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Anglophone crisis: Justice Minister Laurent Esso’s meeting disrupted by protesters in Belgium [+video]

A delegation made up of Laurent Esso, Minister of Justice and Lejeune Mbella Mbella, Minister of External Relations, as well as Tanyitiku Enoh Achuo, attaché at the PM’s Office tried to hold a planned meeting with the Cameroonian community residing in Belgium this Saturday, August 5, 2017.

Dozens of protesters then stormed into the room before interrupting and taking over the meeting, forcing the meeting facilitator to step aside.

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  1. We did it in Belgium today.Eso go tell MASTER BIYA we mean business

    • What exactly did you do? As expected, you all just made a fool of yourselves. No message was passed. This is exactly a reflection of the days of rasclaaat Foncha and his compulsive herd. Make too much noise; whilst the so-called Francophones remain calm and collected as they plan to perfect their strategy. What a pity!

      • The hard drug addict @Ras Tuge again messing around here for fun.

        The webmaster can give you all the assistance in the world in blocking genuine comments but it will not put you in a rehab. Freaking id!ot. We will break the mesh he is using to protect you. As AG asked, are you an Ethiopian or a descendant of Ras Tafari? Lost soul!

        U can’t see what they’ve done with ur ethnocentric eyes because the Ngraffi are already condemned in ur Mbo world. They brought in the Coffin Mancho BBC initiated right before Laurent Esso. That is a message they cannot stop the movement even if they kill us all.

      • The person using this name Ras Tuge.Is some one paid by LA REPUBLIC TO WRITE THIS SHIT.We know how stupid the Government in cameroon is. My beloved brothers and sisters in belgium we thank you so much. We are going to show them more of those scene. Have the government solve the crises at home.stupit biya just wants to buy attention from the International community. ..Biya ya time is up.start parking ur bags away from Southern cameroon. .

      • HouseKeeper!

        @ Ras Tuge,

        You hate N. Westerners but love LRC, wow!! I am from SW and lived there. Have you been to Cite SONARA? It is a francophone quarter in Limbe and perhaps the most organized community in Cameroon. Your grammar won’t be welcome there and they will tell you that. Pls don’t lose your head over blind patriotism and the desire to wage a tirade on others. Complacency is a disease for those who won’t stand up for anything but find excuses to maintain the status quo. SONARA, SCDP, SNH, SONEL, SNEC, MINAT, MINEFI, FECAFOOT, INJS, IRIC, ENAM, MINDEF etc. Name one Anglophone in 35 years.

    • Why discuss in Belgium when same discussion criminalized in Cameroun? Never tabled for duscussion in the National Assembly. Hypocrites. May the Lord cut your heart strings. Release all Anglophones.

  2. Is it in a friend’s house that they were holding the meeting? how them just move them for game kikikiikiki.

  3. The best way of solving a problem is at home, not outside the cage.

  4. Now What? How do you want people to listen when you shout like a scared monkey? Then they want to be taken seriouly!
    This is the type of nonsens move wich is hurting this fight.
    Who is Laurent Esso? He was in Belgium for vacation!
    You think he cares? He was just enjoying the show! He called Biya later and say: “Bebela, bi bol bi djom ba ke ba djagban ane be koy afan ”
    You need to change your tactics! These old fashion noise is not working anymore.
    Good luck!

    • Is that where the problem should be resolved.have there resolved resolve the numeric problems we have in cameroon with those suffering injustice in prisons

  5. It would have been so nice to use the opportunity and send just one powerful message home – the unnecessary humiliations at the airport of arrival/departure, the meaninglessness of decentralization in the face of arresting citizens from their homes and transferring to Yaounde, the humiliation and torture and murder of students at school premises, etc

  6. There goes the rowdy and clueless Ngraffi with absolutely no sense of direction! Can’t even speak English, and acting like a senseless bunch of drunkards. Dem di wait wuna fo kontri… Man na run!

    • For a carpenter whose only tool is the hammer everything is a nail. You surely see Ngraffi everywhere, don’t you? I wish I had your visual acuity and perception to pick out a category of people from a motley lot.

