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Ambazonia leaders arrest gives Anglophone crisis new direction, Barrister Bobga accedes interim Presidency

Journal du Cameroun | The arrest of the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia has given the Anglophone Crisis a new kink.

Harmony Bobga
Following the arrest of Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe and nine others at Nera Hotel, Ekwueme Road, Abuja Nigeria on Friday, January 5, 2017, Milton Taka, the Ambazonia Interim Government Undersecretary for Communication on Tuesday, January 9, announced that the erstwhile President of the North West Lawyers Association (NOWELA), Barrister Harmony Bobga, who fled the country in the wake of the Anglophone Crisis has taken over command as the Interim President of the Ambazonian Government.

The choice of Barrister Harmony Bobga, according to the Undersecretary for Communication should not be a suppress many, given that the learned Barrister has a reputable track record in leadership following his indefatigable contribution in the fight against the deliberate annihilation and erosion of the Common Law System in Cameroon.

The other front runners in the Anglophone struggle were unanimous that the verve with which Barrister Bobga led NOWELA and by extension the Common Law Lawyers’ strike in Bamenda in October 2016,will be the same vim which he be used by the daring lawyer to pilot the affairs of the Interim Government alongside two others.

Milton Taka exhorted all West Cameroonians around the globe to give the new Interim President the necessary support to enable him fight for the liberation of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, Dr. Nfor Ngala Nfor, Dr. Fidelis Nde Che, Dr. Henry Kimeng, Prof. Awasum, Dr. Cornelius Kwanga, Tassang Wilfred, Barrister Eyambe Elias, Dr. Ojong Okongho and Barrister Nalowa Bih from their captors.

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  1. Barrister Bobda can be a game changer in this crisis. I only hope he is going to try and consult Barrister Ba-lla moving forward.

    Although I don’t know him well, however, I have followed many of his interviews on TV and I see him like somebody who’ll act with his brain rather than with emotions.

    @Ras Tuge, I know you’ll say he ran away when the heat was on but let’s first of all check him out one more time…

    • —Bobga—

      • Zam-Zam,

        It sure is an indefatigable sect with clueless followers; and impostor leaders that are opportunistic adventurers with no sense of direction. Once you understand this dynamics, you set up a system; a dragnet and simple collect them with minimal effort.

        O yea, my position about this devious warlock hasn’t changed. I am elated however that you remember I-Man put that crown on the castle of this sly CHIEF of the FIFTH COLUMN. I read people very quickly… Strictly entre nous, this fugitive is the most hazardous replacement for the illusionist impostor. The con artist is hungry; he has no job, no pension, no property, no future… and he has HEARD that there’s money to be made within the rangs of the doomed and runaway cabinet. I-Man is not always right but I am never wrong. Seen?

        • Ras Impostor Tuge,

          I thought in the new year you might turn a new civil leaf? It runs in the blood don’t it? A man of no shame, the sissy that disappears with every triumphant progress of Ambazonia only to pop up when bribery temporarily stalls our resolve. Btw, it’s “rank” and not ‘rangs’! What happened to the “so many tools st the disposal of the state” including the International Arrest Warrants, a fiction of your imagination? Just like your mentor/idol at Etoudi, the humanitarian crisis lurking among the refugees in Cross River means nothing to you but consolidation of power. We will resist all your evil till the last man for we are ready for the long haul. Breed of heartless French slaves and African deviants.

        • Hey little dwarf, did you miss me? Why must you be waiting for my comments? I got lots of things to take care of… and I was enjoying myself at home! I comment whenever I find it necessary, little midget!

          Yea, you are right, it is ranks; and there’s another one up there that you missed: ‘Simply and not simple’. You are so tiny, you could see it!

          I wonder though what the dwarf refers to as ‘A FICTION OF YOUR IMAGINATION’?

          Yea, the deviant mutants will resist to the last man… and you are ready for the long haul; as the mantra of indefatigable sects goes. Absurdly though, you are still hiding in cyberspace even when your termite soldiers have been flattened, and your much cherished impostor leaders collected in a basket. You resist on the field, and not on the internet, little midget!

        • Miss you Rat Impostor Tuge? I’m not a Batty man you this muddfvcker! Keep acting Sheriff John Brown, you’ll take a bullet straight through your big bald head skull with fake gray rare dreads. What do you mean when you say you are not right but never wrong? Huh? In other words you are saying nothing but fiction no be so tribal coon? Go back to your old white wrinkled granny and continue foraging. Amba army will eventually catch up with your fake dread. Idiot.

