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Affrontements entre l’armée camerounaise et des “terroristes” dans le Sud-Ouest

VOA | VOA L’armée camerounaise a affronté en zone anglophone jeudi matin des “terroristes” selon ses termes.

L’affrontement a eu lieu dans le Sud-Ouest, précisément au lieu dit Dadji, encablures de Mamfé, à 371 kilomètres de Yaoundé, capitale du Cameroun.

L’unité d’élite camerounaise, le Bataillon d’intervention rapide Bir, déployée sur le terrain est parvenue à neutraliser les assaillants.

Ce sont ” les terroristes qui ont été tous neutralisés”, a commenté le chef de la division de la communication de l’armée, Colonel Didier Badjeck. Le bilan est lourd chez les assaillants.

On parle de” plusieurs morts”, a confié une source de sécurité à VOA Afrique.

Un important matériel de guerre appartenant aux assaillants a été récupéré. Un haut responsable de l’armée est descendu sur le terrain pour s’enquérir de la situation.

Et un déploiement spécial, sans aucune autre précisions, est en cours dans cette localité.

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  1. It is a pity a country once regarded as ‘peaceful’ has descended to this mess because the corrupt oligarch president and his allies in Yaounde do not see the need for proper and inclusive dialogue on issues affecting everyday citizen, despite repeated calls from the international society. What a shame!

    • I beg to disagree. This tragedy has been caused by extremists within us who rejected all attempts at dialogue. The same extremists who label any anglophone calling for dialogue a black leg. The same clueless idiots who had no realistic vision, no strategy and overplayed their hand. Those whose only language is “burn down, no school”. Our sages tell us “small small, catch monkey”. Meaning that we needed to take baby-steps. Meaning that shrewd and realistic maneuvers through dialogue would have achieved a far better outcome than the bloodshed we are now witnessing. The bandits hiding in Nigeria obviously did not learn that adage. They hatched an unrealistic pipe-dream, had no way of achieving it and sent gullible youth to their graves. They will pay for bringing this calamity upon us!

      • you are the those who benefit directly or indirectly from this Yaounde junta regime.The message I have for you likes is that, any beginning must have an end.Yoy really a nyamfuka

        • Thank you Nyamfuka. You are one of the silenced voices of wisdom that nobody listens to anymore. I cannot have a reasonable intellectual conversation with a fellow Anglophone these days without it ending in insults. If that is the country we want to build, my view is, let us leave things the way they were until someone truly knowledgeable and realistic comes along. All I get are raw angry emotions without any sane or realistic strategy nor even a full understanding of the issues and how best to resolve it.

        • @Rasta, you are correct. It is ironic that those who claim to be fighting for freedom will not tolerate freedom of speech or thought. They threaten and insult. Their actions have produced nothing but mayhem and disaster for anglophones. But as I say they will be held accountable.

      • HouseKeeper!

        Popol must be loving this; the division among the very people he has marginalized for so long. The issue of school closing is a betrayal to the very essence of intellectual power in Anglophone Cameroon. There is no substitute for education and I stated that if a francophone teacher is sent to teach geography, simple walk away if his instruction is in french.
        That said, Anglophones should know that Biya is and has been the problem. Baby steps? No despot submits to that, what you get is another edict and the nonsense Musonge led committee. There is a sense of joy among some Biya supporters for the fatalities going on but it is vicariously embarrassing how this love for dictatorship can be appealing. Bad governance breathes this situation and Biya’s ouster by any means is legitimate.

        • Of course, Biya is happy. We are even in a worse bargaining position now because the actions of the extremists has divided us further and alienated many sympathizers we had in the other half of the country. This half is critical to instigating Biya’s ousting. We have not had a united coherent and realistic strategy. Heck we can’t even agree on a common goal as anglophones. I was home when lawyers and teachers went on strike. They were united, and their strategy was effective. Gov’nt had started taking some steps to resolve their grievances. That’s what I mean by baby-steps. These things will not happen overnight. We get Musonge commissions because we don’t propose anything.

        • The gov’nt proposes its solutions just as bureaucracies do. But as people who wear the collective anglophone shoe, we need to tell the gov’nt where it pinches. That means being shrewdly proactive by proposing realistic solutions, the way we see it. As I have stated before, we need intra-anglophone dialogue that will culminate in a proposal to gov’nt. Winning this struggle requires that we define our goal and decide if we have the means and strategy to achieve that goal. We have done neither of those, mostly because extremists have hijacked the struggle.

        • @Nyamfuka

          Now you are talking….

          You will even be surprised how many the so-called Francos will join the cause of “making things better for all”

        • HouseKeeper!

