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Au Cameroun, le père Tsala, l’exorciste qui prie pour vaincre le démon de la guerre

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Prêtre catholique et moine bénédictin du monastère Notre-Dame du Mont Fébé à Yaoundé, le père Pierre Tsala parcourt les paroisses du Cameroun pour chasser les démons et prier pour les malades.

Ces dernières semaines, il a centré son ministère sur la prière pour la paix dans le pays, alors que la zone anglophone est plongée dans une crise politique et militaire sans précédent.

Jeudi 15 février, la paroisse Marie-Mère de Dieu de Nkol-Beck, située au quartier Emombo, une des agglomérations populaires de la capitale camerounaise, reçoit le père Pierre Tsala pour une messe d’intercession prévue en fin d’après-midi.

Ce moine bénédictin, prêtre depuis 25 ans, est l’exorciste du diocèse de Yaoundé. « J’exerce mon ministère avec l’accord de ma communauté, précise-t-il. Elle a juste demandé que cela ne m’empêche pas de remplir mes obligations de moine. »

Prier avec le père Tsala

Il est 15 heures. De nombreux chrétiens prennent d’assaut l’église paroissiale. Ils viennent de tous horizons, certains pour demander une guérison, d’autres pour soumettre à la prière du père Tsala des problèmes particuliers.

C’est le cas de Carole, la quarantaine, cadre dans un important département ministériel du Cameroun, qui souffre d’une tumeur au cerveau. « J’ai fait tous les hôpitaux spécialisés du Cameroun où j’ai reçu toute sorte de soins. Je n’ai pas eu d’amélioration. Les médecins avaient prédit ma mort, il y a un an, explique-t-elle. Depuis que je viens prier avec le père Tsala Pierre, ma santé s’est considérablement améliorée. »


Edmond, quant à lui, dirige une société d’État. Voilà plus de deux ans qu’il ne rate aucune prière ou messe du bénédictin. « J’étais dans des sectes ésotériques depuis trente ans, confesse-t-il. J’ai commis des forfaits abominables. Le père Pierre Tsala que j’ai rencontré par hasard m’a ramené au Seigneur. Je vais partout prier avec lui ».

Prier pour la paix

« Je les accueille en leur faisant comprendre que la solution à nos problèmes ne pourra venir que de Dieu, explique modestement le moine exorciste. On se retrouve, on prie ensemble mais chacun pour ses intentions, pour ses besoins, chacun pour sa situation. Seul Dieu a une solution à tout ».

Ce jour, ils sont nombreux à vouloir dire leurs témoignages sur les grâces reçues avec les prières du père Tsala. Comme dans toutes les paroisses où l’exorciste passe pour son ministère, les fidèles viennent avec des objets de piété, mais aussi de l’eau et du sel pour les faire bénir.


Il y a tellement de monde dans l’église paroissiale que le curé, le père Alphonse Didier Eloundou Manga, est obligé de coordonner personnellement le service d’ordre pour que les fidèles ne se marchent pas dessus.

Depuis quelques semaines, le père Tsala a choisi de prier, avec ses fidèles, pour la paix au Cameroun.

Les affrontements entre forces régulières et militants sécessionnistes dans la zone anglophone (nord-ouest et sud-ouest) ont fait plusieurs morts.


« L’objet de notre prière, c’est tout simplement qu’il y ait la paix, affirme encore l’exorciste. Jésus est la paix. C’est lui qui met la paix dans nos cœurs. C’est lui seul, Jésus, qui est capable d’arrêter la guerre. Nous nous rassemblons et lui disons?: Seigneur, tant de sang s’est versé, plusieurs vies se sont perdues, mais nous savons que toi seul peux trouver la solution à ce problème. »

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  1. This priest should have prayed a long time ago that Anglophones be not treated as second class citizens.
    This priest shoul have seen to it that taxes from Palm oil produced in Ndian are used to tar roads in Ambazonia as well and not just for investments in Sangmelima and Kriba

  2. @Epee Dipanda
    Please Anglophone are not put as second class citizen. if so All Cameroonian are second class citizen, you always wait for the Government to do thinks for you, why are you not doing thinks for yourself ? Most of my friend from North west and South west did not want to go back to develop their province. and if you look carefully others are going to build house and invest in their village. PLEASE OUR GOVERNMENT ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING TO ANY ONE EVEN THOSE LIVING IN THE PRESIDENT VILLAGE

    • Stegues,
      I like that suggestion that we should do things for ourselves. Let me educate you. We were in our part of the country planting our mbanga and milling our Palm oil. You came, collected the palm oil through CDC and Pamol. You sent the taxes to Larepublique (I sincerely think you don’t know this) and now you want me to tar my own roads and bring my own development.
      Hehehehe only a Larepublique logic would follow such a path. What the. Are we paying taxes for?