    • Ho Ho Ho, merry freedom fighting!

  2. French slaves spend precious time calling our leaders names. They were in a hurry and piled on President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, calling him conman. But we now know on whose faces egg has exploded. We now know those who coughed up 500,000 USD and unleashed thugs to go buy the abduction of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and his team. Those French slaves who still had doubts about the resolve of 8 million Ambazonians , ought to think twice! Un Sisiku Ayuk Tabe peut en cacher un autre!

    • Hear this one suffering from advanced amnesia!

      You’re always looking for a scapegoat to accuse, I pity you.

      How did our secret service know that soldiers were about to be ambushed in Manyu, when they launched that early morning offensive in Manyu? How were they aware of the mov’ts of those kidnapped in that hotel, or about training camps in N. NGR?

      FYI, the person leaking out those info is in the group of those kidnapped. It might even be Sisi himself—he even looks like a typical money eye man.

      When some visionaries use their flash lights to flash the path to follow you immediately order for their houses to burnt down. And the results are right there in front of you.

      I thought it was Akere who sold them out?…

    • @Firefighter
      You will be saving a lot of energy, endocrine function and peace of mind by selecting your interlocutors very carefully. Whether you believe it or not, it drains you emotionally to be pouring water on a duck’s back. It really does!

      A simple guide to choosing who to debate with consists in taking a close look at how they pay attention to details. When Ayaba is consistently rendered as “Ayamba”, Grassfield becomes “Ngraffi”, Ambazonia becomes “Ambosthesnie” or some unpronounceable version under the pen of your interlocutor, that should raise the red flag right away. Once the elements of a discussion are not mastered, the facts are doomed to be muddied as well.

      • Hahaha, wise one! You hit the nail on the head! One even rushed in the other day , telling me I was now for a two state federation, though there was no mention of it any where! The gruesome legacy of French education and culture!

        • Africans For Donald Trump


          Your wise one is an example of an unsuccesful person in the United States of America.
          John Dinga is an example of a failure in the United States, however he is your wise one. You must be a very wretched person anywhere you are in this world. Anyone who thinks like you and John Dinga must be a wretched person like the old failure John Dinga.

          John Dinga is an example not to follow unless your goal is to fail! Cameroonians in Chicago tell their children to be ambitious and work hard else they will end up like John Dinga.

        • Kikikiki FF,

          you indeed have a good taste for mentors—no wonder you’re so in-love with Sisi. I’ll definitely queue behind Ni Bah, at all times, were he to be placed in front alongside all your mentors, and I must choose one.

          Those eggs are going to hatch in your entrails ! Who has offered you a 2 state federation? Be there and be counting your chicken while enjoying your self-consolation.

          You’re going to divide Guangdong, not CMR…

        • USA Africa and Zam Zam,
          500,000 USA is a lot of money! Add a bonus of 150,000USA to it and when you come up empty handed, then all that is left is to take out your anger on John Dinga and FF. Btw, you have free oil in Ambazonia, so you wil dump it on the market and get back your money. Sisiku Ayuk Tabe was supposed to be at SED now caressing Marafat’s beard, it’s easy to see why you guys are mad! Your role models are those who buy toy stadia from Italians, use 75 billion to buy notebook computers from abroad, take away places from the poor at Enam to force in the president’s children. How are the negotiations going in Nigeria with “terrorists”? Have you got back your 500,000 USD from Nigerian 419? Loud sounding French slaves!

  3. @Zam-Zam Don’t even think about it.Barrister Bobga made it clear when lawyers were comtemplating on resuming duty.Barrister Bobga told them that,lawyers held a meeting in January 2017,and a SC Bar association was created during that meetind.Agbor Balla was part of that meeting.Barrister Agbor Balla told them that SCnians are out of Cameroon.He reiterated it while in the US.Just know that,the Ambasonian Interim Gov’t is not a one man’s show like the LRC gov’t.Our gov’t is a strong institution.If Bobga starts talking a different story,he will be dismissed out of the gov’t to join Agbor Balla,and some other person will replace him.The struggle is bigger than any individual.

    • @Kongosa,

      abeg forget abt da ya discussion, quick-quick. Bobga know book, and yi be na man of law. Man of law no fit act like some tief pipol dem, weh dem tief money b4 dem run comot CMR.

