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The Bamenda Protest: NW elites take stance in favour of students

Elites of the North West region accompanied by Senators and Members of Parliament have signed a communiqué calling for an effective back to school on Monday 9th January 2017.

In the communique published this 4th January 2017, the elites argued that an unending protest shall compromise the future of children in the English-speaking part of the country.

The communique further noted that President Paul Biya’s request for an honest dialogue between the protesting groups and the government is an indication that he is seeking a lasting solution to the problems raised.

The document further outlines measures currently taken by the government to address the worries of the protesting teachers and lawyers of the common law background.


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  1. They will tell you that they are not Anglo or they are traitors or not anglo enough since the like of pimento ,Ag,lum and the rest have what they call an amglometer . Lmao reasonable elite, as I have already said the teachers shouldn’t place themselves in a position of non return , they should denounce the people threatening them, simply put they can strike for centuries federalism or secession will never come to pass, definitely not under this administration. So unlike the lies that have been peddled here there are still more Anglo schoolchildren in anglo regions therefore it is not us that you are hurting you are hurting your own children, and they will soon start turning against you it should happen, just so you know other parts of the country are proceeding, those who want to homeschool their children should bear the consequences which might not be perceived now but will definitely have an impact should this strike continue. So I want the teachers to dismiss this signed letter by their own elites, I want them to keep striking…Aluta continua ,no retreat .secession or nothing ,’

    • U are wrong! The so called NW/SW elites do not represent the views and interests of the students but rather d regime’s n their own selfish interests.they r doing this as a last digit desperate attempt to keep their jobs n do their master’s sinister bidding..the students are smart enough to realize that this struggle is all about their very future n so support it to d core..if the so called elite are genuine in their intentions, then they will urge government to engage in dialogue which is d only key to a long lasting solution..how can u call off something u did not initiate?? What is d point resuming classes when d issues that prompted d strike action in d first place have not been resolved? We will sacrifice years of schooling if dat is what it takes to reform d system n get a school n legal system dat works for d people n nothing less..we r sick n tired of a sham, substandard n crazy system dat does nothing but push us to d fringes in our own land..do not underestimate d collective anger of a legitimate cause from a united people! Hope u remember David vs Goliath!!

    • “elite = group or class of people seen as having the most power and influence in a society, especially on account of their wealth or privilege”
      In this respect that noun is pejorative as it suggests a privileged group out of touch with the “non-elite” and therefore not in any position to represent the “non-elites”‘s interests.
      In our context they are “elites” because of their privilege which relies entirely on Mr Biya’s patronage and is entirely dependent on their representing Mr Biya’s interests as they are doing now, if indeed they are.
      Any calls signed by the “elites” only demonstrates their lack of empathy and are on a par with repeated chanting of “one and indivisible”.
      In summary, even at the best of times allowing oneself to be referred to as “elites” is as clever as allowing oneself to be referred to as “moron”.

    • Kandem Jean-Bosco Hungary

      @Pingui!! Did you just do google translation from French to English,then a copy and past,or in your French language you people don’t know how to use punctuation signs?
      Do you usually read what you write before posting? Maybe next time before posting whatever nonsense comment,you should try and read it. Or you better write in French language that you best know.
      Haven’t you seen others in this forum who are posting comment in French language? All what you know is insulting other fellow Cameroonians as refugees from the the Anglophone regions to the Francophone regions.Forgetting to know that you’re an international refugee and not only a refugee within the continent of Africa like some your brothers in Gabon and E.Guinea

      • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved


        **** FACTS ABOUT PINGUISS****

        1. I have made it abundantly clear on this Forum that CharlesAtangana aka Pinguiss does NOT understand the French language.
        2. His mother is from Mbengui and his father from Mbalmayo. However,he grew up in Mbengui and attended CPC Bali. The Mbanga French he learnt in CPC Bali is not enough for him to write in French.
        3. He can and will NEVER post any writeup in French because he understands only “mbanga” French
        4. He knows only how to Insult People in english or Pidgin because he does not understand French.

        • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

          5. I challenge Pinguiss to prove me wrong by posting 1 (ONE) writeup in French
          6. Pinguiss likes to Insult because as a bastard child he lacked home Training
          7. He is one of my renowned Persona Non Grata (PNG )

    • If you look at the communiqué very well, at the end it is written CRTV, you know is government way to confused the reality on the grown. Cpdm news

  2. Who is an elite really? Does someone qualify for this classification simply be leaving Hamlet/village and settling under the roof of a benefactor in town/city/metropolis? Can an ex-convict qualify simply by virtue of being a presidential advisor? Should elites substitute for the electorate/traditional ruler/constituency?

    If children are nudged to return to school and they do so while their teachers remain on strike, would this solve the problem? Why are isolated declarations preferable to one in which the main actors stand together at the end of their conclave/deliberation/compromise? Does it make sense putting for tomorrow the problems of today? Some persons of Told Tea Estate waited and waited and passed away without receiving the benefits promised them. Does such a precedent encourage others to have faith in promises made in a cavalier manner?

    • We can all agree the elected officials are actually the elites as representatives of the masses.
      Fons, senators(even nominated), members of parliament are indeed part of the elites.there is no denying.
      Now as one already mentioned, some will call them traitors, but we have to be remanded in a democracy the majority rules and the majority is represented by the elected officials withstanding referendum/election.

      • “Now as one already mentioned, some will call them traitors, but we have to be remanded in a democracy the majority rules and the majority is represented by the elected officials withstanding referendum/election.”


        You have spoken like a true member of the cult that is soaking the blood of Africans.

  3. Fake, who signed? give us names.Sounds like made up story to me by crtv. Biya was arrogate, called the protest extremist. Since there is no freedom of speech in Cmr and he can’t hode a press conference, he turn arround trying to make make the people fight amongst themseves. Well, the senators and traditional rules, SDOs will go to class and teach, or they will drive those kids to school.

  4. Another piece of fake news from LRC propaganda mouthpiece

    • Rain onto others Belgium

      The elites ,parlamentarians and senators did not start the strike and therefore they cannot stop it. Heartless idiot


    Atanga Nji Paul, Mbah Acha née Rose Fomundam, Fuh Calistus Gentry, Doh Jerome Penbaga, Shey Jones Yembe, Enyih Atogho, Abety Peter, Awanga Zacharias, Emma Eno Lafon, Dingha Ignatius B., Nji Fidelis, Njingum Musa, Fon Chafah Isaac, Doh Anderson, Roselyne Mutia, Melo Uphie Chinje, Fru Angwafor, Sammy Chumbow, Tan Paul, Baye Francis, Gabsa Wilfred, Nwa


    • War how will you win that war from Canada? Am just curious . How are you different from Biya who declared war against Boko Haram but he never went there to motivate his soldiers? Now is time to go down there and fight for your secession, they desperately need guys like you .

      • You’d better stop your distraction. You who love us so much that you are using every brute force and violence and all kinds of machinations to enslave us, can you tell us just one legal instrument that gives you and Biya to lay claim on Ambazonia?

        By the way, let me tell you that later Kwame Krumah formed the government that took over power in Ghana while studying in the USA, you bare face detractor.

        Why this panic from Yaounde? Why call us a minority extremists and at the same time send his henchmen to bribe his way out of the mess? All of you in la republique are as disgraceful as your French Masters. You guys are French slaves and until you free yourselves from the shackles of the Franc CFA slavery, you guys will remain wretched forever. We are simply fighting our fight and your own fight shouldn’t be to fight us because you have no right to stop us.

        Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda that were British colonies are now manufacturing cars to improve the quality of life on the continent and Cameroun doesn’t have a single road worthy of its name. See how many people perish in road and train accidents in the dungeon called Cameroon, 57 years after your independent? Most shameful how many billions Biya and his henchmen have squandered from the state coffers in 35years while the country is languishing in debt and poverty? You can’t go on with these lies and everything is out for the world to see.

        Can you just leave us alone to find our way out the same way we freely did when we joined the union under a federal constitution of two equal federated states on 1 October 1961?

        • Spartan ,Gambia too I guess is a perfect country, tres amusant . Un colon est un colon nous voila meme malgre l esclavage et la colonisation nous sommes la a debattre et s entretuer pour garder leurs cultures. L homme africain!!

