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Anglophone runs for president in French-majority Cameroon

CAMEROON – A prominent lawyer from Cameroon’s English-speaking minority will stand in next year’s presidential election, he announced Sunday, days after deadly clashes involving the anglophone community.

Akere Muna, former vice president of the NGO Transparency International, said he would promote “zero tolerance for corruption, tribalism, nepotism and favouritism”.

Muna’s announcement comes following protests in the country’s restless English-speaking region which have left at least 19 people dead.

The clashes occurred last weekend as separatist leaders made a symbolic declaration of independence.

“Our country is now at the crossroads of its history,” Muna said in a statement.

“We must now move towards a new Republic.”

Anglophones account for about a fifth of the West African nation’s population of 22 million.

English-speakers complain they have suffered decades of economic inequality and social injustice at the hands of the French-speaking majority.

Cameroon is due to hold its next presidential election in late 2018, most likely in October.

President Paul Biya, aged 84, who has been in power for 35 years, and his opposition rival John Fru Ndi have not yet confirmed if they will be standing.

AFP via enca.com

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  1. maximilliene ngombe you this attention seeking whore, it is your duty to provide facts not the govt one, if you accuse me of stealing it is your duty to prove to us that i indeed stole something from you, so give us proofs for your nonsensical figures? where are the bodies? where are the grieving families? the govt doesn’t have the time to answer to a paid agent and a whore, you have no morals and decency left in you. this is the same accusations you made in buea, saying how there were mass rapes, yet no plaints in any jurisdiction, no girls came forward, you mean your western funded parasite organization could not meet or arrange a tv show with the alleged victims of your mass rapes fantasy ? i mean i understand that getting laid must very rare for an ugly creature such as you, but stop.

    • Pinguiss I do not know in which world you come from, you ask for corpse, there are numerous corpse lying in Buea, Bamenda and other mortuaries around North West and South West. There are numerous reports of people that have gone to pick up their family members from the mortuary killed during this struggle and have met many there. Different media houses, both international and national have reported similar figures. So yes the proves are there and there are videos captured with the military doing this. So yes the government needs to vindicate itself. What are you talking about man?

  2. as for you akere monkeyna you will never be president of this country, not after stigmatizing a whole section of this country, calling francophone genocidaire/genocide perpetrators, who do you plan on ruling? abeg don’t humiliate yourself oldpa,not only you are old, but you are a pendulum, never here or there, who needs a double headed snake such as you, someone who went as far as writing a letter to the UN accusing francophone to commit genocide on anglophone, at this juncture you should seek total separation i mean as an anglo you should fear for your life in a franco dominated city such as yaounde, how do you plan to run the country when franco want to kill you. such is the tale of anglofools, one day they want secession the next day they want to run for presidency one day franco want

    • one day franco want to commit genocide on you, the next day they are sending their children to school in our regions. the irony, it is only in ambashitnia that parents send their children to live among people who want to commit genocide against them.

      • Why are you weeping uncontrollably? I told you our children are going to your area because you are so great! Why are your soldiers all over our land? Because for sixty years all you do is eat, drink and steal. We opened the tap of resources to you, and what have you done with it? Look putting a gold ring on pigs like you have been a total waste of time. What education can you provide anyone? Why are your best students at Kondengui? We gave you the BAC Board, so if you can initiate anything and take care of your own students, what can you do to ours who go over to your area? France and it’s toadies in Yaoundé know what they are up to with the Munas. Their belated attempt to undercut anglophone resolve with one of theirs is laughable!

