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Cameroon down Ghana 2-0 to reach Nations Cup final

* Cameroon to face Egypt in Sunday’s final

* Ngadeu-Ngadjui and Bassogog on the scoresheet

* Ghana pay the price for missed chances (adds details)

FRANCEVILLE, Gabon, Feb 2 (Reuters) – Cameroon reached the African Nations Cup final as a second-half goal from defender Michael Ngadeu-Ngadjui and a stoppage-time effort from Christian Bassogog secured a 2-0 win over Ghana in their last-four clash on Thursday.

Giant centre back Ngadeu-Ngadjui sneaked around the back of the Ghana defence from a free kick and took advantage of a mix-up to blast the ball home from close range in the 72nd minute.

Bassogog caught Ghana on the counter attack as Cameroon added a second with virtually the last kick of the game to claim a place in Sunday’s final against Egypt in Libreville.

Cameroon, who were beset by selection problems before the start of the tournament, profited from poor finishing by their more fancied opponents, who were making a sixth successive semi-final appearance, but are still without success since 1982.

Ngadeu-Ngadjui, almost unknown in his own country less than a year ago, fired home from an acute angle after Ghana centre back John Boye got into a muddle with keeper Razak Brimah that allowed the ball to run through to the unmarked Cameroonian.

The goal broke the deadlock in a lively affair and set up a grandstand finish as Ghana tried furiously to find an equaliser, forcing several corners as they desperately sought a way back.

But as Ghana pressed forward they were always susceptible to the counter attack and Danish-based Bassogog steamed away three minutes into added time to wrap up Cameroon’s triumph.


Cameroon started brightly and created good early chances, notably when defender Adolphe Teikeu forced full back Harrison Afful to clear off the line from an eighth minute corner.

Robert Ndip Tambe hit a powerful effort from close range straight at the fortunate Brimah four minutes later to set the tone for a game littered with opportunities.

Ghana had to wait until five minutes before halftime to get their first proper chance as Teikeu’s defensive slip allowed Jordan Ayew, who moved from Aston Villa to Swansea City at the start of the week, to strike just wide from an acute angle.

The second half saw Ghana dominate the game as Andre Ayew cut his eye in a collision with goalkeeper Fabrice Ondoa and Mubarak Wakaso forced a diving save with his swirling free kick.

Thomas Partey and Jordan Ayew then went wide with shots before Ghana threw experienced captain Asamoah Gyan, injured last week, into the fray for a furious final quarter-hour.

But Cameroon, who won the last of their four Nations Cup titles 15 years ago, managed to hold on for a place in their first final since Egypt beat them in Accra in 2008.

Ghana will meet Burkina Faso in Saturday’s third place playoff in Port Gentil.

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  1. Merited victory. Good game from the lions. I am positively surprised!!

  2. Wuooooooohhhhhhhh Mammaaaa!!!!!!

    Bravo Mi Lion!!!

    • Eff off

    • AmbaZOMBIANS where are thou?

      I can’t wait to read your excuses this time. You keep praying for us to lose, we keep destroying everything on our path. God is telling you something, are you willing to listen?

      From the prediction of Cameroon will not even have the courage to come out of the locker room for the first game, to Senegal will humiliate us, to Ghana will reap us apart. Here are the majestic lions, at the final, ready to take their crown, their rightful dues.

      Many bets Cameroon had no chance, at this point in time, at the very worse, will be runner up of this competition. Just a couple of months back, our gazelles destroyed everything put on their way, including Ghana. It literally took a bunch of Nigerian transsexuals to eventually stop us.

      Last time I said this, just a few days ago, I was laugh at on this very same site. Never bet against Cameroon. Only a mad man will be against god’s greatest creation.

      We are the chose children of the almighty.
      We are blessed
      We will never surrender
      We will never apologize
      We will continue on our God giving destiny of leaders in Africa.

      Cameroon, the beautiful
      Cameroon, the shiny city on the hill
      Cameroon the promised land,

      Thank you lord, we are your proud children, thank you.