          You speak with broad generalities and that is painfully unfunny. The gov’t had started taking steps by locking up the same individuals that were invited for dialogue? Come on man, stop falling from the clouds and why present all these charade of excuses? Labeling citizens as terrorists is the go-to-strategy of a dictator and you won’t even call it by its name?
          The imbroglio in Mamfe is the result of the government’s heavy handedness & long years of political stalemate. I would presume you’re educated enough to discern things more complex than this but the unfortunate excuses you present for the government is perhaps a sad case of intellectual dishonesty and moral decadence. A country with 30% of senators appointed and hardly any of the opposition? Was Musonge elected to be a leader? Wow!!

        • I don’t know what you mean by “broad generalities” or “morally decadent”. I am assuming you are not implying anything about my morality. But here’s what I meant by gov’t taking steps: the OHADA law was translated as lawyers demanded. Some Franco judges were already being sent back from SW and NW to franco regions. Balla and co were arrested bc they injected federalism in what was supposed to be a non-political work-related negotiation. That’s the mistake Balla made. He was encouraged to inject federalism in the negotiation by people whose names I will not call here. I was home at the time and have intimate knowledge of how it unfolded. Biya is a maniac tyrant. He must go. But is that even our aim now? And yes, those who burn down schools and are terrorists. That’s what Boko haram does.

        • HouseKeeper!

          The issue of federalism erupts because in 1972, the Referendum had a forty year assessment which ended in 2012. I read comments between the lines and some unfortunately reserve their harshest criticism against people who respond to the dictatorship that created the problems in the first place. Federalism is obvious if the 1972 mandate has not been respected. Biya is the villain here not those who oppose, no matter their stances, secessionists or federalists. The 1972 vote was a hand of fellowship from West Cameroonians and that accord was violated in many ways. I was in Cameroon as well.
          Until people start exercising the same vitriol against the regime and recognizing the root of the problems, no rhetoric would make sense. France is joyed and will appoint another despot as Biya turns 90.

        • Biya is a tyrant who has been terrible for Cameroon and anglophones. That is a fact. Anyone could write two dissertations on that topic. Criticizing Biya is the easy and popular bit. The hard part is determining on HOW we respond to this reality. As humans we avoid self-criticism. But if we are not critical of ourselves we lose this struggle. My focus in how we fashion a strategy that MAXIMIZES our gains and MINIMIZES our loses. And that requires critical self-introspection on our part. What exactly have we achieved with the radical strategy of the last two years of this fight? Wasted lives, destruction, kids lost a year of school, lost business revenue. Is that progress? As long as radicals continue to pursue reckless strategies that harm us instead of helping us, I will speak up.

        • HouseKeeper!

          OK, I get your point. At least you’re not as far flung as some on this forum. I have advocated for Anglophones to take non physical measures like boycott drinking brasseries beer which is a gov’t & french corporation, stop attending the Catholic church until the Vatican recognizes things are getting out of hand with their guy.
          A thirty five year ruling dictator won’t concede to any little pressure.
          Finding a strategy is not easy. As much as I am not an adherent of any groups, I insist that the harshest criticism should be leveled on the regime not those who are frustrated by the stalemate & resort to uncanny measures. No doubt, we have to call them out but the focus is still Biya. Until a person can articulate a direction and vision, I won’t hail them. That said, Biya is the terrorist.

        • You make a good point. And I agree, we need centrists willing and able to do the hard work of charting a credible course forward. People have suffered enough.

        • It’s easy to make noise from a distance. I’d advised you watch again the brutalization of the lawyers when all this started and draw the same conclusion. I mean LAWYERS! Prime minister finished his meeting with consortium leaders on Monday and promised a response on Wednesday and by Tuesday afternoon arrests were made without warrant. Ma man go tok that your nonsense somewhere else.

  2. Fake news from LRC and didier badjeck. From reliable source today Thursday 14 December 2017. The ADF forces are of now in control of mamfe headquarter of grand Manyu county. More than 20 Birs or terrorist forces of LRC have been killed in a battle that lasted more than 7 hours in Dadi village outskirt of mamfe. It was a blood bath for LRC thugs. Akwaya killed more than 70 LRC thugs between December 13th and 14th. LRC is suffering more casualties than we thought but they are hiding. General Elikobi Daniel Njock has been warn that if he doesn’t stop heading the terrorist LRC forces he will be considered as an enemy against his Manyu brothers. Reports of rampant defection of Anglophone brothers in LRC camp currently in Nigeria is another set back for inept biya and his francophone slaves

    • Rethink. I am amazed by your report! Could you please share with us your sources. LRC may have suffered some casualties but I doubt hard that they lost that much soldiers as you stated above. Bottom line is that, ADF cannot win this war simply because they cannot sustain the momentum for longer. Unless they are eaten some Vietnamese Grimbas.

