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Baisse de plus de 40% du chiffre d’affaires des entreprises dans la partie anglophone

APA – Douala (Cameroun) La situation sociopolitique difficile dans les régions anglophones du Nord-ouest et du sud-ouest a fait perdre plus de 41 % du chiffre d’affaires aux entreprises installées dans cette partie du Cameroun, d’après des chiffres publiés mercredi par la Chambre de Commerce, d’Industrie, des mines et de l’artisanat (CCIMA).

Les statistiques compilées par la chambre consulaire publiées un an après le lancement d’une grève générale le 10 octobre 2016 par des avocats et des enseignants anglophones qui demandaient une meilleure prise en compte des aspirations anglo-saxonnes dans la gestion du pays.

L’enquête de la CCIMA réalisée au cours de la période allant de mars à avril 2017 et portant sur 385 Petites et moyennes entreprises(PME) révèle que 41,80% des chefs d’entreprises affirment que leur chiffre d’affaires a baissé du fait de la crise dite « anglophone ».
Les structures qui ont été les plus touchées sont précisément les Très petites entreprises (TPE).

Ainsi, pour 90,60% des chefs d’entreprises de cette catégorie, le chiffre d’affaires a été soit stable ou a régressé, « rarement on a enregistré un résultat positif » précise-t-on.

Un an après le déclenchement de cette crise à l’origine aux revendications sociales, la situation a empiré dans cette partie du pays avec des revendications des partisans du Southern Cameroon national coucil (SCNC) pour la partition du pays.

Malgré la réaction du pouvoir à accéder à certaines revendications corporatistes, le Nord-ouest et le Sud-ouest qui regroupent 20 % de la population des 24 millions de Camerounais vivent dans une relative accalmie, avec l’alternance des « villes-mortes » aux activités normales.


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  1. You haven’t seen anything yet !!

    • YOU do realize that your crap is only affecting small businesses which are mostly run by locals aka natives .therefore you are basically telling your own people that they haven’t vous seen anything yet, how wicked from you and your pseudo Anglo Saxon heritage ,you are a heartless individuals ,your people are losing their livelihood and all you can do is gloating about it. When we say you guys are savages that can’t manage themselves, have some compassion and decency you biafrais

      • This terrible personality of a troll ripping through this forum with his insanity. Do you realize the people depend on Yaounde for nothing? Do you know remittances send by their families from the diaspora and the custom duties these same people pay to clear their goods, couple with their resources you never stop abusing is what is keeping the corrupt LRC government sustainable. This is the beginning of the end of a despotic regime and if at all you had any brain, you will be calling for sincere dialogue rather than joining the international community to ask for dialogue when your men of underworld are committing the most horrible abuse, theft, kidnapping and pillaging in the internet blackout. Your corrupt regime that was never elected but handed power will drive this country to the drain.

        • We don’t dialogue with slaves , we order them around , it will be iron fist for you ambashitnians. Only Cameroonians have a say in Cameroon. You identify yourself as an ambashitnian you get a thumb down an azz whooping and when you behave violent or want to create an insurrection, we have bullets on the menu . Capice? Now run along before I put you back in your cage which you should have never left

      • Its not about the losses but its wether the cause is worth fighting for. If Africans were thinking like that there would had been no trans-atlantic slave trade, no colonialism, no apatheid etc. And I hope you know that the Biafrans have a far more sofisticated society than that your retro-lrp. Proud for nothing people

      • Only the product of a subhuman culture would dare joke with an identity. Take any discipline of your choice and you will find millions, I repeat millions of Biafrans who will out perform you 100%. Amba people will not demonstrate that type of embecility not because they can not but simply due to the simple fact that they are cultured and can draw a clear distinction between what is right and what is wrong. Your teenage excitement can only be wished by your type, sick people

      • This is a very narrow-minded overview of what is going on with respect to the bigger economic stage. Small and medium size businesses pay significant taxes to the government, they put money into credit unions and in the course of doing so generate liquidity for national investments and for maintaining the richness of government’s coffers.

        I am sure that the negative impact on these businesses, taking the two anglophone regions into account, on the long term development prospects of a responsible government should be seen as alarming; i.e., a government with the dream of pursuing economic prosperity for all its citizens.

        The idea that when Yaounde is breathing Cameroon is fine certainly is a pointer to the fact that Ambazonia and LR don’t belong together and the need for federalism.

    • I’m yet to see sonara or cdc being affected by your shenanigans. WE Still pumping that oil first class idiot

  2. People in the NW region should take care of the “ambazonians” fro shutting down their business.
    The GOC has nothing to do with this.
    Shouting yourself on the legs.

    • MOnkey idiott. Odontol drinking gorilla of primordial time. The eintire Ambazonia ie NW and SW have rejected you, have vomited you and will resist you till the last man. Smelly baboon. Go and help your forest brutal animals that know nothing but killing our people with impunity. Monkeys pretending to engage a dialogue while committing brutal genocide behind the scenes. Very uncivilized breed of thieves. We will resist you till the last man.

  3. With the doors of ENAM being thrown wide open, survivors of October 1st pogrom being invited to apply for admission, 56-year-old problem (zero Anglophone problem) can now be laid to rest. How elegant!

    • Old Mann …we are still waiting for you to say anything reasonable and meaningful on this forum . Have some shame grand pa . We understand your frustration tho the fact that you were not able to get in Enam have reduced you to blame it on your origins

      • Of course it is always easier to pick sand grains from eyes miles away than logs lodged so close by. “Old age” like embezzlement, corruption, fraud, occultic murders, profligacy and the rest are easier to see miles away than inside the Hamlet, n’est-ce pas?

        After reading this, try visiting to read also what Hon. Joshua Osih has to say about former terrorist and ex-convict-turned- government spokesperson and advocate of slaughter of terrorists.

      • Pinguiss, are you capable of recognising a reasonable thing when it is said? Do you know the difference between what is reasonable and the contrary? Ca you sustain anything evev including the SONA and CDA that you mentioned. Are you not mactured anough just to the bare minimun level to feel a little bite ashamed of negative performance? In general are you up to anything meaningful? prior to the uprising, I was aware of the difference but to say least, I have been taken by surprise when I consider the magnitude. You glorify coruption? Embezzlement? Daylight rubbery? And you are proud to tallk in public how despite all that you have the ability to maintain the statusquo. You have no conscience? No courage, I lack words to describe you

        • And when you are out perfomed you fall back to your predictable default utterances, ad hominem, time will tel

  4. C’était prévisible surtout quand on doit composer avec les( têtes-dures).

    • Épée Dipanda

      Your survey was done where?
      Sample size?
      Who were the respondents? The same being shot by la Republique?
      How pitiful. In any case our central bank and our department of statistics will do a better job of surveying economic realities when we get to Buea.
      Forget this fake news.

  5. No need to respond to francophones in tthis forum. Fact is that our regions are better than theirs. But difference is that while they accept to suffer we do not. We will fight our way out. They are so angry with us lets just ignore them. See how Nigeria is taking over the banking sector of their country.

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