can ever divide it again. Those mentally enslaved idiots who call themselves Ambazonians think they can take us back to the past. They must be dreaming ma soeur Bikutsi. They are the most stupid and foolish Africans I have seen in the 21st century.

  14. 84 soldiers dying in a stupid manner from the hands of armless citizens in towns and
    villages across SC. I now know, that BH, did wonders up north, killing as many as.
    Does anyone, have any doubts as to why biya regrouped with Tchad, Niger etc? The
    death toll, was more that tongue can tell on the military and this is very embarassing.
    Remember, that BH, has the equal power force and that is why it succeeded.

    • Joshua, we say UNARMED… UNARMED… UNARMED… UNARMED… UNARMED… UNARMED!!! But we all know that UNARMED citizens are not military targets.

      Well, Boko Haram may have killed many, as you say… but the territory up there is pacified and that’s all that matters. You are certainly a fan of Boko Haram but seriously, Joshua, they are no match for our military.

      Your gangs of armed robbers should know that the WAR has not started yet. Let us hope we never get to that point; for once it starts, many like you will be begging, wailing, weeping, and crawling for it to stop, as we noticed in the little incident in Menka.

      • Ras Banga…we say 3 billion not 3 billions! Billion… billion…billion…billion! “ Let’s hope we never get to that point”. Your primitive desire to hurt seems to be dying down as reality sinks in!

        • You are so stupid! FF.
          You guys need to be stopped before we get to that point @Ras is preventing you of.
          What is going on now is nothing to what is comming your way if we don’t stop you.

        • Kikiki Bikut,

          dog meat exhausts the brain—c’est tout…

  15. @ FF
    As I told you before, it is not enough to just have a brain to interract with me. You must use it too , or light it up.
    You people who called yourselves ‘Ambazonians ‘ should be treated as such.
    You have cause so much dammage for your own people back home that we can’t let you continue. You need to be stopped before you cause more dammage.
    Why don’t you go to grown zero and fight yourself?
    Why should others die for you? As we are speaking, thousands vulnarable are in the forest and dying like flies every day because of your stupidity.

    Dis à tous tes connards des USA qu’on les finira un à un.
    On ne vous laisserait plus faire. Tu pleures? Qu’est ce que tu feras lorsqu’on pulverisera toute cette foret où ces gangs sont “cachés “.
    Pour l’instant on veut encore épargner les innocent

    • Talk is cheap. Last time I checked, there was a ‘banga’ person on one of your TV stations saying that all Southern Cameroonian leaders abroad were on Interpol’s list and it was only a matter of time before they were sent to your country to face your justice system. That was 8 months ago.
      Like I told you earlier…. Only time will tell. Southern Cameroons is on its way out. Deal with it.

    • Soyakutsi,
      When you are exposed, you always resort to showing off the intellect you don’t have. You are mentally u stable and Mbamois will attest to this. Remember he brutally told you off not long ago when you blamed the army for the killings. Your bite and blow has shown how mentally unstable you are. When I insisted on dialogue here, you were showing off how tough you are by asking the police to gun down anyone. Now that you have made monsters of people who grew up in the same country as you, you have resorted to lousy blame games. Keep talking tough! Your magic formular has been that Biya is untouchable because he is France and France is the UN. You know where to direct your madness, that is Biya the UN! Thinking you can play mind games by changing sides daily is laughable!

  16. No Joshua,our guys are armed with little skills in the field of fighting. I know this not the exact number of the fallen LRP soldiers. there is more unaccountable for.I couldn’t tell why the Oku man has not made mentioned of the number of ADF and civilian death toll in Southern Cameroon. They want to destroy our land before giving it back to us. Still that is ok,we would rebuild it and move forward. ADF,keep on we are behind you.

  17. we don’t want no Igbo people to our land ” killed themm ”


  18. Shame on these Francophones goats why are they clenching on Ambazonias they know well that Ambalanders are people of great value
    We have gone already stay in your rotten LRC

  19. When Ayuk Tabe and company were abducted in Nigeria, citizens of LRC said the momentum had been stopped. Apologists of the Junta said they knew that the country will remain a unitary state and there was no Anglophone problem because the problems were the same in all the regions.
    The writer reminded them that abducting 8 0r fifty Southern Cameroonians can NEVER stop the momentum. There are 8 million Southern Cameroonians in the world and none of them is indispensable.
    The arrest of the moderate, Ayuk Tabe, was an error of judgement. The arrest inadvertently handed the leadership of this revolution to warlords. Like LRC, these warlords believe only in the ARGUMENT OF FORCE.