      All dis wuna tok na just emotions, Koboh wuna no get, so-so big mop. Gee 100million for all da wuna dokita dem, dem go sell wuna all over nite. All da pride seh Anglo dem no corrupt di mek Popol laugh soteh bloke yi banja. Na daso the same pipol wey dem di fool-fool wuna go sell wuna all…

  4. Maitre Bobga – Biodata

    1. He is a renowned human right lawyer and President of the NW Bar Association
    2. He was the author of the memorandum that gave Biya 6 months to resolve the lawyers problems or else…
    3. He was one of the founding fathers of the Consortium
    4. He was placed on position #1 of LRC list of MVP ( Most Valuable Prisoner). However, he escaped through Donga-Mantung to Nigeria and finally to the US.
    5. He is a hardliner and very allergic to the word DECENTRALISATION
    6. He was awarded a Dr. h.c. by his peers because of his immense contributions in unmasking the dirty tricks of LRC

    LRC is hereby warned not to bribe Donald John Trump to arrest President Bobga. The next leader to succeed him might be a SUPER EXTREMIST aka WARLORD, such as Dr. Ayaba or Dr. Akwanga.

  5. When African Americans complain about police brutality it is because it is endemic.
    When blacks an Arabs complain about discrimination in France it is because it is systemic
    When Anglophones complain about marginalization and forced francophonization in Cameroon it is because it is endemic and systemic.
    The government cannot militarize, brutalize, terrorize, kill, extort, violate, blackmail, arrest, harass, intimidate, suppress Anglophones as a solution to the problem.
    Sisiku Ayuk Tabe represents the dreams of 6 to 8 million Anglophones. You can not kill the dreams of all of us with military power.
    Yaoundé can choose to find a true political solution to the problem or continue with Hutu/Nazi propaganda and killings.
    The dream never dies, everyone is a leader.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      You are either delusional or a big liar!
      Sicksiku ayuk tabe does not represent the dreams of up to 500,000 people from the North West and South West of Cameroon and that is being very generous. Where do you get the numbers from? The majority of people from the North West and Southwest do not support Sickseku ayuk tabe!
      Your ambazombie movement is based on delusion and false thoughts and will never achieve anything!
      The unknown gunmen who abducted sickseku and his band of coward terrorist conmen are preparing to abduct other naive/stupid ambazombie leaders including Bobga the wimp.

      The South West chiefs told the Common Wealth scribe 3 weeks ago thatthey do not support Sickseku and they do not support ambazombies!

      • Africans For Donald Trump

        Ambazombies failing, failing, failing
        Ambazombies failing due to their naivety
        Ambazombies failing due to their stupidity
        Ambazombie failing, failing failing
        Ambazombies failing and calling it success
        Sickseku tabe has fallen to terrorise no more
        Sickseku tabe abducted in Nigeria
        Sickseku tabe is crying crying crying
        Sickseku tabe is crying in abduction
        Sickseku tabe has been abducted in Nigeria
        Sickseku tabe abducted abducted abducted sickseku abducted with his dumb cohorts
        Can you see me dancing , dancing dancing
        Can you see me rejoicing that sickseku tabe has been abducted.

        Ambazombie Success:
        -Abolishement of education for the poor
        -Alfred Dasi & Fomuki in jail.
        -Burnt down schools and markets
        -Amputated arms of young girls
        -16 police/gendarmes killed
        – Abduction of ayuk tabe and co

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          6 days after Chris Anu (Ambazombies Thciroma) announced that sickseku and his cohorts had been abducted in Abuja, there is no evidence that he was arrested by the Nigerian government.

          Could it be that these guys have pulled an exit scam?
          Is it possible that they have disappeared with the funds donated by their mugu/dumb/naive ambazombie followers?
          Is there any evidence that these terrorist conmen were abducted by unkown gunmen?

          I hope they were truly abducted by unknown gunmen but I will not be surprised if this turns out to be a carefully plotted exit scam pulled by sickseku the coward terrorist conman!

      • Africans for Donald Trump, Fortunately for us, the South West Chiefs are not a representative sample of Ambazonians and speak for themselves. Upon leaving Cameroun the Common Wealth Scribe advised the Biya government that its strategy of conditional dialogue with Ambazonia is doomed but because that does not suite your narrative, selective amnesia has kicked in for our benefit.

        My point is, the position of the SW Chiefs as communicated to Scotland was dismissed for what its worth, and repeating it on this forum is pointless.

        Instead of speculating on what the people of Ambazonia want, a competent government will proceed with a referendum to determine path forward but I doubt that is an option for you or the Biya because self determination is a foreign concept in dictatorships.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          If the South West Chiefs are not a representative sample of people from the South West, Who is your representative sample that speaks on behalf of the people of the South West?

