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Anglophone crisis: SDF plans solidarity march in Douala

The Social Democratic Front, SDF, Cameroon’s main opposition party, has announced that it will be staging solidarity marches in Cameroon’s port city of Douala on October 21. The party, we gathered, has already notified administrative authorities about the holding of the event.

According to Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu, the Regional Chairperson of the SDF for Littoral, the march is aimed at showing their solidarity with the Northwest and Southwest population in the Anglophone Crisis.

Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu had stated in a press release reportedly already submitted at the Douala I Divisional Officer’s office, that they will be a meeting at 1.00pm to demonstrate.

“This demonstration aims to express our solidarity to the populations of the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon,” reads an excerpt of the release.

Going by the release, the activists plan to march from the Omnisport Stadium to Carrefour Agip passing through Marché Mboppi to Carrefour Deux Eglises – Carrefour Ancien Dalip and then Salle des fêtes d’Akawa where they will end.

It is not yet clear if the government will approve the party’s October 21 demonstration given that several of it’s kind has been rejected in the past. It should be recalled that the SDF sensitisation marches scheduled for February and March this year were all denied approval: prominently the announced demonstration on March 4 in support of “Federalism and national unity”. The campaign was banned by Jean Marie Tchakui Moundie, Divisional Officer for Douala V in whose jurisdiction the sensitisation activities were scheduled to take place.

Cameroon security officers had equally surrounded the home of  Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu on Saturday March 4 to prevent him from holding the grand meeting and peaceful march in Douala to sensitise citizens on federalism and national unity.

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  1. Je suis Bamenda/Buea , et puis quoi ?

    Well done, Nintcheu. Only hope those fear-fear government delegates would approve this peaceful solidarity demonstration.

    As for us, patriots, we’re and will remain very jealous of our cultural diversity heritage. We’ll never feel ashamed to be CMR—ONE CMR as some of our forebears like Ntumazah and Co. have always wanted us to be…

    • @Kongosa,

      this is an opportunity for you to join in and swell the numbers of patriots that are going to march—forget about that con man in USA, who has already started signing petrol deals with Canadian companies—hope he still has that stolen money from our country to reimburse those Canadians once they start coming after him for pay time…

      • If that’s what it takes to liberate Ambaland from the grips of LRC then so be it. We will also proceed to sign it with Russia if they can cut a deal to supply the necessary artillery and Apaches to wage war on LRC. you stand no chance to question our motives as it is none of your business. Btw, the fact that only you and Rat Tuge are propagating this fallacy makes it questionable especially when Canadian oil sands contain the third biggest reserve in the world and only less than 10% is under exploration in Alberta.

        Sign: Attorney General

      • Zam Zam,
        You see why we can’t live with you people? Your natural disposition to sling mud, while carefully steering clear of your muddied past is well known! You pretend to want to be brothers with someone, but you cast aspersions on their person. Show us the incontrovertible evidence of oil deals between Canada and the person you are referring to. While we are at it, give us an idea of who controls oil in Cameroon for the past 60 years! How many times have you exposed that persons oil contracts here? Over to you La Republique’s licky mouth!

        • @Firefighter,

          to whom is it still a secret that your so-called con man of a leader is another LRC in disguise?

          Anyway, you may keep on flocking behind him as usual—just make sure to have your long pole on standby—to vault over the obvious pit that is ahead of him tho—same advice to my attorney pal…

        • Zam Zam,
          You used to spin this image of a peace lover, while calling people cowards and terrorists. Now you have got the taste of peddling small lies. When put face to face with your responsibility you start rambling endlessly. Mud slinger and Cpdm crumb eater provide the facts! That how we put you in your place!

        • Firefighter,

          the whole world is Cpdm to you, even con man Ayuk would soon be a Cpdm agent in your eyes. Just a matter of time. And, the whole of CMR Bami/Franco.

          Firefighter is the chosen one—the saint.

          Abeg lef me mek ah enjoy ma bitter stuff smol…

        • You want to shame me because you have been exposed? Lay out the evidence of your claims, Small Cpdm crumb eater!

    • We dont need SDF
      we dont need traitors……

  2. Aratatarakura

    Why in D’la?

    • Ask Fru NDi?

      • This dog called Rat Tuge is only good st returning to its Ngraffi vormit now and then. From Fru Ndi, Muna Foncha bashing to leaning on Akere Muna. What a hopeless delusional retrograde entity?

  3. HE sesekou Ayuk Tabe has all the powers to sign any petrol deals as the oil belongs to the people of Southern Cameroons not lrc parasites . The god forsaken union has already been dissolved . The cowards called BIR and gerndames were slaughtered in mamfe in their hundreds. That’s what you called an elite force in a banana republic to terrorize an open fire on armless civilians. Mamfe taught them how resolute and steadfast a people can stand their ground

    • 1. Con artists simple collect money from gullible people; and never deliver the goods! That’s what they do. The unelected vandal from Manyu has no authority in Mundemba. Those who have done any type of business with Ambazombi termites have lost their money.

      2. Mamfe is among the places where Ayaba Cho’s ‘forces’ were deployed, as reported by Christopher Anu. Pictures of those ‘forces’ have been popularized by the same Christopher Anu. Thus, it is no surprise that the military gave special attention to Mamfe because it is obvious that the ‘civilians’ in Mamfe were not UNARMED.

      3. Cameroon won the Bakassi case against Nigeria on the basis of the map of KAMERUN under the GERMAN era! That MAP was the only deciding factor. Thus, classing Bakassi under some SC is fallacious and dangerous.

