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Bamenda: Soldiers shoot medical doctor in Nkwen

Journal du Cameroun | A medical doctor is currently battling between life and death after allegedly being shot on the back by security forces on Tuesday morning in Bamenda.

According to local reports, Dr. Veh Dingha-Nyoh of PMI in Bamenda was « accidentally » shot in a taxi around Mile 2 in Nkwen after the taxi driver reportedly drove past against instructions of the forces of law and order.

She was immdediately rushed to the Bamenda Regional hospital where she was put under a stable condition.

She is set to undergo an operation to extract the bullet from her body.

This morning’s shooting was followed by reports of fierce shootings in Ekok along the Cameroon-Nigeria border between Cameroonian security forces and separatists fighters. However, it is not clear if there are any casualties for the moment.

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  1. Kill Anyone who don’t want to follow instructions in any check point we are in a war .

    • Seconded. I’m sure i wasn’t shoot doing his medical practice, but plotting something. You have to obey law enforcement, whoever think otherwise has to come to the USA to witness how everyone, including congressmen, obey law enforcement

      • Lu,

        Your English don’t even show you are in America……by the way, how can you compare Law Enforcement of America and Cameroon????? The driver may be wrong, but firing a shot is not the solution. No American Law Enforcement will shoot a vehicle because it refused to stop….In America, a police vehicle will pursue you immediately and stop you……Now that BIYA spend all our money in Switzerland, can Cameroon Law Enforcement even have a patrol vehicle while at work??? Shame to French system……..bunch of THIEVES plus “chop broke pot Yaoundé people…..”

        • Semengue, clearly you don’t know. This is the slavery attitude I always talk about, thinking that everything home is worst than in the West. A few years ago here in the US, a policemen shoot at a toddler in the park.
          You have to understand that Gengarme are being killed everyday by ordinary people.

      • Please she is not a terrorist or separatist. This is a young girl who schooled in Our Lady of Lourdes College, Mankon and graduated from medical school recently working in Bamenda faced with this unfortunate situation. Blame the security officers for shooting and the taxi driver for endangering passengers’ lives !


      • @ Lu, your level of ignorance is not not surprising. I wish it was your sister that took that bullet. You read a simple text but can’t comprehend. A driver disobeys the police and you rejoice over the killing of an innocent civilian going to work. You know the saying “Things go around”. In the past it was the Bamileke that took the heat, followed by the northerners. Now it is bamenda, tomorrow it will be where you come from. I so pray that not a single member of your family is spared.

        • @Dascava. The gendarme that was killed last week also deserve your compassion. The young man was you to charge his phone and was killed in the middle of the street.
          Should I remind you that the people that kill law enforcement are doctors, carpenter, plumbers….these killers are day to day civilians walk I g in the street.

      • @LU

        nice one, they don’t to obey the law

    • Why blame the doctor and not the taxi driver? In a country where 1 doctor is to 10,000 patient do you know the kind of health setback you are creating? Do you prefer the servic of mercy ships that show up once in 5 years to your own local doctors? What sort of primitive mentality are with dealing with?

      • It’s the frog mentality Ambazonians are up against. Complete servitude to their French masters to the point of killing their own kind. Terrorizing backward dull terrorists say soldiers.

    • You mami yi black pima so. With your mouth like Pima for swine. Ambazonia wil never be frogland.

  2. “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)

    One thing is 100% certain:

    The FINAL SOLUTION to the Anglophone Question will be gotten this time around, come rain come shine.
    It is now or NEVER.
    Biya’s war is a blessing in disguise . The war will resolve the Anglophone Question once and for all.


    • cameroun. and. Ambazonia are two seperate countries in 1961. with no treaty. between them
      soo. cameroun declares war on ambazinia. for
      not accepting its impoverishment and terrorism on it.. the two countries are independrnt slready
      whsts needed now is the enforcement of the peaceful co existence of the two seperate independrnt neigbours. using heavy external force. on paul biya. the mad man of cameroun

      • Take it easy. Eritrea, S. Sudan, East Timor, Kossovo, etc also experienced what SC is now experiencing. Their occupiers also shouted the “one and indivisible” bla bla bla. However, in the end Eritrea, S. Sudan, East Timor, Kossovo kicked out the occupiers. LRC will surely be kicked out of SC. It is simply a matter of time.

  3. Fools that never went to school are expected to bring peace to the country while cowards that went to th best schools are squandering all the state money! I don’t know what it will take Cameroonians to label Paul the Chien as the enemy of the people. As the chief terrorist against Cameroon. Mbappe “ the fool that cannot write a sentence without google translate” will be the first to send motion of support” Hahahaha
    I don see Wanda! Southern Cameroon should kill all the DO’s and SDO’s! I highly applaud their tactics!

  4. This matter no bi small thing oh! the matter serious well well. LRP will smell a dead rate.let they underrate us, before we finish them . No election on Anglophone soil this year. If they try they would be finished by our forces.

  5. Well we are at war, so if LRC CAN START SHOOTING HIS AGENTS IN OUR LAND, IT IS SHOWING THE END OF TIME FOR BIYA.But ghost town should visit those BIRS.pLEASE, IDENTIFY THEM AND WHERE THEY ARE STAYING IN Ambaland.We need to sort them out.

