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Ayaba Cho Lucas, the ruthless man who heads the armed wing of Cameroonian separatists

Today News Africa | He is little known to the Cameroonian public and the world, but Ayaba Cho Lucas, a ‘guerrilla’ fighter for years came to the public consciousness weeks ago after he was said to have masterminded the kidnap of a government official in Cameroon.

The shocking kidnap was reportedly meant to send a strong message to the government of President Paul Biya that the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon should be granted independence, or there would be a lingering bloody war in the West African country.

Background: Professor Ivo Leke Tambo, a local government official in Batibo, was kidnapped weeks ago and emerged in a video afterwards pleading for his life. He is the Northwest Social Affairs Delegate and the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE) Board.

In the video released by Cameroonian secessionists, the government official, an under-prefect in Batibo, said he would be killed if secessionists leaders arrested in Nigeria on January 5 and extradited to Cameroon on January 28 were not released.

Cameroonian secessionists from Anglophone regions have been fighting for independence for more than a year. They have killed about 40 law enforcement officers and lost hundreds of their fighters to the Cameroonian military.

The secession, funded in the state of Maryland in the United States and organized from neighboring Nigeria, suffered a setback in January when secessionists leaders were arrested in Abuja, the Nigerian capital and extradited to Cameroon for prosecution.

With their arrest, the secessionists escalated attacks on government forces and properties in Cameroon, urging the government to show them a proof their leaders were still alive. They also began kidnapping government officials they accused of conniving with Mr. Biya government to keep English speaking Cameroonians in bondage.

Ayaba Cho Lucas, the leader of the Ambazonia Defense group proved to be a crucial piece of the puzzle. He is described as the man who heads the armed wing of the separatist movement in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

Born in August 1972 in Buea, Ayaba Cho Lucas, whom his family nicknamed “Mister Aspen”, became involved in English-speaking activism very early on.

In the 90s, the man known for his volcanic temperament organized and led a demonstration against an increase in tuition fees at the University of Buea. The protests led to the expulsion of the former Secretary General of the Southern Cameroons Youth League (SCYL) by the university authorities in 1993.

He fled to Europe where he published “Not Guilty”, a book recounting his experience as a political refugee. It was during one of his European tours that he met several other activists who shared his separatist visions for Southern Cameroon.

Among them, Nso Foncha Nkem a former US soldier with whom he now plans and coordinates actions against the security forces and the Cameroonian authorities.

Today, the man is at the head of an army embryo made up of a few dozen fighters formed by separatists from the diaspora. To finance their struggle, Ayaba Cho Lucas and his family would resort to smuggling including the trafficking of cigarettes, medicines, perfumes, clothing and even car parts. They have all been under an international arrest warrant since October 2017.

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  1. I wrote on this same forum that the arrest of moderates, such as Balla and Ayuk Tabe has opened the window of opportunity to warlords. The de facto leaders of the revolution are WARLORDS. Simply put, the solution to the Anglophone Question will be decided on the battlefield.
    Biya should therefore borrow enough money from China because the mercenaries from Chad will soon need their money

    • The FINAL SOLUTION to the Anglophone Question will be gotten this time around come rain come shine

      Option#1 : LRC defeats SC in SC

      This is the dream of Dictator Biya and citizens of his country. SC will then be considered as a conquered territory of LRC. Biya can then introduced his DECENTRALISATION and the Anglophone Question will be considered as resolved.
      My take:

      It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for LRC to win an ASYMMETRICAL warfare in SC. Simply put, the probability of LRC to defeat SC in the land of their ancestors is almost ZERO.

      Option#2 : LRC cannot defeat SC in SC

      This is the dream of the majority of Southern Cameroonians.
      If history is any guide this is the only realistic option because asymmetrical warfare is UNWINNABLE.

      • As a corollary,

        1. East Timor (population= 1.2 million) liberated themselves from Indonesia (population = 261 million).
        2. Southern Cameroons (population = 8 million) will surely liberate themselves from LRC(population = 16 million).
        3. Doubting Thomases who claim that LRC will always remain “one and indivisible” should take special note
        4. Hate me or not, the SEPARATION of SC from the informal union is UNSTOPPABLE. It is simply a question of when not if.

  2. Ayaba Cho,

    I am so happy you are getting your day in the sun. I hope you know what come with this notoriety given the revolutionary acts your “boys” have been carrying out in the tropical anglo-saxon republic of Ambazonia.

