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Bamenda: Efforts Multiply For Classes To Resume

Some parents however still have fears despite assurances of security.

Monday January 9, 2017 is the expected date for resumption of the second term of 2016/2017 academic year, but uncertainty reigns in Bamenda if children and teachers will go back to school on not. While rumors are rife that Bamenda will witness a ghost town this Monday January 9, the government has embarked on a campaign to call on teachers, students and pupils to resume classes. Despite this, most parents are still skeptical to send their children to school.

In the North West regional capital of Bamenda most parents say they will not send their children to school because the whole town is militarized and there is an aura of fear of the unknown. For Mr Awanto Sammuel Amabo the government should solve the problems with the teachers before he can be assured of sending his children back to schools.

He holds that sending the children back to school is not the solution but insist that with the presence of the military around town there is tension.

Government on its part, has intensified calls for teachers and students to go back to schools this Monday. The Governor of the North West Region has called on the population to send their children to school this Monday. Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique has assured all of the security of their children.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Secondary Education Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe is presently in the region to see the effective start of the school term. While meeting with the teachers trade union leaders on Saturday January 7, 2017 in Bamenda, they all agreed to look for solution so that pedagogic activities can resume.

In a press release that sanctioned the meeting it was stated that the trade union leaders acknowledged the proactive approach and steps taken by the Minister such as the redeployment of teachers to class rooms where their competences predisposes them to operate. They all prayed that the chairperson of the Ad hoc Committee hastens up the meeting of the committee so as to pave the way for concrete solutions to the other burning issues raised.

Cameroon Tribune

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  1. BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved


    • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved


      Ayah Paul Forms Anglophone Political Consortium to Backup Teachers And Lawyers’-
      The members include the following:

      ” Chairmen of the team are Njoh Litumbe and John Fru Ndi. Executive Officers of the team are Ayah Paul Abine and Carlson Anyangwe. The Secretaries General are Elisabeth Tamanjong and Prince Michael Ngwesse Ekosso.

      The Supreme Advisory Council of the team comprises of: Cardinal Christian Tumi, Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel, Rev. Ncham Emmanuel, Rev. Prof. Anyambod Emmanuel Anya, and Rt. Rev. Nyansako Ni-Nku.

      Other members of the team are Besumbu Anita, Prof. Nkwi Paul, Ngewi Asunkwan, Hon. Osih Joshua, Dr. Simon Munzu, Dr. Assibong, Prof. Dze Ngwa Willibroad, George Ngwane, Dr. Assomba R. T., Ndangam Augustine, Dr. Folefack Ernest, Bal Njang, John Tazifor, Rev. Dorothy Lemnyuy, Franklin Sone Bayen, Ateh Thomson Pepeah, Akoson Raymond and Mancho Bibixy (“BBC”).”

      The longer Biya is playing with time, new fronts in this struggle will appear.

      Unstoppable Momentum. Nothing more, nothing less.
      “ALUTA Continua, Victoria Ascerta” (The Struggle Continues, Victory is Certain)

      • Interesting development. While there are some credible actors here, does Ayah Paul Abine have two legs to stand on?

        • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

          Cardinal Tumi, Mola Njoh Litumbe, Fru Ndi, Prof. Anyangwe,Dr. Munz and most of the other members can NEVER allow themselves to be manipulated by Justice Ayah.

  2. rain onto others Belgium

    This people don,t love our children more than us. No school, no schoool

    • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

      Take Special note of Mancho Bibixy (“BBC”) as member of this political consortium

  3. rain onto others Belgium

    All the brown envelopes they were using to bribe people were fruitless. There is no school in NW and SW. Today Schools were empty

  4. look at all theses hungry peoples!! I feel sorry for the population that believes in all theses monsters playing with their lifes…that is the reason the BAMI/BASSA and NORTH WEST peoples are staying away from all you mentaly raped peoples and looking at you playing JUDAH infront of the world.