  3. Fool what a fool this man is…religion is the opium of the peoples..bunch of liars and business/criminals peoples…I will slap this priest and his pope if they come close to me..devil!

    • You are the one that is the devil and I guess you need to see this priest to arrest the devil in you. What is your problem with someone praying. He has prayed and heal people, so what is your problem. You can pray with him for peace in Cameroon or shut the f..k up. If you don’t believe prayer works, keep your be lives for yourself but don’t try to curse men of God. I do pray everyday for peace to reign back in Cameroon and that they shouldn’t be further bloodshed because I am not happy with civilians dying or military men dying. We are brothers and sisters and because of one egoutsic human being sitting at the top who doesn’t care about the citizens, we have turned to be enemies of each other.

  4. He should pray for Mr. Biya and France to let us go in peace.

    • Amen. And that they should die a painful death all those who would rather burn down our villages than organise a referendum.

    • Post of the day. Congrats.
      Let him pray for biya to give peace a chance by resigning.

  5. If the man of God had prayed hard over the past years to defeat the demon of corruption, Cameroon wouldn’t have won the trophy of most corrupt country in the world, Essimi Menye and Ambassa Zaang would not have international warrants of arrest over their heads, though living hassle- free abroad. All the ministers at Kondengui fervently prayed with him in the myriad of churches he visited. Did God not hear his prayers to cure them of thievery and how sure is he now that God will hear him when it comes to peace?

  6. Prayer is good but by itself, it is not enough. The farmer who sows some seeds and prays for them to grow has a better chance of getting answers than the one who just prays.

    Cameroon has reduced democracy and the practice of voting to a mere formality, a mockery. Under other skies candidates announce their intentions to run for office, go from place to place campaigning, explaining their positions on major issues that matter to voters, giving the latter reasons to elect him/her.

    Here we are in Cameroon, one month to Senatorial elections. Voters do not know rival candidates, what they stand for on major issues for which they will be seeking the vote.
    Why so? Has it not all been fixed and packaged backstage? Is it not all in the text for presidential decree? Any doubt that voting is a null

    • Only a doubting thomas, would be asking questions on a subject matter
      as such. All the answers you want, are boardered on the premise, that
      it is a despotic regime. And that the word democracy, can have different
      meanings in different countries and the minds of individuals who run them.
      By decree, means that Biya is the lion king – president, heads the judiciary,
      heads the army, does appointments, you name the rest. I would have
      continued naming, but i felt ashamed being a national of that country.
      It really makes a lot of sense, that there is a crisis in that country for one
      part to demand it`s statehood. And as long as blood has been shed on
      this, it must come to pass. And so, the struggle continues for the
      restoration of that new Africa state. It doesn`t just take a year.

  7. Steguese,
    Its always advisable to keep quiete if you are not well informed on the issue you intend to comment on. What do you about anything that the government of Cameroon has done for Anglophone Cameroon? The few schools they created in the region are loaded with Francophones who hardly speak a word in English, yet, the are expected to teach in English. Private secondary schools are infested with francophone kids because they have ill gotten wealth from corruption.

    The refinery was never built because the government wanted to build it there. It is where the crude oil is coming from. If you visit Limbe today, you will notice an oil rig just a few meters from press books. When francophones visit Bamenda, their first reaction is that the government has built up Bamenda. So shut the F..up

    • @Nshalah suffering from inferiority complex I will send you to read the economy of Cameroon released by the world bank 2016 to see the place of the so called oil.When you lack data shut up ! As Bda/Bea guy what have you done for your community? Francophones students are the best students of the so called “Anglo” system You criticized them whereas as an English native speaker you can barely write English you’re advocating nonsense !!