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Anglophone Civil Society: Tapang Ivo and Mark Bara dismissed for Gross Misconduct [+video]

The Anglophone Civil Society Consortium has taken a unanimous decision late last night to dismiss Tapang Ivo and Mark Bareta as members of the consortium.

The dismissal comes after Mark Bareta’s video in which he disclosed the hiding location of the rest of the Consortium members who escaped arrest from the brutal forces of President Biya.

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  1. Blowing the cover off leaders of a revolt is serious treachery. LRC would have sentenced them to Satan knows where, not to mention what happened during the French Revolution. Magnanimous decision. May peace and dialogue reign to solve this problem.

  2. This infighting in the ranks of our representatives, seem to be embeded in our
    DNA. If this is wrong, how did it end up with our Enugu leaders – Endeley, Muna,
    Foncha, Egbe, S.T George etc. How did Muna and not Foncha become PM?
    In MoRISC or the Consortium, the same old story.
    My conclusion, is that at the end, if we are not lucky enough, the end product
    of this whole struggle, might just be what we can see in Mbengwi – a prison
    that our leader built for his people, the slavery we were sold into over time
    and more of Angko blood in biya`s hands.
    The attitude of our B`da brothers is ……..

    • Anglo, please.

    • @Joshua, read all the history and be fair. Both ST Muna and JN Foncha became PM at different times. There are 2 others EML Endeley and AN Jua. ST Muna’s legacy in his home town includes the first government secondary school in the entire NW Province in addition to a production prison. These facilities educated young people and pulled in a working class to stimulate local economy. They began a hydropower dam project but abandoned it. That is something considering that many regions have had ZERO inward investment since independence.

      • Thank you for throwing light on an important area. Today’s Cameroonians tend to be too judgemental and unforgiving of those elderly leaders who did the best they could in spite of their limitations.

        Watch young people castigate the terms “Francophone” and “Anglophone” yet they are lamentably reticent in coming up with better alternatives.

  3. Biya commander in thief United Kingdom

    I see no infighting, all I see is members of the consortium coming together to make a unanimous decision. The two gentleman have done their job and have been rightly praised but there is no struggle that dies because the leader is in jail. Only two members of the consortium is in jail the other signatory to their communique is tassang and must assume leadership. He and Eyambe have assumed their role and the struggle continues.

    • Are serious?? This is so discouraging for some of us seeking financial and diplomatic support for our struggle. Everyone (15) who had promised me that they make a financial contribution told me yesterday and today to wait.

      On a day when our leaders are being marshalled to court they decide to publish this video and did not even mention those who ate in jail.

      We cannot deny the influence of Mark and Ivo in communication. Thay are the best we have. Dismissing them without appointing a replacement is just poor judgement.

      We need to harness the abilities of each other not push them away.

      • Communication department is different from leadership. Mark and Tapang have bitten more than they can chew. Power mongers I can say.Mark in particular is a power monger

    • Don’t mine that stupid @Joshua.
      To read even the small message before watching the video is above him.Mr.Joshua,i kindly beg you, the is no hidden conflict amongst our representatives or leaders. If Tapang Ivo and Mark Bareta were been dismissed unanimously, it imply the whole associated was in one accord in the decision.The shall be no mistake in this struggle, for I see transparency in their midst.We really have to be visiting this site always.

    • There is infighting, especially for position.
      Now they have sold themselves out and biya and his men are likely
      having a field day, laughing over their immaturity and attendant
      This is how the opposion parties that we all trusted and invested all
      our support one can imagine, became a laughing stock in biya`s eyes
      and many of us, to this day.
      New leadership took the drastic decision bc their whereabout, was
      exposed. Now, what is the difference btw that and them posing for
      a pic and posting the video online. I even hear them call their names
      out loud and clear.
      i see biya winning

      • Why do you insist on” infighting” were the is no hidden conflict among them?. If the was no opposition in their dismissal, it stands as a proof that the is no hidden conflict among them.In any association were the is a hidden conflict amongst the members, in a situation like this, the would had been a fierce argument amongst them which would had been a proof of an “infighting “among them.But this did not happen.All the members were in one accord in the decision which was a big proof of transparency.You are talking of opposition parties,puting it in plural.Why not say SDF mess up?

        • If you can’t assess things rightly, is better to stay calm and observe rather than destroying something which is on the right track.SDF is not owing any of you.True supporters of SDF can never speak like you.

      • The selfishness of Tapang Ivo and Mark Bareta has been discovered very fast and dealt with correctly.So!, the struggle continue.

  4. Why making it publicly? Why not use and Audio for this message. La Republic can send people to hurt for you guys in the Naijia foreign land. You don’t publicly show your face and your whereabouts to your enemy. Au audio message would been more than sufficient .

  5. It is a unanimous decision to dismiss Mark and Ivo.While people are talking about the restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroon, they are busy talking federation.Can they tell me what happened to the 1961 federation?they are busy given us news that the western region has joined the strike.What are we doing with the western region’s strike? until they exposed the hide-outs of the other consortium members.Thats foolishmness

    • This stretches credulity, doesn’t it? If the leadership is underground ( understood as geographically scattered) how and when could this have happened?

      Does this remind anyone of the vacuum/tower of Babel created after Munzu, Elad and Anyangwe were eased out of the leadership of the AAC?

