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Apeurés, les élèves quittent les régions anglophones

Annoncée le 4 septembre , la rentrée scolaire dans les régions du Nord-ouest et du Sud-ouest du Cameroun n’a pas véritablement repris, selon plusieurs sources locales.

Très peu d’établissements scolaires ont pu ouvrir leurs portes dans les régions anglophones. L’effectivité de la ville morte, de lundi à mercredi, dans ces régions nourrit la peur des parents et des élèves.

Les élèves de ces régions anglophones avaient pris le chemin de l‘école à la date communiquée par le gouvernement, mais pour une courte durée. Certains élèves se disant menacés par les activistes préfèrent rejoindre d’autres villes comme Yaoundé ou encore Douala. Certains sites locaux rapportent l’exode des élèves vers le Nigeria voisin. La Federal Government Colege Ikom dit avoir reçu plus d’une cinquantaine d‘élèves en provenant du nord-ouest du Cameroun.

Pourtant, la ville de Bamenda, au cœur de la protestation avait accueilli plusieurs hauts responsables camerounais, au début du mois de septembre. Une façon de rassurer les parents à envoyer leurs enfants à l‘école, après trois de vacances. Cette opération séduction n’aura duré qu’un temps. L’insécurité est encore présente dans la région, les établissements scolaires incendiés par les activistes menacent une reprise effective de l’année scolaire.

La libération de certains activistes anglophones à la veille de la rentrée scolaire par le président de la République Paul Biya n’a toujours pas apaisé les esprits. Dans leurs récentes revendications, les activistes ont réclamé la fédération du Cameroun ou la sécession du pays.


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  1. Not long ago, lapdogs of the present French remote controlled political disaster of a regime in Yaoundé were all over Nigeria, kicking the country for having been delivered from the fangs of Boko Haram by Cameroon. They will sure eat their shame now and acknowledge the fact that Cameroonian students are converging on Nigeria. They excel at navigation a vue and cosmetic measures and will surely beat their chests about students moving to La Republique to study. But remember, the land and spirit must remain anglophone. If any one is nursing hopes of creating a hold up in the anglophone region, counting on students to go study The gruesome legacy of French cheating in La Republique, they should think again. 50 students at Ikom in Nigeria is not an exodus. we will soon review where to pay taxes

  2. How do so-called ambozonians in the diaspora feel about this?

    • Very good. The Ndongos, the Mvondos etc. willcome tand talk to us as EQUAL partners. That is the only language you understand. Esso said ignore them, when they run out of money they will return to work. We are ready to sacrifice by peaceful means – civil disobedience – till u understand that you cannot rule a people by force!

      • isn’t it ironic that the NWesterners who can afford it are sending their kids to Douala, Bafoussam, etc so they can be in school.
        Only the poors of the poors are left for sacrifice.
        how about that. Are you happy for that situation?

        • When we said those people are dumb and confused some people thought we were joking , now the whole world is seeing what we have been saying for years , it is true indeed that bam enda is an insult . They say they are fighting francophonization whatever that means yet more and more Anglo fools are trooping to franco cities and regions they are only alienating their own people who in return will see by themselves that all the bad things they were told about Franco were simply pure fabricated lies , they will enjoy their and never return or better will oppose their own people once they received the truth in Franco regions . We can already see that with Anglo who were already in other regions simply not joining the so called fight . I’m yet to see a ghost anything in Obili -scalom .

        • lol. I beg Pinguiss, stop drinking Odontol. The flaws of you thought process are a marvel to behold.

        • Very much so indeed. Bi Mvondo has no authority and legitimacy. Schools do not work and courts do not work on our territory. That speaks for itself. You will talk when the steam becomes unbearable!

  3. Fear of the unknown is a weird force. It can make fools out of rational human beings.
    On November 6, 1982 erstwhile president, Alhaji Ahmadou Ahidjo took the nation by surprise when he announced his resignation from the helm. Faced with looming uncertainty ahead, some of his regime’s barons on tour ran for dear life. In so doing, the left their service vehicles behind! How does one run faster without one’s car? It turned out that the vehicle was also an identifier, an inconvenience they could do without to stay alive. The unknow….it is to be feared indeed, especially if one does not have clean hands.

    • Yada yada yada …..*yawns* …try to make sense for once . Grand pa na wa o you are really determined to die old,senile and dumb .

  4. Those going to school will come and rule those who are allergic to education.

    • Hmhmm, are you a ruler yourself today, or a victim of education allergy Colby?