        • Épée Dipanda

          You pretend not to know that our cultures are different.
          You know that francophone children in Cameroon are trained differently.
          You have no House of Chiefs
          Your Children don’t wear uniforms and are therefore not socialized to realize that all are equal before the law.
          The assimilation the French imposed on you makes you to attempt endlessly to become French robots. You claim we protect English culture…and your law is? ….
          What God has put Asunder let no man try to join.
          Free West Cameroon

    • AfricansforDonaldTrump Reserved

      @ asswar

      You are a criminal and you are lucky the elite on this list are not concerned about you loud mouth ngong dogs.
      You are also dumb and delusional if you think you can get up 1% of the vote if any of you scnc scum bags ran against any of those elite in their respective constituencies.

      These are guys who have contributed so much to their communities that their communities will die to protect them.
      Do you know how many English speaking Cameroonians are employed by Shey Jones company for example? Actually Shey Jones has more employees that the entire scnc membership. I dare you guys to attack Shey Jones and see what will be fall you dumb goats.

      If you mention this nonsense where I am I will make sure I secretly record you and you will be prosecuted in Cameroon in absentia. You terrorist!

      I am offering my services to anyone on this list who will like to identify this terrorist. We can communicate by icq.

      • I am an scnc activist by blood and being! I emplore you try me smelling mop gong dog traitor. Who the fcuk is shey jones u this bambe? Has he a website or a registered business unit or he works in complicity with Biya to steal from the people? I employ more people than any criminal you can ever list. Smelly mop gong dog.

    • AfricansforDonaldTrump Reserved

      Add me to that list! You baboon terrorist!

      And let any of you try me. I will teach you that not only the police carry live bullets in Cameroon. If you like try me out of Cameroon. Garbage ngong dogs!

      Frustration go kill you! black money scam no di work for Canada! Dirty man!

      • @AfricansforDonaldTrump
        My brother, you are really a parrot.At least swallow some spits before you proceed.What have you invest in Cameroon that, you are hitting your chest of? and how will division be of a hindrance to your investment? they are many Anglophones who have invest in the French regions but they still want division.Stop pretending as if you have fallen in great love to the relationship more than any other Anglophone.To be frank and sincere to you, due to my activities in Cameroon I didn’t realized anything like marginalization of Anglophones.But the fact that my brothers are complaining I have to hear their cries.For I don’t feel happy alone, and I won’t inherit hatred because of them, but to remain in my position and give them my support.I am speak to you like this to know your position if really you are prepare to fight against your own brothers simply because they are claiming their right which is very normal.You think you like this unitary state more than who? Keep SCNC aside, Southern Cameroonian want INDEPENDENCE.SCNC has nothing to do with this.It would be better for you to come here and give us reasonable comments than to come here for unnecessary arguments.

    • A catalog of names without credible nexus to the entity in question is highly questionable and may even attract investigation and then litigation, use of masked identity notwithstanding!

      • @JD, remember I’d pointed out on many occasions that the individual who identifies under the moniker (USA), and now as AfricansforDonaldTrump is indeed of Anglophone extraction.

        • Vaiocomputers Sweden

          But wait a minute! Being an anglophone does not necessarily means you endorse every nonsense simply because you are of anglophone extraction.Furthermore,it is a free ride to change online identities as many times as you wish so long as you are not using a credit card.To call for litigation or investigation is baffling.Some of you are talking this online activity to a level of complete madness

        • @Mayanka76
          @AfricansforDonaldTrump is not @USA.The is similarities in the write-up, but the great difference is that @AfricansforDonaldTrump perfectly speaks pidgin while @USA do not even speaks pidgin.

  6. AfricansforDonaldTrump Reserved

    Education for a better future!!


    • Yes, yes, yes! But extracting a portion of an article and publishing it this way is problematic in more ways than one – failure to credit the original author of the article is plagiarism, a no less condemnable act than the felonious publication of peoples’ names in contexts that are dubious or questionable!

      Take note that authors are traceable, even those writing under fictitious names. I would strongly advise against the use of materials that may attract litigation. You may wish to revisit the fate of an anonymous author who undertook to Sully America’s General Patreus and his consort.

  8. I am not surprise that the name of this Saso Nguesso of Cameroon called Abety Peter features on this list. This shows that when men start bleaching their skin, it is just a matter of time and they will start to bleach their brains. What a bunch of low down dirty scoundrels. Southern Cameroonians be on the look out for collaborators as their gullibility has trumped any ounce of decency in them. Yes, these are people who have been completely assimilated into the french leeches concept of thinking with ones stomch.