      • We know Ngraffi when we see and hear them talk. We know their rowdy nature… like a senseless bunch of agitated buffalos that have been corned. Ngraffi can’t hide. We know them!

        • Cornered

        • U are one of them. ……not long u will suffer the effects.Its God’s appointed time for this.lets see how your biya will fight God. He has done so much evil…..His time is up

  7. Could this be true….please verify your information before publishing by atleast confirming from someone at MINJUS….could this official meeting be possible without any staff from the Cameroon embassy Belgium….in as much as the country is in chaos and need for bipartisan collaboration, please media do your home work for the sake of your credibility before publishing

  8. RAS TUGE I see how well you understand the various media and styles of sending a message…YOU ARE AN IDIOT.Ignorance can be mistakenly labelled intelligent when silent so, try to keep your sticky pus tongue in it bacterial infested cage

    • What exactly have you said? You make no sense, man. There’s much for you to learn… and trust me, you will learn the hard way!

      • I hope you people are not expecting to get moral lesson from this drug addict? I’ve told you people to leave him alone or better advise him to go back into the rehab center and get clean.
        There’s no message in any of his pots, why not just ignore him. You people are making the junkie to feel relevant here.

        • Well, little alcoholic coon with a glass jaw, let’s see if you practice what you have been struggling to preach whilst directly seeking to be noticed. Keep running your mouth of filth; the Ngraffi shall be put through a cucible and we’ll see who ends up in the rehab house, little drunkard.

        • ‘Crucible’

        • @Ras Tuge,

          I am really happy to see how paranoid you are becoming of the Ngraffi people. They have really done you untold damage by shattering to pieces your glass psyche. You are probably screaming and hallucinating each night next to your old Swedish granny as the Ngraffi creep up in your dream and shak your old woman while you watch. What a pity. Delusional hard drug addict really needs help.

        • very well said

      • Why do you RAS TUGE as u call urself write so many meaningless comments if u were not paid to….or if one of ur relatives is not one of the wicked regime holders.you are just an insignificant worthless replica of a moron

  9. What will Jesus do?

  10. The message was clearly sent. No dialogue when our brethren are still held captive in LRC. Come October 1, 2017, All LRC public workers in Ambazonia will catch hell. Watch and see!!!!!!!


    • The USA had already issued a statement brother, they prefer the status quo, they renewed and expanded economic cooperation with cmr, UN promise strong support for cmr for elections. we are not winning, we reading too rhetoric

      • What you have just written is a fake news, the US is actually against Paul Biya, who lied to them by calling the Anglophone leaders terrorists. The US member of congress in both political parties have been studying the history of cameroon and the terms that brought the two countries together. I can tell you many US members of congress from both parties have started saying that, the people of southern cameroon deserve their country.
        Why did Paul Biya send a delegation to USA and Belgium? Because the Southern cameroonians abroad have successfull table their case for a referendum in Ambazonia.

        • Google Cameroon economic cooperation with USA, any news that is not your favour is fake. it’s 9 months running all we hear is “we are winning”

  12. breaking news: Laurent Esso’s meeting in Brussels was disrupted this force the Cameroon government to grant independence to SC.

  13. @ras tuge, i can help you big broz, when you get appluase from pipo who profer the status quo, you think you are ok and sound. all i want is that you should get well bro. dont take it for a joke pipo. this brother took the hard type and needs serious help. anyone can extend a hand to him, God will bless u bountifully. if know what he goes through you wont believe he can still write a word . ras has the right to fight for what ever division in the anglo zone but he needs to be well first.

    • Rasclaaat drunkard, do yourself a favor and stay away from alcohol! We don’t know each other, little coon. Dem di wait wuna fo kontri…

      • Rooftop, you are right bro.
        At this stage it doesn’t need professional to understand the extend of damages drugs have done to our Rasterman brain.
        i really pity the guy.

        • Hahahha… this little Ngraffi punk ass, you’re still talking! Those to be pitied are those in the video above; disoriented drunkards like you. Stop seeking for notice. Little miserable impostor with half a dozen screen names! Don’t respond to him, you fool around chanting… but you are always at my trail begging to be noticed. Pitiful mutant.