          Do not forget that we have elected municipal and parliamentary representatives in the South West.

          If you want a referendum you have to join the political process. No one is going to dialogue with a bunch of terrorists who do not have the mandate to negotiate or dialogue on behalf of the people. The Common Wealth did not recommend dialogue with terrorists who do not have the mandate of the people.

          The government is not speculating. The majority of the people of the South West and Manyu in particularly continue to support the CPDM and the government is having dialogue with the true leaders of the SW/NW!

        • Africans for Donald Trump, I am afraid your position is tantamount to shifting sand. You stated that If you want a referendum you have to join the political process. No one is going to dialogue with a bunch of terrorists who do not have the mandate to negotiate or dialogue on behalf of the people.”

          My question to you then is: Who is Biya proposing dialogue with on this matter if the IG is “a bunch of terrorists”?

          Secondly, on what basis did you determine that the “majority of the people of the South West and Manyu in particularly continue to support the CPDM”?

          Thirdly, your position as stated above is not consistent with that of LRC. Biya is open to dialogue and although he has stated some conditions joining ” the political process” is not one of them.

          What are you talking about?

      • Why not resolve this issue by resolution for a referendum to be conducted through the good offices of the UN with questions to ascertain how many anglophones from NW and SW Cameroon would like to remain in union with LRC, how many would like a true federation (of respected equals) and how many would like complete independence?

        Would not that be the civilized approach my dear Africans for Donald Trump?

        • @ mboko

          which referendum are you talking about with your 1961, you need to stop confused people.

          in 1961 ambasonia wasn’t there, some people need stop with that mess.

          if it is the case northern Cameroon who join nigeria should run for independent

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          My dear Mboko,
          A civilized approach is to form a political party and follow the political process! The only way to demonstrate that you have the mandate to talk or negotiate on behalf of the people is by forming a party and getting the masses to vote for you. Once you have the mandate of the people you can call for a referendum. Until then you are just a bunch of noisemakers/terrorists.

          My Dear Mboko, Do you think the civilised way is to:
          – abolish education for the poor
          -amputate the arms of young girls who want to go to school
          -get kids to go to the streets and declare independence and host a foreign flag
          -burn down schools and businesses
          -kill gendarmes and police men
          -form ambazombie military
          – threaten to kill anyone who does not agree with your ideas and label them a Biya supporter

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          My Dear Mboko,
          have you ever heard of the Bloc Quebecois? That is a civilised example for you to follow: Read the excerpt below from Wikipedia.

          The Bloc Québécois (BQ) (French pronunciation: ?[bl?k kebekwa]) is a federal political party in Canada devoted to Quebec nationalism and the promotion of Quebec sovereignty. The Bloc was formed by Members of Parliament who defected from the federal Progressive Conservative Party and Liberal Party during the collapse of the Meech Lake Accord. Founder Lucien Bouchard was a cabinet minister in the federal Progressive Conservative government of Brian Mulroney.

          The party seeks to create the conditions necessary for the political secession of Quebec from Canada and campaigns actively only within the province during federal elections. …

        • Bamen Day Boy, is not that supposed to read Bamenda Boy? Well, you certainly are an impostor for if that was not the case, you would’ve understood my comment with reference to referendum.

          Unfortunately, your line of inquiry in your response does merit further attention from me.

          Sorry 🙁

        • Africans for Donald Trump, citing political realities from Canada demonstrates a lack of imagination and failure to understand the political realities in Cameroun.

          Is it possible in Canada for the PM to unilaterally change the constitution?

          Does the PM of Canada have authority over the judiciary as is the case with Biya?

          My point here is those mechanisms are transparent in Canada and if only they were in Cameroun, the requisite action would have been taken.

          However, Cameroun is a lawless state where Biya is the law so alternative measures are required. You go to battle with the appropriate tools to fight for your cause and that is what we Ambazonian warriors are doing.

          Keep dreaming of institutions that operate like the Canadian system, LRC is a dictatorship if you’ve forgotten.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          My Dear Mboko,

          So you think the ambazombie strategy below demonstrates how imaginative you ambazombies are and your knowledge and understanding of the political realities in Cameroon?

          The ambazombie strategy to achieve independence:
          -abolish education for the poor
          -amputate the arms of young girls who want to go to school
          -get kids to go to the streets and declare independence and host a foreign flag
          -burn down schools and businesses
          -kill gendarmes and police men
          -form ambazombie military
          – threaten to kill anyone who does not agree with your ideas and label them a Biya supporter

          By the way anyone who thought Nigeria is a safe haven for sickseku and his band of coward terrorist conmen is dumb, stupid and naive.

