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Bibixy case adjourned as Anglophone activists draw stiff terms

Africa Times | In Cameroon, where Anglophone activists tried before a military court received heavy sentences this week, the case against Mancho Bibixy has been adjourned yet again until April 24.

Mancho Bibixy
Bibixy was arrested after making a public speech from a coffin in November 2016, as the tensions heightened between the country’s English-speaking teachers, lawyers and other professionals seeking reforms, and the increasingly authoritarian government of President Paul Biya.

Their appeals arise in response to what they say is longstanding political and social marginalization in a predominantly Francophone West African nation, which is tied to the colonial history and partition of Cameroon. As the Anglophone movement took off, it was met with repression and force; it has now evolved in some quarters into calls for secession, leading to more arrests and ever-deepening division.

Bibixy, with a background as a radio presenter, is among the more prominent of hundreds of Anglophone activists detained, and he drew attention to their cause with a hunger strike in prison matched by general strikes on the streets. He also worked as a teacher in Bamenda, and was among the earliest of professionals associated with the outlawed Anglophone Civil Society Consortium and its leaders.

Appearing with Bibixy on Friday was Anglophone activist Joseph Ngalim, who received a sentence of 11 years and 9 months on charges of secession, terrorism and opposition to the state. Earlier this week, Penn Terence Khan – after delivering a blistering rebuke to the military court – received a 12-year sentence.

“Dialogue is the best cure for the crisis rocking Cameroon today,” he said, before concluding his statement with an appeal to remedy Anglophone marginalization with real institutional protections for the minority.

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  1. Just hang him by the balls and get over with it .

    Lol @ increasingly authoritarian regime. Mancho protested for his belly and his belly only . He was promised a position in the virtual republic of ambashitnia. I don’t know what francofool had to do with roads not being built in Banenda when all the mayors are anglofool and the government delegate is an anglofool. But trust the ambashitnian to never look inward and try some accountability for their own shortcomings. The francofool esp the Beti man always has to be blamed . Such is the burden of The Beti , they arc responsible for everything and anything . Pathetic rap from grown men . When this guy get 30 years don’t come here crying injustice. He’s showing no remorse or regrets for his actions that caused the death of many people

    • Agbor Pinguiss,
      Introspection is good, but shouldn’t it be good for everyone? It’s no news that Yaounde has water shortages. When a minister like Essimi Menye, whose home town is not far from Yaounde absconds with funds meant to provide water, and you have the guts to ask us here to leave him alone, do you even know that you are abetting his activities and an accomplice in crime? Before throwing rocks, pick the peck in your eye first!

    • Who gave birth to this [email protected]

  2. Hang him by the balls …..that’s what a coward like urself will say pointing at a hero from the cover of his blanket. Whatever the case maybe this guy had enough balls to protest ..he stood up for something ..give him his respect ..what do u stand for ??? Bad mouth lol

  3. Happy Saturday folks do not disturb yourself with the OMEN pinguiss there’s a special place in hell for the son of b*tch.

  4. Dictator Biya FOOLISHLY declared an UNWINNABLE war
    Patriotic Southern Cameroonians said with one voice BRING IT ON.
    Biya cannot singlehandedly stop the war
    The permission of the so-called “secessionists MUST be sought.
    The so-called “secessionists will NEVER EVER accept to stop the war on Dictator’s Biya ‘s terms
    Simply put, Dictator Biya’s war is open-ended. No one knows when it will end.
    LRC has no money to fight an open-ended war. Creditors will sooner than later, stop lending money to LRC. Creditors do not like uncertainty and insecurity. BIR terrorists and Chadian mercenaries cannot fight on credit. They will always demand their risk allowances and mercenary fees. Whenever LRC is unable to pay, the war will end prematurely.


    • Ex-convict Atangana promised Dictator Biya that he knows how to stop the struggle.
      Biya believed in the ex-convict.
      Ex-convict Atangana was given a strategic ministry and enough cash to enable him to sabotage the struggle.
      However, little did Dictator know that the promise of the criminal and ex-convict was hollow. The 419 criminal can NEVER EVER stop the present momentum of the struggle.
      The reason is simple:

      The struggle is now greater than a person or group of persons. Bring any person or group of person will NEVER stop the momentum.
      Ex-convict Atangana has bribed the Chiefs and Fons to release a memo that they are against secession and federalism. However, patriotic Southern Cameroonians no longer listen to their chiefs and Fons.


  5. Even Martin L King was assassinated for decrying injustices.
    Mancho you are in our history as a hero,
    The government can chose to try and convict you in the military tribunal of colonial France it will not mean justice to any of us in West Cameroon.
    This is a case of Anglophones apartheid, persecution and killing by the colonialist is considered murder not justice.
    We the people of West Cameroon know what you stood for!
    They called Wirba Maquisard, they called Balla, Fontem terrorist, they have only one name for anyone from West Cameroon who stands up to their mafia with France…. terrorist.
    They have used the army to rape students, burn villagers, kill civilians, loot property and they are all free but they use the military tribunal to persecute Anglophones.
    Who is fooling who?

  6. This is called a “HOT POTATO”!

    It is easy to sit at the sidelines and prescribe for the presiding judge. But it is the judge’s decision! On it hangs an entire professional career, the judgement of the world looking from above. It is his/her responsibility alone.

    Lest we forget, with every responsibility there is a judgement; the greater the responsibility the greater the judgement.

  7. This Anglophone’s (Al Bagdadi )deserves the thoughest punishment as he was caught red handed with more than 200 T- shirts of terrorists, and ? millions cash to buy hunting guns to kill law enforcement and civilians as well.