        • I don’t NEEd a slave to tell me that I’m great lmao , as a true son of the soil , the country is engineered by me and for me , everyday in Cameroon is the celebration of my greatness my forefathers heritage and my ancestors fight . I can leave the street Andy become whatever I want in Cameroon . I can’t communicate in my language, have access to all the resources I want ,while you on the other hand is poor and sorry 5th class citizen , a bonafide slave who shall forevermore remains under my boot . In fact in this country we built my urine and feces are more dignified than you

      • @Pinguiss, ashia bro. You must really be hurting ?. Cry us a river with your stupid rants. You must be mad ? that that beautiful Anglo girl won’t drop her pant for you; so, you stub low to name calling. For your info, your stupid civil law states that your are guilty until proven innocent. So, your government will have to prove that innocence and not the other way round. The burden of proof is on your government. I know that hurt. I am glad you have lived in a common law country for too long that you think the accuser will have to come with evidence of the crime. Our system states that you are innocent until proven guilty.

        • Anglofools girls are throwing themselves at our Franco dicks , they call being “évolue” as a Franco I have no difficulting getting laid, we represent strong and masculine men , with actually real opportunities, we are more handsome and richer than their brothers. and they know very damn well that in term of dating being with a Franco represent doors being opened for them or opportunities for , but too bad it is Never for real we are only shagging them while on mission in Sw or Nw or while doing business or being civil servants

        • GIVE us the names of the girls that were raped . Or it only happened on Facebook like you’re dream shit ambashitnia? Like we need to rape Anglo Bami girls to get laid , they are literally throwing themselves at us over there if I want to shag an ambazonian girl I don’t need to rape ,speaking French is enough they love it and crave for our superior Beti d1ck .

        • A real man works in the fields , like we are doing at CDC, which as you know is the second employer after the gov’t. A real man creates lasting structures, like us bringing about the GCE board, BAC Board, UB, SDF. Effeminate kleptomaniacs rush to the drawer immediately there’s a sign of cash and make away with it. They deck out in three piece suits under tropical temperatures, drink vino and Ghandia, and rape our girls. If our girls weren’t appealing , would you rape them? Your effeminate selves are routinely awarded preventive detention at Kondengui and you while away your pathetic existence there! What kind of masculine man excels in stealing and raping girls?

        • YOU mean rape victims that’s only exist on Facebook ? Rape victims that never came forward to denounce what happened to them and tell their ordeal ? Yeah rape indeed if anything the way they behave should tell us it was consensual or they loved the shagging hence their silence or their parents silence , ambashitnia girls would kill for a Franco bf that’s when they know they have reached Michele Obama status, they can brag among their friends ,calling themselves: évolue” receive free French lessons they can actually live knowing that their bf might be something in this country and not a boi boi , they know thanks to their bfs their only way to come to Yaoundé won’t be through being maid or servants as it usually the case . Boi you are working the fields by default not by choice .

        • Pinguiss,
          A true son of the soil doesn’t rape girls on his land. He doesn’t embezzle taxpayers’ money and go to idle away in prison. Power was handed to you by Ahidjo and you run the country to its knees. Any doubt why you are now rushing over to our land to kill and steal resources? We are true sons of our soil and see who if forcing themselves on us. Hear you woman Soyakutsi: “ We must live together as brothers or perish as fools”. See how your women are yearning to be with us, while your men are raping our girls! Son of the soil, the N and SW are not Gabon. Go back to Gabon and claim son of the soil there!

      • Do not lose sight of Governor Lele L’Afrique dispatching memos (en patoi) urging his people to withdraw their children and send them back home for schooling out there.

      • @you realized that you still have not touch the legal aspect of my post below right. You keep the rant on the nonsensical stuff. Do I need to tell you that a francophone girl flew from MN to come get pregnant by me in CA and we were not even dating? She thought she would get me hooked? Guess what my Anglo girl and I are going strong. I pity you because I don’t have to get to the vulgarity that you are into. You primate of no class.

        • @ Pinguis. Stop spreading fake news. The Anglophones are not the most ugly people in Cameroon.The last time I checked Professeur Gervais Mendo Ze (the most ugly man in Cameroon) is a francophone from the South and I’m sure a lot of men and women from the South look like him. Can you please show us your picture to confirm you are not one of those from the South that look like him?