    The majority of peoples in the NORTH WEST I am 200% sure does not support all this mascarade. this is again brought to us by the same traitors playing their JUDAH cart again to get something

  5. The authority of LRC has been effectively delegitimized in the Southern Cameroons territory in today’s referendum and we now know who controls that territory – The CONSORTIUM. A simply advise for the brutal colonial regime is to immediately start the withdrawal of all its brutal administrators and rapist marauding thugs from the territory before they commit any further crimes that will only land them into hot wager.

  6. man no di know China

    Admin,why not just tell the world there was no school in the NW and SW regions today?you di write like say to still get for happen but way day don di finish.Na for 2pm way you want make classes begin?chaii

  7. we would see if they can’t resist for 2 weeks because the Lord say that if you don’t go to work after 2 weeks you can get salary hunger would kill some family and you guy’s who knows that is yaounde that control bamenda

    • What are you saying man?

    • Épée Dipanda

      Massa oh!
      That is the same English which they teach our children in schools. They want our children to go back to school for that same English. Nonsense!
      He must not forget that the teachers are paid with our taxes. If they refuse to pay the teachers, we shall refuse to pay taxes to Government and pay the taxes directly to the teachers.
      Alternatively we will do what Old Paul does when he visits Switzerland and returns one day to the expiry of the constitutional limit of his sojours out of the country at our expense. So we strike for 13 days, come back to school on the 14th day and return to strike on the 16th.
      Small people with small brains want to destroy a great nation. Rubbish.

  8. The arrogance of this government and its entities is something else! Our children are still missing after they were rounded up from their homes and locked up in your jail cells yet all you care about is for us to put up a gong show that you can use to borrow more money? There will be no school until justice becomes law.

  9. School or no school there is no difference. Our schools under the current system produce nothing but disgruntled mentally confused dependent children.all they have is empty certificates. Even to connect pipe born water in our villages they can’t. All they can do is to blame government.

    • @Bah,
      A government secondary and highshool in Batibo trains children for 7yrs and according to your analysis issue certificates to them but they are unable perform elementary task as connect pipe borne water and to you the children should not question the government for providing substandard education but should blame themselves? Wow it is obvious from your reasoning that you see no role for accountable government in any society.
      India, China are rising not because individuals educate themselves at home and build their on roads and electricity from home to home.
      How many books have you read and recommended to others?
      Why bother to read from those wo were trained in institutions created in their societies to advance humanity if your analysis is so void of knowledge.
      With regards to ghost town in Cameroon I am beginning to believe that there is a hidden agenda by those in power not to find an amicable solution to the current impasse so as to create enough instability to proceed with an act of Genocide.
      One and indivisible, ethnic diversity bla bla bla just to ensure French language and culture must supersede all principles of indvisibility because it is more important than any bilingual and stable Cameroon.
      When 1000 amongst us are willing to drawn 20million of us you can begin to ask who are they for?
      Not all Germans participated in the Holocaust but the effects affected the entire society. Not all white South Africans participated in apartheid but…. Not all East Cameroonians participate in the Marginalization of West Cameroonians but when the ship starts to sink the effects will be felt by all.
      Lack of freedom for some can never equate peace for all.

      • Keep drawing the devil on your wall the genocide you keep calling for will soon visit you . Can someone tell us why are the teachers on strike ? It started with there are Franco in our regions or was it too many ? That lie was debunked, next it was we are marginalized,debunked,then federalism, followed by secession, now it is free terrorist and thugs lmao laugh don tear my belly it the state didn’t free oben you think they will free people who attempted to kidnap and lynch a whole prime minister and the secretary of the security council ? Keep on dreaming oh don’t stop don’t you really stop because that will really hurt me , the thugs will serve time whether you stop striking or not . Those who were found innocent have already been released

        • Ignorance has no cure. Continue being a host of that fatal virus. Lmdao

        • @Pinguiss,
          To tell the truth, some of us join the strike because of people like you.
          I think its really necessary that the two Cameroons should goes their separate ways.
          You people perspective of government is very different from ours.
          And we don’t want to live in that your style where the people are cage and force to stay quiet, and allow any incompetent k-leg to rule till death do him part.
          You see, we love our freedom, and the rights to protest or challenge our leaders when we find it necessary, without being afraid of bogus charges like trying to kidnap the prime minister. Abba! just see how fiendish you people minds are. No, its not working. We can’t stand this oppression anymore.
          We know it will be very hard for you people because we are the ones feeding you people. Bu make wuna just take heart ya.

