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Anglophone crisis: Education minister reiterates gov’t stance on school resumption

Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe, Cameroon’s secondary education minister has re-echoed government call for schools reopening in Anglophone Cameroon. He insisted that end of year examinations will run smoothly despite the fact that classes have not been effective.

Minister Bibehe was speaking to educational stakeholders and other government authorities during his recent tour in the regions. He said his ministry would do everything to ensure that end of course examinations in the region run smoothly.

Briefing the press on the ministers meeting, Hon. Fobi Nchinda, member of parliament for Bali said he had told the minister that “ there is a problem in the Northwest and that children have not been going to school” He also said he specifically told the Governor of the North West region and the minister that they should make sure that the Head of State get the message that there is a serious crisis in the region and that the president should call a conference to discuss the form of the state and by extension the Anglophone educational system and the exams.

The MP also said he took the Minister to task on his insistence to run exams in the region when the school year has not been effective. This posed several problems he added, like the quality of education dispensed during the school year. “You cannot go examining children who have not been properly thought or totally thought…what he is going to do if he insists would be to kill the Anglophone educational system because it would come out with a GCE certificate which would not be accepted anywhere in the world”

He said he also raised concerns about the non-examination classes whose problems have not been resolved. “ So what would happen if come September , if the crisis is over by September what are you going to say about moving to the next class for children that have not been thought, what are you going to say about children entering secondary school because the entrance examination into secondary school would not have been valuable” he said.

Minister Bibehe is expected to continue his tour today with a visit to some government secondary schools in Bamenda to evaluate the level of preparedness ahead of the examinations.

Journal du Cameroun

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  1. Do parents and their children know that gov`t is tricking them to their own
    disadvantage? The stubborn fly they say, follows the corpse to the grave.
    Someone is watching.
    Was the GCE exam, ever that easy for candidates during the good old days?

  2. Mr.colonial minister,i urge u to send your own children to schools in S.C,and i bet u,your children will be the first that the vipers in S.C will kidnap. and we will do exchange of prisoners.U are bent on giving our children, GCE certificates that has no value becos u want to continue exploiting our petrol.Do u really care about our children’s educ? am not sure u do,becos if u do,u will not ask students that have not cover 1/4 of the syllabus to go and write GCE.U want to give them certificatates when they know nothing.
    Go and control your Bac exam.Students there have covered all the syllabus.

  3. The writer of the article himself or herself needs to go back and sit for GCE O-Level. Not to know the difference between taught and thought is shear abomination. Now I can agree that our two regions are plagued with French entities trying to teach/write in English!

    • Thank you for your vigilance! A million dollar question hangs over Cameroon: ” Mais qui est Anglophone et qui est Francophone?”

      Such a question has been the tool of those who seek to obfuscate the obvious. It is not enough to cross the famous Mungo River divide and assume the identity on the other side, no matter how many years of residence and forced acculturation! Like Anglophones, Francophone are not MADE; they are BORN and then RAISED to cherish certain values, outlook on life. Why deny the obvious?

  4. He insisted that end of year examinations will run smoothly despite the fact that classes have not been effective.
    This man is total idiot, exams without Schools?? who are you kidding, Biya,s gov,t is a total mess. God help cameroon

  5. Wait, let me get this, school resumption in May? Hilarious!

  6. Let us not spoil a good thing. Let us not bastardize the GCE, the foundation on which an entire civilization was built. To brandish a GCE certificate was to brandish knowledge, character, culture.

    It is morally wrong to enroll for an examination for which one is ill prepared. It is wrong to register at Center X and write the exam at Center Y. It is wrong to brandish a certificate for which one does not have the requisite know-how.

    Would you go up into a plane whose pilot is fake, allow your parent/offspring to be operated by a fake surgeon? Why fake the GCE certificate? Why?