      • @Pinguiss
        Don’t you know francophone are beggars?, they don’t even have what to eat.Why are you francophone forcing Anglophones to have your women as wives?.Go and see what you people are doing in Douala and Yaoundé.We are kings and queens in your midst.Subtract the Bamilike from your midst, you people are nothing but empty vessels.I have never find a rich francophone except a Bamilike.Where are the rest of them?. Francophone girls run behind us, because they know we are hardworking and caring.How many of you are handsome? ugly men with childish and nasty behavior.Clinton Njie and Fai Collins are the most handsome in the national team.That is proof numbers one.

        • LoL Rudolf, sorry but Fai is not handsome. The most handsome is by far Teikue Aldolphe. Plus he’s got beautiful eyes… And I am an anglophone girl.

    • Yes it is true that Akere Muna will never become president, but that is only because he is not worthy to even be President for Anglophone Cameroon but not because he called the francophone blood sucking regime genocidal. Akere Muna is already one of you, brain washed anglophone, stooge to francophones who thinks that being in the middle will earn him some political points.

      Anyways I feel so sorry for people like you, people with no degree of self retrospect, people that cannot even tell the truth for lies. That is why you will for ever remain a mental slave.

    • @Pinguiss we know the biggest whores and urgly looking chicks hail from the francophone regions. One of few beautiful ones of your sisters board a plane from MN to Cali to suck and hump on my Anglo-ish (does saying graffi even get you more pissed?) lol. Well, that got her pregnant real quick. Now she got a baby by me and her plan was to move in when I already have a number one. I sent her back to where she came from and I am living a beautiful life now with my gorgeous princess. Pathetic that you choice to go that route. Do you want more stories like this on the ones in Cali? Those that are trying to break homes for Anglo couples because they know we have it going good for us in a free world where you guys are not favored. Come get a lesson you SOB.

    • A Pinguis, Although Akere Muna may be hated by the Bulu people because they are afraid he is known internationally and is one of the few Cameroonians who can actually challenge and woop Biya’s ass in a general election,he is loved by the rest of the 90% of Cameroonians who hate Biya to the point of wishing him dead. TRUST ME AKERE MUNA IS GOING TO WOOP BIYA’S ASS IN 2018. The Bamis, the Sawas, the Northerners, the Ewondos are going to support him over Biya. Every Cameroonian wants Biya gone except the Bulu people and read my lips as the Jamaicans say Biya soon guan.

  3. This is the crop of the crop.
    Nothing to add

  4. Akere Muna, your popular brother Ben Muna created his own party and stood for presidential election and he could not win. What makes u think that u are going anywhere? Are you just seeking for fame or cheap popularity? Abeg pa go rest

  5. Akere you come out minutes after your brothers and sisters were crushed by a foreign armed force and declare your candidacy for president! Wao! As a lawyer, an important one for that matter, your people are expecting a strong condemnation of the brutal massacre of our families by the regime from Yaoundé. You should call with the strongest terms possible for an immediate investigation of the killings, and subsequent prosecution of perpetrators. Yet, you seize the opportunity to sneak your way to power…more power! We are coming!

    • @Senator
      speaking English doesn’t make us Brothers. Have you forgotten about come no go? You don’t even consider those in the same village as Brothers and sisters. How come that all who speak English are now Brothers and sisters. Fact is, we are not.

  6. Akere, may God forgive you for this sin you are about to commit and redirect you into the right path.

    • A sin for you may be seen as a blessing to Akere Muna, the opportunistic political neophyte… But God might just be on his side… and satan on yours!

      • The French majority invested interest in Bakassi and your entire nation is what you are protecting do you realize? Is it not Total and Elf that are transporting oil drilling and exploration equipment to Bakassi as we speak? As a self confessed Bassa settler of Limbe now claiming the city as your heritage why don’t you tell us what the French Army are taking out of Befaka Balue in coffins for 15 years now and counting? Why don’t you tell us what the French Army base in Man O War Bay is protecting? The biggest embarrassment is many of you don’t even know your are French N**gg*rs that need emancipation. Always creating diversion where there’s none. Ambazonians don’t fight. They protect, preserve and defend. That’s why they have rejected Akere Muna in his entierty so don’t pin him on them.