        • Kandem Jean-Bosco Hungary

          @Pinguiss!! So upon the advise I gave you on how to use punctuation signs, you’re still unable to use them.
          Why disgracing yourself writing what you think people will understand of which no one is able to understand the trash you’re posting?
          The only reason they reply to those your trashes is because they try to put some punctuation signs to understand the google French to English language translation.
          Why don’t you better post those your sh*t comments in French language? I am sure others will better understand them than your google translation!! Don’t you think so?
          You remember I told you there are other members in this forum who posts comments in French language and the comments are being read and understood by others!!
          Stop deceiving yourself you international REFUGEE.
          Leaving the US doesn’t mean you know how to speak and/or write English language,because even the American themselves does not know how to speak and/or write English language.

          You moron

      • AVEH LUM….history of all time has proved that only those who learn for themselves end up better. If we still can not assume full responsibility and accept that we are where we are because we have not done what we were supposed to do to be where we want to be.then we are not ready for real economic prosperity. I should even say we do not deserve it with the current dependent mental structure. Assuming responsibility is the starting point of all transformation processes that have taken place in history.the nuisible act of blaming government is reserved for stagnant societies with humans not committed to the betterment of their society based on active participation. Either we become actors of history and take things at hand.or continue blaming government with no result.real economic transformation will not come from younde but our villages through micro industry. Government owes us nothing.

      • One of your clowns said the movement is divided in 3 phases we are patiently waiting for the 3rd one , I already have my weapons ready to defend my properties located over there ,should any of you fools raise the fingers , his head will b blasted ,lazy punks who want to reap what they didn’t sow .

        • Épi you lack the knowledge to engage me in any intellectual conversation,so drop the ball already you do not know what you are talking about and it is better for you to stop embarrassing yourself, don’t think because we do not blow our own trumpet that you can fool us :

          1- Founder of UPC is Called Bouli Leonard an Ewondo

          2-the most prominent before his death : Osende Afana first economist in Central Africa and first to denounce the franc CFA

          I know primitive people like you who get spat on have not evolved enough to know about military strategy: the bamileke region had more casualties for the simple fact that having upc camp near the capital as in near the Centre region was literally suicide ,it was nothing special about bamileke but simply a strategic move from te upc leadership which was Beti dominated. And this at the same was a decision that brought the upc to its end as the bamileke are greedy people who love money ,by the time the operations were moved there upc started having more casualties, because of bamileke betrayal , Ahidjo showered them with so much money that they started selling each other ,this is why none of their so called I became rich selling oranges can ever point a finger on anyone,so keep looking for collaborators, I hope you are ready to find what you will find not only the army had bamileke and bassa so talking of genocide or collaboration is nonsense but if genocide there was then the bamileke should blame their own brothers . Now that I’m done schooling can you be a man a name your ethnicity while you at it don’t forget to tell us what your ethnicity is known for , what’s their sphere of influence and what have they ever achieved ? Parasites you are parasites you will always be ,slaves you are and slaves you will forever be . Where we open our mouths sissies like you are not even allowed to enter

        • You are a professional manipulator and a certified tribalist @pinguiss

          Was Osende Afana a bigger economist than Dr Felix Moumie? Chai this man! Even if Bouli was the UPC founder? Should we kowtow Biya’s foolish orders because of that? What happens to reason? Do you know the founder of the US 2 main political parties or better still the Greek founder of democracy? You see, your people worship individuals and we follow ideas. That’s enough reason we shouldn’t be together. May I remind you that hardly any British colony had to go to war to gain independence especially Nigeria. You must stop using war and violence as a pretext for preindependece strategy. The ever sagacious Nnamdi Azikiwe negotiated Nigeria’s independence from the British. The sugar has simply refused to dissolve in that water. I maintain; cameroon is 2 and divisible. Eboutou Minla’a raped, strangled and killed Martha Moumie just like your soldiers are doing to us today. It’s a dirty custom if yours to treat those you categorized as enemies and we must do well to stamp it out. I had made a point to ignore these your diatribes but I can’t sit by and watch you tell bold face arrogant lies to this forum. Never. And stop bullying our women will you?