          The government’s response to the ambazombies is totally appropriate!

        • Africans for Donald Trump, when the bright and smartest people in society resort to hauling insults online the “dumb, stupid, and naive” take on the responsibility of leadership. Case in point you – for all your self proclaimed superiority and clairvoyanc, you have not done anything practical in furtherance of a better Cameroun.

          Secondly, it take a special type of “African” to pronounce support for Donald Trump, a man who regards you as a monkey and your Cameroun as a shithole. Yet, here you are defending that shithole as the best it can be. Wow, and you want to tell me what I think?


        • Africans for Donald Trump, when the bright and smartest people in society resort to hauling insults online the “dumb, stupid, and naive” take on the responsibility of leadership. Case in point you – for all your self proclaimed superiority and clairvoyanc, you have not done anything practical in furtherance of a better Cameroun besides praising Biya as a good ruler.

          Secondly, it takes a special type of “African” to pronounce support for Donald Trump, a man who regards you as a monkey and your Cameroun as a poop hole. Yet, here you are defending that poop hole as the best it can be. Wow, and you want to tell me what I think?

          Pathetic, speak for yourself brainiac.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          My Dear Mboko,

          My objective here is not to highlight my personal accomplishments or to highlight my personal contribution towards a better Cameroon.
          My objective is to expose the naivety and stupidity of the ambazombie leaders and followers. When I say the ambazombies are dumb, naive and stupid , I mean exactly that. If you interpret that to be an insult then that is your issue not mine.
          When you state that ” I am defending that poop hole as the best it can be” it is evidence to me that you are debating with your false thoughts and imagination and not me; as I have never said Cameroon is the best it can ever be.
          You must have a reading and comprehension problem to claim that “I want to tell you what you think”. Where do you get that from?
          BTW I am proud to be special!

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          My Dear Mboko,

          I have never said that Biya is a good ruler! Where do you get that from?

          I maintain that the government’s response to the ambazombie terrorists is the appropriate response. Smoke them out of their holes and annihilate them!

          Anyone who thinks that – abolishing education in the NW/SW, amputating the arms of young girls, burning down schools and businesses in the NW/SW, threatening to kill people of the NW/SW who do not agree with ambazombie objectives, killing gendarmes/police officers and labeling anyone who does not agree with ambazombie goals a Biya supporter; is the path to secession or a better life for the people of the NW/SW of Cameroon is a dumb, naive and stupid person!

        • Africans for Donald Trump, you cannot blame me for identifying you as a Biya supporter given that for all the criticisms you have dished out on this forum I am yet to find any directed at Biya or his regime.

          Now, I’ll go on to eliminate any doubt you may have with respect to my reading comprehension ability and demonstrate the unsound nature of your thought process. According to you “The only way to demonstrate that you have the mandate to talk or negotiate on behalf of the people is by forming a party and getting the masses to vote for you.”

          If that is the case, why do you say the SW Chiefs are a “representative sample that speaks on behalf of the people of the South West”? How do the SW Chiefs meet your criteria for having the mandate to speak for the people?

        • Africans for Donald Trump, you stated that “have you ever heard of the Bloc Quebecois? That is a civilised example for you to follow”.

          Do you realize that the Canada is a federal state with separate branches of government that ensure proper checks and balances?

          I am not sure you do because if you did you will surely know that what works or is possible Canada does not necessarily apply to Cameroun, a practical dictatorship where all power resides with Paul Biya.

          So you can see, your position on various issues are not tenable. Criticism may be fun but when it comes to serious issues, constructive criticism is best. Your criticism is worthless and based on fallacious arguments so take it easy.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          My Dear Mboko,

          You definitely have a reading and comprehension problem!

          The only way you can demonstrate that you ambazombies have the mandate to negotiate on behalf of the people of the NW/SW is by forming a party and getting people to vote for you.

          In the NW and SW of Cameroon we have traditional rulers who can talk on behalf of their people and we have elected officials who can also talk on behalf of the people they represent.
          The SW chiefs are traditional rulers and can talk on behalf of their people!

          The ambazombies are neither elected officials nor traditional rulers. They are bunch of terrorist conmen!

          To conclude that I am a Biya supporter because you have never seen me criticise Biya on this forum is ambazombie logic which is based on naivety and stupidity.