      • @ M. Y.

        Try “many soldiers”.

        “Much” is used with uncountable entities like water, milk, air, fun, noise. (Exception: much money).

        My prayer is that a truce be called for this holy season, that Cameroon’s many friends, well wishers and supranational organizations step in and offer mediation.

    • If only 10% of what you are saying was true sisiku would be in Manyu leading operations . But it’s common knowledge that he left Nigeria his tail between his legs back to the USA to receive his next orders from the CIA . Lol slaves will often create a parallel world or delusional word,Where they are winners ,free and rulling in their minds it’s called escaping reality or refusing to accept it , the truth is that Cameroon is Inna total control of its territory the integrity has been maintained,there is no nation recognized as ambazonia anywhere in the world and your so called leader aka president is living in the USA , if that wasn’t enough you clowns are still using our currency and official documents . Of course you are winning good luck with that.

      • HouseKeeper!

        The problems were created by Biya and any sensible Cameroonian would know that. Individuals may disagree with the responses from various factions among anglophones but the fact remains that Biya is a bloody despot and his grip on power and lack of proper governance have created this situation.
        It is tempting to blame those who respond to his inequalities and brandish them as “terrorists” and revel at the thought of their shortcomings but the real reflection here must come from a place of reason and level-headedness.
        Most anglophones always called for federalism, a few who benefit from the regime love the status quo and others driven by tribalistic tendencies pick a fight within their own group.
        Dissenting is not knew but reveling against the oppressed is intellectually vacuous.

  3. Original Black Bantu

    Useless blood shed.
    The difference with Eseka is only superficial; the root is the same.
    Satan proudly claimed that he was in control. What a darkness!!!!

  4. Sooner than later, the ADF will concentrate on ASYMMETRICAL warfare.
    Scarce resources should not be used to buy AK47 because the GESTAPOS of LRC are masters in the use of AK47.
    Improvised explosive devices (IED), suicide vests and roadside bombs, drones to deliver the bombs will be the weapons of choice of Southern Cameroonians and NOT AK47.

    Southern Cameroonian engineers should be trained on the techniques in manufacturing bombs and remote controlled drones. The drones will be used to deliver the bombs in Etoudi Palace and military bases by remote control.

    The BIR is having serious problems in Manyu.. What will the BIR do when the whole of SC will enter the war ???? That is the question begging for answers from apologists of the Junta.

    • It is now abundantly clear to all and sundry that LRC is not an ISLAND OF PEACE but an Island of rapists, murderers and embezzlers

    • I like your “suicide vests” idea. You have the pride of place to wear and detonate the first one. SMH

      • Some of you citizens of LRC still think that Southern Cameroonians are joking that they want to leave. You doubting Thomases are simply day-dreaming. The liberation momentum is unstoppable,

        Let me tell you something: My son is ready to sacrifice his life for SC. He has told me that he is ready to be the first suicide bomber for SC. I, as the father have given him my blessings. I will not regret sacrificing my son to liberate SC from the evil hands of LRC. SC must be free from the genocidal LRC COME RAIN COME SHINE.

  5. The comment of the day is:

    Ce sont ” les terroristes qui ont été tous neutralisés”, a commenté le chef de la division de la communication.

    Bravo les forces de l’ordre.
    The area needs to cleaned from those ambazombies illuminaties

    • Forest gorilla! Is that all you got old primate?

      • Yup that’s all that I cared about.
        Do you feel the pinch trashy OLD PIG.
        Btw you should be in Biafra

    • HouseKeeper!

      @ Mbappe

      Bravo?? Wow, your joy couldn’t be more obvious. There are fatalities and you revel in “forces of law & order”? How narrow-minded can that be? The love for dictatorship is invoking the worst demons from the collective enterprise of Biya faithfuls.
      Inoni and Marafa echoed the same sentiments, glorified their gains and mocked hapless individuals. The end is always tricky and the slope always slippery.
      What every Cameroonian wanted is a democratic and good government with a clear path of change of power. It is thirty five years, what is your bliss? Do you read at all or have you lost your better angels that evil mimics joy?
      Whatever the dissent or opinions, Biya remains the problem. There were South Africans just like you who blamed Mandela for massacre in Soweto. Anything new?

  6. I am trying to understand the logic of dispatching a son of Manyu to lead troops sent to go and fight his own people.

    • To create an impression the dissent is from a minority terrorists deserving obliteration. These devils don’t care about the people in these places but the Manyu oil wells and timbres carrying Sangmelima stamps.