  9. Look folks,
    There are times in the history of a country that governants should get serious. Come to think of it,that the first name on the list of the so called North West members of the elite is that of Atanga Nji. How would the gov’t put on a straight face and seek dialogue when Atanga Nji who is probably leading the team because of his proximity to the president, claims there is no problem? Has the gov’t thought it wise that if it even had to ask children to go back to school, the name of Atanga Nji should be conspicuous on those doing that sensitive mission? When there’s a problem and you send out extremists to do what they are very poor at ,all you get is a boomerang effect. The second point is that it is now abundantly clear that when talking about members of the elite in Cameroon, the gov’t means Cpdm royalty. If that is the case there need not be any dialogue, the Cpdm bigmen should splash banknotes, hand out salt, beer, beef, free Cpdm regalia and dialogue will mysteriously take place.When they are difficult situations like winning elections for their party,have they not succeeded by doing just this? How do they want to play the magic now by just using their mouths? They can even go over to late Fon Doh’s tomb,and that of the Lamidoof Rey Bouba and take lessons on how to thrash weary Cameroonians in public and force them to go back to school.

    BWT, how did the members of the elite and their bosses pull off the trick a month ago? Did they not do it by dragging people through sewage water, raping girls? Why are their actions limited to communiques now? Why not invite the police, Bir, to go sit in classrooms or even to go teach students? The gov’t knows what to do, and shouldn’t waste time sending out who share a common characteristic with their colleagues at kondengui.

    • Vaiocomputers Sweden

      Hehehehehe,the loudest one in the room is the (?) what is that word again.kikikiki

      • Is somebody who has a voice, ideas, not an eternal consumer and running dog, whose brains have been numbed by odontol and whose usual two lines betray illiteracy.

    • Bro can I publish ur write up on fb.this is exactly wat people nid to knw

      • Go ahead bro, anything here na for all we Southern Cameroonians!

      • Joe @ go into past news and scroll down to see, he has made loads of brillient comments on this site .,aswell as this one……

    • @De Pimento
      Sincerely bro, you have really reason that matter.
      “Has the gov’t thought it wise that if it even had to ask children to go back to school, the name of Atanga Nji should be conspicuous on those doing that sensitive mission? very simple and nice question.

      • Na all dat bro!

        • If you reason something like this, fast and quickly is very helpful.This type of news can bring confusion and destabilize everything.Wuna must protectam moh!!! ma brother,mek we fight wit precaution noh………They fit use every means fo bring confusion within us.

  10. l,enemi dans la Maison Germany

    The hypocricy is that, all the elites as enumerated in that list as usual are giving but their official stand.In fact, if a referandum is conducted in west Cameroon and we have a chance to check their votes, you will find out that , it will be different from what they say in public. NO person from west cameroon is different as to the anglophone problem in private life. a good example of stomach politics that has ruined not only the west cameroons but also la Rep du cameroun. The nineth of January will be a ghost town in all southern Cameroon until la Republic withdraw its forces of occupation and our already stand-by police will take over to ensure peace and security without raping, brutalising and using life bullets on peaceful demonstrators

  11. l,enemi dans la Maison Germany

    The hypocricy is that, all the elites as enumerated in that list as usual are giving but their official stand.In fact, if a referandum is conducted in west Cameroon and we have a chance to check their votes, you will find out that , it will be different from what they say in public. NO person from west cameroon is different as to the anglophone problem in private life. a good example of stomach politics that has ruined not only the west cameroons but also la Rep du cameroun. The nineth of January will be a ghost town in all southern Cameroon until la Republic withdraw its forces of occupation and our already stand-by police will take over to ensure peace and security without raping, brutalising and using life bullets on peaceful demonstrators

  12. From TAPANG IVO TANKU Facebook page

    Please, share this message and protect these people. I personally called most of them on the list below and they ALL denied endorsing anything that stands against the West Cameroonian struggle. They agreed with us. Only Atanga Nji, whose number I have, stands against us.

