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Bamenda: John Fru Ndi’s residence survives arson attacks

Journal du Cameroun | The residence of the Chairman of the Social Democratic Front survived an arson attack on Wednesday night in Bamenda, residents say.
According to local reports, the fire started at about 9pm in the kitchen of the Chairman’s residence but was hurriedly put off by neighbours who rushed on to the scene before the army rescue unit arrived to scene the residence.

Part of Fru Ndi’s kitchen was gutted by the fire

The Chairman of the Social Democratic Front confirmed the fire was as a result of an arson attacks by suspected secessionists.

The fire incident comes just a week after the Chairman defied secessionist threats to organise the convention of the Social Democratic Front in Bamenda.

Separatists had sent warning signals vowing to disrupt the convention if it went on as planned but the Chairman vowed in an interview that he is a “fighter” and will resist any threats from secessionists.

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  1. Mr. Ndi, had told every cameroonian, that in case the government of cameroon gives us
    money, we should take because it is our money. He set a presidence here by receiving
    money from Mr. Biya. That kitchen, is part of our money and so he has no cause to accuse
    anyone. All he can do now, is look for new money and build a new and better one. No regrets.

  2. You can’t bite the finger that feeds you, Mr. Fur Ndi this is just the beginning of Karma coming your way.

  3. Ni John Fru Ndi should move to the Nursing Home in Switzerland where paul Biya lives! They Both belong together!

  4. Anything that stands on our way to Buea shall be crushed. Fru Ndi you shall be tamed this time. Ambaland by hook or by crook.

    • AmbaBlood
      What are the results of the Flag you guys hoisted? I thought you already have a state. Ambazonia is made up of two sets of People.
      Set 1:
      The minority of the minority with ambitions of high Offices and some using the movement to make Money
      Set 2:
      The majority of the minority is made up of frustrated guys who have neither prospects in the Diaspora nor in Cameroon. They are lazy, stupid and easily being manipulated and will still have no place in the dream State.
      Cameroon remains one. I know you belong to set 2.

      • Mbappe the rat. Fcuk you and your mami Pima. You celebrate flag but we celebrate and uphold an ideology guided by freedom. That’s why you will always be a frog that cannot see. With your mop like Pima for donkey. You mami so.

        • @ AmbaBlood. Your write-up is childish and nasty man. Try to elevate yourself a little bit.

        • Separatistarethieves

          I don’t think that helps you in anyway, make educative argument, as a matter of fact, you’ve simply confirmed what he has analyzed.

      • James 20/20

      • Separatistarethieves

        haha James, I couldn’t put it any better, i’ve been saying the same thing over and over and thought i’m the only one thinking this way, i’m so glad i’m not alone, good analysis sir.

  5. 57 years into independence, the nation needs – deserves – its own Sherlock Holmes.The idea of raiding an entire neighborhood (kalle-kalle) and arbitrarily administering jungle justice does not befit a modern independent nation.

    As for John Fru Ndi, he needs to learn a thing or two from Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho’s missteps – take a deserved rest from the limelight for serious introspection before proceeding.

  6. Why attack Ni? The next plan would surely be to eliminate him, he’s an obstacle on the path of those who think they can hide in the West and all of a sudden pop up in CMR, and lead the masses to Buea. Too simplistic a strategy. Were it that simple Fru Ndi himself would not have wasted his life challenging his opponents in the ballot box.

    We’ll soon be hearing that it is was done by LRC. What a blunder! Should anything happen to Ni, natural or man-made, it will now all go on the bill of extremists.

    It’s easy to control pple remotely while hiding in the West, but that same West is found on this earth—you remember Felix Mumié or Guerandi?

    I hope extremists leaders at least know some history and they’re taking the necessary precaution not to taste what they’re inflicting on others…

    • This goat keep talking as if the people he insinuate are being controlled are little children. Don’t underestimate the power of the masses once they are united. Anything in the way to Buea including you shall be crushed. With your mop like Pima for camel.

    • What do u mean by that.Your arguments sometimes resembles someone who is in a coma.


    1. Bamenda is under a state of emergency
    2. Only terrorists soldiers from LRC are allowed to move in between 8pm and 6am
    3. This arson attack can only be the handiwork of Agents Provocateurs of LRC
    4. The reason is simple: DIVIDE THE UNITED FRONT
    5. 99% of all the arsons in SC are masterminded, aided and abetted by LRC
    6. LRC started the arson spree by torching the car of Dr. Fontem. They continued by burning down schools, markets, entire villages.

