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Anglophone refugees suspected of holding Nigerian voter’s card

Journal du Cameroun | Anglophone refugees in Nigeria are suspected to have illegally registered for elections, the Nigerian Immigrations Service NIS has alerted the Independent Electoral Commission, INEC.

The Cross River state Comptroller of NIS, Mr. Felix Uche on Monday revealed that several Anglophone refugees were discovered with Nigerian voters’ card though they did not hold a dual nationality which qualifies them to vote.

He called on the security forces to help INEC stop any further registration of the refugees.

“We need to put heads together to see how we can work together. Recent reports I have got from the fields are not so positive. The crisis in the southern part of Cameroon is such that Nigeria is having a fair deal — positive or negative,” Felix Uche said.

“The problem we have in Cross River is that the contiguous nature of the border has made it more tasking carrying out our jobs. There is the ongoing Continuous Voters Registration and my men in the field have accosted and found some refugees in possession of the voters’ cards.

“We know that your task at this time is huge, we need to put heads together to stop these refugees who are being registered as voters. If you dig deep, you may discover that someone is prompting them to go and register because elections are around the corner.”

Over 20.000 Cameroonians crossed into Nigeria as refugees following the escalation of the Anglophone crisis in the North West and South West Regions, according to the UNHCR.

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  1. that is there normal country just give them passport..they are not refugees there are coming back home!

  2. who is writng the news? Its Journal du Cameroun!!! LRC, ask this newspaper where is the dawper-wearing , prostate sickened president of LRC?

  3. As usual, always involved in fakery wherever they are

    • ah ah ah ah ah

    • You couldn’t have said it better. The same can be said for their fake PHDs with nothing to show for it, other than trying to impress folks with big words on this forum.

  4. all ambasonia members need to be beheaded

  5. Stupid news. Even if it was the truth; the question is how can somebody with refugee status register for elections in a host country?
    Mbappe, Pharaon, Bamendayboy; you are as dull as the publisher or nigerian authorities (if that is the truth).

    • It must be Nigerian officials handing out the cards! The refugees can care less. Who is the victim?

  6. Passing judgement on others is part of human nature. And often the judgement is based on the warped view point of whoever does it.

    Adding an independent third party to the mix can expand the view and curtail the bias.

    Thus people in a refugee situation have more pressing needs (food, shelter, security) than the luxury of going out to register and vote for persons they know not and issues unrelated to their immediate needs.

  7. I believe there is a huge difference b/w SUSPECTED and CONVICTED. Either-way, JEALOUSY and ENVY turn to be a leading cause of HATE (evidence on this forum). What I don’t understand is why you clearly want to be in UNITY with someone u clearly HATE?

  8. Ever heard about two way street?cpdm bigwigs in the north have been ferrying nigerians from across the borders to come help keep them and biya in power.
    By the way,they are only being suspected for now,no proof of wrongdoing.lastly the source of the news is doubtful.

    We wish them well for now, till we finally liberate our land of lrc,so that they can come back home to a peaceful Ambazonia.
    May the spirits of our ancestors stay with,and protect them.

  9. Not strange. Deep rooted in us. Cameroonians. I fear wena.