    The elites claim that their names are always inserted into dubious communique without their authorisation. That means that they are simply copied and pasted. So, DO NOT respect anything coming from Yaounde. Atanga Nji wants to endanger the lives and families of these elites:

    Atanga Nji Paul, Mbah Acha née Rose Fomundam, Fuh Calistus Gentry, Doh Jerome Penbaga, Shey Jones Yembe, Enyih Atogho, Abety Peter, Awanga Zacharias, Emma Eno Lafon, Dingha Ignatius B., Nji Fidelis, Njingum Musa, Fon Chafah Isaac, Doh Anderson, Roselyne Mutia, Melo Uphie Chinje, Fru Angwafor, Sammy Chumbow, Tan Paul, Baye Francis, Gabsa Wilfred, Nwana Sama Bernard, Kilo Asheri, Chi Asafor, Neba Bridget, Martina Baye, Doh Sama Finlay, Mbayu Felix, Moh Sylvester, Fongod Edwin, Fru Jonathan, Simon Tamfu, Akwa Patrick, Bungo Jean Paul, Sama Dudley, Jaji Manu, Adamu Musa, Makebeh John Bodih, Ndzo Celestine, Nuhu Sali, Yerima Peter Giyoh, Doh Victor, Tilda Kumichi Ndichia, Dom Anthony Chuavis, Foryang Godfred Fumbi, Isa Adamu, Abbas Mohamadou, Ngong Denis, Jumbuin Lawrence, Solange Yijika, Adriana Yenawuni W., John Kendem, Ngoran Austin Ntunyuy, Okies Johnson, Wango Francis, Tamungang Taka Justine, Jato Letisia, Yerlice Joy.

    • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

      Is the so-called “Head of Government” not an elite of the North West?????

      This question is credible and compelling because his Name is conspicuosly absent from AtangaNA Nji’s list.

      Unstoppable Momentum. Nothing more, nothing less.
      “ALUTA Continua, Victoria Ascerta” (The Struggle Continues, Victory is Certain)

  13. Vaiocomputers Sweden

    When you walk through the different social network platforms,you immediately realised anglophones are a bunch of confuse people,if at all they are anglophones.One group calling for seccession,the other group calling for federalism,some are for harmonisation and lastly,some do not even admit there is a problem if at all there is one.The govermnent is also confused with the numerous cocktail of ideas.This a a terrible mix and i can predict the losers

    • Rain onto others Belgium

      Why are you so desperate to live with terrorist, Spending money to bribe them to stay in the Union. Only within this short period of the strike action ministers are running down to Bamenda and Buea on daily basis only to negotiate with terrorist. Hahahaha we go see wonderful things from that Yaounde brutal regime,
      who is more confused ,?

      • Rain onto others Belgium

        The Pm Saïd there is anglophone problem. According to Fame Ndongo, there is no anglophone problem. Hahahaha are these idiots working in two different governments or in the same government.Even now that am talking Some of them are rusting to Buea to ask parents to send their children to school. Who is fooling who?

        You go for die house, you go cry die pass man wey yi get die?

  14. I watch over canal 2 English there in Cameroon how many people whose names where on that communicate tried to disassociate themselves from it,some claiming they don’t even know how their names ended on .It’s generally believed that Atanga Nji Paul did it without even the knowledge of many on that list.That is a criminal act,an ex convict,a leopard can never change his spots.

  15. BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

    “….. after the publication in the National Bilingual daily, Cameroon Tribune on January 4, of a letter signed by Atanga Nji Paul, Minister in Charge of Special Duties at the Presidency, and other stalwarts of the Biya regime, on behalf of North West and South Elite, Senators and MPs.
    In the letter, a larger part of which was a paraphrasing of President Biya’s December 31, 2016 message to the nation, Atanga Nji and other CPDM lackeys plead for schools to reopen in the North West and South West regions. They also plead with all teachers, teacher’s syndicates, school proprietors, parents, the civil society, politicians, traders, students, economic operators to ensure that schools effectively resume to save the school year and secure children’s future.”

    Atanga Nji and other CPDM puppets are fighting for their “garri”. They do not represent the interest of the Anglophones.

    The strile continues.

    Unstoppable Momentum. Nothing more, nothing less.
    “ALUTA Continua, Victoria Ascerta” (The Struggle Continues, Victory is Certain)

  16. Vaoicomputers?If everybody is in a confusion including even the government, then let the government organise a referendum in West Cameroon to really find out what the majority of people want there,Don’t you think so?