    • HIS people are Cameroonian and his manyu place is being attacked by terrorists last time I checked sissiku is an American citizen, obviously you don’t know more than Elokobi, who is a sound mind and a great military man ,he has more expertise in security ,national integration than you will ever have, he has refused to be a pawn in your shenanigans and he has exposed the fact that this so called struggle has not tangible backing, just a bunch of unemployed and crack addicts who tried to entrer in a small breach at the same time. Elokobi is a smart individual he knows you guys can’t secede ,he knows you don’t have any plans and he knows should this go forward it would even get worse for his so called manyu people obviously it crystal clear that not all people from manyu are terrorists.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @John Dinga You wrote” I am trying to understand the the logic of dispatching a son of Manyu to lead troops sent to go and fight his own people.”

      What led you to the conclusion that the people the son of Manyu has been dispatched to go fight are his own people? The fact that he comes from that region does not mean that he supports terrorists!

      The son of Manyu has been sent to go do the job he was trained for and is paid to do and that is to lead the troops of the Republic of Cameroon against its armed enemies and terrorists.

      Why don’t you try to understand the logic of dispatching a son of Manyu to go teach his own people or the logic of sending a daughter of Manyu to go provide medical treatment to her own people?

      • Selective amnesia does not enable you to consider more suitable candidates for the dirty job, does it? How about Hon. Samuel Obam, senator of the South Region whose Colonel son would wipe out the agitators in Anglophone Cameroon? Or better still, journalist Obama of Vision4 who recommended a similar sinister plan for the same population?

        Likening the mission of “going to shoot and kill civilians” with “go and teach his own people/go provide medical treatment” is a convenient logic in warped minds.

        • Africans For Donald Trump


          There is no mission to go and shoot and kill civilians!
          There is a mission to go and shoot and kill armed terrorists!

          A soldier is trained and paid to protect the nation against its perceived enemies.
          A teacher is trained and paid to teach students.

          When you question why a soldier is appointed to carry out his civil responsibilities in his region of origin you should equally question why a teacher, doctor or any other profession is appointed to carry out his civil responsibilities in his region of origin.

          That is basic logic to any reasonable human being.

  7. Victory Boys BIR Power Kamerun

  8. Propaganda from LRC . ADF is in full control of Manyu county and they are opening corridors for civilians to pass to take on the fight to LRC thugs. LRC so called “elite forces” suffered another humiliating lost yesterday with over 20thugs who have been terrorizing women and children these past few weeks. They met their end and for consolation LRC is accusing its neighbor of giving ADF support

    • You can dream all you want and don’t even wake up.
      Maybe that’s for your own good.
      For us reality is:
      Biafra/ambazombians are being decimated by ELOKOBI the general.

      • Man, it’s not good to talk about what is happening to those misled folks in Manyu division… horrible horrible. The carnage is worse than what the government is reporting. But if the enemy won’t stay off our territory, they will continue to get massacred this way.

        • your territory our territory ,who are you?na last fight we di wait

        • HouseKeeper!

          @ Ras Tuge,

          Enjoy, wouldn’t you?? Perhaps after the killings of your “terrorists” your beloved fatherland would revert to stability and good governance.
          “The carnage is worse”, wow..malicious bliss for motiveless malignity!! There are people of various opinions caught up in the quagmire & your delight is devoid of any human considerations except the primitive desire to be louder than your enemies & the uncanny love for despotism whence the problem is sourced.
          Not everyone is for secession, not everyone is for federalism but no one with a brain would stand with a dictator. People of good will usually stand up to them. Is that hard to decipher?
          I and other citizens without any particular leanings unquestionably reject Biya and state unequivocally that the quandary is attributable to him.

  9. What does your propaganda mean by “plusiers”? As am writing now,the ADF is calling the shots in Manyu .not less than two dozens of LRC thugs were killed by the brave ADF in a firefight confrontation will LRC thugs . Three LRC helicopters were present on the skies of mamfe to aid their militia but they failed bitterly. A good number of their corpse could be seen lying on the streets with their military fatigues. If anyone has a source at mamfe district hospital , you can call to confirm

  10. Breaking news:
    Elizabeth Ambe: minister of education of the so-called ambazombie government just resigned.
    The rats are leaving the sinking ship.
    That ship is unstable and going “down”

    • Just like hordes of other misled Ambavumbi adventurers, Elizabeth Ambe had absolutely no clue about what she had gotten herself into. She must have panicked… but she will still be held responsible for the deaths of all these misled youngsters. In Manyu, as we speak, the BIR is carrying out chasse a l’homme, and the place has been locked down…

      • @Rat TUGE Junky! First Slave Rasclaaat Coon!! You disappeared since the day military thugs were brought down in Tombel and K-Town as desperation pushed your thugs to arrest innocent hunters! Keep rejoicing the murdering of those you claim to be your own. Judgment is on the corner. Unlike you elements of deceit, Ambe is demonstrating how democratic disagreements should lead to smooth resignation when there’s vote of no confidence; a concept very alien to your resocrucian cult. Her resignation is not breaking news moron. We did thank her for her services and she is still strongly committed to the liberation cause. There have been numerous defection by Amba-LRC soldiers now manning the Amba fort. Ambaland shall b free this time around come rain high river Our Ambassadors are already at work!