    While you and your equatorial gualist cousins fight each other to death, we Africans will continue to watch on the sidelines so that your blood can water the tree of freedom in a biya-free Cameroon.

    One last thing: you do not have a monopoly of violence…

    • Mabanda Boy don buy case

      Sharappp your Smelling mouth! You should have typed we the lady sissies watch from the sidelines because we are too afraid of the BIRs. I’ve told the monkey you are to shut the hell up and take the back seat. Ngraffi frightened bastard. If you were Ayaba Cho you’ll be satisfied a colonial hotel is named after you and that shall be it. People who rejoice over political LRC appointments are the ones reducing the injustices AmbaLanders face to a language problem. We will liquify you traitors. Wowor monkey.

      • Mabanda Boy don buy case,

        Heineken is a very addictive substance. Keep on drinking and dreaming. Your belle go burst with chop and mimbo before you ever walk into your imaginary Buea. Dull ting.

        • Ayaba Lucas Dey deliver because yi get liver. Wetti you get? Shot big belly flop witti shi*t. Mbomboo for your Mami Pima so.

        • Please do not desecrate this forum with your insults.
          Thanks for your understanding

        • Mabanda Boy don buy case

          Hahaha Ambablood, I know you are somehow frustrated but do too are we. Take it easy on the old boy.


          Be careful as you take sides. No body has the monopoly to insult people. If you can’t call your Ngraffi brotherjoe to order then don’t pretend to play peacemaker. Watch your lane my man. There’s is war going on and any weapon including insult may suffice.

        • I strongly recommend you listen to the piece “SWEET MOTHER” by Nico Mbarga. You might understand how important mothers are to mankind. It is immoral to insult someone’s mother even during wartime. Please take that as a brotherly advice.

    • He actually does not and as you rightly said, he will pay the Price with time. We know the world doesn’t have a fair Play ground but there are certain things they consider and there are some that you make them your enermy. Cho, it’s good to fight for freedom but you must select the path to move on. You are not on the right path and with time you will know that diplomacy is stronger than violence.

  3. chop fire Anglo

    Hummm ! ADF has taken their “business” one notch up. Lets watch how things play out in the days ahead.

  4. Before diving into mudslinging – our usual way of contributing to the issues of the fatherland – please take note of the error in this write-up!!!!!!

    Prof. Ivo Leke Lambo was never ever a local government official in Batibo, neither was he the NW Social Affairs delegate.It does not hurt to get the facts right whenever they are available.

    • Good you noticed these discrepancies.
      This is a very distorted news.

    • Of course big John the story is fake news from incompetent secret service of Larepublique attempting to set up Ambazonians.
      Of course it will not work. Notice how they added his entire family to the allegation of smuggling so they could go arrest them?
      La Republique is indeed a shameful apology of a country

      • It is clear to see the consequences of abandoning studies half-way along the road and begin practicing a metier with half-baked ideas here and there. A news person reports that Julius Ayuk Tabe was “ADOPTED” whereas the correct thing should be “ABDUCTED”!

    • right John

    • I noticed that. The author was so much in a rush to continue to push his Maryland meme. The idea that Maryland is the nerve center of the struggle. That’s all the author really cares about.

    • bias news,armchair journalism,even fake

  5. @ brothajoe. There are many ayabas, manchos, wirbas, ballas, sisikus &al in Ambaland. This to the blind French colonial tax payers be one man. All Ambalanders are Ayabas. LRC has to leave our land. Any Ambalander cooperating with the enemy’ champ is in for trouble. Biya we are coming for you. Ambazonia must be free

    • Ka,

      You mixing everything up like the typical tropical anglo-saxon that you are. didn’t your ogas in london teach you how to think?

      Balla is a lawyer and activist in Cameroon. Wirba is an MP in Cameroon. Mancho Bibixy has never paid allegiance to your criminal syndicate.

      you can keep on fighting your equatorial gaulist brothers for all i care. but don’t mix up people to make a point.

      • They mix up people exactly like their gaulist brothers (I like that expression) do. Calling all “Anglophones ” terrorists!
        We have a very long and difficult way to go.

        • Bikutsi,

          I am ready for the long haul.

          As long as there is blood running through my veins the tropical anglo-saxons and their equatorial gaulist brothers will not rest. period.

          We will not let them create another humanitarian crisis for Africans again.

