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André Mama Fouda inaugurated a drug production unit in Douala

Business in Cameroon | At the end of December 2017, André Mama Fouda, Cameroon’s minister of public health has inaugurated Africure, a company specialized in the production of generic and other essential pharmaceuticals.

Located at Yassa in Douala, the company is the result of the partnership between a private investor (not named so-far) and Indian investors.

The CFA5 billion investment, which allows the mass production of 1 billion drugs, is aimed at reducing drug imports in the country, according to Dr. Prosper Hiag, chairman of the Africure’s board of directors.

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  1. All investments are either in the hands of foreigners or their loans, even in areas like
    water supply etc. And so, the greater amount of profits or raw cash, siphones quietly
    abroad and the country is left the way it is – poor. The citizenry, are like laborers in a
    vine yard, just there.
    It is just so frustrating. Where is the god of mount fako to let her chickens come home
    and stay?

    • I know of a pharmacist who is trying to build a manufacturing plant like this around Ekona however, it has been quite difficult to get investors in other to raise the ~$20 mil which would be required to build such a plant. Its quite a tall order but I see this as a good start for Cameroon

      • Pharmacist trying to build a plant for 20 million CFA? Not sure!

        I work for GSK and the doubt if a pharmacist can be the driver of a pharma plant. Think of a biotechnologist or a biomedical engineer. Pharmacists are specialized at prescribing medications and not in primary formulation or production of drugs

        • $20 mil (dollars). He is acting as an investor in this case. I work for sanofi and previously at pfizer and have been consulting with him.

      • Over ten years ago, a partnership took at the Britind Industries (former Umbrella factory in Moliwe) erected a building for the manufacture of medicines. A good friend of mine participated in mounting some of the required equipment. But some where along the line, the partnership fell into irreconcilable disagreement, halting further development. You hardly hear such sad incidents where there is division of labor, compassion or self-worth.

      • [email protected] cant people start off with a smaller production and grow rather than starting with such big investment numbers …?

  2. i am so excited to notice that more progresses are made in health domain.

  3. Indian investors in this markets,have experience and have already done well back home so this will be a decent approch since it costs less to produce in India ,like Cameroon ,they also know how and what to make already to sell in a low income market .Plus Cameroon,being bi- lingual will help selling to Nigeria and the other francophone markets .Good idea .