    In sum, the burning down of the kitchen of Ndi Fru is the handiwork of Agents Provocateurs of LRC since Bamenda is under a state of emergency.

  8. Believe me or not, this is an organised fire by LRC. Mr Fru Ndi has spent quite a good part of his life fighting this regime from a different angle to better conditions of our people. It is true today that the fight is from a different angle even if it is opposing his direction, i do not see any reason why he should be attacked by our boys. Therefore i strongly believe that this act is done by LRC scouts as they also did on Sacret Heart College and other places .

    • The person attacked is saying it is the handiwork of secessionists, all caught on cam.
      How come you know more about that fire than the victim?…

      • Sometimes it is possible to know more of the victim than the fire.This attack is a proof.

    • @Junior B
      Who should believe in carbage? So ignorant

  9. Everyone knows that the colonial soldiers from lrc are responsible for arson attacks. The chairman is naive to have called the very colonial agents to come put out the fire. called even his arch enemy colonial governor. He can not invit these people to his house.
    They will spy on him more. he should ask the governor curfew is on and only his soldiers are said to be all over. hur come there is arson? I have the opinion that Fru ni is not learning any lesson at his age now. Only the people can protect him not the Beti Militia from LRC

  10. Voilà! Apres quand on les traitera de terrorists, ils se plaindront! Pourquoi attacquer la résidense de Fru Ndi? C’est quoi le projet?
    Des gens qui n’acceptent ni ne respectent la différence des opinions. Avoir une opinion contraire à la leur, vous met imédiatement sous leur radards. Ils vandalisent, intimident, brulent des propriétés et tuent.
    Tres bêtes et barbares ces soit disant ” Ambazoniens “.

    • Shorop that your mouth like Pima for camel. Frog.

      • Ton pseudo qualifie ton language.

      • @ AmbaBlood, You are too nasty. Stop writing this your b’llshit here. Most people on this forum are civilized and don’t need to read this your nonsense. As I said before elevate yourself a little bit. Your write-up makes some people sick to their stomach.

        • You mami yi deep red thick lip Pima. Mop like Pima for monkey.

        • @ AmbaBlood Very, very childish. Grow up. You must be an old man. Even kids don’t do this anymore. Ambazonians will never succeed with animals like you.

    • Pourquoi brûler une vieille dame de 96 ans dans sa maison, pourquoi bruler l’assemblee nationale? C’etait quoi le projet? Ton grandpere Bulu ne negotie pas avec les terroristes parce qu’il accepte et respecte la difference d’opinion! Avoir une opinion contraire a la sienne vous met imediatement sous son radar. Vous avez envoye’ des tueux specieux et ils sont entrain de tuer, intimider, violer, et voler comme d’habitude. Abrouti Bulu, il fault la fermer! Le vole est dans ton DNA!

      • Voilà encore une preuve: ces “ambazoniens ” ne savent qu’insulter lorsqu’on a une opinion contraire à la leur.
        Biya est mon grand pere parcequ’il est Bulu?
        A part le tribalisme, que peux tu apporter de constructif au débat?
        Comment se fait-il que toutes tes interventions ont un élan tribalist?
        Ce qui est marrant est que tu n’évoques jamais ta propre tribu! C’est quoi ta langue maternelle? L’ anglais?
        Un tribaliste qui n’est pas fier de sa propre langue, veut tout simplement dire qu’il souffre d’un complex d’infériorité.
        Sois fiere de tes origines et on te prendra plus au sérieux.

        • Quand tu apportera quelquechose de bonne, je ferai de meme! Tant que tu traites les autres de betes et barbares comme tu venait de le faire, on rendra la monnaie. Tes larmes de crocodile ne trompent personne! Ta sauvagerie ne nous effraye pas!

        • @Bikutsi. Tu crois que @ FF te dira ici qu’il est Igbo? Nous, on les connait tous ces Biafra seeds. C’est toi qui pese tes mots ici pour rien. Ce ne sont que ces ambazozo qui forcent les gens a accepter le contexte Anglo/Franco car pour le Kmer moyen d’aujourd’hui, ces choses ne sont pas importantes. Regarde ce que @ ZZ a predit et tu vois la suite. Ces gens sont previsibles.

        • Merci, creuser de rats! A l’heure actuelle nous on s’enfoue de petits noms d’oiseaux que les faineants patentes’ comme vous nous donnent. Votre pays est comme la pocherie de Zam Zam a Dschang, mais des soulards comme toi n’ont aucune idee comment changer la situation. Ca ne surprend personne donc que la verite’ que tu aimes dire t’a pas aide’ a construire le pays. Partisan de moindre effort et propagandist neo-colonial!