    • Soon SIsiku will be arrested .

  11. Simple common sense if ambashitnia was in control of anything or winning as the we are winning crew wants us to believe sisiku cho Abah and the rest would already be in amba calling the shots . How can someone who calls himself smart and rational even utter such bs : ADF are in control of Manyu lmao ,even your propaganda doesn’t make sense who in his right mind believes that? I know the whole NW and SW are full of illiterates and suicide victims wannabes as I have already said on this forum most of them suffer from inferiority complex and hate their lives , they are just throwing themselves at soldiers to end their misery . Even in dealing with Boko haram Cameroon has always been lowkey, so don’t expect much graphic stuffs, and I’m glad we are this way but anyone really close knows

    • Knows that the terrorists are being decimated the place is on lockdown and the locals are cooperating. For the 1d1at called John dinga Biya is smarter than you will always be has the commander of the operation been from another place you would have been on here screaming like a girl on her period how he’s using iron fist because he can’t sympathize or understand the locals blah blah ,genocide blah blah, last time on this same platform I asked who did you consult before declaring secession all I received were insults : one has to be foolish if he thinks a minority can break this country especially without the help of her own elites that is :military ,business and political. But once again anglofools has shown that they are emotional one dimensional sissies who can’t understand their surroun

    • Idiot and common sense also dictates that if your BIRS were not falling like flies there won’t have been trucks of reinforcements coming in! One helicopter down already. Let’s see how many will be flying by the end of the week when those RPGs make it to Ambaland. Dirty dwarf Baboon!

  12. There are always two sides to a coin.that was what Badjeck said.can we also safely assume here that propaganda is a tool that lrc military is good at using.

    • LOL there ain’two sides buddy if this was making progress . It’s been 2weeks now every days that punk called Dali Dali is telling us how the so called ADF have killed 20 soldiers on average .20 per day x 14(2weeks) that’s 280 soldiers Bir killed anyone who believes that junk needs to chained in a psychiatric hospital, because if that was true and your so called leader in still not on their ground ,then who exactly are you following and how much of a coward is he ? LEts not forget that the punk has left Nigeria quote he’s fearing for his life so you are making This gigantic progress and you still living abroad .i hope this serves as a wake up call for the clowns who were selling us nigeria ah ah they got the memo from Biya the truth is sisiku got kicked out from Nigeria

      • It’s the end that justifies the means.biya declared war on us,and we have accepted it.no retreat no surrender.America did not succeed in Vietnam,so lets see how lrc forces will succeed in the dense forest of Manyu,or is the the lrc new magic word for success called Elokobi?

        • So now you see yourself like Vietnamese.
          Lol Vietnamese fought for their country to be free and you are fighting for “English” language.
          You are not ONE people and ur pseudo fight will take you nowhere, except bring havoc to they poors in the affected areas.
          Most of you morons are safely in foreign lands with your kids going about their education.
          You won’t fool any longer those true Cameroonians back home.
          Ambazombians will be crushed by ELOKOBI the local guy, fighting for what’s right.

        • Am a moron right?you must be that stupid to think that we have the brains of all our loved ones here with us to be controlling them.are you taking those who are fighting back home for morons as well?they very well know what they are into and will prefer that,than ending up in Libya.any yes,we the Manyus are like Vietnamese and will teach the lrc military a lesson.your success word general Elokobi and all the lrc scouts is no treat to us.game on.

  13. Haha… LRC propaganda to boost the morale of its thugs. They have been defection among its rangs and outright refusal by some of its thugs to go to Manyu – the land of no return to aggressors. So this serve as a PR to console their francophone comrades and to assure them that all is well with the govt having the upper hand . It’s actually the reverse reason why internet has been cut in this part of the country

  14. They kill innocent people women and kids and yet they sit and sing how much they have neutralized the terrorists as they say. They do not make any mention of their own casualties and they feed us with lies. If indeed they have killed this many Ambaland soldiers they control everything as the claim where are the pictures of the slain soldiers? When they went last week and killed innocent detainers pictures were shown every where as terrorist fighters. Today they were counting their deaths in large numbers and taking them off theater on choppers…. they will meet their waterloo in Mamfe. If truly they are wining then bring back the internet and you will see how dead soldiers of LRC are lying here and there. If CRTV is free to say whatever they think and show any type of pictures yet they

    • @nforsama. Right on the point bro. Let LRC continue fooling its self and it’s clueless followers. Manyu will drained the swamp out of them

    • so no internet again?? i see why they will build a strong powerful propaganda becos no pictures from manyu .let them show us what is happening there if truly they are winning

    • @nforsama,

      You spoke my mind.

