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African Bar exhorts Nigeria to release Cameroon’s separatist leaders

Journal du Cameroun | The African Bar Association, Afba, has issued a 48-hour ultimatum to Nigerian authorities to release Cameroon’s separatist leaders who were reportedly arrested on Friday by Nigeria’s State Security Services.

In a letter addressed to the Nigerian Minister of Justice and signed by the association’s President Hannibal Uwaifo, Afba described the arrests as unlawful and a violation of human rights.

The whereabouts of the President of the ‘Federal Republic of Ambazonia ‘ alongside nine others who were arrested on Friday in a hotel Abuja are still unkown with speculation rife on their possible extradition to Cameroon.

But the African Bar Association says such a move will be a violation of international law and Nigerian local laws given the country does not have an extradition treaty with Cameroon.

The reaction from the African Bar Association comes days after Femi Falana, a Lagos-based human rights lawyer cautioned Nigeria’s President to refrain from using the country’s army to fight Cameroon’s separatist leaders.

“Their unquestionable and inalienable right to self-determination is protected by Article 20 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights which has been ratified by both Nigeria and Cameroon,” Falana said.

No official statement has been released by Nigerian or Cameroonian authorities since the arrest of Sissikou Julius Ayuk Tabe and co on Friday.

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  1. His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari may very well be presented the option of force deporting Seseku Julius Ayuk Tabe and his cabinet to face an uncertain fate. But the Nigerian president will also weigh what happened when his team drugged and tried to fly Umaru Dikko as diplomatic cargo from London to Nigeria.

  2. Buhari must stop abusing his office in aiding a fascist regime employing gestapo tactics. With Obasanjo past remarks and Goodluck already condemning the UN for the October 1 carnage in Ambazonia, PDP should seize the opportunity and boot the old malam out of office next year. Buhari you were elected and as such you owe a duty of justice to the Nigerian people unlike the senile autocratic next door bigot only interested in extending hi 35 years mandate.

    • @ .

      are you Nigeria I guess no so why are you speaking on behave of Nigeria government.

  3. The Biya struck an extradition deal by bribing a senior ranking officer of the DSS officer 500,000 USD who orchestrated this coup without the knowledge of the president or attorney general. Unfortunately for them, Milan Atam missed his flight and arrived late to find out and blow the whistle. Now Shane no go leave them explain themselves. How far will Biya go to corrupt people with his wickedness instead of using such money to initiate an honest dialogue?

    • @ ambablood

      you have nothing to said. mean to you biya corrupt Nigeria government woooo, please

  4. Where will all this, lead Mr. Biya? He has surely forgotten, that he owes an explanation of his
    stewardship to the Cameroonian, rather than to the few around him or his fellow CPDM.
    Sissikou and co, have a followership, family etc. Isn`t it logical, for the Nigerian authorities to
    put them even on bail, and let their peoples have contact with them?
    Where has the good heartedness of mankind gone to?
    The struggle continues.

  5. Who, is this what Southern Cameroons gets from its future neighbor? What would happen to Bakassi when Nigeria has to cooperate with SC to tap the hug reserves of oil and other minerals around our common border? Nigeria should ensure that Buhari” the shoshoman” is not elected again to office. Let Nigerians in Southern Cameroons be aware of what this shosho man is doing. Just back from Calabar and the mood there is not good for the Federal Government of Nigeria

    • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

      2019 is somewhere around the corner @ Brandino.

      Buhuri’s fate is still hanging on hopes, either or not he will contest the 2019 general election we don’t know, but surely, misfortune awaits him should he contest in 2019, because his sudden silence on the pogrom and extrajudicial killing by his tribesmen the Fulani under the umbrella of the Miyette Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (Macban), and his poor economic track record in the past and present couple with his perceived one sided fight against corruption will work against him. Benue State and Taraba State are under siege and constant attacks, the recent attack left several dead bodies waiting to be bury in mass graves and the president is silent about it. It took days, after several condemnation by Nigerians on what they

      • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

        Perceived as genocide perpetrated by the President and his tribesmen in Nigeria and neighboring countries over pastural land, since his refusal to speak or address the issues. It was after the condemnation that the president orders the inspector general of police to relocate to Benue State temporarily until peace return to the restive state.
        Buhari has failed in so many areas, but Nigerians will always remember him for the untold hardship they went through under his rule.

  6. Brown Sugar (Abuja)

    And back to the article,

    I think with more pressure mounting on the federal government of Nigeria, by human right groups and lawyers who are beginning to show interest in the Ambazonia struggles for self-determination, with event as it’s unfolding in Nigeria, they will be release, if due process is followed by the Nigerian government, in their part to abide by both international and national laws, since Nigeria has no extradition treaty with her next door neighbors. But, my fears is with the president himself who will ignorantly see this as an achievement and a kind gesture to Biya for his assistance in the multinational joints task force fighting BH.
    The continue silence over the whereabouts of these men is worrisome to many. If at all, they have been extradited to Cameroon,

    • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

      then Nigeria has breached some of her treaties with the SC people. But until then, let’s just see the silence as an act of investigation and interrogation by men of the DSS, even though their rights has been violated already.

      • Sorry Brown sugar mama. Those terrorists are already in Cameroon and are being given what we call in Cameroon hot coffee every morning and evening to reveal information about the terrorist organization. I can only imagine what they are going through in Kondengui. For your information this group of terrorists are not recognized by the majority of us Anglophone Cameroonians. They hijacked our protest. Instead of attacking the Biya regime, they have instead burnt down our schools and infrastructures and deprived our kids from going to school while theirs are going to school peacefully in the U.S.

    • @Brown Sugar (Abuja)

      you have nothing to said interesting, ” you think with more pressure mounting on the federal government of Nigeria by who ” ambasonia hahahahahhaa .

      where the usA , EU, Africa union or commonwealth

      • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

        @ Bamendaboy, it’s just a matter of time, more pressure groups will surface to demands for their release.

  7. @Brown Sugar (Abuja)

    who are those people who demand for their release, i guess you

  8. @Brown Sugar (Abuja)

    in 1961 ambasonia didn’t exist, who cares about African Bar exhorts Nigeria ” Nigeria are the most corrupt nation in the world “

  9. They shall be released

  10. @bamendayBoy U are very naive.In 1952,Eritrea did’nt exist.SC did not come to Foumban to give their territory to LRC,thats why they went for a federation of two states of equal status.If u cannot respect that,to the extent of u renaming the entire country,LRC.Then u must brace up for the heat.Whether Ambasonia existed in 1961 or not,that is not suppose to be LRC’s business.They should eave that for the UN to judge.Thats why we want UN to be present,during the talks.Why is LRC denying nor?