  6. No senetorial elections in Ambasonia.Anybody who want to try,let him try.We don’t make empty threats.Fru Ndi,u are warned….

  7. @Colby and LU, if you clumsy fools knew about the southern Cameroon history, I bet you people, you will not be running your useless mouth to be saying rubbish. Go and buy professor Charles Ayangwe history book about the Southern Cameroon history. Try and learn something about S.C.

    • @Kingsley prototype of” left side brain” the Southern Cameroons were buried when the UK transferred its sovereignty to the Republic of Cameroon it is sad and bitter to swallow.Trying to resurrect the southern Cameroon’s is to bring backwards the actual generation which nobody with common sense can accept otherwise let us go back to the Songhai,Turk or even middle empires.We must work together to kick the corrupted regime out this is the main issue of Cameroon. The book of whatever you called him can not change anything many here are confused they transferred the hatred towards the regime to the population leaving them with no other choice than to support the thuggish regime.When I see donkeys asking why East Cameroon is not supporting the struggle of West I can laugh all day long.

    • @ Kingsley. There is no such thing as Southern Cameroon. It was a British fabrication. Cameroon was created by God and no Europeans or European ideas can determine our boundaries. We are not British or French slaves.

  8. It’s Fru Ndi and Biya who have caused these problems with their foolhardiness

  9. A taxi driver who refuses to slow down or stop at a check point endangers lives – his own, his passengers, the vehicle itself. Does this give the control officer the right to open fire on the vehicle? Well, they have virtually made every town a war zone, n’est-ce pas?

  10. “Shot in the back” and “accidently” in a taxi on top , dosnt sound like a professional response for a security checkpoint .

  11. @Colby & Lum. You are more than 1000% right. We are at war against people hiding among the population. They are medical doctors, politicians, taxi drivers, bush fallers, etc… After all, were they not the people jubilating here when a military ambulance was shot & a doctor (lieutnant colonel) was wounded? it’s war. I’m yet to hear killing of francophones civilians to take it seriously. You brought Nigeria (Biafra) but you cry when the government brings Chad ( if it’s true). how different are you? Biya speaks big grammar in french while @John Dinga does the same with english. How do those change a common man’s live?

    • If ever people needed reasons to keep their children from attending school as it were, you provide the perfect example – substandard education, false parallels, irrelevant examples, etc .

  12. Every Anglophone in West Cameroon should know they have become target practice for the Francophone army and Chadian rebels.
    They will kill your mother, grandmother, father, child, daughter etc
    The Nazis killed any Jew, the Hutus killed anyTutsi, the Burmese kill any Rhoyinga, the apartheid South Africa army killed any black South Africa.
    The act of genocide is when you give a people a name to justify state sponsored killings. The name is almost always terrorist.
    In 2016 the Anglophone minority asked for English to be used in classrooms and Courtrooms in West Cameroon.
    Is Cameroon constitutionally bilingual ? Who is fooling who?
    The Francophonization of West Cameroon by Genocide is the new policy of Francophone Cameroon directed by Almighty France.
    Collectively primitive!

    • @Lum continue playing the dishonnest game don’t face the reality angels burn schools,kiss defense forces, invite Batibo SDO to party you are right in return, the government should seat and drink some champagne with them that’s good!!!

    • Lum fight for NW and leave us SW alone. We will never agree with you. You can’t fight but encouraging others to. Let these death visit you and your children.

      • See this idiot. Your Mami Pima so.

        • Let the blood of the innocent fall on your family son of the devil. Let it hit you hard, let it burn you deeply for you are an agent of Satan. You prefer innocent to die and you achieve your demonic plans. God please save the innocent and kill instigators.

      • @Bakossi and lum

        what is going on sw and nw are not getting alone

  13. Baretta News reporting that the Medical Doctor just died. So sad. End this violence. Stop creating permanent enemies of Cameroun. Dialogue.

    The erstwhile self-governing state of Southern Cameroons cannot be defeated militarily even if we abduct all our SDOs posted there and kill them blaming Anglophone insurgents like what happened in Batibo. It could be a 100 plus year s of instability to the Gulf of Guinea.

  14. Let us take a few steps back in time. When it was suggested to abolish the gendarmerie corps, the argument put forth was that gendarmes were like the mobile wing, taking care of suburban areas while the police took care of the city centers. So what happened?

    “Stability” of any human society requires people keeping their word!

    • Sale hypocrite !!

      • @ Colby. cela t’a pris du temps pour le remarquer. c’ est un vrai Kmer qui s’est laisse entraine par les biafrais lui disant qu’ils sont tous anglais alors que tous les Nigerians ne se voient pas comme un sous la langue Anglaise & il saisbce qu’on appelle KAM NO GO AU SW et n’est pas pret a analyser cela.

      • What’s for Sale @Colby?
        Check your English. In any case when all is said and done it will be remembered that the crisis we are experiencing is because la Republique destroyed a working federation.

        • Sale na dirty for fransi bro! Yi mean sey the learned gentleman na dirty hypocrite.

        • Thanks FF,
          Actually I was just being sarcastic. I can see how they are panicking, free resources from Ambazonia will soon be lost forever. I empathize for perhaps would have felt the same if I saw my free lunch disappearing before my very eyes!
          Ambazonia must be free.