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Cameroon Army Repels Attack By ‘Anglophone Separatists’

channelstv | Armed separatists in Cameroon’s troubled anglophone region attacked a village before being repelled by soldiers, security officials said Friday.

“A group of secessionists on Thursday attacked the locality of Dadi,” a source said, referring to a village in the Mamfe area of Southwest Region — one of two areas shaken by unrest in Cameroon’s anglophone minority.

“The army repelled the attack… inflicting fatalities among the assailants,” a security official said. The account was confirmed by a military source.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the reported attack.

Cameroonian press reports said the attackers came “from a neighbouring country” and left behind 26 hunting guns and a pump-action shotgun, as well as 20 mobile phones and dozens of T-shirts printed with “Ambazonia Defence Force,” a reference to the separatists’ self-declared homeland.

English-speakers, who account for some 20 percent of Cameroon’s population of 23 million, have long protested at what they perceive to be bias in favour of the French-speaking majority.

Since November 2016, resentment has fed demands for autonomy or a separate state.

Cameroon’s 84-year-old president, Paul Biya, has rejected the demands and ordered a crackdown, including curfews, raids and restrictions on travel.

International monitors say at least 20 and possibly 40 people have been killed since late September.

There have also been escalating attacks on police and the military. Ten were killed in November alone.

The Mamfe area has become a hotspot for such attacks, including the killing of four soldiers last month.

The anglophone minority dates to the emergence of Cameroon in 1960-61, as France and Britain wound down their colonies in west Africa.


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  1. Too many newsmen chasing too few news items, in the process, recycling the same thing over and over.

  2. No Sir. The attackers did not come from a neighboring country. These are the locals SDO Oum II Joseph ordered to vacate their homes or be classified as terrorists and they will keep coming. If they can defend their land with such determination using only hunting guns, how then when they lay hands on kalashnikovs, Uzis and RPGs? It’s clear similar situations will crop up on many fronts across Southern Cameroon in the future and the ill-equipped, poorly-trained brutal military will not be able to sustain. All they are good at is killing civilians and dressing them up as assailants. Anyone who had a doubt why the Delta boys could rob banks in Douala and Limbe in broad daylight and leave unscathed can now attest to the weakness of LRC defence. Don’t declare a wars you cannot contain.

    • It will not happen in Bamenda my friend. We have nothing to do with Nigeria.

      • You are not from Bamenda you this animal. Even if you are you are one of those LRC settlers needing to be purged out with a plasma torch. Be reminded that it all started in Abakwa. Wait for the coming surprise.

        • chef pistache

          You are those of those terrorists who will be purged with pepper soup.keep making monkey on internet.


  4. There is some silent message which our French-speaking fellow citizens are missing.

    #1. The detached aloofness to the tribulations of Anglophones of NW/SW regions presupposes that their own fate is different. The Patrice Nganang saga proves clearly that a dictatorship can equally affect Francophones.
    #2The callous lack of compassion for murders committed by uniformed officers on peaceful civilians presupposes that pain is not among their feelings. The recent deaths of officers in uniform and the resulting agony of family, friends, hierarchy, etc proves the universality of pain.

    Is there any cogent reason why we all should not be on the same page then?

    • Africans For Donald trump

      Who shows compassion to people who:
      1) burn down 56 schools within a 12 month period?
      2) abolish education for the poor in their region?
      3) amputate the arms of young girls who want to pursue their education?
      3) attack and kill members of the forces of law and order in our country?
      Who shows compassion to a self-destructive people?

      You aglofools turned a national problem into an anglofool problem and expect to get compassion from the French speaking part of the country?
      Do not expect compassion after ruining the opportunity for Cameroonians to wage a united challenge against CPDM in 2018.

      • USA Africa,
        I don’t even know what mosquito bit John Dinga to completely lose himself and be expecting water to ooz out of a stone. The francophone public has a long history with being passive enablers of the tribulations Anglophones have lived over the decades. The people who called them anglofools, biafrans, and asked them to go hew wood in Bamenda did not fall from Mars. The people who benefit from the sidelining of Anglophones in politics, national projects are not living in Mars. The people who fill diplomatic posts in English speaking countries and sweep up all scholarships to prestigious schools in both France and English speaking countries are not living in Jupiter. Such people would hardly be falling over themselves to help those who bleed for them.

        • Before a single school was burnt, it had to do with leaf carrying protesters brutally repressed. It went on to cutting off the internet ans snow balled into daily killings. Put the cart in front of the horse all you want, everyone is surprised you are evening decrying the killing of the same security personnel whose omnipotence you openly celebrate here everyday. The ease with which you pour water in your own wine is astounding! If the French public in France has not shown any emotions , it is not their clones in Cameroon that will. They know that things are taken from Paul and given to Peter, and that Peter only has to eat and shut it. French speaking will have another opportunity to wage a challenge against their beloved leader in 2018. After that let them be silent for an eternity!