  17. Hahaha elites, have they forgotten the most recent election of Mr.Trump or the Brexit saga.
    In west Cameroon the Consortium is our new Elite all these outdated irrelevant parasites are trying to stay in power by all means necessary.
    Did they start the strike-No, Did they complain about any problems in west Cameroon-No
    Did they protest and die on the streets-No, Did they Wirbalize our plight-No, Did they cry for the Kids raped in Buea-No, Did they call for the release of kids jailed in Yaoundé-No
    The ELITES can create their ELITIS nation where they can ELITIZE each other because the ordinary west Cameroonian doesn’t care about what they say, do or think anymore
    The American Elite could not stop the momentum of Trump, the British Elite could not stop Brexit momentum why would anyone believe 10 elites can stop the momentum of West Cameroonians!!!

    • Excellently put @Lum. Happy New Year!!
      From your analysis, it only takes someone with a frozen brain to believe that the so called elites who just last month were hunted in Bamenda like dogs and the rest of Southern Cameroon for denying the that an “Anglophone problem exist” would be the same ones now to be beleived in solving a problem they claimed does not exist. Moreover this news is coming from the Crtv of all places, a government (elitist) propaganda outfit distrusted even by people who work there.

      We have our new ELITES – the CONSORTIUM and the RESTORATIONIST Movement and by them we stand. No more no less.

  18. This is the kind of news that this site can post quickly. North West and south west elites are teachers and lawyers as we know. It took Nigeria and Ghana two years of strike each to purify their educational systems and the results speak. Can Cameroon compare with any of these two countries as education is concerned? NO. Look at Kenya, Uganda , South Africa etc have the best educational systems in Africa…there is no French system in the top 10. French education is a disease. NOBODY is going to any school soon. Une annee blanche !as La Rep colonisers call it and we’ll succeed!

  19. This is exactly what I have been dreading. A genuine cause has now been hijacked by a group of SCNC terrorists taking cover in their basements, hence making our government now beginning to look like victims or saints.

    Make no mistake, you can run but you cannot hide.

    You’re not fighting for any Anglo children but for your own selfish selves. This is why people like Mme Walla, Osih, Ni, Ayah Paul, Fon Dinka….have always distanced themselves from you dictators, who will not fall short to sell your own people just to attain power. Shame to you all for peeing on a genuine Anglo cause .

    Future Anglo children will definitely bring you to book.

    Bevy of Terrorists…

    • See you wey you don always shake shake like old dross. Who are those terrorists? Stop this your standard koni and speak without water in your mouth! As if you be don ever support some Anglo cause? Mscheww!

      • Cowardic chameleon Zammy, you are now fun of Osih, Ni? The train left the station long ago, there’s no way again for you and you elite friends to hide behind hollow political parties and pull off bribery, rigging. All the anglophone people have now embraced the cause.

        You have all along tried to hide your true colours but time has caught up with you. Why don’t you cite your own name among those you mentioned? Didn’t you say you were going home to join Kah Walla to fight? Small rambling coward! The emotional vermin you are think by calling some people terrorists, you will be seen and heard easily!

        • De,

          many CMRs had are already joining the wagon to fight for the Anglo cause, but the more some group of terrorists keep on inciting people to go the violent way the more other CMRs are starting to distance themselves from that covert agenda.

          Promising some people death just because they are of a different opinion is a thing that can only be counter-productive to this mov’t in the long run. And that is exactly what is going to happen—all sympathisers are going to lose faith, whereas it is a genuine cause that has been hijacked.

          It is of no surprise therefore that covert SCNC leaders are yearning for an all exclusive liberation fight, they know very well that only outsiders can discover their covert agenda. A thing a normal Anglo can hardly see simply cause one is 100% focused on seeing the Anglo cause finally being resolved as our forebears have always wanted it to be.

          Rest assured, De, I have told you this before. We’re the sacrificial generation, there is no way things are fully going to be solved in our prime or time. We are all eager to see a delayed dream come true, but make no mistake our children are the ones who’re going to see that dream. Not Zam and De, or even AG. This fight is for our children.

          Promising to cleanse Bamis/Basas/Traitors doesn’t belong to Cameroonians. We Cameroonians, no matter how passive we are, have become too wise to slip down to that level.

          Kigali shall never rise again, at least not in CMR…

        • Zammy,
          What is the anglophone cause that many Cameroonians had already started joining the wagon to fight? Who are the Scnc terrorists who have promised to cleanse Basas, Bamis Zammy, name them and tell us exactly where they are. We are saw the police dragging people through sewage water and raping girls and we know them, who are the Scnc leaders?

