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Buea based entrepreneur receives Commonwealth Point of Light award

Journal du Cameroun | Noela Lyonga, a young female social entrepreneur in Buea, South West region of Cameroon, has received the Commonwealth Point of Light award.

Noela Lyonga, who is the founder of the ‘Noela Lyonga Foundation’, an organisation which improves education for prisoners and engages young people in volunteering, has helped over 380 young people to start their own volunteering projects.

Noela Lyonga
Her project, ‘Inspire an Inmate’ programme, gave her the opportunity to train over 100 young and female prisoners, while supporting their economic reintegration into society when they leave prison.

Presenting the award to Noela on February 14, in Buea, Rowan Laxton, UK High Commissioner in Cameroon, said “Noela has shown remarkable compassion, creativity and commitment through her focus on community development, youth empowerment and prison care”.

“By inspiring over one thousand volunteers, she has given practical life skills and vital hope to some of the most vulnerable citizens in Cameroon”.

For her part, Noela, lauded the initiative stating that the award will inspire other young persons. Hear her: “this will inspire our volunteers and partners to engage in more voluntary moves, for youths to see volunteerism as a platform for more life experiences, knowledge, skills and networks that will develop them and their communities at large.

“Above all, I believe this award will inspire someone out there regardless of their background to volunteer to make a difference in any little way they can, whether they have a paycheck or not, because someone out there needs what they have at all times. I dedicate this award to all those I’ve been volunteering with since 2011: my mentors, mentees, partners, women and minors in the ‘Buea Central Prison’, those in orphanages and other less privileged homes, rural community inhabitants, cancer patients and survivors, job seekers, friends, relatives and you all who inspire me to inspire others.”

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  1. Bravo and Congratulations
    May you continue to influence the lives of the forgotten in society.
    May you inspire many young girls to rise up to the challenges
    Wishing you the best.

    • @Lum
      That is so sweet of you, so encouraging, so compassionate. Together with so many other nice interventions of yours in this forum, please allow me to project you as a role model for the woman/lady.

  2. An initiative to be lauded and should be looked upon by the youths as an inspiration instead of filling beer parlors and complaining of unemployment. Cameroon is just so rich!

  3. How could she do it? I thought Anglophones are having their hands tied. I even wonder how Baba Danpulo (an anglophone) is the richest Kamerun man where it is said that Anglo cannot do anything? ONLY BIAFRA BLOOD SEE DISCRIMINATION OF ANGLO RATHER THAN A GOVERNMENT OF FAMILY & FRIENDS. Developing Yaounde is seen as one sided development but THEY NEVER QUESTION WHY ABUJA IS FROM FAR THE MOST DEVELOPPED CITY IN NIGERIA WHILE IT DOES NOT HAVE A DROP OF CRUDE OIL (90% OF NIGERIA ECONOMY). By the time our capital remain as in the 60’s, they’ll insult us & use it as argument to hate each other. Those biafra never digest the fact that have never supported them. Also they believe if ambazizi comes to light one day, they’ll be in position to claim Bakassi peninsular. This is to note that: Ambazombians know only british but the final judgement was given after GERMAN’S DEFINITION OF BOUNDARY WITH THE BRITISH. SO KMERS BEWARE. WHO HAS EARS SHOULD HEAR & SHOULD NOT USE EMOTION BUT FACTS. Any body who disagrees with the ambassissi is labelled ” BIYA/CPDM/FRANCE” ALLY. IF I CAN BE LABELLED SO, BE IT.

  4. If you believe francophones are using army to kill anglophones, you should also accept that in 1990 when university of yaounde students were treated similarly ( some were killed & some disappeared), it was done by Anglophone soldiers of kamerun as well as in 2008 in Douala when Biya sent anglo soldiers to kill francophones.
    It was stated here by @Kongossa that Fru Ndi won election but francophones said that ”an anglo will never rule kamerun”. None of his Ambabiafrans country men [email protected] FF, JD, Manyaka76, Mvomeka aka Anglophone, etc.. could contradict him by recognizing the vote of francophones but a group of people (our government) backed by france.

  5. We all ignore the evil Mbamois and his unfounded comments die a silent death.
    If all regions in Cameroon suffer the same, they should contribute the same to the national kitty.
    Referendum or the fighting will NEVER end.

    • Of course if you value your sanity you need to skirt around irrelevance; this article is clearly about a young woman’s efforts.

  6. this is a good example that when people are conquered,brought under control and forced to use the conquerors language.automatically they become subordinates,incapable of seeing their center of interest,not to talk of defending it.infact in their reconditioned minds,defending their interest becomes a crime.if not how do we explain the fact,we remain subordinate to organizations like froncophonie,anglophonie,lusuphonie,all created with the firm intention to defend and propagate languages bend on eliminating ours?when,some africans recieve awards from this organizations,reinforcing the domination and eracing of our languages.what do they think,they are doing?from this argument, we see that this organizations transform us to adults with baby brains.then move infantilization with awards.

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    • Their ancestors language couldn’t plant rice for them?
      No matter how much you people try to make this struggle one of language we will continue to expose your tricks.
      We differ on principle and culture. We reject your francophone approach to governance . We cannot have the President being the head of the judicial council. What happened to the Chief Justice? What happened to separation of powers? As Anglophones we reject this. Get that right. This struggle is not about English. Your Goebellian tactic will not work.

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  9. Wowww… Awesome