      If any one of you had one ounce of pride, you will simply apologize for ever doubting Cameroon, pack your lousy stuffs and get the f*ck out of Cameroon forever.

      We don’t want you!
      We don’t need you!

      Cameroon oye!
      Cameroon oye!
      Cameroon oye!

      • God is with us
        he has already failed u all
        if LRP wants to use the lions to stop the struggle or buy the minds of SC then we pity u all
        bcus we are not coming back
        we are getting there by GODS grace
        why are u all scared that SC is living LRP
        why why why
        bcus u all know SC the heart of LRP existence
        rubish pipo

      • United States of Africa,
        You really are an ignorant, pathetic monkey! What is there to celebrate. How does Cameroon winning change your miserable life? Tiko drink Kumba drunk! The guys are there playing and making money and you are here drinking paracetamol for someone else’s headache! Explain to me how football has developed or will develop Cameroon. You really deserve someone like Paul Biya. Clearly!

        • @bolingo if u are not passionate about something dont ruin it for another. Go mind your business and take out your frustrations somewhere else. Pathetic way of thinking.

          Congrats lions!

        • @ Bolingo
          You have a choice to make: either maintain your level and pull him up or allow yourself to be dragged down by him. You seem to be going after the latter!
          Remember that there is life outside of the football stadium even if some persons begin and end there.

      • Web master this is an insult from user @UnitedStatesOfAfrica we want this his of attack on our fellows removed right now!!
        this is very troubling please bring us back the order in this space.

        • So, an ambaZOMBIAN is calling for the censure of a Cameroonian from a Cameroonian forum? Wow! You see why you people are called crybabies?

          Why don’t you create an ambaZOMBIAN site and banned me from it?
          Always taking credit or telling others what to do with their successes, true ambaZOMBIANS!

        • Modilu@ he gets paid to do these comments .

      • Even the devil calls “the Lord”.

  3. Every time there is a crisis in that dungeon of a country, football comes and helps the tapeworm of a president. He’s gonna use this now as a pretext that the country is one, he’ll no!

    • AfricansforDonaldTrump Canada

      That dungeon of a country must be a strong footballing country in Africa, that has a very powerful force that attracts football to come help the president every time there is a crisis. Brilliance at its best!

      I am from a Cameroonian from the North West province of Cameroon and no one can stop me from enjoying this victory! I love the one and only Republic of Cameroon.

      • The team from the failed State La République des Marquisards only won thanks to the conniving of CAF via the refree as compensation for the humiliation they suffered in Yaounde during the female nations cup.

      • Oh poor Cameroonians!
        Same ignorant coconut heads! What are you celebrating? How does a victory of Cameroon change your miserable lives? The ignorance of Cameroonians is unbelievable! No wonder Paul Biya correctly takes you all for idiots.
        With all the other times that Cameroon has won the Nations Cup, how did the life of the ordinary Cameroonian change? Yes, you will dance and drink 33 Export as usual while the country continues to degenerate. The ignorance of some Cameroonians is amazing.

        • @bolingo lol the fact that u posted this twice with so much hatred in your tone. Sport and every other event is not meant to change your life, it is meant to take you away temporarily from whatever is disturbing you in your life!

          I dont know you personally but that’s something I would expect a mature person to know. AND you are in charge of your own LIFE. YOU!!!

          A positive mind leads to a positive life.
          Externalize all your problems and you will wait for change till u are dead and gone.

          Best of luck brother.

        • Na me be this South Africa

          You are a typical example of a mumu gas sheit…Lol I would rather be marginalised by La Republique to forming a country with extremists like you. Sadly because of your likes meaningful reforms that would have come up by the people’s protest have been thrown to the dungeon.

    • @senator
      Worry not! It’s rational to rejoice with your neighbour in their moments of celebration and also rational to defend your house, honour and integrity against brutal marauding invaders. Some of us chose to remain silent in this footballing matter because it splits loyalty. Nothing wrong with congratulating a good win but everything wrong in stealing the show to shower praises to a sadist ruler that have condemned a once resourceful country into the biggest slump of Central Africa. Today we are fighting the Biya regime for our freedom and tomorrow we shall still do commerce.

