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Air Transport: Bamenda Airport Set For Camair-Co

Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique and Camair-Co GM Ernest Dikoum have appreciated the state of preparedness ahead of July 20, 2017 inaugural flight.

From the look of things, the Bamenda airport is virtually set to receive Camair-Co’s inaugural flight on July 20, 2017. The Director of the Airport’s management Cooporation (ADC), Angu Anyangwe Richard and the civil aviation team leader, Mukete Simon told the visiting Governor of the North West Region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique and the General Manager of Camair-Co, Ernest Dikoum on July 12, 2017 that the Control Tower is good for use and waiting for Camair-Co. They sounded off about the airport’s Firefighting Brigade with good and enough equipment.

Away at the metrological facility, Tamfu Julius introduced a new automatic weather station to ensure all round weather conditions to help things during landing and takeoff of flights. The runway featured some cracks and grass whose impact was minimized by the airport authorities who however, said repairs are on course to help matters. Authorities of the CDE Water Corporation committed to make water available as required while a standby generator is available to handle eventual blackouts. Security issues was the subject of an in-camera session with the Governor, the General Manager and concerned security hierarchy.

Impressed with the state of preparedness, Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique wished the dream of seeing Camair-Co planes in the skies of Bamenda to come true. He stated the commitment of the administration and security forces to accompany Camair-Co’s venture to give business a fresh push in the North West Region with flights that come to help matters for business people.

The General Manager of Camair-Co, Ernest Dikoum saluted fantastic conditions to help fly Camair-Co planes in Bamenda. He said it is the objective of the company to value investments to fly the home front by making air travel the easiest, most practicable and an inspiration for mobility and togetherness of Cameroonians.

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  1. I thought this was a military base? Has it been moved to another location or will it share the same premises with the much-hyped Airport blah blah blah….

  2. Death trap Bros
    Do not risk your life.
    Why only now?

    • @temsah; there is time for everything. Did you also ask yourself why anglophones decided to strike seriously this time arround? You will certainly not take a flight from Batibo to Bali or with 10,000 cfa. It is for those who need it and not for everybody. It will also create Jobs to a few prople that will also take care of families. I embrace the idea provided it will serve the needs of those who need it. Do you have an alternavtive? Then make it available or stop them.

  3. Good news. I will surely use it.

  4. To late Hewitt.His Excellency AyukTabe Julius,president of Southern Camerooon just spoke on Southern Cameroon’s states television this morning on SCBC-TV. Il a condamné ce geste avec sa dernière énergie

    HE Paul Biya of LRC and HE Sessekou Ayuk Tabe Julius of SC.Very nice.Sounds like Ahmadou Ahidjo and John Ngu Foncha before reunification..
    LRC bye bye…….

    • Nothing good ever comes from Yaounde

      LRC is wasting her time. They should keep paying colonial tax to France and leave school alone. Why change their colonial military base now? It’s risk filled to travel by a doomed to fail camair co. Ambazonia shun the yde corrupted regime

    • It’s already over, it’s interesting to see how they are reacting. While Southern Cameroon is occupied making strategic planning and decisions they are stucked in thier old and outdated tactics .

  5. ALWAYS INCOMPLETE AS USUAL: The runway featured some cracks and grass whose impact was minimized…repairs are on course to help matters….committed to make water available….a standby generator to handle eventual blackouts. Who na seeious so! A typical preparedness of a gov operating in illusion. Cmr gov garri don tight u for hand and the soup will never arrive.

  6. While this is a non-event in Southern Cameroon’s state television,SCBC, LRC’s state television CRTV,will sing this song for days.And its sickening to learn that it was Yesterday that Biya signed promulgated the law to put common law bench at the supreme court.What a curney tactics by LRC as usual.Common law lawyers and Anglophone teachers have endorsed HE Ayuk Tabe Julius to govern Southern Cameroon,not Biya.Please,Biya use your colonial mentality to govern @Ras Tuge,not @AG…..abui …ngan



  8. There is a precedence here. Develpoment, can come only when blood is shed,
    people arrested, raped, schools closed, church men dragged to court etc, etc etc.
    This kind of nonsense, happens only where the people exibit stupidity – can not
    vote out a gov`t.
    If it is true that we have an anglosaxon culture { wondering what that means},
    and that it is supposed to be people oriented, then STATEHOOD, is the answer,
    no matter when.

  9. Our Amba boys will hijack those old Russian Aeroflot piece of metals and park them behind the fon’s palace in mile 4! They have found another way to finish our people nonesense

  10. Would have clapped if the inaugural flight was from Lagos
    Airport was built some 33 years ago and getting inaugural flight now. with GRASS on the runway . The she francophones will NEVER change. Go back to your useless country . Idiots

    • @T . Thomas
      That is what caught my attention when I saw the first images. Grass on the runway my brother!!! I asked myself these questions. Was this planned or it was just an impromtu action and further improvisation which we are so much used to from the goverment?? Should there not have been proper preparation and renovation before putting the airport to use?? Always the same issues, the same methods and manners.!!

  11. The incompetency of Biya have forced the civil society in SC to go into politics.Common law lawyers and teachers in SC have been uplarged to go into politics becos even their parliamentarians are of no use,especially the ones from CPDM,who are representing their national chairman for their personal gains.Teachers now buys the idea of restoration of SC statehood, and have given their endorsement to HE.Ayuk Tabe Julius who will give them a permanent solution to their worries.Not the rubber stamp Assembly in LRC that,even petrol revenues has never been discussed.What a rubber stamp assembly.

  12. President Julius will build and internationalise that airport .. Bamenda – London , Bamenda – Lagos Bamenda – Johannesburg . No to that symbolic airstrip .

  13. Only Anglo pilots should fit to Bamenda . I will not trust a frog . They may attempt a 9/11 attack on Bamenda and parachute themselves out b4 crash

  14. @T . Thomas
    ”They may attempt a 9/11 attack on Bamenda”
    Ha ha ha ..u are right,we cannot trust LRC..

  15. u can fool the people some time but you cant fool the people all the time..
    Gone are the days people will go and dance for such Scrap..
    The people of the NWP are now awake and cant be fooled that easily..

  16. Mr President

    We are asking for roads. They are giving airport transport. That is wrong at moment. We need roads

  17. I go better use bir their boat them, they fit see my die body later on than for use this death trap airline, weh plane fit scatter they no see nothing even my wallet sef.