    • Joseph Gobble aka @Colby I am sure your mom was part of that security apartus that caught him with the terrorist T and money. Deuche bag.what a cpdm troll

  8. Anglophone decry their right b4 the barrels of arms but stood their ground,on the other hand in Yaounde when francophone teachers took to the street to protest for their well deserved pay from LA REPUBLIC GOVERNMENT, they were jailed and asked to sign an under taking neverto take to the street and they signed it.Until this moment that I’m writing anglophones are yet to yield to popo.He declared war on unarmed civilianswe accepted it and he is registering the death. We have absolutely nothing against our fellow francophone brothers but the fact they will fold their hands and standby as onlookers is mind bothering. Also the same the train has left the station and is not stopping. Our francophones brother still have an opportunity to join in this struggle.

  9. Vladimir Putin: How can you do that? It is not fair.
    Theresa May: Well, we cannot allow international laws to be broken like that. Ask President Assad if that is how he
    he was educated here in the UK.
    President Assad: Yes, of course. I learned this from the UK. International law…like preparing Southern Cameroons
    for independence from dependency and when the time comes, refuse it independence.
    Theresa May: That’s not true. You lie!
    President Assad: What is the truth then? Is Southern Cameroons independent? Why is there so much rioting and
    bloodshed out there at this moment?
    Theresa May: I see what you mean. Let me go and find out. International law……

    • What are the values of that ‘Gentleman’s club’ that are so sacrosanct that hordes of Africans are still struggling to cling to them even when the conspiratorial nature of those values have been exposed?

      • Ras Pima,
        Your mami Pima.

      • What are the values of the western education you have been showing off by thrashing Cameroonian universities and fantasizing about the Queen’s language, Ras Banga?

        • @Firefighter, did you notice the irrelevance of his “gentleman’s club” to the substance of my posting?

        • China Man!

          Are you not the same elements that were expelled from London cos you wanted to meet your much cherished mother?

          Man go see ndon witi dis tropical Anglosaxons—dem love dem mami pass themselves—Ambablood no fit ever kosh yi sarah mami—yi mop di sharp na only for darkie mami dem.

          Oh-oh, African intellectuals are the curse of Africa…

        • @zam zam
          Shut your maggot infested drooling mouth you this bamilike pig.

      • Do you really expect that phoney to give you an answer ? The old man is senile and confused never here or there. Please save your valuable contributions to enlighten us and other forumists . Dinga ain’t worth the trouble

        • You are right! Here’s the reply that was given by the ancient warlock who has a doctorate degree, as we are told:

          ‘Did you notice the irrelevance of his “gentleman’s club” to the substance of my posting?’- Dinga

          Well, this is what we work with in Africa… There’s such a sorrowful absurdity that the old fellow doesn’t even recognize the fact that the puzzle which he is struggling to highlight in such a rather childlike manner is completely captured and preserved in the freely offered research question! Without a doubt, this is the fundamental reason why we are unable to improve our material condition.

          The other day, the warlock was talking about ‘geographical context’ at the ‘inception’ of ‘Anglopophone and Francophone’… and I just shook my head in shock.

          Well, I’ll take your advice.

        • Ras Pima

          Me I say your Mami Pima. You be some bully do you know that? Going after women and old men is your style. Try me murafoka bully and I bury you six foot deep. Your mouth like pima for donkey.

        • Hey Bobi Tanap,

          You think your pima has value but the reality is that you are just an abominable prostitute!

  10. wetti you be de do under pima for donkey AmbaBlood? Anyway, the spirit of a people seeking justice in order to get peace is in people like Mancho. That is the simple truth. It does not matter if he was promised a post or not. He has the courage to have stood up and spoken. I know that Pinguiss and his entire fore fathers never stood up for anything, they always said the the “fon is always right even when wrong”.

  11. How can a 12 year sentence be given to a civilised non violent protester?World average cant be more than two months at most.Why is a militry tribune being used whats wrong with a civil jury? Would a civil public jury made up of normal citizens ever give another human being this sort of sentence for these sort of placid forms of protest .Theres no common sense involved in here .

    • No no no @phyrne with respect I would like to remind you that this thug Mancho was caught promoting hatred towards francophones I still have the video in which he called Anglophones to stand up and attack francophones these are the statement he used “It’s today or never we must fight to free ourselves from the francophones slavery”.

      • [email protected] with respect it could be taken in a broard political implication of disagreement to assumed ,present at the time ,administration polices as in supression of common law and adverse educational effects in underfunding of Gsces and further university education courses in english (he was a teacher priviously and must have experienced the full educational system at first hand to become qualified to be one)which have been, maybe ,improved since he said those words ,by the central goverment in his area anyway.?
        Using the word “the”rather than “they” means its an entity he is complaining about rather than persons.
        So if it was just a political/ civil administration reference i dont see why a military tribunals time was wasted as opposed to a cheaper civil one ,with a jury .

  12. mancho needs to be beheaded period ” we need to implement Islam law”

    • No man, I disagree with that. The brother was misled and I am sure that he has now come to terms with the implications of his actions; and has shown signs of atonement. I personally don’t think that this brother is evil.

      • Your personal feelings are irrelevant especially if those feelings are adulterated by persistent binges on marijuana.

        • @borat aka Makelele32…You’ve got a very long way to go in USA, same with ur Chinese buddy.

          Should Americans destroy their country in the same manner you want to destroy yours, would you still have old wobbling butts to clean?…

  13. A lost Nation is on in which hungry and jobless people blindly support. those that are responsible for their agony and misery. Cameroun is indeed a lost Nation.

  14. A lost Nation is one in which hungry and jobless people blindly support those that are responsible for their agony and misery. Cameroun is indeed a lost Nation.