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After Bloosat, GoSat is now connected to Konnect Africa to provide internet via satellite in Cameroon

The Cameroonian company GoSat just announced having completed a partnership with Konnect Africa, subsidiary of the French group Eutelsat, to provide internet via satellite in urban and rural areas in Cameroon. “Konnect Africa’s satellite service will cover, in the short term, two thirds of the Cameroonian population.

Users of this service, which include companies and organizations of various sizes, will have access to quality high speed internet at an affordable price”, highlights GoSat.

At first, we officially learned, for the year 2017, the services offered by GoSat and its partner Konnect Africa will only be available in the Littoral and Western region. They will only be rolled out to the rest of the country in 2019.

“Konnect Africa ultimately wants to offer universal coverage throughout the entire sub-Saharan African region, and particularly in Cameroon, which is very important strategically. Our partnership with GoSat is for us a relevant and efficient way pf reducing the digital gp in Africa and speed up the economic development in the region”, commented Laurent Gtimaldi, CEO of Konnect Africa.

 “Collaborating with Konnect Africa will enable us to access, for the benefit of our clients, a broadband platform worldwide. Our clients require quality, reliability, connection speed, but also coverage at an affordable price and above all universal. Konnect Africa is a solid partner, capable of offering us satellite broadband packages of quality, customised, and for all clients and companies we will serve in Cameroon, in semi-urban and rural areas”, said Casimir Fotso Chatue, CEO of GoSat.

We can recall that on 6 June 2017 Konnect Africa officially announced the launch of its activities in nine African countries, which are Cameroon, Benin, Kenya, Lesotho, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania and Uganda. This announcement was followed, on 12 July 2017, by the launch of the internet via satellite service in Cameroon by Bloosat, who thus became, with GoSat, one of the first partners of Konnect Africa in the country.

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  1. And Zuckeberg wants to do it for free in the entire third world countries. French and their cunningness must quit the scene.

  2. Brown Sugar (Abuja)

    Bobobobobobo am laughing in Mbum, what makes you so believed that Zuckerberg will do it for free for the entire world. Bruh abeg wake up fom yhur drim.

    As long as Africa is still sleeping with her legs spread wide open, she will continue to be rape by the other continent.

    Where are the African inventors. Show me Africa invention, even the witchcraft we practice is of no use to the continent,

    we rather work hard, eat less, drink to stupor, and have multiple sex partner .This is how the mind of the black is conditioned to operate right from the days of our fore fathers till now.

    • There’s a serious vacuum in information technology that our people can use to uplift themselves, create jobs and utilize excellent health care policies and procedures. This is what Facebook intends to do by plugging these regions into that knowledge socket yet it is their own people already aware of such advantages that are putting up immeasurable resistance. I understand not everyone should have the desire to use social platforms like Facebook but internet access in this day and age is a fundamental human right deserving no price tag. Wake up from our stingy hole and smell the fufu.

      • Two Side Cutlass

        There is nothing like a free lunch. if Mark Zuckerberg wants to give “free” internet, its never for free. Africa is a vast untapped market. its all about getting facebook into places which were seen as inaccessible. its also about acquiring data and peoples profiles. if all those who want free internet have to sign up using facebook, facebook gets a lot of information on people when they sign up.its the same with google too. data is a goldmine

        • TSC@ true and for Africans in national trading it could make the future clearer.Pricing of goods immediately become transparent ,transportation will be filled with any orders heading to diferrent directions and bad buisnessmen will be outed and good honest ones praised and given accsess to communal or bank credit, because complaints or praise will be immediate ,no under the table stuff .Hope Mr Zuckerburg gets the satallite up soon.

  3. BS@ Thats a bit like saying Americans would never use cellphones 15 years ago .Everywheres a market for something ,Africa included.