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Anglophones split over Atanga Nji’s Ministerial appointment

Journal du Cameroun | News of the appointment of the former Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency of the Republic, Paul Atanga Nji, as the new Minister of Territorial Administration over the weekend, swept through the Anglophone Regions like an inferno.

Paul Atanga Nji
While some Anglophones, especially apologists of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) lauded the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, for finally placing an English-speaking Cameroonian in one of the sovereign Ministries in the country, which has over the years been the preserve of Frnacophones, others argued that Atanga Nji’s appointment is of no consequence to the Anglophones.

Reacting to the appointment of the Permanent Secretary at the National Security Council, Ignatius Mbah, said the appointment of Antanga Nji to the coveted Territorial Administration Ministry is a sign of recognition by the Head of State for his selfless service to the people of Cameroon.

“Every hard work deserves a reward. I think the Head of State is just rewarding Atanga Nji for the selfless service he has rendered to Cameroonians as Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency of the Republic, which to me, is his due,” Mbah told Journalducameroun.com.

Another Anglophone, Kenneth Tanchekong, said any President on earth can only appoint people who can bring his vision for the country to fruition.

“I think Atanga Nji has demonstrated to President Paul Biya beyond all reasonable doubt that he can assist him in achieving his vision for Cameroon.

Remember that President Biya has set a development agenda for Cameroon which must be attained by 2035. To achieve this, he needs people who are loyal to him like Atanga Nji and people he trust. I think Biya really trust Atanga Nji and it is only normal for him to give him more responsibilities.”

On his part, Johannes Ndumbe Eko said the new portfolio of Atanga Nji will spell doom for Anglophones.

“Anglophones should get ready because the President is sending one of theirs to crackdown on them. Remember that Atanga Nji has every power to rally the forces of law and order, first as Minister of Territorial Administration, who controls all Governors, SDOs, DOs and then as Permanent Secretary at the National Security Council. I fear for Anglophone,” he said.

To Bridgette Manyi Arrowame, Atanga Nji is now reaping the fruits of betraying is Anglophone brothers to the Biya regime. “Now that he has been made Minister with a portfolio, he will do worse things for President Biya to continue investing in him. Let’s watch and see our new Minister at work,” she said.

It would be recalled that Atanga Nji was one of the first Government official who ignited the furore of the Anglophones Crisis and, to a large extent, exacerbated it when he openly declared that there was no Anglophone Problem in Cameroon.

Many Anglophones are hoping that the new Minister of Territorial Administration will work with tact to protect the internal cohesion and not to further rekindle the waning embers of the Anglophone Crisis.

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  1. So what was all the fuss about sending children to school?

  2. Dominique Weber

    He is an eternal slave who will sell his brothers to fill his belly, but he will not escape from our hands

  3. Beasts of no nation.

  4. Épée Dipanda

    I suspect Paul Biya is trying his best to destroy the country. He may actually be a blessing in disguise to Anglophones.
    Atangana Nji will finally cause the internal community to take notice, such will be his mismanagement of that function that Ambazonian freedom will seem like the best of two evils.
    Put in your seat belts folks, this ride is gonna get rough

  5. What an insult, an academic drop out being the boss of 10 governors and 360 Divisional officers..

  6. Well done Mr Atanga. @ Donaldtrump, when & where are we going to drink mimbo? I heard say SISSICULT, BIGXISI BBC & OTHER AMBAZOMBIANS have to sing the KAMERUN NATIONAL ANTHEM in french as their daily breakfast ( at attention before a GREEN – RED – YELLOW flag). More of them (arrested in Calabar) will soon join them. Remember that Biya fought MEND during Obasanjo, is fighting BH in Nigeria & much more assists to Nigeria in the past & those dreamers believe it’s just to mention ”we are both english speaking” to get all favour. Atanga Nji will show you people pepper. you’ll menstrate like women. FYI he is also the boss of the National Security Council. Sissicouille laptops will help us fetch all of you. it’s just a matter of time.

    • Épée Dipanda

      You will have to survive without Ambazonia very soon. Get used to it.
      You will soon have to farm to eat.
      Let that sink in.

  7. Does it really make sense to comment on the appiontment of Mr Atanga Nji?
    All we could say is:
    – this is a man who is a criminal.
    This is a man who is supposed to be in Jail..
    This is a man who does not even accept there is an anglophone crisis when the country is in full scale war..
    And he is today the minister of territorial administration?..
    Are we really serious?..
    This man has just been put in place to make sure his master wins the election..
    He will Course rig the elections and the people in yaounde will say, but it was an anglophone minister who announced the results…What a dirty game …So shameful..
    Will such criminals be able to look for dialogue to solve our countrys problems?..No way..

  8. An EX-CONVICT appointed Minister in charge of prisons shows how rotten “one and indivisible” LRC has become.

    The appointment of a person who claims that there is “THERE IS NO ANGLOPHONE PROBLEM” is a blessing in disguise for Southern Cameroonians. Atanga Nji will act as a catalyst on the liberation struggle and therefore intensify the momentum.

    The appointment by Dictator Hitler of Marshal Philippe Pétain during World War II as head of the Régime de Vichy in France was a blessing to the liberation struggle of Charles De Gualle

    My motions of thanks to Biya for appointing the PUBLIC ENEMY No. 1 of Southern Cameroonians as Minister of the Interior and the PUBLIC ENEMY No. 2 of Southern Cameroonians as the Minister of secondary education. The appointments are blessings in disguise

    • Atanga Nji and Nalova PhD will help intensify the liberation struggle. Biya has once again proven, beyond the reasonable doubt, that he does not care about the grievances of Southern Cameroonians.
      Atanga Nji is a renowned denier of the existence of the Anglophone Question.
      Nalova PhD invited the terrorists of LRC to rape, molest and kill UB students.
      The above-mentioned CPDM sycophants represent the interests of LRC, themselves and their families.
      The do not represent Southern Cameroonians.
      Simply put, the appointment of Nji and Nalova PhD is an insult to Southern Cameroonians

  9. My brothers and sisters so y’all think Dictator Paul is stupid in politics by appointing another cow head Paul as a new Minister? “No I think Biya just want to wipe out anything that concerns Anglophone beside him.” Mark my words. Biya is too wise to a fault. Dictator Biya wants to send Atanga Nji to life Imprisonment but he had no means but to assign him the minister of Territorial Administration so he can press charges that he betrayed his trust. It’s Cameroon and we all know how the system works.
    Fuck Cameroon and his French government.

    Paul Biya’s Vision is to eliminate English in Cameroon before 2035

    Biya’s developmental agenda for Cameroon before 2035 is to completely wipe out English citizens and he’s gradually archiving his objectives.

    • Sounds ironic but true. The much trumpeted “elites” allow themselves to be used like toilet paper and then tossed away. And the president is doing so with relish……….