      The struggle continues.

      • “…It’s rational to rejoice with your neighbour in their moments of celebration…”

        Ugly biafran bitch, have you considered the fact the neighbor might not want to celebrate with you?

        Did we asked you to come celebrate? Did we asked you to wish us well? Why are you forcing your celebrations and good wishes to people who are simply asking you to get lost?

        Do you people really have no dignity?

        • Interhamwe Rutaganda Vice President himself the son of Akonolinga. You especially the devil from Akonolinga will always remain the most hated from the other side. You are not our neighbors! The last time you agreed to dig up your Pygmy ancestors and head to Gabon/EG! A genocidaire dog that disappears when the battle gets heated and reappears like a rabid dog that barely survive a fight with a lion to find his voice in matters you list contributed to has nothing to sing about is worst than an hiv infested monkey water! Pathetic slimy !diot. Don’t you see your Beti cabal headed by Mbia and his Etoundi kid brother got busted this time? If only you could take away the celebrations and leave Southern Cameroon in peace that could been a good trade. But a bloody parasitic swine like you cannot let go can you? U mami Pima !diot. I’ll stick to my mantra from the time you left…don’t feed the genocidaire troll. Swine!

        • We’re all Cameroonians, in a great Cameroonian nation…..let’s, beeeeeeee, ooooooone.

          Mbrrrr, can anyone pls help me out with the name of that CMR musician who composed that song?…

        • “…You especially the devil from Akonolinga will always remain the most hated from the other side…”

          Ha, typical ugly biafran. So you have so much hatred in you, you can even classify various levels of hatred? Wow.

          My point remains the same, we did not send out an invitation to come celebrate with your “neighbor”. Quite on the contrary!

          Why are you here? Why are you celebrating? Who invited you? Have you really no dignity left in you? Why are you forcing yourself on people who are telling you in no uncertain terms to get lost?

        • Your rantings, Mr US of Ass, are reminiscent of what we saw in people like Issa Tchiroma. When the intifada began, they rallied their dogs ? in the name of BIR. The end result was murder of our people and round up of our intellectuals. But when the so called minister of communication was invited to aljazeera, the essence of a thuggish regime was unveiled. Tchiroma could hardly express himself prompting many in the world, including Jerry Rawlings calling for the ousting of the Yaoundé Wizard

        • “…including Jerry Rawlings calling for the ousting of the Yaoundé Wizard…”

          The same Rawlings who just last week was issuing signed statements on after the other distancing himself from the fake news of him supporting the ambaZOMBIAN lunacy?

        • @ UnitedStatesAmericaI hope the Trump virus hasn’t affected this brother.

          Please go to YouTube and watch any episode of the series “Some mother’s do have them”. It ran on CRTV in 1988…Maybe you were not born by then.

          It is very sad when people know very little about the history of their country. All they do is making a fool of themselves in the outside world at the expense of everyone being considered ignorant of your history.

          @ UnitedStates… please check yourself and stop watching a lot of Netflix

          Just an advice from a brother

  4. Where mamipima haters dey hide ahahaha. Shame ohhhhhhhh! Le Cameroun a enfin une equipe. Les favoris mes fessssessss. Voila les meilleurs. Mboutmen them fermez vos bouches. This was Cameroons easiest match. Bravooooooo

  5. AfricansforDonaldTrump Canada

    Congratulations to the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon!!!

    I am proud to be a Cameroonian.

    You guys have just demonstrated the power of positive thinking and the power of “shangdie”.

    We will need more of that ‘shangdiesm” against Egypt. You guys got to win this one!!

    To all the haters of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon, go and eat okro soup.

    • Well said.If God is for us,who can be against us.God is good.CAMEROON OBOSSO.
      @Ras T. Papa a deh with u.Cold Booster with some good fish from down beach.

      • Na wori ma broda. I miss missing Limbe so bad. Banabe Cameroon me nikasse!

        • Oh yes, Ras !

