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Anglophone crisis: Gov’t spy phone chats to capture secessionists

The government of Cameroon has embarked on a phone spying mission to capture secessionists and those fuelling the current crisis rocking the country’s English speaking regions.

Southwest Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai
The revelation was made by Bernard Okalia Bilai, Governor of the South West Region earlier this week while evaluating the security situation of the region. Governor Okalia said he already has 10 names of people who continue to disturb the peace of the region. To him, government’s plan to tap private conversations of the population is to fish out all those who promote the crisis secretly.

“We are considering arresting all those involved in the uprising. There are some people who pretend to be disturbed about the situation but are backing secessionists behind the scenes”.

While reacting to alleged plans to ruin school examinations in the region, the governor said more troops will be deployed to the regions to maintain order. To him, the South West region cannot be demilitarised when people still carry out ghost towns, burn public property and intimidate the population.

Recently, Cameroon’s secondary education minister, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe visited the region to re-echo government’s call for schools resumption. He insisted that end of year examinations will run smoothly despite the fact that classes have not been effective. Minster Bibehe said his ministry would do everything to ensure that end of course examinations in the region run efficiently.

Journal du Cameroun

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  1. Wanda.com

  2. Mr. Governor here is my number 973 526 7189, I am also one of the people promoting secessionism. Come and arrest me at Douala international airport. I will be arriving on October 4th 2017. You are a big fool and no more less than a mad cow.

  3. How the heck, can this be the good atmosphere to carry on with exam writing?
    From administrator to educationist now, Mr. governor is speaking.
    This mad quest for position in Cameroon from our civil servants, leaves
    the mouths open.
    Cameroon will be free, only when biya / cpdm will be banished. The police
    state will not solve the crises, dialoque and truthfullness, will do it, sir. Sorry.

  4. ` nothing to moderate, man`.

  5. Colonial Master..Mr. Governor. You are no different from Mr. Cash! Mr. Wirba was right then and is right now eh–when he asked if the President knew that people like Okalia were acting like the colonial masters did prior to independence of Cameroon

  6. Épée Dipanda

    All of this garagara will not help la Republique.
    This Union is dead.
    And feel free to censor my comments as you have been doing for the past 1 month.
    Tell the idiot Governor to also monitor my phone and arrest me.

  7. It is sad to find our senior administrators talking , acting desperately in situations that could be handle with reasoning . I pray to live a situation where administrators will understand that everyone just need a better country because the mentality given their utterances and actions are highly questionable. We need to redesign our educational system base on our values. what we have now is the manifestation of a school of thought that is alien to our values.” Beat him arrest him jail or shoot him” Not our values., not a language from one Cameroonian to another even if we differ in views

  8. Londo Mbangala China

    Still the same language without remorse.If you care Mr governor go and bring the French army you cannot succeed to threaten us.Useless man.

  9. For ever young Reserved

    What a Moronic bastard dis clown of a Governor, you can also monitor me don’t forget i have 5 lines & one of my primary resident also in Douala coming October if u don’t catchup with me try again in December idiot, Mr wirba said dis a couple of months ago how administrators like dis clown East of the Mungo thinking we’ll a captured people, a true betrayal of the rational& spirit of the founding father’s of the nation before bringing us in dis GoD forsaken union with la republique