    Dictator Biya has sworn that the FORM OF THE STATE is non-negotiable.

    The warlords have sworn that there MUST …..

    • …. be a change in the FORM OF THE STATE

      In my opinion, the belligerents represent diametrically opposed schools of thoughts and approaches to this sensitive issue. The chance of reconciling their positions is ZERO.
      Simply put, only the war will decide whether the FORM OF THE STATE will be non-negotiable or not.

      Dictator Biya should, therefore, concentrate in winning his war. He should stop distracting the “distracting the so-called ” secessionists” with his “Plan d’urgence”.
      Apologists of the junta on this forum always shout that “there will be no dialogue with terrorists”. „I couldn’t agree more“ . There will be no dialogue because the time for dialogue is already OVER, During wartime, the belligerents can only NEGOTIATE.
      Dictator Biya will dialogue with the warlords

    • Dictator Biya,

      “You declared a war, then announced a humanitarian and reconstruction plan without declaring the end of the war or at least calling for a cease-fire. My question to you is; will the humanitarian and reconstruction plan be implemented while bullets are flying over heads? The people no longer trust you and your government. You’ve lost all credibility in the eyes of the people. Who do you intend to spend the money on? Are you thinking of buying consciences and expanding your informants’ network á la Camerounaise style? Think again!
      Allow third parties to mediate as you and your government no longer have the sole authority to bring this matter to a peaceful end” ( Acha, E., 2018)

      To add insults to injuries, Dictator Biya appointed ex-convict Atangana to manage the project.

      • Mvomeka you must understand that the standards you refer to are typical Anglophone or international best practice. Francophone countries do not understand these things. From the days of deGaul force against Guinea Conakry and all other colonies was what they understood. This approach has destroyed their civil society and the intelligentsia. They are now paying the price for it, because he illiterates left behind cannot constitute a profitable market for their French substandard products.
        When a nation is allowed to develop peacefully its citizens are better empowered to become global consumers.
        Frsncophones and France appear to consistently miss this point, not so for Ambazonia and its foreign support base.
        Any foreign country which supports our freedom knows they can count onour markt

    • Ex-convict Atangana is considered by the MAJORITY of Southern Cameroonians as Public Enemy No.1.
      It is evident that Dictator Biya is not serious with this project. He is simply playing to the gallery.
      Rumours abound that the CPDM crime syndicate will use the money to facilitate the reelection of their Dictator.
      The Anglophone Question was used as a smokescreen to deceive the international community.

      This tactic is not new

      Case study: POTABLE WATER SCAMS

      The GOC has a long history of lip service to the idea of providing its citizens with basic amenities like potable water.
      In the last few years, the GOC has acquired billions of dollars in foreign loans to finance potable water projects, yet people go thirsty.
      The borrowed money for potable water simply disappeared into thin air.

    • In sum, a humanitarian and reconstruction plan without declaring the end of the war or at least calling for a cease-fire is NOT FEASIBLE

      The warlords have recognized the diabolic agenda of Dictator Biya’s so-called humanitarian plan. They have therefore vowed to intensify the struggle. They will arrest or even kill any person trespassing in SC under the guise of bringing humanitarian aid to the victims of LRC terrorists.



  20. Smart people would have asked themselves how about the terrorists? How many villages were burnt? How many are in the bush running for their lives ? unfortunately many are barking with “wata-fufu Eru” and “Jama-jama “in their heads Anyway# Kill all terrorists in our country as well as their backers both home and abroad !

    • You are the smart one and the fact that villages were burnt, and that there are people in the bushes is your badge of honor. Wear it proudly!

      • Kikiki Chinese donkey !!!

      • Why are the Ambazonia terrorist only hiding in bushes and small villages and not in the big cities like Buea, Kumba, Limbe and Bamenda where you have the majority of anglophones?


        ANSWER: Because the Ambazonia terrorists have no support from the majority of anglophones who mostly live in cities. They know they will be dealt with if they venture into the anglophone cities à la Santa.