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Attempted coup originated in France: Equatorial Guinea

eNCA | MALABO – Equatorial Guinea says that an attempted coup against its government was organised in France, amplifying charges that an exile living in Europe was behind the plot.

“The plan was organised on French territory,” Foreign Minister Agapito Mba Mokuy told a press conference.

“It has nothing to do with the French government,” he said, adding, “we will cooperate with France as soon as we have more information”.

Mokuy said that in the light of the purported coup, his country was suspending participation in a new scheme to allow visa-free travel among six countries in central and western Africa.

Equatorial Guinea is a small, oil-rich state that has been ruled since 1979 by Teodoro Obiang, Africa’s longest-serving president.

Critics accuse him of brutal repression of opponents, electoral fraud and corruption. He has faced a string of coup attempts during nearly four decades in power.

The government says that foreign mercenaries mounted an attempted putsch on 24 December but it was thwarted.

 Foreign Minister Agapito Mba Mokuy

Mokuy said 27 “terrorists or mercenaries” had been arrested in a manhunt after the attempted coup, but “around 150” others were still being sought near the border with Cameroon.

Cameroon security sources said that the “mercenaries” arrested by Cameroonian police were Chadian, Sudanese and Centrafricans, as citizens of the Central African Republic (CAR) are called.

On Tuesday, CAR President Faustin-Archange Touader visited the capital, Malabo, to offer his support to the government.

“We need to know if the Centrafricans that were arrested have real of fake Centrafrican passports,” the presidency in Bangui told AFP.

On Friday, Chadian Foreign Minister Mahamat Zen Cherif said after a visit to Malabo that the author of the coup bid “is believed to be an Equatorial Guinean national living in Europe”.

Visa-free movement suspended 

Foreign Minister Mokuy also said Equatorial Guinea was suspending its part in an agreement with five other francophone states – Cameroon, CAR, Chad, Gabon and the Republic of Congo – to allow visa-free movement of their citizens among member nations.

The bloc, called the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC), began negotiations on the scheme more than 15 years ago.

The process was hampered by fears by Equatorial Guinea and Gabon – oil-rich and relatively sparsely populated – that they would be swamped by an influx of job-seekers from poorer members.

Negotiations culminated in an announcement at a summit in the Chadian capital of N’Djamena on November 1 that the pact had finally been ratified by all six states.

Mokuy, at Wednesday’s press conference, said “free circulation doesn’t mean that you can move around as you want”.

“You have to have a biometric passport, a CEMAC passport, a secure passport. So long as these conditions are not met, and given what has happened in Equatorial Guinea, we say that in order to travel to our country (people have) to go to our embassies” for a visa, he said.

Tense relations with France 

Obiang, 75, took power in a coup on August 3, 1979, ousting his own uncle, who was shot by firing squad.

He was re-elected to a fifth seven-year term in 2016, gaining more than 90 percent of the vote according to the official results.

Legislative elections on November 12 last year saw the ruling party win 92 percent of the vote, a result condemned as fraudulent by dissidents.

The small west African nation is one of sub-Sahara’s biggest oil producers but a large proportion of its 1.2 million population still lives in poverty.

Relations with France are tense after Obiang’s son, Teodorin Obiang, 48, was given a three-year suspended prison sentence by a French court in October for embezzling public funds, money-laundering and corruption and abuse of trust.

The younger Obiang is estimated to have used France to launder 150-million euros (R2.2-billion) in misappropriated funds.

He was also given a suspended fine of 30-million euros (R460-million). His lawyers have said they will appeal the verdict.

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    • **** BREAKING NEWS ****

      President Buhari dismissed on the 09.01.2018 Director General of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA )and appointed a new one. The dismissal was not unconnected to the UNLAWFUL abduction of the leaders of SC . He was bribed by LRC to abduct the leaders.
      This is crystal clear proof that the leaders of SC can and will NEVER EVER be repatriated to Biya’s genocidal Island of Peace

      LRC media outlets that praised Biya for putting an end to the SC revolution have now understood that the abduction was a NON-EVENT because the struggle will continue.

      • Fake news!!! The former director, Mr Ayo Oke was sacked last year for a problem linked to a huge amount of money found in an appartment during a raid by Nigerian’s economic and financial crimes commission. President Buhari merely approved his substitute, Mr.Ahmed Rufai Abubakar. Now, repeat after me: “The lies sending youths into their graves must stop now”. Repeat…

        • Truth is King. The affirmation now of the new NIA Director could be the result of intelligence failures highlighted by the abductions. There may be more to it. Many leaders are moved by events, not politics. The claim may not be baseless. An error in the predicate makes the conclusion baseless.