        • ‘ENTIRETY’ and not ‘ENTIERTY’

          Akere Muna does not need any permission from the termites of the fictional Ambazombi nation to pursue his dreams. You are free to continue wandering in the wilderness until the snake decides to put an end to your suffering on earth.

        • @Ras Tuge

          Hahahaha fair enough! I never claimed to be infallible so don’t focus on your new correction craft as the basis of any political discourse. Besides your cunning diversion rant you can tell my spelling is not wrong under the same article in French where I earlier responded to your political distortion. Take off the English slip and you have no point do you? Tell me why the French are investing heavily in Bakassi and you are still deceiving the rest on your other post it is Canadians? Tell me their business in Man O War Bay and what they are taking out of Befaka Balue? Do you have any clue you are protecting their interests yet struggling to cast them away? You cannot run away from your shadow. Cameroonians submitting to French neocolonialism will always be your prerogative.

        • You need to get yourself updated about the criminal machinations of the vandals whom a good many of you are chasing like people with no eyes. Documents on the sale of Bakassi resources by your bandits of leaders have been made available to the public. Go and do your homework!

  7. It will just be fair enough if the next président of Cameroon originates from the English part of the Country. With the complexity of our Country, the executive power needs to rotate.
    The big North hade its time with Ahidjo, the big South with Biya. It is time for an ‘Anglophone ‘ to be in charge.
    That is just common sense. We can not ignore a big part of our Country for decades if we want to move forward.
    People need to feel included for peace to reign.

    • Fair because of what exactly? Pity? No, woman… that is total nonsense! Ever heard of the word coalition?

      • Not because of pity @ Ras Tuge, but justice. Coalition could work in a democratic state, but not in Cmr, knowing the mentality of our people.

        • When you are coming from a place of guilt, chants of justice expose nothing but culpability.

          Your people have taken the whole nation hostage thanks to the pleasures and indulgences of power. So when you talk about the ‘MENTALITY OF OUR PEOPLE’, it must be made absolutely clear that you refer to your ethnic group; and not the so-called Anglophones, or even the so-called Francophones who have all been largely excluded from the primary circuits of social life; not to mention resource distribution.

          Fairness, justice, inclusion are words that pertain to a comprehensive conception of justice. The principle of Justice as Fairness, as it is termed, is applied to safeguard the least advantaged against oppression. So why not hand power over to the poor and forgotten pygmies of the BIG EAST?

        • @ Ras Tuge
          I allways speak for myself, I can’t be responsable for what every Beti person do or did.
          My “ethnic group “as you put it is not responsable for the miserable live of every Cameroonian.
          Biya, a Bulu man from Mvomeka’a is the head of state, but his entourage is not essentialy Bulu/Beti. The so called Beti are even a minority in the gvt of Cameroon. Don’t just look att Yaoundé, look at the hole Country.
          Stop the stigmatisation. My people are very calm, intelligent and respectful. The Bulu are never involved in vandalism and violence.
          We are the ones calling out for peace and togetherness, while everyone else want to kill each other.
          I don’t think the pygmé in the east even care about what is happening in that Country.

        • You don’t think the pygmies of the Eastern province care about what is happening in Cameroon?! How did you arrive at that conclusion? Have you spoken to the pygmies to find out what they think about the situation in Cameroon? Have you immersed yourself within the context of the pygmies to get an understanding of their own perception of a political situation that has relegated them to a subhuman level?

          Of course, the pygmies do not count for Her Majesty, the of queen of peace, liberty, and justice. That’s your statement! The pygmies are powerless and therefore, they don’t matter. They are the most oppressed, but in all your generosity, your notion of power rotation excludes them (BIG EAST).

          Yea, your Bulu/Beti people are suffering too; but not when it gets to proportional representation.