      When inmates were slaughtered in cold blood, LRC displayed the pictures of the “terrorists and secessionists” for all and sundry to see. Now, they are only talking about ” plusieurs morts”. They are therefore NOT in control of the situation in order to concretise their so-called ” plusieurs morts” and display the pictures.
      The ADF will soon possess Surface to Air missile capabilities to bring down the “occasion belgique” helicopters of LRC.



      • **** BREAKING NEWS****

        Equinox has now reported that one of the La Republique military helicopters has been brought down in Mamfe by the ADF.
        This is proof of the Surface to Air missile capabilities of the ADF.
        Biya’s plane, Camair planes remain legitimate targets since WAR IS WAR

        • Thanks for the update. LRC is up to an organized army composed of volunteers, Iraq/Afghanistan war veterans and tons of defectors from LRC. The terrain will work so well against them. We must fund this fight by hitting the $ 100M target earmarked for ammunition supplement. Woe betide Biya and his slaves. They have disturbed the ghost of Chief Tambe who bled the Germans so bad in this area. They shall beg to leave but will all be taken hostages.

  15. @ Dali Dali …. Thanks for the updates bro. LRC is doing everything to hide its losses be it human or material . Make no mistake, Manyu is a no go area for aggressors. Keep up the fight my great people of Manyu and our brave ADF forces

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      The Manyu people who are fervent supporters of the CPDM, who turned out like never before to give Agbor Tabi a great funeral in recognition of the shameless benefits they reaped from Agbor Tabi’s tribalism while he was a ministers as evident in the number of surveillant generals that hail from manyu; have suddenly become the great manyu people fighting for the benefit of the entire nw and sw of Cameroon.

      Well the ‘great manyu’ people can keep fighting for sick seku ayuk tabe the coward terrorist conman and hope in vein that sick seku tabe will be their new agbor tabi. The Cameroon miliotary is coming for you. Prepare yourselves to be raped tortured and killed.

      • @ clueless AfDT. You got short sense just as the francofools calls you guys” le Bamenda la” which means stupid. The fact that the Manyu man is fighting to restore the independence that was denied SC in October 1961 does not mean that we know those who will always try to sabotage the struggle will be from NW. No need after restoration we will grant you independence. SW alone is larger than the state of Israel and many countries in Europe. LRC will always fear and respect the Manyu man. Tell me in the history of Cameroon which group of people have ever killed as much LRC thugs as Manyu? Casualties were on both sides in the battle for Dadji. But LRC celebrated as if they have won the entire war… The struggle continues

        • He dug a divide and conquer trap and you fell for it. Cpdm and LRC is the enemy not any of the 13 counties. Be wise!

        • You are not one people. SW has nothing in common with NW.
          A guy from mutengene(sawa) has nothing in common with a bamenda man (grassfielder).
          As illustrated here, even virtually you are not in tune.

        • What is common between a Sawa and a Beti, a Pygmy and a Toupouri, a Bamoum and a yabassi, a Bamilike and a Bulu apart from the fact that all the donkeys are frogs? Why are you so empty?

        • The Sawa and Beti share a common ancestry… and by the way, the BULU is part of the Beti. The Ngraffi has absolutely no lineage with the SW.

        • … and Yabassi is Sawa. Many Makossa musicians are actually Yabassi!

        • @Ras Tuge.
          I am sure he knows that.
          Just they want to fool some morons as they have been doing lately unfortunately with some success.
          We have a duty to debunk debunk and debunk. The end result is the true will prevail

        • I lived in Nyandong for 7 years, studied in Nyassoso and Soa. The only similarity between a Beti and a Bakossi is that their staple food is both cassava but so too is the Igbos. There’s nothing common between Sawa people and Beti people whatsoever. The latter are an extension of the Congo Basin settlers extending into Gabon, EG, São Tomé and part of Congo Brazzaville. The Beti are the curse of the German creation Cameroon and the reason for its political, social and economic retrogression.

        • HouseKeeper!