      • You so much love your freedom that while we were fighting the French you were busy serving tea to your British and Nigerian masters while at the same time bending over and taking it deep where the sun doesn’t shine ,humor me ,do you even know what is freedom ? If it wasn’t for us you will still live in shackles around your necks , you were so impotent that the British literally gave you to Nigerian who through Igbo did not waste anytime putting their feet on your necks . Humor me humor me . See me a slave talking when his master talks .abeg close your putrid mouth in your cesspools chiefs are still spitting on your faces forcing you to wash your face with their saliva, they are still expropriating you and banning you from your villages ,taking your wives and you dare open your mouth ? What can a lazy parasite still living under feudalism teach me about Freedom ?

        • @ Pinguiss
          Why does any thoughtful or well rounded person respond to this buffoon. What will happen will happen, but things will never be the same and it’s just the beginning. Honorable Wirba told the minister of higher education prof. Fame Ndongo, “the problems in Cameroon, the problems we have in West Cameroon, is the problem that will bring down Cameroon if you don’t handle it well, you’ll not know Cameroon as it is in a few months or a few years.” A word to a wise is sufficient, continue to express your arrogance and ignorance, but we shall overcome some day. “Aluta Continua, Victoria Acerta.”

        • See who is talking about fighting the French, hahaha! Idiot.
          If you run out of words just stay quiet, babbling is not helping because you are not making any sense.
          When Bameliki were fighting, you people sided with the French and moved from village to village and massacred the people. Anyway I’m not into that for now.
          Pinguiss, I know you envy our freedom, but don’t worry ya, you and that K-leg uncle of yours can come and seek asylum.

  10. @Cameroon Tribune. Reports from around west cameroon show that no school in those 2 regions opened their doors, and no parent sent their chldren to school. The streets are completely empty as all businesses are closed in respect of the called ghost town operation for today. Only a few well armed police cars are seen around the streets looking for scapegoats – but they look so disappointed because none showed up.

    A leakage from Etoudi says Biya was overheard this morning after he learnt that schools did not open, he lamented saying “What have I done to anglophones to deserve all these?”

    Also, there are reports that the regime is forcing the director of the Bamenda general hospital to make falsified reports that those youths who were shot and killed by the military actually died from trauma, not from gun shots. Biya is confused and mad right now.

    I will not be surprised if we hear that he collapsed and died. He is now powerless. End times!

  11. Schools will only start when all French teachers and Judges are out of the Southern cameroon Region.

  12. BAH,should Southern cameroonians boycott Schools,Farms or Churches.As an African Expert,will the boycott of Schools increase the rate of believers going to Penticostal churches to seek hope.Thanks


  13. Tigana,if Biya collapses,the Atanga Nji will also collapse

    • @Stone. Thank you. As well as PM Yang. It was only in his home town of Noni that one person came out for the government. It was the town crier hitting is gong and announcing that school starts today. He must have been forced to do so. But, no student or teacher went to school there either.

  14. LUM,Bah will understand well if you write in Mankon,Bafut,Akum,Pinyin.can you translate that in Batibo,moghamo.Chi can offer some assistance

    • Stone:

      I will try my best, but I still doubt if that will be if any help. His metta grammar is equally atrocious!!!

      NDAAGRE has brain damage sustained during delivery. So don’t be too harsh on him. It was the midwife’s fault.