          Les Lions have made my day—-I feel my CMR-side again.

          Man yi kontri na man yi kontri…

        • Zam-Zam,

          I SHAN’T EVER stop loving the Motherland. Thus, whichever rasclaaat element that is out to increase HER troubles, i must conquer and eliminate it. Any devil that is siding with Babylon treachery to foment confusion in the Motherland shall be punished. Greetings, man!

        • Empty bep bep bep! Impostor!

  6. USA,
    Let them Ghana boys stand up and talk again. Football is played on the pitch n not on the tabloids or whatever junk aiming to sell. Nigeria too have been lashing out their own gibberish. August is not far.

    • Your analysis was correct. I knew our guys will not go down without a fight but I did not expect them to dominate and be this hungry from the start. You were correct, they have tasted victory and they like it.
      They bitch slapped Ghana!

    • Kikikiki, JJr…let that Tanko man come and open his mouth again, I’ll slap it…

      • Ni Zam,
        I even 4got abt that one. He must be hiding or on the run now. Ghanaians will claim he told them lies hahaha. I feel for his blood at this point.

  7. @ MANYAKA76.

    • Don’t mind the hater ….he will kill himself today

      • For him to do that, he needs to have a sense of honor. He is an Anglophone, which pretty much tells you not only he is not going to kill himself, he will back here with another spin of blah blah blah.

        • And by the way, they will say this victory is insignificant. The game against Senegal was extremely important to them, until Cameroon won, then it became an insignificant and stupid soccer game..lol

          But they predicted, the more important game will be against Ghana who will reap us apart. Then we won and now this game is about to be very much insignificant as well.

          I bet you, the only game not insignificant is the final against Egypt and they will predict we will be humiliate. If we win….well you know, it will become the most insignificant soccer final of the history of mankind…lol

        • I forgot the beast of no lineage was Biafrais,he will probably abscond like their father Ojukwu who fled Biafra for Ivory Coast

    • Ahahaha mbamois laisse les branleurs se branler. Ils disent qu ils ne sont pas camerounais tant mieux nous nous avons colle les petites du Senegal et Ghana il manque les egyptiennes.

    • We have to drain the swamp from that country starting with @AG

      • So Says Ndzana Rutanganda aka Mbappe the leader of the interhamwe Hutu militia? I’ll slice you into pulp if you ever get close dirty bird.

  8. Macaqueya where art thou ? Punk I must sh*t and piss on you ,beast of no lineage we kicked out your primitive anglo Saxon brothers. And we are in the final. Balling hard . We gon pop booze sauté, Bamenda and buea on fire ,essos …Kamerpride fck the haters . Blessed and greatest country on earth not to talk of Africa . Boko we put down .seleka down , France down ,British down ,Germans down ,secessionists down , haters down .

    Cameroon 2- 0pygmies charcoal

    • Look at this deformed hermaphrodite. I’m sure that the beast that was cursed with the misfortune to bring you in this world must have done so through its anal cavity. Where did you get the audacity to address me you worthless dust mite.
      As though I care about an insignificant football game. Bastard

      • Kill yourself already, see despair and distress. Ah ah i pee and shit on you

        • The puke and feces of a pig are of more importance than a stinking hermaphrodite like you.
          Miserable wretch.

      • Manyaka na shame di worry you massa . Cryyyyyy, na so when u wish badluck for ya brother way e no do you anything bad , na youself the badluck follow. Mboutmen.


  10. I DI ONLY TALK MY TRUE OOOOO United States


  11. Who he is not happy pls hang yourself

    • AfricansforDonaldTrump Canada

      And before you haters go hang yourselves please destroy your Cameroon passport and/or National identity card so that your corpse is not mistaken for that of a Cameroonian.

  12. Congratulations to the Lions, well deserved victory.
    Wishing you the best in the Final.

    • Can you people now see through this and understand God is talking to you and simply leave? Can you do the honorable thing and just go away?

