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Athletes who vanished during Commonwealth Games turn up in Sydney

TVNZ | A group of athletes who disappeared while they were supposed to be competing at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games last month have finally resurfaced with their visas due to expire later tonight.

Daily Telegraph reports that the group of African athletes who went missing are now consulting with the Refugee Advice and Casework Service in Randwick, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Approximately 19 athletes disappeared during the Games, including five boxers and three wrestlers from Cameroon – one of whom was meant to face Kiwi fighter David Nyika in the heavyweight section quarter-finals.

The Australian Government emphasised during last month’s event that the athletes had not breached their visas by leaving the athletes’ village but they were warnings they would be tracked down as well as an urge to depart before the visas expired today.

“If they don’t want to be held in detention or locked up at the local watch house, they’d better jump on a plane before the 15th and comply with their visa’s conditions,” Australia’s Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton said.

It isn’t the first case of athletes disappearing during the Commonwealth Games.

In 2012, seven athletes from Cameroon were reported missing while back in 2006 in Melbourne, 14 athletes from Sierra Leone were eventually granted asylum after more than 40 competitors went missing.

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  1. Big sign, that there is pain in Cameroon and the youths are not having it easy.
    Why oh why, is our God deaf and blind?

  2. The totality of the news talks ABOUT them; how about talking TO them too?????????

    • If you hear about cooperation ties between two countries, it is
      all about the top consolidating their positions, period. If it is for
      the sake of everyone, your question will have an answer.

  3. The more the hypocritical Western Governments continue to support regimes that are willing to embrace reforms that will lead their citizens out of poverty, they should be singularly ready to accept those citizens who are escaping from poverty and deprivation.

  4. When citizens continue to escape from a country or any geagraphical zone,
    then there is or are very serious problems happening there.

    Who will not vanish, when instead of solving a problem the most simple way
    { dialogue}, the gov`t will work with a big power { US} and the next minute,
    war planes are in the country.

    Australia should keep bullying aside, and use the talents that have come to then.
    The world, is a no man`s land and humans, are free by divine authority, to survive

    • Citizens continue to escape but the entire universe is scrambling to occupy countries of that geographic zone. How do you explain this puzzle, Joshua? You are escaping from the very geographic zone that others continue to invade over and over just to make themselves kings and queens of the world! This is quite a pathological situation.

      As for dialogue, well, it is practically impossible to speak of dialogue with social outcasts who pledge allegiance to the Queen of England as opposed to their African forebears.

      Yea, the world looks like ‘a no man’s land’, but is it really? With all the divine authority, you still had to lead your people in the battle of Jericho! What exactly were you fighting for over there? You thought the world was ‘a no man’s land’ and you got colonized and enslaved!

      • In those towns and villages where gov`t forces have unlished mayhem,
        not only ambazonians, live there. Nigerians, who also ran away from
        mayhem and thought it is well there, are now caught a second time, in
        the web of babaric warfare. Are they now enjoying as kings and queens
        of the world as your dull head is claiming?

        • Learn to use simple words, Joshua… those big words are just confusing you.

          Ambazombi termite nation is in your fantasy, my friend. That’s why I say it is practically impossible to have a dialogue with social outcasts.

        • Ras Banga,
          You are the only great scholar who never gets anything right! You swore the war would not reach your backyard in the SW , but it did. You danced on the streets when the Bir arrived the same SW, but today you have gone into overdrive blaming others. You claimed Biya would put an end to the French empire in Africa, but everyday you applaud the actions he carries out to uphold that empire everyday. You spit on research and degrees got from Cameroonian universities,but no one has read a single research paper from you. Your delusions of grandeur are s legacy of prolonged weed use. Your psychotic rantings and high sounding nothing fool only the naive!

        • @Firefighter
          At least he has the other PhD(Pull Him Down).

          By the way, all Cameroonians should be asking themselves how they would do if they found themselves in the position of the current president.
          I watched in awe and sadness seeing military men in uniform and civilians alike wail in agony as the corpses of soldiers were being off-loaded from a military truck somewhere in the SW. Anybody with a conscience cannot fail to ask why a president would so complacently invite family members/friends to live such avoidable horrors during his watch. Were those victims of an accident or of karma?

  5. Southern Cameroon has put Biya and his gang of thevies such as Ras Tuge and co if your LRC was heaven on earth why are your brothers running away to return from that village call LRC God punish you people including your grand mothers

  6. Ambazonia has put Biya and his gang on the track