          It didn’t have to take long for @Mbappe & @Ras Tuge to spew tribalistic tendencies which has been one of the premises by which they observe this issue. The claim of Sawas being culturally similar to Betis is a sweeping self-indictment of callous ignorance. I am Southwesterner and I have sojourned in Yaounde & its environs. I have read extensively Cameroon’s history & cultural anthropology and I am amazed by such clueless fuss. It is like being better by association is all there is to care about rather than addressing real and impending issues.
          When ignorance is allied with zeal the outcome is intellectual vacuity. How can any well meaning citizen be so desirous of a trivial cultural association when his own demise looms from the chains of his cherished dictatorship? Couldn’t be sadder.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          @ Rethink

          Thanks for validating my factual comment.
          “The Manyu people who are fervent supporters of the CPDM, who turned out like never before to give Agbor Tabi a great funeral in recognition of the shameless benefits they reaped from Agbor Tabi’s tribalism while he was a ministers as evident in the number of surveillant generals that hail from manyu; have suddenly become the great manyu people fighting for the benefit of the entire nw and sw of Cameroon.
          Well the ‘great manyu’ people can keep fighting for sick seku ayuk tabe the coward terrorist conman and hope in vein that sick seku tabe will be their new agbor tabi. The Cameroon miliotary is coming for you. Prepare yourselves to be raped tortured and killed.”

          Despite my “short sense” and being ” le bamenda la” you can’t fool me!

  16. While the war is going on between Yaounde and Buea,Foley Hoag Law firm should expedite the case in International Court of Justice between the Yaounde gov’t of LRC and the Buea gov’t of Ambasonia.So that we can put the final nail on the CPDM genocidal organisation of LRC’s coffin, and kick them out of our territory…abui ngan…We have a very good strategy…

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      Foley Hoag law firm has no case! They have no experience with the ICJ. They are basically earning free money from a bunch of dumb ambazombies led by coward terorists conmen.

      The US military is training the Cameroon armed forces on Improvised Explosive Devices.

      Ambazombies and their leadership will never win a case against the government of Cameroon at the ICJ! An organisation that abolishes education in the nw/sw, amputates the arms of girls who want to go to school, burn down schools, attack and kill the forces of law and order, distributes suicide vests to youth through DALI DALI, plant Improvised explosive devices will never have a chance against the Republic of Cameroon at the ICJ.
      Don’t forget the US is currently training the Cameroon military on how to deal with IEDs.

      • Why are you crying? Is it your money? We are raising another $100 Million USD by the end of the week to fund the risistance. Once we lay hands on those RPGs, those 3 remaining Chinese helicopters hovering our skies shall be converted to carbon black. Have you ever seen Biya head for Europe and back within days without a stop over in Swiss? Ask your brother Atanga Nji for the details. His generals are telling him the BIRs are incapable of taking on the brave ADF. He had to come back to ask Obiang and Derby to send more mercenaries. But this time they shall all be rushed to hell. Our Guerrillas will teach you the Amba lesson.

        • Africans For Donald trump

          You said nothing!
          Go and continue drinking your cheap amzombie afofo and stay in your delusional world!

        • Africans For Donald Trump


          Keep drinking your cheap ambazombie afofo and living in delusion.

      • HouseKeeper!

        @ Africans for DT
        what is your take in all of this? Reveling in the carnage or recognizing that the regime in place in the problem? Isn’t it foolhardy that the debate has evolved into issues of tribalistic sentiments and you & others seem to be so drenched in it? Without a dictatorship, or if there was a democratic system in place there won’t be need for all these factions, would it? Is that hard to figure out? Why are people so keen on settling individual disputes and taking eyes off the ball? One S-westerner contended that N-W would not treat SW any better in a federation but when I asked if he felt Cite SONARA is aptly named or if the local people have benefited from the Bassa led company, he mused.
        Fear mongering serves Biya & it has worked for him for 35 yrs.
        Just do Right.

  17. Korup Forest

    They forgot to mention how many girls and women they raped.

  18. When two elephants fight the grass suffers the most. ‘African writers”. While the commanders in Chiefs are parading big corridors of of modern cities the sons and daughters of the down trodden are sent or commanded to go fight each other.kill each other over issues that could be settles like a family dispute. The cost of war especially within the family is so high that it undermines what anyside may call victory at the end of the day. As one writer puts it it is very easy to begin a war but most diffiult thing i to end it. The simple reason being loses on both sides breed animosisty and disrust for each other in all avenues and takes more than a generation to forget. All what we have done is lay solid foundation for animosity betwenn the two regions for decades, waste of resources…

  19. Biya your boys will pay a price for trespassing in to our ladn.Ambazonia must be freed now.Biya your time in our land has expired.We will never ever turned back again.

  20. @Africans For Donald Trump I am happy u stated manyu.Go and check.Of all the people in SW,the manyu man is not a man that u temper with.They are not cowards.Agbor Tabe was courageous to do what he did,becos he understood the system.Go and check what Basile Atangana Kouna did recently in his ministry.All names for an electrification project is beti names.This time around,the Manyu man does not only want to safe but the Manyu people.The Manyu man want to help the entire Ambasonians.HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe,president of former SC,now none as Ambasonia, has made his position clear,that the independence of Ambasonia is not negotiable.