      • @USA,
        I have the right to wish anyone including the Lions well, not to please you but because I am human enough to make that decision.
        We have your kind all over Africa, emotional, immature, chop, sleep, dance, hakuna matata but need Whiteman for everything because objectivity is lost when emotionl arise
        No wonder the Whiteman knows he is superior to your kind and you know it too.
        Congratulations to the lions, wishing them well in the final, I will say it one millions times you don’t like it die for all I care.
        Kamerun, Southern Cameroons, LRC or whatever you call it is the land of my ancestors before soccer came, it will remain so forever.
        We are not going anywhere, we want a fair, accountable, or separate system of government you may not agree with it but that’s your right just like I have mine.
        Bravo to the Lions!!!

        • “…Kamerun, Southern Cameroons, LRC or whatever you call it is the land of my ancestors before soccer came, it will remain so forever…”

          Oh ok, not too long ago you used south Soudan as the template in splitting Cameroon. Now, Kamerun (the K implies in its totality) is the land of your ancestors…

          Having realized your lunacy of ambaZOMBIA was going nowhere and Cameroon was still winning, it is now time for the rats to find their way back home, it is time to wish for crumbs to fall off the table.

          One day on one side the next day on the other side, sound like prostitution to me, which makes me wonder…

          Once again
          We don’t want your people
          We have never wanted you people
          We will never want you people
          Get the f*ck out!

  13. congrats.chuopo moting,mbia,Matip etc.thanks for not flying to Gabon with the lions.cameroon will not have reached the finals with all this big names.Leicester City proofs to the world that ,not only big names Play Football but the Determination.

    • Yep, thank God they did not join us. Deep within, they r now asking themselves serious questions n probably nodding their head in anger n disbelief. Either way, i like the new team spirit in this team. It is similar to that of the Germans in that there is no star. U fight for ur right to a starting sport.


    • Mbappe
      Lazy Douala man! You are still talking! Nobody hates you. We pity you! Go get back the land that you sold for pennies to the Bamilekes before you open your mouth. Miserable! No village, no plot, village now belongs to Bamilekes. Your family now rents a one room carabot from a Bamileke! Lazy man. How does Cameroon winning pay your rent in the carabot house?

      • Chai bro you finish off that impostor so bad. Just so you know he is not from Douala. The !diot is from the epicentre of embezzlement in Dja et Lobo division. Reason he will rather die than see you free his marauding behind from the French/Biya.

  15. La Republic Du Cameroun has won Again. Can all the Biafrans and Ambazonian share in the Joy too. After All Ambazonias money paying for it .

    • here we go, time for the rats to find a whole to come back in…

    • Is that all you could come up with ? I thought your brothers were going to boycott AFCON ,I guess they too don’t believe in your SCNC terrorist movement .

      • AfricansforDonaldTrump Canada

        Robert Ndip Tambe and Clinton Njie celebrated the Indomitable Lions victory with this song:

        “I was born a Cameroonian. I will live a Cameroonian and shall die a Cameroonian”.

        Wonderful song! I can’t stop singing

    • Korak.! Biafrans are from Nigeria. Can you compare Cameroon to Nigeria? There is no comparison. Your country Le Cameroun is the ugliest in Africa: No roads, no infrastructure! You want to use football to compare with other countries? You have to travel to know your le Cameroun is a village. Ignorant fool. Togolese, Ivorians and others come to your country and they laugh because it is so ugly. CHIEN!!

  16. I as a proud ambazonian whose country was stolen by political tactics during 1972 referandum, and when Criminal Paul Biya changed the 1961 constitution when it was clearly stated that, certain vital clause of that constitution can never be changed or replaced, and mindful of the fact that BIYA isliving on the blood of ambazonians,through brutal killings, we cannot join in this celebration of Lions, because from facts, Cameroon does not exist according to UN documents, Cameroon is thus a manipulated fictitious and illegal country

    • Go hang yourself as you will never have your so-called “southern Cameroon”

      • And you wonder why the French have bent you over like a bow as they keep marauding your behind? Keep worshiping your French creators while they keep you in perpetual misery. Genocidaire Ndzana Rutaganda.