        • Africans for Donald Trump, you say that “The SW chiefs are traditional rulers and can talk on behalf of their people”.

          Based on this declaration, is it acceptable for the next presidential elections to decided by tallying the position of the SW Chiefs instead of the general poblic to determine the next president of LRC given that they can talk on behalf of their people?

          On that note, I have nothing more to debate with you. Your arguments simply have no premises and can not hold under rational scrutiny. Maybe you are a paid agent of LRC and I have no interest in helping spread your propaganda.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          My dear Mboko,

          You continue to demonstrate that you have a serious reading and comprehension problem.

          Your question above is naive and stupid. The next president elections in Cameroon will be decided following the electoral process in place.

          The fact remains that the ambazombies do not have any mandate to negotiate on behalf of the people of the NW and SW of Cameroon. They are not elected officials and they are not traditional rulers. The ambazobie leaders are bunch of terrorists conmen!

          You are a typical ambazombie and I will continue to use your comments to shine the light on the naivety and stupidity of the ambazombie terrorists and their dumb/ignorant followers for the world to see.
          Whether or not I am a paid agent of TRC is irrelevant! The facts remain the facts!

      • If the Anglophones who support Sisiku Ayuk Tabe are in the minority why is West Cameroon militarized?
        Why is there no internet since October 1st
        Why hide behind French military intelligence and tactics to conduct abductions in Nigeria.
        Why chase after a minority when you the happy majority are doing great under Biya!
        Biya will be president in 2018 Fact!
        Go and keep deceiving the timid majority of your rigged elections and fabricated results.
        France chose Adhijo for 22yrs, France chose Biya for 35yrs now.
        The majority are helpless subject of whatever France wants in Cameroon including Abductions.
        The only people you the majority want to fight against are the non essential Anglophone minority as you claim.
        “Lion whey ye say ye must chop baboon must climb tree”
        Time is Up!

        • Thanks For such analysis..
          How i wish we could discuss in this manner…
          We can always say what we think without abusing others….
          Lets make 2018 a year to think and rethink how we Approach our problems…

          We should be able to talk openly about our problems and ofcourse respect those who think the best is for the country to seperate..Why should we be afraid of people who think differently..Listen to cameroonians talk..respect cameroonians..If you are afraid to talk on federation or seperatism, then its because you know you are guilty of wrong doing..If not there is no reason to stop people from talking of their day to day problems..

        • Lum,

          So you already know the solution! Why are you running off with a clueless sect that has absolutely no future when you can invest your precious feminine energy in the fight to root out FRANCE? You must certainly be thinking that Akere Muna is wrong and Fufu finger, Akuro Mbah who has been chased down by your gang of vandals right! Let me tell you this again, my dear: the path that you fellows have chosen is one of total destruction, you hear what I say? We are fighting the righteous fight, and we shall confront you fellows. I just returned from home and I know what I am talking about.

          The so-called US backed ‘SOUTH VIETNAMESE’ tried that nonsense and they were crushed by the NORTH and the country was re-united. What are you even counting on? Nigeria? Remove yourself before it’s late!

        • Africans For Donald Trump


          The governments response to the burning down of schools and businesses, the amputation of the arms of young girls who want to go to school, and threats from ambazombies to kill any people from the NW/SW who do not agree with their dumb ideas; can not be used to justify your claim that 6 million to 8 million people from the NW and SW support the Ambazombies. You are either delusional or a big liar!!

      • @ Lum

        nothing is wrong to dreaming my question who is SISIKU .

        bad politic, nobody has is back even Nigeria shame, shame .

        we all need biya to go but not away amba want

  6. Countries and their courts may differ but at some level there is a degree of convergence:

    “He who seeks justice must come with clean hands”.

  7. Why are we naturally a destruktive people?..
    If you read most of the comments here, it portrays the nature of an average black man in cameroon.
    No love , no respect for one another..The best place we feel comfortable is to always have somebody to blame for our troubles and problems,.If we as cameroonians cant put our heaeds together and talk about an internal problem, why not just allow the white man to recolonize us and teach us civilization again?..
    We are backward to crisis management and profit from any form of internal fight to prove our hatred for others..
    Some are here only struggling to prove that there is a problem between the NWP and SWP..Others want SISIKU hanged..What is your peaceful and positive contribution to the problem ? Why is the problem where it is today?.use brains..