    • Épée Dipanda

      Biku on ne veut pas, on ne veut plus.
      Some Anglophones will definitely remain in La Republique, please work with them.
      We have left for Buea. We don’t want President again. As for the Muna’s we know what the father did to us so this treachery is not news but I suspect Akere is being setup. I think he may be smarter than that.
      Wuna don see Wetin?
      Ambazonia is free

      • @ Epée Dipanda
        With your sawa name, are you even sure you are “Anglo ” ? Hihihi..You have left for Buea? With who?
        Search inside your hole family and you will found you are more “Franco ” than you think.

        Bantu people fighting each other, what a waste!

        • @ Bikutsi,
          You are free to express yourself in a language you master best (i suppose french). Please do me a favour. Stop using english language because i hardly understand what you want to say. Too many mistakes.

    • Soyakutsi,
      The train left the station long ago! Rotate your power amongst yourselves. When you were prescribing tough measures against Anglophones at the beginning, you wanted peace or chaos to reign? Muna is a creature of your French-crafted swamp. Make him your president!

      • Don’t mixed up things.
        There is a big differens between “terrorists ” and “Anglophones “. Stop pretending you don’t get it.
        The train left with who in charge? Sisiku ? The cheif terrorist who is frighting women on social media? Is that your Hero?

      • @ Sam, I think Bikutsi writes better English than some Anglophones I know and some in this forum. The English language is not our language. It is the Queen of England’s language. I am 100% sure the Queen of England can understand what Bikutsi just wrote and if you can’t understand, then you have a problem.

    • @Bikutsi, your reasoning is a generous one; however, we have only been asking for a working system for too long. One that is inclusive to all and let the best thrive. Anglophones are not asking for handouts, just a fair system that levels the playing field and let everything else be of merit. We know we can do better when we compete… thanks


    Such an uprooted caption is supposed to be speaking of WHO exactly?????? French-majority Cameroon???!!!! Anglophone???!!!! What a scandal!

  9. To run for the presidency the rule requires a candidate to have a platform (political party) n’est-ce pas? Does candidate Akere Muna have one already?

    #2. Akere Muna will be running against the “Natural Candidate” of the RDPC ( Rigeur a Depasse le People Camerounais) or possibly the (Constitutional Successor) of the incumbent president.

    #3. Last but certainly not the least, he won’t know the date for the election because it remains and has always remained a CLOSELY GUARDED SECRET of the incumbent in such an advanced democracy. The west or even the east can go to hell.

    Still want to try? Qui ne risque rien n’a rien. Why not?

  10. He s contesting within the Cpdm. He should go on . Nobody in English Cameroon will participate in any elections

  11. together cameroon

    Obama was not president in a white majority US,john fru didn’t win the election in 1992 before he sell it to Paul biya,
    please you people should stop saying nonsense,you have a choice to vote or not.
    you all want a good governance and remove this dictatorial regime,this is a chance.
    since more than 20 years,this is the only true person to be president and a good challenger.

  12. The Face of EVIL….The man is preparing already a protest after the election…he will say BIYA stole his election we know that and bring trouble…please finish with him! make him disable..set a young gay man to accuse him of rape…and this lesbo woman please go and hide

  13. Traitor. Like father like son. Go drink gari. Sellout.

  14. In case you are renting out to any uniform person, tell he or she, to
    quietly leave. Don`t threaten anyone, but be true to your word. Just
    anyone in uniform.
    You will be told the next thing to do.

    • ‘Tell HIM or HER to leave’ and not ‘tell HE or SHE to leave’.

      All these so-called Anglophones from ‘ENGLISH CAMEROON’ who can’t express themselves in English! What a pity!

      Death threats, threats of violence, and unwarranted destruction are iconoclastic leitmotivs of your self-serving guild of delusional vandals, as typified by your self-imposed so-called interim president Sessekoko Ayuk Tabe who threatens to eliminate a woman and her children.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      Chief terrorist joshua….

      You are a shameless coward and terrorist!!

      What plans do you have for the people who earn their bread from the rents paid to them by uniform people?

      Will you provide them with bread?

