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Camair-Co settles MRO bills, B737 released from Johannesburg

Camair-Co (QC, Douala) has taken redelivery of B737-700 TJ-QCA (msn 34480) just over five months after the aircraft was impounded at Johannesburg O.R. Tambo for the carrier’s non-settlement of outstanding MRO debts.

In August last year, Cameroonian daily Le Messager indicated the carrier’s bill for services rendered had amounted to XAF2 billion CFA francs (USD3.4 million).

ch-aviation analysis of FlightRadar24 ADS-B data indicates the twinjet was positioned from Johannesburg to Cameroon on Saturday, January 7. It has since been used on shuttle flights between Yaoundé Nsimalen and Douala.

The state-owned airline operates two B737-700s of which TJ-QCA’s sistership, TJ-QCB (msn 33920), was only recently returned to service following a six-week long downtime. The carrier’s only widebody jet, B767-300(ER) TJ-CAC (msn 28138), has been out of service since early December.

Having axed Paris CDG flights last year, Camair-Co currently serves Douala, Yaounde, and Maroua locally and Brazzaville, Libreville, and Cotonou regionally.


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  1. BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

    The government of Cameroon was ordered by the UN Human Rights Court to pay the sum of  7 billion Fcfa to compensate  the CPDM Mayor of Njombe-Penja for 8 years of illegal and arbitrary detention.
    Mayor Kingue should contract a French Bailiff to help recover the 7 Billion FCFA by seizing a plane of Camair-Cola in Paris

  2. These repeated stories of mismanagement. It is so commonplace that, it now sounds
    like a good way of managing a business.
    But this is one other example of 56 years of failed leadership.
    Regime change, is the solution to the problems of Cameroon. Not even the cpdm,
    should be at the forefront.

    • AfricansforDonaldTrump Canada


      You scnc fagots are so inconsistent.

      I thought the Republic of Cameroon was a foreign country to you guys. I thought the SCNC secession was the solution to your problems. I guess that scnc afofo is taking its toll on your brain.

  3. man no di know China

    Don’t worry,Southern Cameroon airline will be the dream of Africa in some few years to come.camairco can even stop existing for who cares

    • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

      Once upon a time Southern Cameroons had an Airline, the Cameroon Air Transport (CAT ), with Head Office in Victoria aka VA. It was a sample of good Management practices. La Rep. came, took over the Company, mismanaged it and liquidatedf it

    • speezy 4matic

      good one but i wonder the name of the airline… AmbaAirways….hahahah???

  4. 419 at high level!!

  5. Southern Cameroons will be the envy of emerging nations. La “republiqueans” would stream over the Mungo River to “chop” adoro (aka ask file for asylum).

  6. One of my new year`s resolutions, is that i will not reply or answer any foolish
    post, that comes from someone that i consider a `small mind`.

    • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

      That is the solution to protecting your right of freedom of Expression on this Forum. Ignore those childish People who Insult People and continue to write your stuff without fear or favour.
      I do not waste my Quality time reacting to Agents Provocateurs of LRC.
      They Insult me and i put them on my PNG REGISTER. That is more painful to them than insulting them-

      • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

        Since they can no longer have any rational dialogue with me, they express their Frustration by calling me JOSEPHINA or insulting me further. When they realize that Josephina or more Insults can NEVER EVER prevent me from writing my stuff, they leave me in peace.

        That is the reason:

        1. Charles Atangana who calls himself Pinguiss aviids me on this Forum
        2. United States of Akonolinga ( USA) aka AkonolingaforDonaldTrump does not know what else to do with me. From time to time, he appears and shouts JOSEPHINA coupled with some Insults and disappears immidiately.

        They know that as PNGs they can no longer have any rational discussion with me. So they try to avoid me as much as possible.
        I was brought up by my parents not to Insult People. That is why I use a civilized means to protect myself from childish People.

        Forunites should stop responding to Pinguiss and AkonolingaFor DonaldTrump aka United States of Akonolinga and they will become irrelevant on this Forum.

        • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

          ….I use civilized means….

        • Remember this:

          And this is the Judgement. That the light came into the world but men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil.
          Clearly not too many evil minds feel at ease being reminded that there was once a CAT(Cameroon Air Transport) with a Tiko International Airport efficiently and professionally run by people of English-speaking West Cameroonians well before rule by presidential fiat reared its ugly head into their peaceful niche.

  7. popo must to go

    “One of my new year`s resolutions, is that i will not reply or answer any foolish
    post, that comes from someone that i consider a `small mind” Bro that is a good resolution i have been reading comments on this forum and to say you guys are doing a create job those that are with us are far more than those that are against comments like those post by .AfricansforDonaldTrump shouldn’t stop you guys doing the right thing ignored him. the good news is that we are wining

  8. One day it will come out. A company set up to make losses. Is it some kind of launderette? (wink?)