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Adebayor: I don’t talk to my family any more [+video]

Emmanuel Adebayor speaks to the BBC about the family issues that have dogged his career

In 2015, Emmanuel Adebayor publicly revealed some of the personal issues with his family that have disrupted his career.

Now the Togolese striker has spoken exclusively to the BBC about the controversy.

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  1. Young man there is nothing more important in this world than your family..
    No matter the millions you have..
    No matter the women you have..
    No matter how popular you are..
    I can only advice you to go back and make peace with Your Family..

  2. Dine with the stranger but reserve your love for your family; the stranger will move on (BBC interviews lots of people like you) but your family will remain right up to your last breath.

    • He said he is open to discussion with them, but not with his account. Since his family is not making any attempt to talk to him either, it confirms that his family will rather like to have a discussion with his account rather than him.
      It is true that family is first and they might remian (I use the word might for good reasons) with you right up till ones last breath, however, I think Adebayor’s problem is a similar delima many diasporans are facing. His apprach of solving it is not the best htough. It is very easy to keep your family extreemly happy with minimal damage to your account.

      • Thanks Fon, I spoke in general terms, not delving into any specifics that may be tearing the family apart.

      • That was well placed, Fon…

      • Vaiocomputers

        @Fob,you must a very dishonest family back home because you are always in defence of these guys who are crying foul against their families.I have a vivid recollection of your past write-ups relating to these types of issues.

    • Vaiocomputers

      Well said Sir

  3. Please people leave this man alone. Some family members think that they can control u or have right over your money because of kinship. We didn’t come into this world with any family and we will all leave alone. A good friend is better than a bad family member. If you want this guy to help u as a family member then u have to bring your self down and beg for help becauseit is a must for Adebayor to spend his money on you just because u are a family member. We must all learn to work hard simple

    • This seems to be a general problem with Africans. Some of us have similar issues with family. Somebody has never own an account of his own but wants to control your account because you are his brother or sister. They don’t even care whether you are saving money for your future and your kids future but they only want you to keep giving them money to squander in night clubs. It’s a pity. Africans need to learn to work and be responsible than sit and want to control what someone else work for. I don’t give a dann abt family if they have such attitudes. I’ll prefer positive minded friends

      • suffer+don+finish

        If you have never landed yourself into a family mess, do not comment. Country man, as you rightly said, many family members think it is their duty to eat from you. Families are different. I remember in my student days when one of my aunts took all the courage to asked me since you went abroad, what have you done to anybody? But she did not contribute a dime in my travel and she is doing well, working a top job, the husband top job. It is just a general syndrome that many back home thinks they must eat from you regardless of whether you have or not. Friends come by heart but family by default

        • An important duty for those whose education involved a travel component is to help educate those at home, those whose world is still relatively narrow. If you take offence at their narrow vision, you make yourself an unhappy person. My own uncle sees no logic in raking the leaves since more will still fall off the tree. How about that? Is that not what explains the filth we swim in?

  4. No one should blame this guy if he doesnt talk to his Family anymore, There are so many People in the Diaspora facing same issues with Families in Africa, cos they choose to have control over lives , only interested in his Money and all the voddoos houses to manipulate his life and finances. You nee to listen to his last interview or open letter he wrote on the social media about 2 years ago.The guys life is even in danger. He is not the only African Player with family issues in Africa, others just stay quiet about it.

    • Over 60% of diasporan are faced with same issue as expressed by Adebayor with about 40% applying same solution. I admire his courage in making this (family differences) public, first with the letter and the interviews. But is this the right way? Will you really advise the many African diaspora facing the same problem to do same? I think the solution lies in education and frank dialogue, one-on-one. let them know the limit of your assistance. Always listen to them but you don’t need to act, choose your moment wisely when you act. For me it lies between life and death, the rest I just watch.

  5. Its very posative that he has brought it out in the open,loved the effort ,getting his brother into football who then proceeded to nick 22 phones off 27 players.The worst is paying for siblings (by workin 24 )through a medical degree and they refuse when you need to borrow 200 euro off them as a doctor !reason not to talk to them aswell.
    He should stop being too generous overall he has hopefully a long life ahead of him and the pro footballs short , put aside money for all tax bills present and future.He can do more later on when he stops being pro and can concentrate on his charity stuff.

  6. Don’t blame the young man African families cant be complicated some people are bless they come from a godly family on otherhand some people come from some problematic that cause a lot headace for them and they cant go at any length to bring you down trust me I have experience it.

    • [email protected] do have a responsibility on how they live their lifes and giving massive grief to a family member who has supported you with their own sweat and hard work is……disgusting .This guy did whatever he could do to help his family members and they treated him like crap and they knew exactly what they were doing so if they dont have any respect for him they should of refused his help in the first place.Im glad he got his brain back in order and ignores them ,they gave him no choice.They have to live and sleep at night with their mistakes especially his mother ,not him.

  7. The root cause of the problem needs to be identified. We all come from African families and we know what transpires back home. For an African to go to the media and speak that way, there must have been more than just the normal challenges we face with families back home about their demands.

    Let us not be to quick to blame him for not keeping it inside the family. Diasporans die everyday because they don’t talk for fear of going against our norms and tradition of always doing some things the wrong way. When an African criticizes, we condemn. When a white does same, we clap. STRANGE THOUGH