  8. If u want to see a united country, start accepting the problems we have in this country..Each and every one to take the responsibility to bring in a positive contribution..teach the young children Love and respect.
    What do we expect from the future generation to come?..We are not capable of cleaning the country from this old aristocrats but yet we abuse those risking their lives to make that dirty corrupt country a clean place..?
    Germany fought many wars but internally and externally to be where they are today..
    I am not sure Germans in the 15th and 16th century thought so backwards as the average cameroonian today in 2018..No collaboration, no signs of unity, no love and respect for the country..Spend time teaching hatred and abuse ..
    Its really shameful…

    • Do not forget that the country is governed by a “Divide-and-Conquer” formula.

  9. Are they still winning? Day dreamers. Cameroon remains one and indivisible. Ambozonia my head.

    • Put their impotent dreams aside for a second… those fellows have made lots and lots of mistakes, and they have committed some extreme crimes that must not go unpunished.

      I hear some people like Akere Muna talking about amnesty, but that must not happen. People must be taught to respect the Motherland, irrespective of whatever the political adventurers have been doing to HER for years.

      Some are talking about referendum and pretend that the history of the Motherland began in the 60s… But such people will eventually have a rude awakening. I am from the SOUTHWEST and I want absolutely nothing to do with these adventurers testing the wrath of the Motherland.

      • What punishment would you prescribe for H.E. Paul Biya’s crimes or is he immune from the wrath of the motherland?

  10. Épée Dipanda

    Fools at sundown conclude that the sun is dead and buried.
    Aluta continua!

    • Every generation has its minstrel shows. Like those of Ahidjo’s era these too will have their sunset.

  11. French slaves are known to be naturally loose lipped, with nothing to show for their chest thumping, and patriotic grandstanding. Some world leaders have made rounds in Yaoundé to advice and cox the inventor of “ divide and conquer” to organize a broad-based dialogue and spare the French colonial outpost more bleeding, but because of pride, lack of political foresight, and laziness, the French lapdogs have chosen the path of genocide, financial ruin, bullying effrontery and blustery. The jury is out! Once again bags of money going to Nigerian 419, just as some was fished out to Boko Haram few years ago, young military personnel being pushed to commit gruesome acts on their compatriots, and international isolation and shame.

    • Let’s assume Sisiku Ayuk Tabe was a mad and La Republique bullheadedly started running after him, who is madder now? The Commonwealth scribe asks you to initiate peace moves, you say niet, but you strangely want Nigeria to bind the feet of Amba leaders for you to come in under the cover of darkness and make peace. The difference is clear between the way Anglo Saxons and French slaves handle sensitive issues. La Republique needs 560 billion to organize fake elections, a fanciful Afcon, and maim and kill Anglophones, yet they some how have half a billion dollars to dish out to Nigerian 419. This is stupidity with comedic proportions! Discussing the form of state is only good when Nigeria binds the feet of “ terrorists” !

      • Africans For Donald Trump


        Sickseku ayuk tabe is not a madman. He is a terrorist conman and the government has no option but to smoke him out of his hole and annihilate him!

        However, it appears the terrorist conman decided to stage an exit scam last week on Friday. There is no evidence that he has been abducted by the government of Cameroon or Nigeria.

        By the way if a mad man comes to my compound and attacks my family, I have no option but to chase him, catch him and destroy him! Who cares if the mad man’s friends claim I am more mad than their friend after i destroy him ?

        Ambazombies failing, failing, failing
        Ambazombies failing due to their naivety
        Ambazombies failing due to their stupidity

    • @ Firefighter
      #1 coax

      #2 It’s so depressing to think that so much money is poured down the 419 drain while people can’t afford decent meals for their families.
      Still the silence on the part of Nigerian authorities is inexplicable. How long does it take to come up with a public statement to satiate a news-hungry world?

      • Thanks! Nigeria is caught between a rock and a hard place, as La Republique brings in people to squeeze out confessions from the interim leadership. The haven of peace doesn’t know how to initiate peace on its own. Nigeria should bind the feet of Amba leaders and put them under duress first!

        • Bro,

          The IP no longer has the mandate and authority to speak for Southern Cameroonians. The acting IP is now 100% in charge.
          Any agreement between the abducted IP and LRC MUST be vetted by the acting IP. Any dialogue under duress is no dialogue.

        • The arrest of the IP and company was a blessing in disguise.