  17. Bravo les lions! Fabrice Ondoua tu es bon..
    The second goal was hilarious! That lion was really hungry!
    This victory could have been more fun if the hole Cameroon was on board.

    • Go hang yourself as you will never have your so-called “southern Cameroon”

    • Sorry bikutsi it was not meant for you.

      • Hahahaha, Mbappe !

        You’re firing on anything that moves around. Even at Bikutsi.
        I am very sad though. I ordered 2 latest les Lions maillot that I was hoping to be delivered before our Ghana match. Unfortunately, no delivery service guy rang at my door.

        Anyway, I would definitely have them before the finals—that our famous German guy in my gym will surely go in for the latest les Lions maillot once he sees me blowing out my chest.

        Allez mi Lions…

      • Don’t worry mbappe, arms are coming, between this or next year we shall take back our country with GOD’S help.62% of all present Cameroon’s GDP comes from our land, secondly scientists in Europe, Australia and the USA are saying that Bakassi pennisular may be harboring the world’s greatest petrol and gas reserve in the world, more that Saudi Arabia and the goft states combined, that is why you see that the Americans are very active in Cameroon, and they have informed Biya about these findings, but it is being hidden to the anglophones.

        Well we are coming with arms, not as boko haram but as a full scale battle.

        • AfricansforDonaldTrump Canada

          You are one crazy hallucinating scnc dimwit.

          62% of Cameroon’s GDP? That scnc afofo will make you blind and eventually kill you.

          The North West and South West together do not contribute up to 10% of Cameroon’s GDP.

          Thanks to The government of the Republic of Cameroon Bakassi is now part of the Republic of Cameroon. The Republic of Cameroon must exploit and reap the full benefits from Bakassi.

          Where was Agbor Balla/Tassang Ivo/Mark Bara/Boh Herbert/Santos and their cohorts when Nigeria was trying to steal the rich Bakassi oil peninsular?

          You announce here that you are coming with arms and when your terrorist leader Agbor Balla is being interrogated for terrorism you say his human rights are being violated.
          Kondengui will teach them a lesson.

          Oh and Bobga Harmony like I predicted has flown to the United States and is telling this crazy asylum story how he trekked to Nigeria to escape. Total asylum BS! These guys are sacrificing the education of the children of the North West and South West just so that they can seek asylum in the US.

          Well, AfricansforDonaldTrump just got reliable info that Donald Trump has added ambazonia/west Cameroon to the terrorism list. Trump will be making an announcement this afternoon that all immigrant and non immigrant visas issued to ambazonians/west Cameroonians have been revoked immediately.

          The Cameroon gendarmes will be waiting to welcome you guys when you land at the ambazonia/west Cameroon international airport.

  18. With ETO’O it would have been better.

    • 5 minutes cover eye United States

      @Fan Etoo, you mean with Eto, we would have qualified for the finals without even playing the semi finals? lol

      Myth#1: Egypt has never lost whenever they got to the finals (7 times).
      Myth #2: Cameroon has always lost whenever they meet Egypt at the finals (1986 and 2008)

      Myth #3: With Trump as president, myth #1 and myth #2 do not hold this time around. lol

      • Hahaha Yes I agree. Italy too had never lost to Germany in a competitive game. Well, it turned around last year. I fully agree with myth #3.

  19. G-go ……
    H-home. ..
    N-now watch the
    A-African champions play the final ( dey papa dem) dey big boyzzz! aiiiiiiiiie jealousy people aiiiiiiiiie! !!

  20. Who is the king of the forest? THE LION. Where is the tournament being played? FOREST. Then the victory is well desersed.
    Prior to this trophy before we neutralise the talkatives AKA terrorists. As a fact, we did not not waste time stopping traitors for playing for their club. That‘s why kamerun has NEVER BEGGED those with other passports. JUST GO & LEAVE OUR “CURSED TRIANGLE“ As @ Pinguiss said “f*ck france, britain, SCNC, Popol, anglophones, francophones, biafrans“. A Kmer values better dog‘s excreta than the aforementioned. +237 for life.