  6. Power hungry ,greedy Tassang and surrogates bent on disrupting the Struggle.Whether they like it or not, Ivo and Mark having control of the ground – game in Southern Cameroons. Tassang and Co. with little or no respect for jailed Consortiun leadership and other comrades on the eve of their trial in Yaounde court releasing a very obscured video potraying their greed, jeolousy and divisiveness.
    Tassang and the old guard of 50 and above forgetting to understand this is an Android Revolution with the youths in command . Ivo and Mark going nowhere until Balla, Fontem decide their fate.

  7. Father of love Reserved

    This consortium is a total failiour

  8. The Guys Look Hungary. Are they not on La Republic Pay Rule?

  9. You see some of you have never been aware of the tactics Biya has employed to destabilize the consortium. From the onset, millions of dollars was dispatched by the gangster regime in Yaounde to buy out our guys. Mark and tapang have fallen into this shame and sacrificed the blood of their brothers for money. They made a destructive turn around to expose the whereabouts of exiles knowing fully well that the regime is systematically arresting and murdering freedom fighters. Talk of the work of the devil! But the devil is a liar! Holy Ghost fire!

    • Mark is good at this game of Blackmail. I feel bad for him. Everywhere he goes, problems follow

  10. The worst scenario is to lead your beloved fellow citizens into the type of nightmarish independence the people of Southern Sudan find themselves in!n

    Reporter: I see everybody using candles here. What were you using before independence?

    Students :. Electricity.

    Reporter : So why the change?

    Students : Because we are independent now.

  11. These young guys, are still dreaming dreams. Come on, grow up and start
    seeing visions of Ambazonia you once envisaged. You have gone
    this far and we hail you. Huge support behind you.
    Can Ivo and Mark, accept their wrongs and apologize? You are still very vital
    in the struggle, though you became overzealous. The consortium should be
    soft enough, still maintaining them along the line, before they are bought over.
    Some grown up guy can help work this out and the show goes on.
    The youths are the future leaders and now i begin to see it at the other end.

  12. @John Dinga stop painting a bleak picture to those advocating for their freedom. Don’t forget that before joining la republique in the unholy union we had POWERCAM, West Cameroon Marketing Board, National Lottery, Cameroon Bank, Tiko Wharf, WADA Wum, Ekona Research Centre, Ombe Trade Centre and the list can go on. After joining la republique Ahidjo and Biya killed project that could possibly give West Cameroon financial autonomy. Now tell me if killing all these infrastructures was not to reduce us beggars, what was it? You have the tendency of always shying away from facing the music. Man up!

    • GIGA (Garbage-in, Garbage-out) is the usual end product when wetware is left out of an orchestra that should contain the trio – hardware, software, wetware. Such deliberate zeal and downplaying what should be prioritized does not help. Nostalgic recall of a catalogue of infrastructural development of the distant past as a counterpoise to the cacophony tearing apart those positioning themselves for leadership is a measure of the one-dimensional reasoning that depicts the tragic nature of the predicament.

      • What is your vision as a whistle blower? You have the habit of always fence-sitting and prescribing nothing. That seems to be your modus operandi. Would you want to be counted as an advocate of change? You didn’t see that plethora of killed projects in West Cameroon as a calculated attempt to keep us in perpetual servitude? Change has to start with you and the little chip you contribute to the larger jigsaw puzzle. I have not seen it in any of your write-ups for a long time going. Man up!

        • You are under no obligation to discuss/debate/exchange ideas with someone you do not appreciate/understand. So why don’t you cut the crap out and move on? Surely there are others who matter.

  13. Hum,

    this is just a whit of what is going to ensue after any autonomy must have been achieved. The massacre is going to be unprecedented in the history of mankind.

    We must first all wash ourselves with some highly concentrated saboulou soap before ever dreaming of independence, be it from France or whomsoever.

    Our problem is to be found in our heads, Anglo+Franco—our close-to-folly egos have entrapped us all…

    • Are you a devil? Why always see blood in every budding freedom struggle ZZ? Tapang and Bara have collected Biya’s money to sell their people and this can’t happen!!

      • How legit is this information, I hope you stop painting these two guys with a white brush. i’m not sure anyone knows what happened, if the problem is corrected the struggle should continue. hi, please be gentle.

        • Did you bother to read the article at all professional arguer? Only a devil can disclose the hideout of such vulnerable people. Pure wickedness.

      • Attorney,

        I don’t need to be a rocket scientist to foresee what is going to happen seconds after autonomy, it is clean and clear.

        All this stuff is about power and/or having a chance to sit on the cake, that is all. Consortium this consortium that, all a bunch of power-hungry individuals. Their fight is not for any Anglo cause or whatsoever but their own wobbling stomachs.

        Genuine fighters like A. B alla or Ayah P can never make it through coz hungry fighters, the obese majority in the group, are always going to betray.

        Ifi yi bin be na some Kameni names dem so, man for dong hear ya mop…

  14. Now that their hideout and faces have been exposed, Nigeria is not the best
    base. This is not time for `too much grammer, insults` etc.
    Supporters should now rally funds together and get them out of there. That
    is something that is holding them there i suppose and now is time to act and
    act fast. Just a few Dollars etc. will work this out, before it is too late.
    Again, this struggle for power is not going to help at this point.



  16. FAKE NEWS!the devil is trying to disrupt the fight, all the Anglophone consortium are fighting for the same goals, Mark & Tapang are true anglophone soldiers no one should discredit them, they will never take bribe from LRC, the fight goes on!

  17. You would be stupid to think they are in a bunker in Nigeria.