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AFCON 2019: Cameroon will be ready to host, President Biya affirms

Cameroon’s anthem, cradle of our fathers was song sixty times in Africa and around the world in different competitions where 192 medals were won including 60 in Gold.

It was in a bid to celebrate the record in sports which is the best since ten years that athletes who won medals for Cameroon in International competitions were invited to the State House by the President of the Republic and Wife Chantal.

During the ceremony to celebrate sports merit, President Paul Biya in about thirty words, delivered in thirty seconds assurance regarding the upcoming continental football jamboree; “Cameroon will be ready to host the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations by the set deadline”.

The assurance was given to the international community and sporting family at the State House after athletes, coaches and members of the technical teams as well as media men who covered the events each received medals.

In all, 28 Knights of the Order of Valour were given to winners of Gold medals in different disciplines, 34 Knights of the order of merit where given to coaches and media men who projected the grandeur of Cameroon and the prowess of the athletes.

The order of the merit in sports First class was given to 38 silver medallists while 61 winners of Bronze medals were decorated with order of the merit in sports Second class.

President Paul Biya and First Lady Chantal personally handed 192 medals, comprising 88 in Bronze, 64 in Silver and 60 in Gold to each of the athletes with words of encouragement.

The first couple and their guests celebrated the brilliant exploits of the athletes on tracks, stadiums, courts and rings at the African Championship, World Championships and at the Islamic games and most recently during the 8th Francophonie Games in Cote d\’Ivoire.

During the ceremony

The President described them combative, courageous and patriotic Cameroonians who standout as exemplary models for youths of Cameroon.

In his address to the sports Family, President Paul Biya said the victory of the athletes is for the edification of fraternity between people and nations describing them as virtual builders of a more fraternal world that Humanity needs the most.

The President told the athletes that Cameroon is thirsty for fraternity and he engaged them to give their robust and muscular support to consolidate fraternity amongst Cameroonians and between Cameroon and the World. He described them as Ambassador of Cameroon around the world adding that the whole country is proud of them.

He reminded them to go back to work as other sporting events are ahead adding that the 2019 African Cup of Nations already by the corner and they have a rendez vous with African in the domain of sports here in Cameroon and Cameroon will be ready by the deadline, He took the engagement.


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  1. Better fit he sorted out the problems in his country. Is it right there going to cut the internet again on the 1st September?

    • Of course, with the nazi Beti bunker videos surfacing the internet can only be a nightmare for them. BBC has sang it already.

  2. The CAF president has put this Mvomeka’a curse in overdrive mode. All roads now lead to the propaganda department and sanctimonious pleadings to do better. If the UN, for example was to suspend the granting of loans by any country to Cameroon until money earmarked for road construction, portable water, is put into use, then old skeletons will spring into action. If Mr. Ahmad were to threaten Cameroon to build a real stadium in Bamenda and not the hot air Tombi a Roko promised, they would do it now because their face project is in peril.

    • True talk bros. it’s not a coincidence that the mvomeka hotel addict has been fixated in the country for the past three months. Useless government with misplaced priorities left front and back. There are also rumours that Assah Patrick Ndangoh and the rest of the 12 apostles have been beaten to an inch of their lives in the bunker basement of SED. A government that was lying at every turn of not having such inmates is now bent on breaking their spirits. A scenario in tune with the numerous potable water scams the regime has orchestrated to secure huge loans that were squandered on luxurious vacations.

  3. Oh God, the French system is terrible! Look at these cockroaches on center stage for 56 years just because people bow before them! Our culture, our traditions, our intellect, as such does not accommodate this slave-master way of life. NO time to get out

  4. Some of them have completed their objectives in life by shaking hands with the president. For now, Sport does not have any significant contribution in our economy. They are many countries unknown in the sport world with high standard of living. Let us focus on the political structure to ensure equal distribution of wealth which will better the lives of millions of cameroonian.

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