      • "The lies sending youths into their graves must stop now”.

        “The lies sending youths into their grave must stop
        “The lies sending youths into their graves must stop now”.
        “The lies sending youths into their graves must stop now”.
        “The lies sending youths into their graves must stop now”.
        “The lies sending youths into their graves must stop now”.
        “The lies sending youths into their graves must stop now”.
        “The lies sending youths into their graves must stop now”.
        And don’t get me wrong I am not a Biya Fan, I just believe lies and misinformation have poisoned what was meant to be an authentic revolution, not necessarily by arms but through civic dissent.

        • You are so pessimistic, because the problems are not the sane. Money talks, first case money was shared among friends, this time this bastard kept the loot for himself in a hurry. On an optimistic note, let’s give the money to Buhari and his friends

        • can you please help us with what u call lies?
          The simple truth is that cameroonan youths dont have a future..
          The country is corrupt, unemployment rate very high, no innovation and just nothing to keep young people busy..They have died on their way to Europe, they have been brutalized, beaten, humiliated for demanding equal rights and justice…
          The government is made of mafia structures, masterminded by a killer in the name of Paul Biya..And yet you get the GODS to talk of lies…
          Wake up from sleep..
          If you cant fight and die for a better cameroon, just be quiet and remain a slave a life..
          Where we are today in cameroon, there must be a change for good…

      • “The [DICTATORSHIP] sending youths into their graves must stop now”. Repeat…

        Paul Adolf Hitler Biya should take special note

        • Insult me or not, the leaders of SC can and will NEVER EVER, I repeat NEVER EVER be repatriated to Biya’s genocidal Island of Peace.

          As a reminder, I had promised in writing on this same forum that:

          If the leaders of SC were sent to the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC, I will:

          1. stop contributing on this forum FOREVER
          2. join the CPDM
          3. wear the CPDM regalia every day until I die

          The above promises remain valid


  2. One day, Equatorial Guinea will quit CEMAC to join ECOWAS unless the expansionism of Francafrique can be tamed.

  3. Cameroon is already a victim. European designs implemented by their stooges in Africa. The annexation of what French officials called “le fief Britanique” has given birth to Ambazonia. Planned in France and executed by a stooge in Yaounde in a diabolic trade off for life presidency. Problems made by man.

  4. je vous dis une chose sarkozy a offert 2 ans avant un pistolet a Kadafi disant c performant et tout…je vous assure jai la preuve c avec xa ils ont traquer tout sure kadafi recuperer tout le gps de ses mouvement et ecouter tout autour de lui…la preuve il est mort avec entre le main…c’etait le cadeau empoissonner…je vous emprie ne pas garder xa avec vous! ya que le negre ki crois kil ya njoor la dehors

  5. Amba boys are the biggest liars. Accusing the government meanwhile they lie more than the government.

  6. It saddens me that the Nigerian government will decide to arrest these individual, who have done nothing wrong, and hand them over to a genocidal regime under Paul Biya of Cameroon. These individuals will be torture and will be lucky to come out alive.

    Well, this comes to remind us that President Buhari is not a democrat at heart and has never converted to democracy; he is just a brutal military man dressed in civilian clothing.

  7. Let’s learn a valuable lesson from this. I didn’t want to write about this, the IG other Ambazonian intellects should plan better. We must engage Israel o matter what (they know BIR and biya). I said before not to trust Nigeria unless you are willing to bribe numerous groups. Meetings should be conducted in caves or forests in different native languages, through methods like drums, encryption, sign language. Multiple Presidents and Secretaries of State in different locations , speaking same language and plans, ready to take over at any time. We are over 2million in the diaspora with tremendous wealth. Fake elections are coming up in larepublique, Equatorial Guinea hates biya junta, let’s work with them. Larepublique is surrounded by enemies, let’s intensify divisions within and outside lar

  8. All we need to do individually, is continue to wear larepublique down from all angles, they don’t have the resources or the intelligence. They know two things, BRIBERY and VIOLENCE. Discourage tourism, don’t buy their products or any country or entity that supports them, boycott elections and African Cup of Nations and more.

  9. I think it’s very clear now that Anglophones don’t belong in Cameroon. Take a look at a portion I copied from that write up, where Cameroon is clearly referred
    to as “Francophone” State ?

    Foreign Minister Mokuy also said Equatorial Guinea was suspending its part in an agreement with five other francophone states – Cameroon, CAR, Chad, Gabon and the Republic of Congo – to allow visa-free movement of their citizens among member nation.

  10. France thé mastermind of all misery in French Africa. When will these puppets realise the end game of France and prevent them from taking part in anything related to Africa?