          Real anglophones like you want to solve the anglophone cause, at the same time the problem will not be solved during our life time. Just see the way black legs like you talk from both ends of their mouths. Had we not been exposing your tactics here, people might have mistakenly taken you for a serious person.

          I will keep shutting your cunning mouth by asking you to enumerate the acts of terror the Scnc engaged in and acknowledged responsibility. If you can’t then it’s time you shut your worthless dribble!

        • De Pimento,

          wish my contributions here were aimed at gaining points and appraisal. None would have matched me here, I repeat none !

          Graving for points and appraisal is not part of my DNA. All what I am saying is my genuine thinking, which of course could be wrong too because I am only human. But make no mistake, all what cometh out of me has been well thought of.

          I receive tons of whatapps on a daily basis from Anglo chums world-wide. I know our mindset to my finger tips.

          What some SCNC covert leaders are concocting in their basement is no different from what those devils, who dehumanised our kids in Molyko, did. Psychological terrorists are even worse than physical ones. And mind you, all those SCNC covert leaders have no loved ones left back home. They have all gathered their kids and close ones in the West, well guarded.

          All they know is to use their joysticks from their basements to manipulate desperate citizens. Just to fulfil their covert agenda.

          This euphoria is going to take us nowhere, lest we are prepared for an unprecedented massacre that has never been seen elsewhere.

          And if you think catchphrases like “graffi man, Bamenda man, came no go, chop broke pot, lazy people, mojili, ntong’tou, etc., ” are going to secede from our minds so soon, then I am afraid I won’t join that naive school of thoughts. Keep on believing SCNC has got a magic wand !

          Rather than burning time attacking it would perhaps be better to engage in some alternative thinking. Just extend your head out of the box awhile, De…

          Nota bene:

          “FULLY going to be solved ” , re-read what I wrote. Go ahead and truncate my write-ups as usual. Were I an anti-patriot, I would cared much about your truncations. And braggadocios too.

        • De Pimento,

          I saw this Zammy man since and knew exactly where he stands and now he reveals his true self. Ni Zammy, we are challenging you to focus on establishing a solid legal team to take the French and the Essinga to to court for attemting to erase you kind from the surface of the earth in the late 50s and early 70s. We Southern Cameroonians will whole heartedly support you like with did shelter your parents from that brutality. Go figure, how dare you called people who seek justice and freedom to correct the wrongs of LRC on their people terrorist? Remember that the SCNC is the standing committee created after AAC I and AAC II. Like biya paul you have just called all Anglophones terrorists and you have to apologise

        • My bro @Sincererity tell me about it!

          A macqui descendant calling us terrorist? Kai fonituh ndayeh!

        • Zammy,
          Stop wasting your time and seeking for notice. You just called those who dehumanised our kids devils not terrorists. I still want to know from you how many terrorist acts the Scnc leaders you are talking about have directed. Simply go ahead and name them! Who are the Scnc covert leaders you are talking about Zammy?

        • @Sincerity,

          there is no need saying you saw me coming, my torch is always on. Even in broad daylight ! I know that tactic ever since on “Mountain Club” forum. Once you dare say anything contrary to SCNC ideology you’re good for the stake. I know that strategy quite too well.

          If you remember well, before this current strike, my stance vis-à-vis SCNC covert leaders has never changed.

          Authentic and initial SCNC members have never been prepared to espouse the type of new violence covert new SCNC leaders are ready to embark upon. You cannot be fighting for liberation while promising to eradicate or enslave others, whom you deem are not Anglos, or are contrarians. By so doing you become even more dangerous than the status quo.

          Learn to accept contrariety pls…

    • Malheuresement zam-zam les aveugles ne pourront pas voir, trop occupes a fantasmer. Continues a les eduquer, le combat legitime des avocats et enseignants est biaisé par ces utopistes qui non rien a offrir.

  20. How I wish someone can publish, on the net or social media a list with the names, phone numbers and email addresses of all these Elites, SDOs, DOs , Chiefs, Fons in the NW and SW Cameroons, so we can inundate them with phone calls and email messages to let them know our thoughts and feelings about this matter. As they say, all politics is local. They individually must feel the pressure from the people.

    • You say it right. Lets do like its done in Togo, the name, telefon nr, email, of these sell out are publish