  15. Nothing good ever comes from Yaounde Sweden

    Nothing good ever comes from Yaounde
    And Cameroon tribune

  16. What i see here, is a gov`t that is not for the people. Or how does it make for any
    damned sense, that the people will say, ok, release those you are holding captive and
    others we don`t hear about so we will stop the strike and gov`t` turns a deaf ear
    and keeps pressing for schools to open? Who is that wise parent, to release a child in this
    tense moment to the wild, with armed men looking down on other humans like death
    sees us? That parent, who will release a child to go to school, is such who has the mind,
    to `sell that one or those to a cult, for money`. Not even the governor, is right about it,
    even if he wants to ` secure his garri`.
    I hear some saying that things are this way, because those who carry reports etc to Biya,
    don`t tell him exactly the truth. This is nonsense talk. Why? Why would Biya, for God`s
    sake, alienate himself from the people who call him their president? Here he fails, because
    like God whom we don`t see, funny things that can be handled timely, now go wrong. Two
    heads, are better than one. If he were to be on the field, things would not be like this.
    No one should listen to this gov`t. They have failed in every respect and it is about time to go.
    A child born 56 years ago and who has never gotten a job or any hope from its gov`t, can
    not tell himself, that he really counted.

  17. Keep striking ,wetin concern agbero with overload ….
    lol @ the govt doesn’t want any solution, even when people think thy are the most aggrieved people on earth there is always a time given to the authorities to repair the perceived wrongs , it’s only in ambashitnia that people protest and expect the government to fix everything the same day ,despite changing their demands everyday ,one day it is remove all non bamenda the next day is release all thugs and Prime minister kidnapper , the following it is is federalism,the day after it is secssio. ,who said anglofools are not à gauche? Keep striking ooo the govt will soon grant you secession . It has been proven beyond doubt that the anglofools want to homeschool their children and the thugs parading as syndicated morons are up to no good. but like I said wetin concern agbero with overload, im just glad I took the right decision to never hire an anglofools in any of my business ventures , I have been vindicated not only they are lazy but they are also very gauche, just imagine people striking for the sake of striking , if today you ask one of them why are you on strike for ? He can give you an answer

  18. I have said it that we will bring Biya to the dialogue table….Foumban II…ha ha ha ha.

    Biya mobilised all his hench men of west cameroon origin to see that school resumes but all their efforts went in futility…
    His hench men who have already guarantteed the future of their children after school, came to west Cameroon and were preaching how important school is for the children of west cameroon,but all their words fell on deaf ears….They are desperate to keep their jobs….They even used their favourite word which is”manipulation”…..And the masses told them that they have been manipulated by the government for over 35 years,and that they also want to be manipulated by SCNC…..ha ha ha ha ha……

    Give us a referendum……..

    • @ Kongosa,
      This already is a referendum with a resounding victory to the CONSORTIUM. Imagine the humiliation to all the proconsuls, governors, SDOs. DOs ,PM ministers, etc parading the place with bags of stolen cash to bribe, including marauding thugs with guns to kill steat, rape and intimidate, but yet no way. They all now burry their heads in shame and disgrace. The most important take home about today is that the cpdm and the criminal repressive regime of biya paul has been delegitimized in the territory of West Cameroon. They will never have any justification again to rig elections in this state of brave men and women of ours.
      You see, the green teeth crested chest macaque crying and wailing all over this forum about this historic event is really in deep pain right now like his K-leg master at etoudi. He mastubate here how he will never employ Anglophones… hahahaha kiikiki. Let him go to the equatorial rain forest and finish saving his genocidares siblings from raw ondontol before ever thinking of creating a job in our territory. People with an IQ lower than that of any beast on earth and all they have contributed to Cameroun is genocide and the AIDS virus. You just narrated what his master the virus at etoudi is going through a nightmare right now and that is exactly they way we want to send him to his grave. His name BIYA = “Bamenda Is Your Answer”. He talks of a genocide, let him bring it on.

