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Biya has greatly favored Anglophone Cameroon, deserves credit – Minister

africanews | Cameroon’s Interior Minister has averred that English-speaking regions cannot claim that President Paul Biya has been a discriminatory leader.

Atanga Nji Paul was one of two Anglophones appointed in a cabinet reshuffle. he was named Minister of Territorial Administration which translates to the Interior Ministry portfolio.

An investigative journalist posted a short video of Atanga’s reaction to the cabinet shakeup. “The president is an extraordinary statesman. I have insisted that since 1982, the head of state Paul Biya has given Anglophones preferential treatment.

“He has done that for the Anglophones. And I believe that this is the proof (his appointment as Interior Minister) and Anglophones cannot say ever that he hasn’t given them their due,” he stressed.

His views come at a time when peaceful protests over marginalization in English-speaking regions have escalated into a push for secession by the so-called Ambazonia Republic.

Most Anglophone Cameroonians have expressed disgust over his view and slammed him for saying that because he had secured a position in the Biya-government.

Separatist activities have led to deadly confrontation between security forces and the Ambazonia Defence Force (ADF) and other armed groups.

The two regions – North West and South West – have been placed under curfews in the light of the security situation.

A humanitarian crisis has been created as thousands of people in the region have fled into Nigeria. Despite these challenges, the central government maintains that there is relative peace across the region.

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  1. only Paul Atanga Nji can say some stinking think like “Biya has greatly favored Anglophone Cameroon”

  2. Everyday we learn something new, don’t we?

    Today we learn that Cameroon’s Anglophones have been reduced to synonymy with Paul Atanga Nji. Not bad. In the pipe lines and in the days ahead, we shall probably learn that the certificate of non-conviction is no longer a requirement for employment. Great tidings.

  3. @John Dinga

    it is not illustration no more, now it’s ” great tiding”, you re making me laughing hahahahhahaa .
    like I say we will not negotiate with the fanatic.

  4. An ex-convict and secondary school dropout, who is on record hat “there is no Anglophone Problem”, cannot speak on behalf of the Anglophones.
    He is speaking for himself and his family.

    • Atanga Nji, Tchiroma and Nalove helped to increase the momentum of the struggle. Many observers had advised Biya ti SACK them. However, Biya decided to promote them.
      The repercussions of Biya’s foolish decision cannot be over-emphasized

  5. So says a person who sees his appointment as a favour and not merit. That comment says a lot.

    • Paul Nji Atanga, like Jacques Fame Ndongo, is putting his studies to use by giving to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to Biya what is Biya’s – sycophantic subservience.

    • Merit died a long time ago in Cameroon, otherwise I would have been in Atanga’s chair. Infact you risk going to prison in Cameroon if you mention the word merit in anything you do. Atanga has watched Achidi and the rest and learn the game. He is playing it better than any of them. Scratch my back I scratch your back – that was Achidi’s words. Let Atanga enjoy the fruits of his labour. He has and is still scratching Etudy’s back. I hope he remembers to check his back that it is not bleeding from Etudy-favoured scratch.

  6. Ethical Hacker

    Listening to him speak makes me sick to my stomach, however, he is entitled to his opinion about the president of LRC.
    It is obvious that he does not understand the “Anglophone Problem” one bit. We are not fighting about appointments “mr atanga nji”, names deliberately spelled in lower case.

    For 30 something years there has been regional inequality, lack of farm to market roads, poor healthcare, unemployment, systemic introduction of French into our schools and judicial systems etc. It is really sad that most Southern Cameroonians will die without never achieving their dreams because of the current state of the LRC government. Only time shall tell.
    Everyone has a birth date and death date.

    • This idiot is not different from the Ambazonians. Both are mentally enslaved and don’t represent the majority of the anglophone population.

    • Épée Dipanda

      To achieve your dreams you better leave that country fast.
      It is a godforsaken triangle. All other countries worthy of the name are making progress except it.
      Any anglophone who desires to be anything in real life must leave fast.
      Free advise

  7. Any commentary only goes to validate this fool

  8. Congratulations Dr. Atanga Nji Paul. You promised Biya that with your Nigeria connections and Nigerian generals who are your friends, you would deliver Sisiku and partners and you did. You promised Biya that he would be President for life and he is. You have promised him that he should never be worried again about any Anglophone man or woman, chief or Fond and he has promoted you to Minister of interior. Outstanding achievements Dr. Atanga. I called you Dr. ATANGA because you would be given a PhD soon by Fame.

  9. Épée Dipanda

    I suspect this Atanga Nji is actually short form for “Atangana Nzie ” so once more we are back to Beti Bulu nominations.
    Another Atangana as Minister of Interior (Only God knows what they mean by Territorial Administration).
    Those who know our traditions well know that the territory is administered by the ancestors, the unborn and the living. This power CANNOT come from Etoudi. So to name a ministry territorial administration is to be a bleating id!iot unfit to manage the national triangle.
    Those who manage the territory ARE the Chiefs, the elders and the people themselves who relinquish some of their powers to mayors working under the supervision of the municipal and traditional councils.
    Anything else is anathema and will be resisted with all the force and intelligence we have.

  10. says a person who sees his appointment as a favor and not as a duty to serve his people … Monkey republic

  11. Wow! so appointing an anglophone to the post of a minister is a favour? Well, spoiler alert! when we take over it will be a right!

  12. Wow! so appointing an anglophone to the post of a minister is a favour? Well, spoiler alert! when we take over it will be a right to duty.

  13. Wow! so appointing an anglophone to the post of a minister is a favour? Well, spoiler alert! when we take over ,it will be a right to duty.

  14. Wow! so appointing an anglophone to the post of a minister is a favour? Well, spoiler alert! when we take over. it will be a right to duty.

  15. Wow! so appointing an anglophone to the post of a minister is a favour? Well, spoiler alert! when we take over, it will be a right to duty.

  16. Mr Atanga Nji is actually saying what majority Francophones think.
    The majority believe using English in Classrooms and Courtrooms is a favor from Biya to Anglophones.
    Appointing a bilingual commission is a favor to Anglophones
    Appointing Nalova and Nji is a favor to Anglophones
    In short having Anglophones in SW and NW is a favor to Anglophones.
    The majority Francophones have forgotten that our parents unfortunately voted in 1961 to join East Cameroon.
    How is it that the first territory in the Gulf of Guinea to have its own democratic election “Southern Cameroons “ has now become a people happy to receive a favor from a Franco- African governor who spends $65 million in Swiss hotels.
    This is why Cameroon can’t emerge in 2035, ministers who are worshippers of Biya and France.

    • You said it all in your last sentence. The unfortunate thing, is that biya will not
      be around by his magic year of failure.

    • @ Lum
      You have pieced a good read here as you often do However, given all the litany of infractions you enumerated, there remains a curious disjunction in regard to why some of you are still inclined towards maintaining a union with those who are apt to such degree of hate, and manifest indifference towards the devolution civility.
      A quote from Fyodor Dostoevski reads, ” The tyranny of a prince in an oligarchy is not as dangerous to the public welfare as the apathy of a citizen in a democracy.”

      • Stop being jealous you this grannies butts cleaner , it’s obvious she’s infatuated with Franco dicks, That’s why she will never advocate for separation. She likes that rod and swag , Franco represent power.

        • Where has this dwarfish fagot been hiding?
          I bet you were back in jail as usual.