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Barrister Akere Muna in Berlin talks about the necessity of an anglophone presidential candidate

Barrister Akere Muna talks about the necessity of an anglophone presidential candidate in Cameroon (Berlin, Germany)

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  1. Akere!

    Queue behind Osih, only so can the road to making Buea the federal capital of SW/parts of Litoral state, and Bamenda that of NW/parts of Western state, be faster…

    • Idiot of the highest exponent. Biya has swept 90% of the senatorial seats despite the hardships, corruption and tribalism and the illiterate Bamileke pig you are is still encouraging elections in Ambaland? And all this happening while he is flying and residing in Switzerland as we write. You frogs better wake up and chase that old dead brain out of power because we don’t believe in your phoney elections. Due to limited resources in confronting the evil backed by the docile 80% frogs and the anglophone traitors, we have decided to visit whoever shall be declared the winner in Ambaland. Wait and see for yourselves. Foolish people till infinity.

      • Mabanda Boy,

        Heineken day-in-day-out will finish you in uncle sam’s backyard. Mimbo never clear for your eye.

        who made you the spokesperson of the people of the nw and sw regions of cameroon?

        take your madness to the virtual tropical anglo-saxon republic of ambazonia…

        • Did you give me Heineken lying idiot? This is the time of serious conversation and you are evoking Heineken delusion? Maybe that’s just what your empty big mouth head is made of? Only junkies can not add 1+1. Tell me how Biya swept 63/70 seats wicked man. Tell me why you and your liar Akere Muna keep deceiving our people to participate in an election that will not deliver? Why are some of you so stupid, foolish and blind? Brojoe this is not Heineken talk. This is reality. Biya has swept 63/70 + 30 seats. And he is in hotel continental while his elecam machine is doing the rigging for him. Is this your wish for our people? Bondage for generations? Put your 65cl Heineken bottle down and tell me.

        • Did you give me Heineken? It’s is reality mofo. Biya swept 63/70 + 30 senatorial seats. Elections will never unseat the tribal kingpin. Ambalanders must shake off liars like you and take on the tribal junta. Drop your 65cl Heineken bottle and face reality.

      • Banda Boy,

        is there too much smoke up there? The earlier you climb down from that banda the better boyz.

        We have refused to join u in ur France agenda, so 2 have we refused to endorse any mov’t that is out to perpetuate French grip on CMR/AFRICA. We now know that u’re all being sponsored by France to destabilize the Golf of Guinea region. France knows just too well that CMR is the only country in Central Africa that can put a halt to Bolloré and co.

        They used Boko, no way. The only option open was to use you foolish folks in the West to destabilize our country.

        Why do you think NGR is kicking your rough butt out of its territory? Buhari hates u, not so?

        For how long are we, Panafricanists, going to watch you in ur madness? Think!

        You di surely mimba sey na daso u one be crish man…

        • Illiterate Bamelike scum.

        • First you said it was canada, now it is France.
          I’ll tell you what….it is we Ambalander who want out. As Mambanda boy said the Octogenerian has set up his elecampane to declare him winner, what’s the point?
          Ambaland continues to decline. It’s been a curse since we joined these peopl. Roads in Buea which were tarred in 1972 are now bush paths, same for Mamfe.
          Massa call whatever country you want including Kyrgystan. We will follow them if it gives us the weapons to get to Buea. Kill as many of us as you like, the remnant church of Ambazonia will march on.

        • Here we go again, Banda Boy! You ought to be a kenja boy, caged like a fowl.

          French spy, we now know who’s behind you—I used to wonder how could it be that you guys are vehemently opposed to any dialogue, little did we know abt the game you’re concocting with France. But guess what, you could have connived with any other country except France.

          Coz of ur complicity with FR, we’ll have to face you like our forebears faced FR, mercilessly.

          Be ready, we’ll take that fight to you, even in the WEST.

          No wonder Mebé Ngoh is accused of working hand in hand with Ayuk Tabe.

          You have chose the wrong country to sponsor you, we’ll see who owns CMR…

      • you are just a lunatic. What is Ambaland? Primitive.

    • who is Oshie and why should Akere Muna stand behind him? I thought only mothers in the village are still following SDF.

    • You must be a weed smoker

  2. Barrister Akere Muna and whole Family are a Joke. Folks like him are the reason behind the anglophone problem! Please Akere Muna get behind Osih Joshua or go home!

  3. With all due respect, Cameroonians has been careful for a very long time, I did not hear any vision for the country moving forward. This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off nor to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. There will be no peace nor tranquility in Cameroon until there is a change of power regardless of what means, The whirlwinds of revolt will continue to shake the foundations of our nation until these slow thinking statesmen give way to the bright day of new reasoning. Those who hope that the anglophones just need to blow off steam and will soon be content, will have a rude awakening if the nation returns to business as usual. Titles no longer has priority in this age of the power of information. I wont endorse this statesman for president. He seems slow in

    • @Benji i think you know how many have died,refugees and even the vanished before spreading idiocies here cause you were amongst the lucky ones in your village to own a computer.