        • @Firefighter
          Once upon a time I suggested this: Do not waste words. A man has the choice to keep quiet and let others speculate about his being stupid or to open his mouth and confirm so himself. A man who is quick to cite cases of arson and assign culprits whereas everyone else is wondering who did it, yet glosses over the well known case of former finance minister Etienne Ntsama who set his ministerial office aflame to burn his many skeletons….
          .well….it is …..stupidity varnished with arrogance.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          The mosquito that just bit you is the same mosquito that bit John Dinga!

          JD is an example of a failure in the US and everyone who knows him personally knows that.

          Anyone who is wondering who burnt down the schools in the nw/sw is not just stupid but a fool. The schools are being burnt down by the ambazombies who have abolished education for the poor and all objective and reasonable observers are conversant of this fact.

          The reason no one shows compassion to the ambazombies is clear to all objective and reasonable observers. Only a fool will expect compassion from others for amputating the arms of young girls just because they want to go to school or for burning down schools.

  5. With all the defections and general Yenwo still missing can we assume the future is pregnant.we will defend our land.Dadi is not an isolated case,Ambalanders are rising from all regions to defend their territory.
    We will never be slaves to lrc anymore.

  6. LRC propaganda…. Lies. The people of Dadi dealt with LRC thugs and all these propaganda go to serve the purpose of consolation . Cowards, Manyu will unleashed the hell of of you thugs

  7. It sounds more like tte village was rounded up ,by the army ,hunting guns and mobile phones confiscated.

  8. @hypocryte Dinga seeking support and compassion from Francophones today has been spending time here misleading foolish anglophones that they must stand against the Republican forces.You supported the closure of schools I urged you to help educate your people on how to voice their greviences in a Republican platform. I will now tell you that even the strongest Francophones haters of Biya are backing him today on this Anglo saga I hope You have a (B) plan as they call you”Doctor”.

    • First Slave Colby! 35 years of dictatorship has nothing republican in it. It’s absolute monarchy. That desert PhD in forestry has left you worst off to be honest.

      • For you Abruti General (AG) I will make it clear that Biya was elected if you want to rule Cameroon you must win the next presidential election no bomb nor Kalashnikov will freak him they will rather strengthen his powers even amongst his detractors it is sad but this is the truth.As you have decided to inoculate idiocy to the Bamenda(s) by denying them school cause you ran to our dear neighbours and got (fake certificate) you clean McDonald’s today with.

        • It response indicates you got my message and that’s fine by me as your English seems much improved. The struggle continues…

    • Seeking support from Francophones? Do I need it? And if I did, why would I leave identifiable heroes like Barrister Alice Nkom, fire-eating CCT personality, Patrice Nouma or even the Patrice Nganang currently being detained? Masked dimwits cherry picking the flaws of others far away while skirting around those in their own backyards are hardly worthwhile supports!

      • Incidentally I do not need or flaunt a professional title to set out my posting in a blog; I am not possess Issa Tchiroma’s knack for telling the world about my degree or the degrees of my offspring. If my words do not sell my message, don’t buy it!

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          What do you have to flaunt besides poor grammar and big words?

      • Dinga the time Francophones were supporting Anglophones in their struggle is over since you urged your people to burn schools . You seem to be a mature man don’t do like a kid.

  9. @Colby Did i read your statement,that we should voice our grievances in a republican manner.?..ha ha ha…I i go die laugh.When Biya seperated from this informal union in 1984,did he do that in a republican manner? I haveread some of u like @Nyamfuca Aka @Zam Zam, saying that the problem was a corporate problem that concerned lawyers and teachers which have been addressed by gov’t.Let me tell u,corporate revendications are revendications that has to do with salary and better working conditions.From what i know,the lawyers and teachers where not asking for better working conditions.They complained about civil law magistrates been transffered to common law courts.Teachers complained how francophones are been sent to teach anglophones.So,the revendication is not corporate but political.

  10. @Colby You guys should learn to draw the difference between corporate revendications and political revendications.The revendications put forward by the lawyers and teachers is strictly political.Reason why a lasting political solution is what we need,not cosmetic.It is becos of the fraudulent change of the form of the state in 1972,that is how Y’de got the opportunity to enter our educational system and destroy it,especially in the technical section.Agbor Balla asked for the return to the federation of two states as a means to give a lasting solution to the issue and he was arrested and branded a terrorist.
    Francophones are backing Biya becos of what they are benefiting in SW.Not becos they like Anglophones.Their senses ends at SONARA.

