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Ayah Paul Abine’s Case: Lawyers Request Immediate Liberation

They were at the Mfoundi High Court yesterday and will go again on March 21.

Lawyers defending Justice Ayah Paul Abine, Deputy Attorney General at the Supreme Court, arrested on January 21, 2017 in connection with the socio-political crisis rocking the Anglophone parts of Cameroon, have requested that he be immediately liberated.

Ayah Paul Abine
The college of four lawyers defending the magistrate say existing laws were violated in the arrest and so he should be freed.
Close-door deliberations on whether or not the request should be granted began at the Mfoundi High Court in Yaounde yesterday March 16, 2017. This was under the President, Nke Joseph Marie, State Prosecutor, Tang Ruben and Court Registrar, Ekassi Renee. Barrister Luke Kisob led a college of four lawyers to defend the incarcerated super-scale magistrate Ayah Paul Abine.

Speaking to Cameroon Tribune after the over three-hour discussions, Barrister Luke Kisob said “on March 6, 2017 we filed a prerogative rit called “Habeas Corpus” meaning bring the body and explain why he was arrested. We consider that his arrest was illegal. Therefore, it is a special procedure asking that he should be liberated immediately because his rights were violated.”  The lawyer added that the deliberations “have nothing to do with the substantive matter or the merits of the case.

It’s a matter that has to do with the form and his continues detention. Nobody is above the law, but what we are saying is that the law should be respected if proceedings have to be carried out against anybody.”

Although Barrister Kisob declined disclosing how the indoor discussions faired, arguing that “we lawyers cannot comment on matters that are still ongoing in court,” his fellow colleague of the defence bench, Barrister Ndong Christopher, told the press that the deliberations however permitted them to have an idea of what Justice Ayah Paul Abine is being accused of.

He said they learned during the deliberations that their client is accused of “complicity in terrorism and rebellion, secession and spreading false information.”
All attempts to get the government bench react failed.

The lawyers said they will be back again on March 21, 2017.

Cameroon Tribune


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  1. I thought you went on strike Amin. Better go to eternal hibernation than posting mostly junk from cameroon Tribune. I have never posted a negative comment on this website but your selective posting on this forum tells me a lot about you.

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      Taki, what do you really want? Are you an enemy of progress? You should appreciate reading cameroon tribune news via this website. Are you problem child?

      • He wants the truth which is more noble. Those like you who stand for anything mediocre should be ashamed of your lack of integrity. Pathetic.

  2. One year at school (out of Cameroon ) i had a brillient teacher who went on in life to become a judge.Two lessons stuck out ,the last one was for all of us to write what we wanted to achive in life.The other was to each bring in an old newspaper or magazine,all kinds and anaylis what an advert is ,what was real news and what was so so and what was an opinion but percived as news and grade it 1 to 10 . Ive never stopped doing it , the best thing about this website is that in some of the comments you get another angle .Thankyou Admin .Period and welcome back.

  3. If journalists speak past each other and do not allow their invitee to finish a sentence, what good is the exercise?

    • Even today, the D-Day, Superscale magistrate Ayah Paul Abine, was returned to his cell with no explanation, dashing all hopes that the Habeas Corpus petition would cause his release.

      So what kind of justice can this be? A delay of 30 minutes at a roadblock causes so much unease for the busy citizen. Imagine a detention of two months and denial of the citizen’s freedom. Which law provides for virtual imprisonment, with trial only an afterthought? How can any sane citizen – Francophone or Anglophone – be proud of this?

      Supreme Court president, David Mekombe Sone blasted jungle justice, the

      • sad phenomenon of “might makes right” whereby some individuals take advantage of their privileged situations to administer their version of justice!

        The million dollar question is this: Where does the flagrant denial of justice leave the underdog?