  6. “Simon Ateba, a journalist and editor, who worked for some of Nigeria’s best publications after spending six and half years studying Mass Communication, is the publisher of Today News Africa. He’s based in Washington, D.C.” wrote
    “The secession, funded in the state of Maryland in the United States and organized from neighboring Nigeria”. Question. Are you sir, certain 100% about this statement in true to which the State of Maryland has been mentioned as the site of the “separatists” of Cameroon?

  7. Very childish write up!

  8. Who is Simon Ateba, an agent of LRC. We will talk with you as soon as we know you dont do balance reporting. When LRC your country abducted Sissiku and Co in Nigeria, you didnt diescribe your Yde as ruthless.

  9. One of Ayaba Cho’s strategies is to send as many as possible fleeing their homes, so he can sell more “adoro” documentos to potential candidates, as he’s been doing for many, many years. Wake up people, wake up!

  10. Mabanda Boy don buy case

    Dr Ayaba Cho is the man. He speaks the language LRc will understand. Violence begets violence. The abduction of our moderate IG has given rise to violent Hydra. Once John Fru Ndi is abducted, we will focus on Abducting Akere Muna and the rest of the parliamentarians/Senatorial black legs. RIP Sam Soya, the brutal heheading you went through shalll be avenged by the brotherhood. Bring on the war Biya. Bring it on.

  11. Ayam cho is a brave guy. I love him. I don’t appreciate acts of killings but I will never regret the deaths of this Fucken LRC soldiers.NEVER !!!! Ayaba is just paying them in their own coins. WE GO MUST TO FINISHAM !!!!. Amba4 life

  12. Ayam cho is a brave guy. I love him. I don’t appreciate acts of killings but I will never regret the deaths of this F**ken LRC soldiers.NEVER !!!! Ayaba is just paying them in their own coins. WE GO MUST TO FINISHAM !!!!. Amba4 life

    • Hahahaha, I can already picture him in Kondengui. Mr. Ayaba Cho, some advice from the Wakanda republic “THE WISE BUILD BRIDGES WHILE THE FOOLISH BUILD BARRIERS”.

      • You mami pima

        • @ AmbaBlood. You are the worst among the Ambazonia basket of deplorables. Still lacks basic civility even after being advised by one of your own Mvomeka. You make us sick with your dirtiness. Clean up body clean up.

        • @Ambablood
          Are you so stupid or you are just being primitive? And you even have access to Computer. Villager. What is the meaning of mami pima? I am sure you never made it to infant 3. Idiot. Shot your dirty mouth if you don’t have ideas to contribute. It’s not difficult to identify fools like you.

        • Bobjazz
          Your Mami yi deep Pima

          It’s “shut” and not shot. Vagabond. With your lips like pima fir jackass.

        • @AmbaBlood
          Primitive man. I am sure you are jobless and probably under the influence of excesive banger. Useless lunatic. Who gave you access to a computer? Your language signifies just one thing, “Lack of Ideas”

      • Mr Ayaba Cho has clearly ingrain himself as the pulse of this insurrection and it is increasingly obvious that the road to Bona Lyonga (Buea) goes through him.
        Let us remain vigilant and resist all the charade and inconceivable premises orchestrated by the orchestra of mendicant flatterers (with their contaminated Bamilike blood) who profess to be Anglophones but manifest the incivility and savagery of their alien traditions.
        A profile in reference will be the illiterate Bamilike swine @Bobjazz.

        • @ Akpan Udo alias Manyaka76, You can change as many screen names as you want. It will not change the fact that you are the worst of the ambazonia basket of deplorables and an Ibiobio man. Even some of the few anglophones you Biafrans have managed to deceive like Mr. Ambazonia is advising you to clean up your dirtiness. You are making people sick with your dirty write-ups Ibiobio man. I have advised you several times to take your dirtiness to your Biafra site for Cameroonians are very civilized people. Calling me a Bamileke illiterate will not change the fact that the majority of us pure anglophone Cameroonians will never ever support your terrorist organization. I feel sorry for your families once the pure anglophones start going after them if you don’t stop your kidnapping of our people.

        • @ Akpan Udo alias Manyaka76, Even some of the few pure anglophones you Biafrans have managed to deceive like Mvomeka is advising you to clean up your dirtiness. CLEAN UP BODY CLEAN UP.