        • Eh! junkie, I understand that you are a very bitter and angry person,
          bro is not your fault, is the drug.
          I was just being nice to you know need to get workup.

  14. Cameroon Is Not Ready To Organize Even A Nations Cup With Four Teams-CAF President.
    Spending billions of borrowed money to suppressed the Anglophone problem rather than solve it.
    How could some people be that stupid?

  15. In essence you know want American senators to order or pressurize biya to d0 a referendum? but your friends said ambazonia is already independent, why are you folks confusing your selves and also our poor parents?

  16. Nonsense post….the meeting was finally held after this disorder by some unscrupulous elements of Ambazonia

  17. Not necessary

    I think it would have made sense if the protesters made a list of their demands and take them to the minister and tell him to hand to Biya and tell him, whenever he’s ready to discuss those demands, he can call for a meeting. I know the anglophones are really suffering, bad roads, no jobs etc, but at the end of the day, i want everyone to be alive, our lives matter. One thing i want to point out is that, i don’t know what the anglophones are fighting for, is it for federalism, independence, equal opportunities…etc? I have talked to so many people and they all want different goals

    • There are so many ideologies that it is actually not possible to process an appropriate response, there are about 20 leaders, all abroad lashing out at each other while gov is collecting taxes.

      • Not Necesary and Analyst

        You nailed it! It is all about the interplay between opportunism and delusion.

        We are told that the government had top-level representatives at the so-called meeting in Belgium… and you could see how people forced themselves into throwing away a singular opportunity on neutral grounds! Nobody seem to in control, and the rowdy herd hijacked the opportunity; chanting hohahohahu… and blowing whistles; moving around in a disorderly manner like folks with no purpose! I-Man just look at the situation and shook my head in disbelief. Who are these confused people???!!!!!

  18. Whoever has had to pay taxes to the government wants the very best tax money can buy. A round trip air ticket from Cameroon to Belgium is a lot of money. Therefore the least expectation would have been some results for that costly trip. It does not look like there was any.

    #1. Technically more would have been achieved in discussing with a representative of Cameroonians resident in Belgium. Was there any?

    #2. Cynicism borne of what happened when the government met to discuss with representatives of the people made the Belgian outcome unavoidable.

    #3 What next? The nation’s many friends?

  19. Who let the monkeys out ? When will anglofools or pidginphone learn to behave themselves? Smh then they will turn around and scream marginalisation, dialogue . No wonder they are called bamenda .morOns

    • HouseKeeper!

      Wow, if your beloved dictator behaved himself surely he would not have amended the constitution to keep rigging elections. It seems you have benefitted directly or implicitly from this REGIME to the extend that complacency has taken over rationality. Get you head back man. Being of no political leaning or not an adherent to any group, I would speak about the ills going on in the country. The problem becomes when people pick sides and then suppress reasoning and common sense. Cameroon’s problems started from Biya’s dictatorship and change begins with his outer. Militating against yourself?

  20. Objective Thinker

    Politically what happened in Belgium was a big win for Anbazonia.Whether you like it or not as long as the meeting was disrupted that alone was a victory and a big message has been sent to the government of LRC.

    • Lol liar this is not a victory talk less a big victory as you want us to believe this is the act of some disgruntled elements, who interrupted the meeting for less than 15 minutes shouting and screaming like monkeys how is it a victory ? What was the message ? Not only that after their show of weakness the meeting proceeded/went on as planned ,besides you can see how calm and collected the Minister compared to the savage pidginphone . Furthermore the meeting exposed that not all Anglo believe in your crap as the minister was definitely not talking to himself but several anglo now

      • Now what’s 10 people hurling like monkeys to the more than 100 anglo who actually attended the meeting with their government and were having a peaceful work session ? You can see how your brothers were embarrassed by your behavior and even tried to stop you . Now as terrorists we were expecting to kidnap the minister or touch one of his hair ? Clowns

        • Exactly the working mind of s Cpdm thug. Hardly intersected in solving the problem but rather bent on creating false impression. 100 Anglos and 10 terrorists indeed. Stinky dirt mouth liar!