      • …you must be one of those who responds to opinions without understanding its contents. But hey man i am all for freedom of speech! Goodluck!

    • @Benji
      He is a Cameroonian and has every right. If you don’t like it, fight for the liberation of your country. But mind you, you’ll have to kill anglos and francos to achieve that goal.
      And guess what, the anglos and francos will not fold their arms either. So let’s go…
      Until you join your boys in Lebialem and Batibo, you are also blowing hot steam. Though it is the kind of steam that is encouraging others to kill and burn while you hide in anonymity.

      • Dull dull dull dull dull inferior underpot Brotherjoe. You see how your foolish preaching is going haywire? Biya has just swept 63 of the 70 senatorial seats plus having the capacity to appoint 30 takes him to 93/100. You this foolish baboon must realize elections will never unseat that demonic Bulu bastard. Stop deceiving our people about lying election promises not backed by any independent electoral commission. I am now convinced your family is overseeing the crocked actions of Elecam in Amabaland. We will track them down and visit them. Bravo to the brave people of Belo and Lebialem for abducting more. No phoney election in Ambazonia to deceive our people and condemn them to a life of perpetual servitude. We will visit all those traitors colluding with the CPDM and the SDF. Be warned.

        • Mabanda Boy,

          Keep exposing yourself for the psychopathic drunk that you are. Threats, threats and threats….poor thing.

          The equatorial gaulists will teach you and your tropical anglo-saxons pepper. Neither Queen Elisabit, Naija, commonwealth, AU, and the UN will not rescue you from this one.

          I will continue to needle your drunken self until you learn to stay away from Heineken.

          Mimbo no fine. dull ting…


        • @Brothajoe,

          don’t you now see the similarity b/w the tactics of Boko and Ayuk’s mov’t? Same modus operandi—and we know, without any doubt, that FR was behind Boko.

          This is surely what irritated Buhari once he discovered the linkage b/w Ayuk and Mebé Ngo, and FR—we all know what FR did to Biafra mov’t.

          We’ll see who’ll first get to Buea, France or CMR…

        • @ZZ,

          I am not at all surprised that Ambazonia is sponsored by the French.

          What else would you expect from tropical anglo-saxons who have done nothing but create refugees, destroy livelihoods and terrorize students rather than confronting the French who are reaping profits from our rich soil.

      • Speak for yourself. I am yet to see an anglophone who believes that Ambaland is healthy and thriving.
        You must learn to live comfortably amongst yourselves as francophones. As you make your bed so shall you lie on it. You want to force us to live in your rubbish country. You spoil it, you live inside. We are out to create our own southern Cameroons paradise which you will need a visa to enter.


  5. Why germany instead of france, Akere? See how you the Munas, continue to do the
    wrong thing. The very fact of being pa muna`s son – pm, is no guaranty, that you
    have the free will to sabotage the aspirations of your anglophone siblings. That merits
    you a big price.

  6. Two issues are involved here – playing by the rules versus entitlement. Playing by the rules involves lining up like every other citizen. Entitlement involves being given as of right or connection that does not require personal merit.

    President Biya’s children sailed smoothly into ENAM with no one raising objections about entitlement or parental connection. Before them, Aminatu Ahidjo was ensconced at a CEO position with no questions asked.

    Now comes Akere Muna, asking to join the race to Unity Palace, and eyebrows are being raised. The race to the Unity Palace involves a competition which calls for merit, talent, assessment by the electorate. Other than sharing his late father’s name, why should the young man be held back from his ambition?

    • Demain LA même bouche qui commente ceci va changer de langage et c’est cela le pb avec vous cher Monsieur!

  7. The most id!ot man in cameroon this fool of AKERE I will throw you eggs in cameroon very soon wait and see!

  8. Akere Muna your entire evil, traitor family are benefiting in lrc 57 years of colonial slavery, your siblings have gained prominent governmental positions in french cameroon, sellout chameleon Anglophones family, you are a old privileged man not qualified to speak for today’s SCs generation in this struggle for freedom ! what positive contribution have you done to families in SCs being slaughtered by your dictator biya & what have you contributed towards the refugees crises? your half dumb, colonial slave puppet brother has been a English PM for donkey years, what regional development, jobs can he show to the people of SW/NW regions? a nonentity to many Ambazonians, you are no different from your slave, puppet, dumb bitch PM brother, Munas traitors era is over!!

  9. Akere Muna,

    The quest for political power is a calculated risk and you only take that risk if you think it is necessary.

    • Biya’s Lapdogs should instead laugh themselves to sleep, rather than pretending to criticize Akere Muna. He and the younger sister consider Biya as the tonton of their family and his role is to siphon some votes away from any opposition and allow both his and his father’s boss to sail through. They have lived a very great life under Biya and would want him to rule till he’s 135.