    • @Kongosa
      ……now “known” as Ambazonia….

    • The foolhardy Manyu man is a silly adventurer and not a warrior. He is a delusional opportunist that is being mercilessly used as cannon fodder by the Ambavumbi red soup drinkers that are hiding in cyberspace, as they cunningly urge the Manyu man to his total castration. Foresighted warriors plan their actions on the basis of rigid relational evaluations; as well as rational calculations of utility.

      • @ Ras tuge, the weed taker and a stupid man from a barren land. Manyu has killed far more LRC thugs and decimated them to cowards than any part of Ambaland. The number of LRC death toll in Manyu is far higher than civilians as opposed to the grassfield area where unarmed civilians were massacred in cold blood. More than 90% of those killed in this struggle are from grassfield either working in our fields in SW. Most great Manyu people( matyrs) who were killed either died in combat and a number of LRC thugs before joining our great ancestors. Proud citizen of Manyu . We stand by you HE seseku Ayuk Tabe. The fight continues


        • Africans For Donald Trump

          Aha aha.. you are a proud manyu citizen right?. What happened to being a proud ambazombie citizen? You claim to be fighting for the people of the NW/SW yet you call the people from the NW ” short sense/le bamenda la” because you think they are expendable and exploitable!

          The Manyu people who claim that people from Manyu with names of NW origin like Ndifor were slave workers to Manyu indigenes are now claiming to be our saviors! Hmm!
          The people from the NW may be “short sense/le bamenda la” to you but we are not your fools. You will not enslave us again (if you truly did so before)!

          You have no respect for the people from NW you claim to be fighting for!
          You badly brought up son of a prostitute!

          The “short sense /le bamenda la” of today does not trust prostitutes!

    • Africans For Donald Trump


      Why did Agbor Tabi only help the Manyu people and not all the people of the North West and South West?

      Why should I believe that sick sekou ayuk tabe is different?

      You are not ashamed to admit that the manyu people benefited extensively from the tribalism of agbor tabi because you know it is an undeniable fact! The manyu people only think about themselves. They are not fighting for the nw/sw. They are fighting for sick-seku ayuk tabe the coward terrorist conman!
      The fact that there is a Bayangi quarters (prostitute quarters) in every town in Cameroon says something about the character of the manyu people.
      The manyu people have been the strongest supporters of the CPDM in the entire NW and SW region since 1990.
      Manyu people are definitely Poltical Prostitutes! Shame on y’all!

      • @ AfdT.. You are definitely a son of our slaves we bought from the grassfield ( baren land)with salt. Ahidjo used one of yours to inflict pain on the bakwerians. The reason we are fighting for restoration that will benefit all southern Cameroonians it’s because of the short sense foncha and muna your tribesmen hard. “Le Bamenda la”(stupid)was not coined by a Manyu man but the betis/ bulus whom you are fighting to protect to be their slaves

        • Africans For Donald trump

          You have a right to live in delusion. So you are right that I am son of one of your slaves in your delusional world!
          It is irrelevant who coined the phrase “le bamenda la(stupid)”… the reality is that you have endorsed it and you now own it!
          The fact is manyu people have no respect for people from the NW which you condescendingly call “grassfield (barren land) with salt” yet they pretend to be fighting for the people of the NW!
          Show the people of the NW some respect before you start fighting on their behalf!
          The majority of People from the nw/sw voted to be part of Cameroon. They were not forced to do so by Foncha/Muna.
          Looks like you are anxious to revenge for what you claim to be “pain Ahidjo used one of ours(NW) to inflict on the bakwerians.”
          You dumb son of a bitch!

      • @AFDT …. Your cheap Bali girls going about spreading HIV-AIDs. LRC NW region has the highest rate of HIV carriers have those statistics ever rang anything in your head?

      • @AFDT….you should be a son of one of those Bali bitches going about spreading HIV-AIDs.Have you ever ask yourself why LRC Nw region has the highest HIV carriers in the entire banana Republic? That only show how abject poverty has made your girls now and those unborn vulnerable to this deadly virus

        • Africans For Donald Trump


          What matters is who I am and not who you think I should be!

          Therefore your comment is completely irrelevant and stupid.

          I only ask relevant questions like how can the manyu man who claims to be superior to the nw man and has no respect for the nw man(as evident in your postings ) claim to be fighting on behalf of the nw people.

          I do not question why every town in Cameroon has a neighborhood called Bayangi quarters. I can only observe that the Bayangi quarters refers to the neighbourhood in each city where manyu prostitutes live.

          The fact that women from manyu are renown for prostitution says a lot about the character of the manyu women and their children!
          You son of a manyu prostitute!