  19. Why is @Pinguiss so worried that biafrans are about to leave them?

    • Worried ? If you guys were not cowards you would have already left , instead of give us or allow us or let us , why don’t you come and take it ? The fact that you are still begging for our approval just show that you still suffer from inferiority complex you were born slaves .period . No amount of days will make the state organize any referendum,Im just telling you the way it is as far I’m concerned I have already said on here that I’m all for you leaving as we don’t need traitors among us, but not before destroying everything my taxpayer paid and built in your cesspools and not before sharing the debt , you think you can wake up and after barking for 03 days online your dream would be handed to you on a silver plate ? Wake up punk, it took more than 20 years for South Sudan to break up despite the brutal realities that were their conditions compare to you lazy animals , it too erithrea the same amount of years and the war is till raging on, in Syria it is now 06 year and close to 1 million people left dead and that’s only to unseat a president ,so listen clearly as your comments here show that you are or were not well prepared ,the military is out there it is up to you to engage them and take your freedom stop playing reporters online you are not in bamenda and you are not close to a Anyone involved in the ongoing discussions, I repeat no one found guilty will be released, and there will be no federalism,no referendum and no secession, you keep barking about UN banki moon is already leaving .the America ambassador was seen at the unity palace bowing in front of Biya so were your British masters that to me doesn’t look like someone with heat behind him, you are still in Cameroon and I don’t need no visas to visit bamenda nor do I pay taxes to the ambaZonien authorities so looks to me you are the desperate ones we announced here that the army will visit you and you will hide in your holes you did not disappoint. Now I beg you please go and organize that referendum you said here and I’m not mistaken that the LRC has no authority on your territory so why wait for our authorization organize the referendum and let’s see what’s up . We will teach you a lesson since you are suicidal we will oblige you . And you personally will have to vomit the millions you embezzled at fecafoot . Ambazonia my foot , see me born slaves talking about ruling themselves, we are already surrounded by banana republic we don’t need another one . Now do something about it stop throwing tantrums and giving ultimatum the December 27 failed ,the 1million march January 1st failed the 1million march January 9th failed too guess why ? Because you are cowards with no dignity ,you were born to serve … leave your holes and come take your freedom stop begging us to give it to you .

  20. We have just won battle no 2, the successful implementation of ghost town in the Southern Cameroons, and the failure for schools to reopen today. Our first victory was the declaration of our problem – federalism or separation. Now we are waiting for the response from Etoudi. They have just a few days to do that. If they fail to respond positively and make way for a federation, then we shall go to our 3rd and last battle, the proclamation of our independence and formation of an interim gov’t that will oversee the creation of functional structures that will take care of our daily businesses. The UN will be notified as such, and we will be granted a seat in fron of La Republique. After listening to Fon Dinka position on this issue yesterday January 8, 2017, the UN is already aware of the existence of Ambazonia, and all they need from Ambazonians is for our parliamentarians in La Republique parliament to withdraw and come back home. Once this is done, we become a legal entity. And the UN will also provide funding for us to start our new life.


    • I almost spilled my orange juice ,thank you for the laugh tho . I really needed it .people who want independence are still giving ultimatums? And throwing tantrums? Ah ah we are waiting with eagerness the 3rd phase . Time to go rabbits hunting

      • Nothing good ever comes from Yaounde Reserved

        West Cameroonians continue to see that nothing good comes from Yaounde. Ministers are as useless as they are empty. education , prime ministry ,higher education. I feel very sorry for these men who are banner bearers of a failed regime. Do they have a culture or its simply that Biya is so naive

      • You are so naive.

      • @pinguiss barking mad! such a shame that you live in a developed country yet you sound ignorant, illiterate and primitive, why waste so much space on here portraying yourself hatred instead of using meaningful constructive dialogue, first of all whether francophone or anglophone Cameroon development is non existence, all the regions, rural areas and villages are slums, all the people are lacking simple, human daily basic necessities, all the regions suffer from epidemic government embezzlement, bribery and corruption, injustices, poverty, bad roads, no drinkable water,slum quarters in all regions,bad health care, youth and working age unemployment, constant power cuts etc, these are the basic stuff you enjoy in America, why don’t you think those young people in Cameroon who are demonstrating want the same? they are fighting for change which has to start from somewhere, instead of all your abuse, if Cameroon was that nice to live in,why are you in America? Yaounde the bribery and embezzling region, is a disgusting dirty, slums with bad infrastructural, under developed region to be a capital.

    • There are already looming fears of starvation, food prices hikes and economic problems in LRC due to this ghost town considering that the Southern Cameroons basically feeds LRC and provides about 65% of their GDP. This are savages who spend all their time drinking adulterated odontol, dancing Bitkutsi and spreading HIV. Unstoppable momentum.