  15. @Bikutsi,

    You are free to express yourself in a language you master best (i suppose french). Please do me a favour. Stop using english language because i hardly understand what you want to say. Too many mistakes.

    • I ‘m very much aware that my english is bad, but the ones who understand me ,usualy gets my points.
      Thank you for your concern. I will take it in consideration.
      Ps: The language I master best is Bulu. Not french. How I wish we could all write in Bulu in this Forum.

      • Well said Bikutsi. Please keep on expressing yourself, you are an intelligent individual and your comments are filled with wisdom. Stay blessed.

    • @ Sam. It looks like you are secretly in love with Bikutsi. We all know Bikutsi is Francophone and instead of concentrating on her English which I think the Queen of England will perfectly understand, you should be addressing the mistakes some of your Anglophone brothers make as Ras just pointed out above.

  16. In case you are not a landlord, don`t sell or give anything food, to them.
    The only way to give, is when you mix it up with some gamalin 29 etc.

    You see, you are dying there without fighting back, `because of want of knowledge`.
    Where is the church and the prayers, casting of demons etc, that they told you, day
    in day out? For once, be wise.

  17. Wow . Can we live above the mean level of trading insults.?
    Can we have respect for one another even though we may not share each others point of view?
    We verbally and physically humiliate our breed and we expect better results from other breeds?
    From Top ranking government officilas down to the man in the street corner?
    Have you ever question why the rest of the world look down on our race and treat us as such even when you are president like Obama.
    Can we come out with ideas to better our country our people while reasonable expecting different points of view and learning to accomadate them?
    Must it be verbal and physical abuse just because We don t share the same point of view?
    (just thinking aloud after reading many comments here)

  18. @ PINGUIS, Permettre moi de te insulter dans ton proper langue disont le francais. La manier que tu te comporte dans cette resaux, demontre que, tu est vraiment malade dans ta tete. Je ne sais pas quel tasse de café que tu a bu ce matin. Ca montre que, tu couche avec ta petite soeur et ta mere dans la nuit dans une couloir cache. Un vrai paysan qui dire que le Cameroun est un pays non indivisible, mais tu et la pour montre une vrai visage de division. Ca faire vraiment honte de toi pour les mots que tu cortise dans cette page. quelle niveau d’etude tu as? Un vrai educateur ne peut plus lancer les mots de insultation autre freres est soeur dans une proper pays comme le Cameroun. C’est temps de toi a grandir comme un home pas comme un sac de manioc pourire.

    • Evidently, you had ‘U’ in French at the OL! Stick with English, and pass on your message with quiet dignity, my friend. The brother that you are addressing is quite proficient in English, as you can see.

    • Google translate they help Monkey

  19. homme, proper, quelle tasse du cafe

  20. C est quoi ce titre ? “Anglophone runs for president in French-majority Cameroon” je n avais jamais lu ce genre d imbecilite avant ce se desordre ambazombien. Et c est triste que les jounaux utilisent ces expressions qui selon moi n a aucune signification. En 1992 Ni John n etait pas candidat des anglos, les camerounais sont morts pour lui . Le plus amusant est que le rdpc gagne toujours ses elections dans les zones du sud ouest avec la complicite de tous ces petits bandits de la republique facebook ( Ambazombia) devenus pseudo liberateurs alors qu a Douala il rencontre ( rdpc) la resistance. Y aura jamais deux Cameroun . Bayangui ashao pikin them i beg wuna go för wuna papa their countries. Et tous ceux qui sont morts en scandant ce drapeau n ont qu en s en prendre ä eux.

    • And the hatred goes on. Your reaction tells me there are extremists on both sides. Fortunately both groups are just a minority.

      • Épée Dipanda

        Sam these cries are unnecessary. You know it, I know it….we cannot live together. The francophonisation of our homeland cannot continue. They believe a useless government must be in charge of everything with illiterate ministers and officials.
        We cannot subject our grandchildren to this indignity.
        We must restore our nation and bequeath a better destiny to our progeny.
        We have left for Buea in Ambazonia.