          1. The Anglophone Question is now internationalised. Nigeria, the UN and others have now inadvertently found themselves in the mix.
          2. Dictator Biya is no longer 100% in charge of the solution. His dialogue is now irrelevant since a solution will now be gotten without Biya signing decrees
          3. The international parties cannot free themselves from the Anglophone Question without a FINAL RESOLUTION

        • “coming in now: Today, Lawyers deposit First file case at Federal High Court Abuja __ SUIT N0: FHC/ABJ/CS/16/18.
          500000 USdollars was paid by Minister Rene Sadi to the Nigerian DSS on behalf of the government of Cameroun for the arrest of Ayuk Tabe and team.Another 150000USdollars was promised as bonus at the end of the operation.
          These are revelations coming from inside the DSS itself which is in shackles now following the operation which Buhari and government knew nothing about at the beggining but had to when their attention was drawn to a possible extradition.You Remember,Yaounde was already rejoicing and announcing the presence in Yaounde of Ayuk Tabe.They have all gone mute ever since the Nigerian Brigadier General halted the move to extradite the leaders.”

        • “A passenger plane was at the airport at Abuja waiting to carry its cargo.
          Now,the Nigerian Authorities are playing safe trying to safe face from a scandalous situation.The government was not prepared for this reasons why they are unable to make a public statement.No chance at all for La Republic to recover the 500000US dollars.”

          The LRC passenger plane waiting in Abuja to transport the IP and company will now go back to LRC empty. The 500.000 USD + 130.000 bribe money lost to conmen in Nigeria.
          This is the MOTHER OF ALL DISGRACE FOR LRC .


          Tchiroma and LRC media outlets are now quiet because they know that LRC is now a laughing stock of the world,


        • When you see one individual taking on the entire forum, should that not ring a bell to you? The fact of leaving so much filth in one’s backyard and obsessing about the cleanliness of the rest of the village should warn you about the person you are playing ball with.
          The net result is that you are wooed away from where you are most cherished – useful and fresh inputs on topics of interest. Look no further than the overall apathy to those rantings!

  12. In spite of the mass killings in his country, Charles Taylor, was granted protection
    by the authorities in this same Abuja. So why the confusion and the attendant delay
    in telling the world their stand? They must have been caught pants down on some
    shuddy deal. This hot potato, is the litmus test that might be a game changer in the
    corrupt geopolitics of our zone. It involves the mighty France, Nigeria, Cameroon and
    Old England. If the Nigerian press can not filter some news up to now, then Ambazonians,
    have caught the bull by the horn.
    It happened before and Bishop Ndongmo et al, where murdered in cold blood and that
    was it. Today, it is many years after that and the two stories can`t be the same.
    We should keep waiting for the outcome, while thinking, deciding and building our

  13. Nigeria really caught in a tide situation.Well the foreign minister just confirm the guys are being held in Nieria for some sort of questionings.Again This proves the naivity of the government of Cameroon on international humanitarian law.How where they really planning to pull this off?waisting monies that would have been use to improve the lives of Cameroonian suffering citizens!useless and wicket government!

  14. They saw danger in the way HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe was moving with the restoration train and they thought it wise to bribe Nigeria so that he can be kidnapped,so that they can come in him and negotiate in hidding,away from media coverage.But,abducted people don’t negotiate,do they?

  15. Point of correction here. According to Chris Anu, the communication director barrister bobga and two others were chosen to lead the interim gov,t pending the return of HE sisiku Ayuk Tabe and other cabinet members. No one person among those three is consider an interim president

  16. Imperceptibly, the international community is coming on board for the much clamored dialogue What a serendipitous epiphany for a convoluted feud !

  17. Another blind move. Soon uncle Donald will kick you out

    • Épée Dipanda

      NA your Donald?
      In any case we will not mind you, our children are being taught our true history.
      We will triumph as truth always does.
      Get used to it….Ahidjo knew it and tasted he warned you guys that Anglophones never give up.
      Learn your lessons as you will find it very difficult to defeat our children who are now citizens of the world.
      Negotiate calmly now on your own terms or forever regret these missed opportunities.

  18. Time wastage. Let’s see how the new leaders operate in USA.

  19. the millions of patriotic Ambazonians freedom fighters within this struggles knows that living in that shithole lrc to fight for justice, freedom, equality most of all Independence can never be achieve without outside influence, colonial dictator biya and his entire cronies, CPDM lawless members have put fear, death, bribery, corruption, killings, torture, jail on the head of all their critics in 57 years, the lrc fake,drunks regime members have sunken low to the idea that their life is worthless therefore they must all dance, eat, drink, lie and life goes on, none have a positive vision for the shithole country in the next 57 year if change doesn’t come quicker!Ambazonians are free, the struggle will never end until we reach Buea!, revenge must continue! lrc has failed, dead,buried!!