      • FF, you try small for ya French, yi pass Mbanga Frennch small.

        @Bikut, sa tribu c’est Pinyi, ses frères les plus proches ce sont les Bamboutos. Bref, c’est un Bams.

        Faut pas t’embrouiller, sans invectives FF ne peut pas développer ses pensées. Ce n’est pas de sa faute, il a connu qu’une seule vie paysanne de son vivant. Malgré un bref séjour à l’uni de Y’dé et à Guangdong, la vie bucolique lui a tjrs était fidèle. L’autre hic c’est que, il croyait enfin pouvoir s’évader de la Chine bientôt. Mais hélas, la vie virtuelle l’a trahie. Malgré tous ses rituelles alcooliques marinés dans ses allures mélancoliques la réalité semble gagner le duel—selon toute vraisemblance.

        C’est un Akoa Manga cloné…

        • —ses rituels—

        • @Bikut, sa tribu c’est Pinyi, ses frères les plus proches ce sont les Bamboutos. Bref, c’est un Bams.

          Faut pas t’embrouiller, sans invectives FF ne peut pas développer ses pensées. Ce n’est pas de sa faute, il a connu qu’une seule vie paysanne de son vivant. Malgré un bref séjour à l’uni de Y’dé et à Guangdong, sa vie bucolique lui a tjrs été fidèle. L’autre hic c’est que, il croyait enfin pouvoir s’évader de la Chine bientôt. Mais hélas, la vie virtuelle l’a trahie. Malgré tous ses rituels alcooliques marinés dans ses allures mélancoliques la réalité semble gagner le duel—selon toute vraisemblance.

          C’est un Akoa Manga cloné…

        • Petit maqui de ton espece, qu’est ce que tu fait en Allemagne depuis 20 ans? Lecher les feses des white c’est ton boulot! Sans femme sans enfants, tu passes le temps a hurler sur la toile. Qu’est ce qu’un eleveur de porcs peut bien nous dire? Sale cochon! Tu est connu comme,” enemi dans la maison de Soyakutsi”, faut du tout oublier!

        • Petit Rat !

          Tu périras en China. J’espère au moins que tes enfants métis chinois auront un peu de sous pour pouvoir affréter ton corps raide et sec à Bamenda que tu auras passé tt ton temps sur terre à détruire avec une telle ingratitude digne d’un campagnard soûlard. J’espère aussi surtout que tous tes complices ambazoniens autant villageois avec leurs costumes mal taillés et pantalons moriba viendront t’accompagner envers ta dernière demeure. Et sur ta tombe, je le souhaite, enfin je le suggère, que ceci soit ton épitaphe: ” Ici repose Depimento, un héros local qui a fréquenté plus des cafards et soûlards que son propre village. Qu’il est laid”.

          Repose en paix…

        • Pourquoi tu n’avait pas ecrit l’epitaph de tes aines maquisards? Tu a plutot pris la route pour Bamenda, la tu a grandi en paix. Tu est deja devenu fou en allemagne pour avoir passe’ 20 ans a faire semblant d’etre espion. Parles nous de ta famille si tu en a! Celibataire endurcit! Je ne peux pas me rabaisser en parlant de ta mort puisque je ne te connais pas, je te souhaite longe vie dans ton celibat !

        • Bikutsi ta demandé ton village/tribu—dit le lui—easy and very simple.

          C’est ta mort futuriste et enterrement bucolique dans maxi 40ans, pas de panique sur le Titanic…

        • Tu est omnipresent et connait mon village, mes enfants, l’universite’ que j’ai frequente’, la ou je travail. Your feeling of inadequacy and self pity have pushed you into a jealous posture. Get yourself out of it. A man never does what you are doing to strangers you meet online. You are unknowingly showing those who call you enemy in the house that they have not been wrong. Even if you send cameras to follow me around, you can never succeed to shame, exposed and disgrace me. Stop trying too hard!

        • You’re talking now. How do you know I have been in Bundes for 20year? You see, I taste my own medicine b4 prescribing it.

          Being against WAR is no synonym for not being able to fire !…

        • You who jumped out celebrating the coming of war is also against war! You have been prescribing your medicine for an eternity, but you stalking doesn’t seem to prove you are a good doctor! You will only get heart burn try as hard as you can, trust me!

