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Abandoned vehicles and containers’ auctions at the Port of Douala whets the appetite of fraudsters

In an official press release just made public, the deputy Minister of Finance, Elung Paul Ché, denounces the activities of “ill-intentioned people organised into networks”, who “use multiple tricks and subterfuges to con senior civil servants of the Republic and economic operators, promising them the acquisition, under preferential conditions, of luxury vehicles in demurrage at the Customs offices” at the port of Douala, the economic capital of the country.

Indeed, after several warnings at the end of the recently ended year, the Cameroonian Customs administration started auctioning about 400 containers and other luxury vehicles (there were initially 800, but half was cleared by the owners after the Customs press releases) abandoned by importers at the port of Douala.

Auctions which are today subjected to various maneuvers. “There are people coming with recommendations or requests from high personalities, for the purchase of tens of containers at once. And this, at prices corresponding to nothing. These are sometimes false recommendations”, one of the persons in charge of this auction operation revealed to the pro-government daily.

Port regulars do not exclude that the real owners of containers or vehicles thus auctioned are hiding behind these potential buyers. As, we learned, this type of operation often enables importers who have abandoned their goods to buy them back at a lesser price, thus avoiding customs duties deemed too expensive.

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  1. Emerging state by 2035, just eighteen years around the corner.
    Until Biya, his term and the ouster of cpdm happen, can we start
    reading positive stories in our country.
    We are very strewed.

  2. A country where u buy a car for $4000, ship there and they ask you $6000 to clear the car. Sick country. If Cameroon was even producing their own cars like some African countries, we will understand that they want people to buy locally made cars but they don’t. They money collected mostly go into personal pockets and doesn’t help in development

    • Country Man, they have the power to blackmail now. That’s what the Cameroon government is. If they have their foot on your throat, you are in trouble. They don’t realize they are stoking fire on an unvented pressure cooker by stiffling the economy with their greed and extortion. They are riding a missile by not caring for the young people in that country.

  3. @Admin. Thank you guys for coming back. We appreciate the job you guys do and the money and everything you put in. But some of us think that criticism should be welcome as well. Some of us criticize for positive change and not for the purpose of underestimating or downgrading you. To me personally I think some of my critics especially when I handle post of responsibilities have made me a better person. I will also want to tell my fellow riders that criticizing is expressing your own opinionor. Don’t make it personal. Thanks

  4. For ever young Reserved

    If the importers abandon their goods to buy them back at a lesser price, thus avoiding the custom duties deemed to expensive, implied the state has a measured problems as to regulate taxation policy & at the time promote international trade with other country through the private sector, to branch internal demand of certain products not manufactured locally, no reasonable business will invest capital on goods cargo be it machinery, cars, or common household utensils to come abandon at the port of entry because of higher custom duties,in most cases there’s not enough transparency in the system

  5. l,enemi dans la Maison Germany

    neither custom duties nor taxes are too high in Cameroon, the problem is a systematic and organised theft and corruption pepetrating by officials using middle men(demarcheur) to estort money from importers and business people. They have made the procedure to pay tax, declare a container or car and pay custom duty so long and time choping that you are forced to use their middle men or demarcheur and declarant. It becomes very difficult to know the exact duty cost of your goods and also the officials hide behind those demarcheurs, collect much money and go free of any corruption charges if accus

  6. This is really crazy. They say abandoned cars and looking inside critically is heavy taxes that has sent away the owners. God is seeing all those who are doing all these shits. He will deal with them one after one………