    • @ Rethink. I have spoken to some Abakwa boys and they don’t recognize Sesecoco Ayuk as their leader. Who elected him as the leader of Southern Cameroon? I advised you guys to join the Francophones and form one strong opposition to challenge Biya next year but the hate of Francophones has rendered you Ambazonians senseless. You have now given Biya the opportunity to outsmart you. Biya has reached a deal with the West to hand over power next year to Akere Muna who is an Anglophone. The deal also allows him to walk without being prosecuted for crimes against humanity and any anglophone protest after Muna takes over will be considered as an act of terrorism by the west.
      Thank you foolish Ambazonians for screwing us up because of your hate for Francophones. Biya has outsmarted you again.

      • @bobjazz.its good you said abakwa boys. Who told you recognition is a matter for street boys. There will always be dissenting voices in a political setting. If their forefathers were so smart we could not have been agitating francophone domination in public life today. Reason why when people think with their stomach rather than brain, they can easily be manouvered as proven in 1982 when amendments were made overnight for biya to succeed ahidjo rather than a graffi man. Sesekou Ayuk Tabe remains the indisputable chairman of the southern Cameroons governing council . Period

        • @Rethink,

          reread yourself and perhaps understand why some of us can NEVER-EVER endorse your vision of creating a nation within a nation. That nation would be transformed into a slaughter house within seconds of its creation.

          Even if you divide the cake 50/50, no way. You cannot mix oil and water—NW and SW can never move on together without a referee in the middle. Forget about this current euphoria during which we hear phoney stuffs like, “we have settled our differences and speak like one”. Real fairy tales—bed time stories to ease sleep and dream well.

          In fact, no 2 regions in CMR can unite—let me even go far—no village in CMR can unite and speak as one. We are too diversified, too . heterogeneous, and just for this fact we are bound to move on together—go up cam down…

        • @Rethink

          I can’t believe you are falling for this LRC distraction from genocide elements like @bobjazz aka Mongo Akonolinga and @Zamzam the CPDM whistle blower, crooks that have been singing the NW SWbduvide day in day out. Do you know how it bothers them that for the first time the unity of these people and their demands have shaken their corrupt establishment? We need to access you properly if at all you truly stand for the Amba persuasion. In the words of president AyukTabe, anyone who betrays our struggle will be thrown under the bus. The struggle continues…

        • Zam Zam,
          Why are you weeping endlessly? For the N and SW to unite it needs a referee and that referee should be you right? You started up by claiming there’s no francophone or anglophone, now you have gone down to the level of regions. We are too divided , we cannot be one! You just poured water in your own wine there. If we are divided , it means we can’t coexist, so we should go our different ways. The N and SW have been referees between you Bamilekes and your Beti hunters, and cheerfully opened their doors for you. So these regions know what it takes to have compassion and live together with strangers. I was not expecting these divisive tendencies from you who has benefited more than any one from our hospitality! You want to please your handlers by sounding like a

        • You call the N and SW oil and fire, but you cannot give instances of the two regions fighting each other. The Beti fought you Bamilekes, why don’t thrust your oil and fire theory on yourself? When Russia discovered it was too heterogeneous, it broke up, same with Yugoslavia. Minister Ayissi Eyebe accused northerners of being supporters of Boko Haram, these are issues you should be applying your oil and fire theory to. Btw, we is it your prerogative, a francophone to dictate to Anglophones how to live and provide them with a referee? You see how your ego gets the best of you and you start talking down to others in a paternalistic way?

        • @Firefighter,

          Nintcheu, the Bami/Franco, has finally obtained the authorisation to march tomorrow.

          Your con man, Sesemakabo must be whining right now that his show has been stolen…

      • @bobjazz

        Go and speak to your Fang Beti thieving cabal. Idiot.

        • @ aGee. I am not Fang or Beti. I am a ” free born Cameroonian”. As I mentioned earlier, your hatred for Francophones will lead to your destruction. PLEASE DON’T REPLY WITH THOSE YOUR UGLY INSULTS FOR THEY MAKE CIVILIZED AND WELL BROUGHT UP PEOPLE SICK.

      • Hallucinations….Biya hand power to Muna! Anglo no fit b president fo pays after this crisis and hate speech generated by some people trying to put the Anglo against the Franco forgetting that anglos don’t hate Franco and vice versa. The witch is Biya’s regime.

        • Very Well said Bobjazz. This so called struggle has exposed the hatred anglophones dwell in . Very shameful !
          In all this, I love my francophone brothers even more…Thank you my francophone brothers for being tolerant, peaceful and intelligent. May God protect and bless Cameroon and it’s people. Love always from an anglophone sister.

        • Maria Bordeille. With ur ..,

  4. And so the brave people of Manyu gave ur so called BIRs”banana forces ” what they will never forget . The restoration of SC has taken its roots and no one can change that fact

    • No one can change it indeed my bro.The struggle for the restoration of our statehood is ordained by God.When God say yes, nobody can say NO.

  5. I hear many in LRC (Francophones) saying those for restoration of independence Southern Kamerun are a few individual in NW & SW ,
    The only way to confirm their claim is to call for a referendum in Southern Kamerun under the supervision of a NUETRAL PARTY like UNO, Africa Union and Commonwealth and they are to be responsible for the whole process ( Registration of voters, voting and Proclamation of result) That is the only way to shut the mouth of those of US CALLING for restoration

    • @ Wisom. Well said . I am against separation but for a referendum to proof our unity. It should be organised by a neutral body and not ELECAM.

      • ELECAM is a branch of the CPDM. If ELECAM were in charge of any referendum in SC, 99.99% of Southern Cameroons will “vote” to remain in Biya’s one and indivisible LRC.