  11. Fru Ndi is a good friend of Biya, every clever person can see this. But that does not mean you have to attack his place. By the way that new presidential candidate of the SDF is not different from Fru Ndi.

    • @ ambablood
      Papa Fru Ndi is great man of spirits and courage, for those mother fucker who have nothing to say about him should go and kill them self .

      We will eliminate all ambazonia to our land , therefore they are better go to Nigeria or have Nigeria citizenship .

      For those terrorist you need to keeping hidden yourself , we will find your bitching ass

  12. Any councillor who will try to vote in the up coming so called senatorial elections organised by LRC ,WILL BE VISITED BY AMBAZONIAN FIGHTERS.WATCH OUT.

    • If that’s the Ambazonia strategy, then they shouldn’t cry fowl when they are also attacked by the security forces or their leaders are arrested and locked up by the Biya regime. You can’t burn down schools and people’s houses and expect the government to do nothing. All you foolish Ambazonians are doing is bringing hardship to the people of NW and SW while the rest of the country is living in peace.

      • You mami yi deep red thick lip Pima. Mop like Pima for monkey.

        • @AmbaBlood childish boy. Grow up. Ambazonians can’t succeed with animals like you. JD please help him. He is very very sick. Sick people like AmbaBlood do nothing but alienate sympathizers if there are any with this type of childishness.

  13. Cameroonians with a pent-up feelings of frustrations come in two categories. There are those who recognize their limitations, seek and defer to leadership to articulate their grievances. There are also those who choose to do it themselves, using newspapers, radio, television and the social networks. A small but not negligible minority, ominously named the “NOTHING TO LOSE” category go after rampant destruction of property and even persons.

    It is the job of the society, using its recognized and empowered leadership to meet the demands of these diverse categories in an acceptable manner. John Fru Ndi can be remembered for ushering in multiparty politics as an aspect of democracy. If Cameroonians stopped counting only their years at work (anciennete) and devote energy to things like passing

    • laws to improve the quality of life of citizens, inventing or discovering structures that make life a little more livable (Mbiwan and Powercam, Forjindam and Chantier Naval etc) we would be less prone to civil unrest.

      • As I finish these lines, Atanga Nji Paul was lifted and catapulted to the post of Minister of Territorial Administration, with a little push from Philemon Yang. One small step for him, one giant step for…

  14. Pride, goes before a fall. That is the little you can get, for resisting to host the convention
    and boasting about being a fighter, to your siblings. You have completely fogotten, that
    these are your supporters and those who have carried your flag so high over time. So you
    have now seen reason to call biya to your side for protection and if possible, see them dead
    from the hands of lrc goats. Now, we know your mind. Biya will guide and watch you the rest
    of time. Mr. governor has confirmed.
    We are aware, that you are worth more than just a kitchen. Other reasons, can be responsible
    for the fire outbreak. But you chose to quickly accuse your siblings. It is the abundance that is
    in your heart. Now that you can no longer keep it, we too have accepted to fly without petching.
    Ready go….. .

    • Sir with all the respect 80% of the Anglophone population don’t support your terrorist tactics and your Ambazonia nonsense. Your terrorist activities are doing nothing but bringing hardship to the people of the NW and SW provinces while the rest of the country is going about their lives peacefully. If you continue with this your barbarism, we the majority of anglophones will be forced to join the Biya regime and flush you out.

      • You mami yi deep red thick lip Pima. Mop like Pima for monkey.

        • @ AmbaBlood, I just showed your write-up to one Canadian and he doesn’t believe there are still uncivilized people like you living in Canada. May God help you.

  15. Ambazombians intimidate people as well as the government. people like @ John dinga will tell us that majority of Anglo (estimated @ 8 millions, id 1/3 of Kamerun population according to him) is for the seccession. Meanwhile among kmer registered refugees are people I PERSONALLY KNOW LIVING IN NIGERIA FOR MORE THAN 10 YRS WHERE THE GREATHER % IS FROM NW. I CAN PROVE IT AS WELL AS THE SO CALLED DR OJONG WHO WAS A TAILOR IN CALABAR IN 1997-99 & WHO HAS NO SINGLE INVESTMENT IN KAMERUN AFTER HE FAILLED TO QUEUE WITH DONALD DUKE ( FORMER CROSS RIVER STATE GOVERNOR) IN POLITICS IN 9JA. U CAN RUN FROM ARGUEING WITH ME BECAUSE I HAVE FACTS to back what I’m saying not insult like @ FF or Ambacamelfucker