        • I’m sure an Obiobio woman must have declined your overtures due to your frightful looks. Let me tell you something you this shameless homosexual, you can deny your contaminated Bamilike blood until you turn green, I will personally ensure that scums like you do not evade detection after we have booted your people out of country.
          Wait and see. Idiot

        • @Bobjazz the smelly homosexual, is the name “Apkan Odo” also as “sweet” to you as Manyaka?
          What a shameless “fruit cake” you are.
          By the way, if you were a”Pure Anglophone”as you (crave) you would have known that the name Manyaka is not just of Douala origination, and that Nguti is no where close to the coast as you stated on another thread..

        • Mola,
          That name for Buea “Bona Lyonga” sweet me soteeey. I no know why Mvomeka no be don teach we did one since!

        • @ Akpan Udo alias Manyaka76. There is no way I will even look at an Ibiobio woman when there are so many beautiful Canadian and Cameroon ladies. As for my looks, most chicks in Canada call me bonbon chocolaté and there is a reason for that.

      • @ Bobjazz
        You are such a low life coward. Why was your type ever born? What is your purpose in this life? I hope your progeny don’t inherit such propensity to cowardice . What do you have in the place of your balls? You sound like a male but your DNA could be that of a hermaphrodite. Look at yourself in the mirror and regret your worthlessness. Barga!!!!!!!!

        • @ borat, I have nothing to say to you except Obosso Cameroon and death to the Ambazonia basket of deplorables. MLK wasn’t a low life. He used wisdom not violence to liberate African Americans. If African Americans were as stupid as you Ambazonians kidnapping fellow African Americans and demanding 100 million ransom from a white American president, Barack Obama would have never been president as the blacks will still be living in bondage. It looks like you Ambazonians reason with your you know what and not with your brains.

        • @ borat, I have nothing to say to you basket of deplorables called Ambazonians except Obosso Cameroon. MLK wasn’t a low life. He used wisdom not violence to liberate African Americans. If African Americans were as stupid as you Ambazonians kidnapping fellow African Americans and demanding 100 million ransom from a white American president, Barack Obama would have never been president as the blacks will still be living in bondage. It looks like you Ambazonians don’t reason with your brains.

        • @ borat, For your information chicks call me bonbon chocolaté because of my looks and my big balls.

  13. He will be caught and hung like Saddam Hussein. Sicksseku also thought he was too important to be abducted. At least sisiseku never public advocate for killing. This guy is a corpse walking, and he knows it

  14. Leaders of your virtual country-ambazonia are not only asking you to pay a “citizenship levy” but you now also are to contribute 2 million dollars, for your “acting president” to fulfill his promise of leading you to Buea within a twelve months time frame. If this one no be frap na weti? Smh.

    • Massa, a bunch of Kumba PHDs with thick skulls and empty brain. You would think they would know that getting indepence is a generational fight that goes for decades. But the conman promises 12 months to walking into buea. I’m not a Biyal supporter, but you have to give respect to the man. He is a diplomatic guru.

      • “Getting independence is a generational fight that goes for decades.” How many decades could that be Mr/madam thin skull?
        You must have just recently graduated from the University of Stupidity. Have your brothers from the sorority of ignorance who roam this forum accorded you a rite of passage yet?

        • Manyaka my brother,
          You will send some of these jesters packing then we’ll lack folks to entertain us. Take it easy on them bro. we need them for humor.

        • Indeed, I assume my age. I’m 31 and completed pharm school only 6 years ago. A proud son of the East Region of Cameroon. You must be one of those old and broke retirees standing at walmart entrances with a bell. Sorry there is nothing I can do to cure your Anglophone inferiority complexe.

    • NA your money?

    • @ James

      Who’s inferior to who? Look at the value-systems Anglophones have brought to Francophones; one-shift system of work; excellent educational system where francophones are scrambling to send their children to (anglophone schools); uniforms in schools; multi-partism; Bacc Board through the GCE Board; and you name the rest. Francophones are specialized in thievery; everyday, the news is about embezzlement, embezzlement, embezzlement. What a country!

      • If the Anglophone education system is so superior, how come ambazonian leaders are so stupid? Part of being intelligent is to acknowledge when you have failed and create a new path. The noble cause initiated by Balla has turned into groups of outlaws kidnapping for ransom.

      • @vonjesco
        so anglophones don’t steal? You not serious. They are as corrupt as the francophones. Worst of all those from the south west Region lead by chief Ephraim. Still explain why a chief should embezzle.

