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Alaska: Agbor Mangieb Abel, newly hired as Assistant Finance Director discharged

Coastal Television | | Anchorage, AK – Bethel just let go of their freshly hired Assistant Finance Director Abel Mangieb, after a mere two weeks of work, as reported by KYUK.

The city of Bethel discharged the former Assistant Finance Director on March 2nd, after being hired on February 19th, 2018.

Bethel Human Resources Manager Keith Henthorn commented of the termination:

“There were some things that were brought to our attention that caused us some concern…A further investigation led us to [err on] the side of caution and he was escorted out of the building.”

According to reports, Abel Mangieb was not arrested or charged by the Bethel Police Department, while the Assistant Finance Director opening is posted back on the city’s website.

Epervier: convoqué au TCS, un ex-employé du port de Douala perd son emploi aux USA

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  1. Those seeking employment out here, must have in mind the fact that diplomas alone do not matter. Background checks are part of the deal!

    • Incidentally Alaska has something different from the rest of the States – fingerprinting in order to ferret out those who commit crimes elsewhere in the US and come to take cover here. Remember that!!!!!

      • @john Dinga

        You lives in the USA too ; don’t worry President trump will deport your black ass , I understand why you are always talking nonsense here .
        I hope you re not doing home aide, nurse , teacher or use the republic name to get your paper there lol with your fake stories

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    • One call to the Ireland Foreign/Home office and details of your IP address will disclose the vile, xenophobic and genocidal hate comments you @Pharoan leave on this site and that will be a revocation of your Irish asylum. You think you are an exception?

  3. I heard that ”Anglo saxon ” culture has nothing to do with theft or embezzlement. oh I forgot that this one have learnt it due to having lived with the ”francophones” who have in their DNA. The Nigerian embezzlers are being contaminated due to their nearness to francophone countries. I just wonder what will justify Ambazombian embezzlers like Sisipusy? May be before calling one embezzler, he must be kept where there is money flow and see what he’ll do because it’s a system & one’s minset that enable people to embezzle not where they are from. ARE KAMERUNIANS DIFFERENT FROM NIGERIANS IN TERM OF EMBEZZLERMENT? THE QUESTION IS FOR OUR OPPORTUNISTS WHO ALWAYS PUT EVERYTHING IN FOR OF ANGLO/FRANCO SYSTEM. Is France having 65 ministers like Kamerun? NO. Is Kamerun appointing senators like England? YES. Who does this favour if we turn our back from the real problem. AFRICANS CONTRIBUTED A LOT DURING SLAVERY BUT THEY COMPLAINED THAT THEY WERE DUPED MEANWHILE THEY ARE DOING THE SAME TJING NOW ( SEEKING FAVOUR & RECOGNITION FROM THE WEST). Sad indeed.

    • Yet Essimi Menye wanted at the TCS for snorting coicane and pilfering public money is still employed by the world bank and covered through French crookery. That’s something your wondering mind should ponder about.

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    • Yves Michel Fotso was pretending to be a monk. Essimi Menye pretended to be bed ridden. Mendo Ze the sanctimonious colossus pretended to be holier than the pope. Marafa wrote letters pretending to be as pious as Mohammad. We can go on and on! Look, this attempt to even up things is a waste of time! Accept that the stealing leprosy is killing you and get help!

  7. Where is firefighter mr big opportunist

    • I’m here piggy bank! What has changed? So if 90% of francophones have the thieving epidemic, you would compare it to 10% of Anglophones? The simple reason that you are rushing to even up things tells a lot.

      • The idiot Mangieb Agbor ran to hide in Alaska thinking he was safer there than bamenda the stupid De pimento aka FF is now justifying the hypocrisy of Anglophones by telling us their number is lower than the one of francophones thieves forgetting Francophones literacy rate is the highest in the country there is no difference between the two communities a thief is a thief.

  8. When a government is corrupt everyone who works for the government has to engage in corrupt practices to maintain their employment, if you don’t partake in the corruption they fabricate a corruption charge against you.
    Can anyone say they got admitted into ENAM without engaging in some corrupt unethical practices?
    Can anyone become a custom officer without engaging in corrupt and unethical practices
    Can Atanga Nji become minister without joining the Mafia?
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    Can Tchiroma become minister without joint the Mafia?
    Can anyone say CPDM is not a Mafia wing of the corrupt government?
    Anyone who accepts political appointments from a corrupt government should always remember that quitting the Mafia is impossible because they must get You

    • @Lum. Fo you justify the reason why sisipusy Tambe ( your illusional president) jad to isteal while working for AES SONEL while it was not a government appointment but he stole what was available for him.
      @. The Essimi Menye case is something else. Your brain is so small that you cannot realize that we’re at war. The man was a former World Bank worker & you know what is called LOBBYING. ONE DAY WE’LL KNOW HOW HE WAS RECOMMENDED TO OUR GOVERNMENT & FOR WHAT PURPOSE? GORBACHEV WAS A FORMER RUSSIAN PRESIDENT WHOWORKED FOR FBI TO DESTROY USSR. THE RUSSIAN HZVE LEARNT THAT’S WHY THEY DON’T EXPECT ANY OUTSIDER TO DICTATE HIS VIEWS OVER RUSSIAN MATTERS meanwhile Africans still expect the Aryans to be a reference in their misunderstanding forgetting what happened during SLAVERY. VERY PATHETIC.

      • Mbamois,
        Anybody who embezzled should be exposed, this applies to sisiku. The courts should do their job. You know where there’s a problem? Allowing Essimi Menye to run away. If you don’t want anyone to dictate things about Mr. Essimi, because he worked for the World bank, another may also opt to spare Mr. Ayuk because he worked for an American university. This clearly shows you want to let go of thieves for flimsy excuses. You’re confused about slavery. The people who took ships, crossed oceans to come and trade in human beings in Africa knew exactly what they were hunting for. The primitive desire to buy and sell human beings did not start with the Africans they met on the ground. Get your facts right! You hate things foreign, but you were recommending the bilingual commission!

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  10. @lum

    Excuse me Mrs opportunist “now is the government who is corrupt everyone “ is not more Beti ,ewondo or fand people hahahahaha .

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  11. Another Fellow Cameroonian Falls Short of His American Dreams! I Believe there is a Direct Correlation Between Peoples Morales and General Acceptable Norms of The Society in Which they were Raised (Formation Years) . As long as Cameroon is ruled by The corrupt Dinosaur Aged Oligarchy Class of people , then Cameroonians will fall short of achieving their Highest potential! Prove me Wrong!

  12. As he is part of the long list made public this April 04 of those who are banned from leaving the national territory, we remember that the former administrative and financial director of the autonomous port of Douala and his former boss Dayas Mounoume had took the power of speed in 2015.
    At the time they had been summoned by the Special Criminal Court and sentenced by default to heavy prison terms. It seems that he has since settled in the United States in the very remote state of Alaska trying to be forgotten.
    A crime never being perfect, he managed in recent days to be hired by the city of Bethel as Deputy Director of Finance … a shame for that. According to the story of a local newspaper, two weeks after his hiring, the town hall fired him.