      • “Anglophones have brought blabla” South west people are my people but they are the laziest people in Cameroon. Just name one company owned by any ( Anglo) Kumba , Limbe, Buea?? Bamenda people are hard working people but seriously majority na mbobo brain. And am 1000% sure all this guys who are talking about ambazombia ambazombia don’t have even a carabot house in that country. Bamenda people in Douala and Yaounde are houses owners .

        • Nine of your manipulation will work.
          Yes we like our lazy SW and our hardworking NW.
          Go and find your own in Larepublique.
          The lazy and the hardworking shall live in peace and harmony in Bona Lyonga

  15. Cameroon is traversing very difficult times as a result of bad leadership. The youth have a golden opportunity to come to the rescue. But can they rise up to the challenge? Past and current loyalties are clearly a big hurdle.

    For those looking forward to their own republic as well as those destined to stay, there is still room for some joint effort. Those going on to a connecting flight (next bus) still have an interest in the safety/security of the present flight/bus. Getting a passport does not mean the national ID has become useless.

    Let us all be reasonable and submit to the Maker in prayer and sumission.

  16. What a looser!
    I feel sorry for his mother. It is just a matter of time before his poor mother will pray to just se his corpe so she can burry him.
    When you think that some poor woman out there suffered 9 months , gave birth and took care of someone like that, you can just pray the all mighty to give her strength.

  17. Herbs4nationHealing.

    When we call ourselves Ambazonians, when we call on la Republic to leave our land, we acknowledge our slave mentality.

  18. In the final analysis, if kidnapping is bad, who is better placed to set the example than Mr. Government?

  19. If Ayaba dies today, he has left a mark already. That is what is important.
    No man, has the right and ability, to judge anyone. Period. Only fools, are
    worrying themselves to break this golden rule.

  20. What exactly, did prompt the adminstrator, to publish this jambox article?
    This is how the bamenda man can always, be a sellout.

    • For all the donkey years you’ve been writing putrid English on this site you still don’t know it’s a Beti website?

      • Hahahaha,

        you now wonder why you are easily being fooled by those charlatans in the West to destroy your own country?

        Do you really believe your answer abt the site owner can convince your own champ man?…

        • Zam-Zam
          Do you really believe that the west is behind the anglophone uprising? When you say it, do you believe what your mouth tells your ears?
          I laugh when I hear people like you. If Larepublique must burn for Ambaland to be free well so be it.
          We have had enough of la Republique and your “panafricanist” lifestyle which is leading Gbea and Abakwa nowhere.
          Our ancestors demand that we rise and be counted.

        • Epée ,

          there is no running away to hide in Gbea so soon!

          Biya was made by both Anglos and Francos, we’ll all have thought twice about Buea and Abakwa b4 handing over all our mungang to Biya.

          You’re not running away, Saa.

          We have to take that mungang back b4 running away. until then, man no run…

    • @Joshua
      Traitors and weak minded is typical of south west. The guys from Bamenda have to Keep you in this failed ambazo issue by motivating south westerners with the virtually presidency. I mean whatsApp president. This trick made Mamfe People to dream more than all anglophones and drove themselves out of control. Too fast that they could not even recognize the boarder betweenCameroon and Nigeria.
      Tell you Brothers to return home.

      • Wow! @ James. You nailed it.

      • Na your border?
        Why not go and struggle in the jungle with your Gabon and Congo border?
        I know it is painful for your free meal ticket to fly away….Ambazonia is free, get used to it

    • @ Joshua, Are you saying that your virtual country called Ambazonia is only going to be made up of anglophones with tainted Biafra blood from the South West and nobody from the North West? Are you also saying that JD is wasting his time fighting for you guys? Akié! Wonders shall never end.

      • Yes that is what we are saying but it will be tainted blood very far away from you fang Beti bulu madness. And what a breadth of fresh air that will be.
        Can’t wait baby!

        • Keep on dreaming my brother. You will die dreaming. You can call us Fang Beti Bulu as much as you like but it will never change the fact that the majority of anglophone Cameroonians will never ever support your madness even if your terrorist organization kidnaps all of us. By the way you make Biya’s day each time you kidnap an anglophone or kill a foreigner and for your information Biya was very sad when you released the anglophone professor and very happy when you killed the Tunisian. Mbut people. Arab them go show wuna pepper.