    • Ok @kongossa what are you now advocating corporate or political greviences ????

    • Kongosa @ thankyou for this well explained specification and clarification of the original main problems.

  11. @
    Africans For Donald trump??There is no Anglophone problem in Cameroon how is market nah??Atangaji Paul how is market to day December 2017 ???Is there any Anglophone problem in Cameroon now???God punish you all including your grand mothers let see if Cameroon will ever be the same if Southern Cameroon is not free God punish Biya and his gang old fools we have an army now now ready to free our land not separatist group if u doubt me wait and see.

    • Africans For Donald Trump


      No army is big enough or powerful enough to free you from mental incarceration!

      You will never be free until you free yourself from the prison of your own false thoughts!

  12. @
    Colby you are one of the foolish Francophone slave of Biya who see nothing wrong with Biya regime however we are people of Southern Cameroons not LRC.

    • For you double “kéngé”the burial of Southern Cameroons was announced when president Ahmadou Ahidjo obtained the transfer of Southern Cameroons authority from the UK you can still fool yourself ….

      • So you all along knew Southern Cameroons was buried by Ahidjo, but you kept pretending as if nothing was wrong and saying we are brothers and should just move on. Thank you for digging up that historical fact. We can now see your true colors!

        • @ ?I have no color I have being a strong advocate of common Sense, constructive criticism if you read my comments for the past two years.

  13. It must be time for Biya to return from Europe and his army had to show him some reurns on his investment. How could Amba fighters leave cell phones and locally produced guns and the military failed to capture any of them?The equation will soon be tilted in favour of Amba fighters when a few surface to air portable launchers become handy. That is when those old French helicopters will be dropping out of the sky. Soara will also become an inferno which no fire fighting equipment in LR will put out. Sit tight and enjoy.

  14. @Colby We are advocating for political solution that will address and put an end to corporate grievances,economic grievances,e.t.c.Before GCE board was created,we have to fight for it and people have to die before Biya,granted the GCE board for us to manage our exams.Before university of Buea was created,people have to die before a decree was signed for its creation.There is no institution that Y’de have ever given to the anglophones without bloodshed.And Y’de has never compensated the berieved families even after the institution is created.They are used to walking away with it.Impunity,that is what they have been enjoying.They have never given any institution to the anglophones without putting up a fight first.And people have to die in the process.Is that how we are suppose to be living?

  15. Even before the gov’t started addressing the lawyers and teacher’s grievances,they waited for people to die and some went on exile,before they created common law section in ENAM and the supreme court e.t.c.Laurent Esso even came out and said that when the lawyers gets hungry,they will go back to courts.That statement alone speaks volume who an anglophone is,in this ”one and indivisible” LRC.What we want is a lasting political solution to all this things and HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe and his gov’t is ready to provide that lasting solution.So,tell Biya to either dialogue with HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe to find a lasting political solution to the socio-economic and corporate problems of anglophones or he should leave us go in peace.

  16. Biya does not understand the phrase “peaceful resolution “. What tyrants like him understand is the use of force. H E seseku Ayuk Tabe doesn’t welcome nonsense and he’s the right man to take on this fight with the senile and inept Biya

  17. Cho Ayaba must Dead

  18. What a joke, “the attackers left behind 26 hunting guns, dozens of tee shirts”, bla bla bla, only an idiot will believe this garbage, who attacks am army with hunting guns? Aren’t these the guns they seized some weeks back and now they show them as what was used to attack a ragtag disillusioned army. Give me a break. Nigeria has so many free guns that the separatists don’t need to use hunting guns but can actually purchase such guns to use them. Afp, go and rewrite this story and stop playing around.

    • @kongoss you cannot be advocating for better conditions and be burning schools , vandalising public properties.For your sake Bua University was granted under the francopones bloodshed not Anglophones stop spreading lies we have experienced strikes and trouble in Dla,Yde etc… But we have never burned schools to show you how deep is the culture of school in our side. The support and compassion some foolish seek now from us vanished the day you people started burning schools everybody was shocked and even the strongest haters of Biya decided to back him today and more than that are ready to send all of you back to where you came from et c’est ca la verite !!

  19. @Colby At least we burnt schools,we did not kill the gov’t.Schools can be replaced,but lives can never be replaced.I guess we are also the people that burnt down the National Assembly,right? Look,my friend,if u don’t have something to say,just keep quiet and continue to defend what u are benefitting from SW with your lame excuses. We don’t need francophones to support us.Becos,if francophones support us,they they will be asking for something in return,that is,for us to stay in Cameroon.I love the fact that francophones are against us.That will give us the lee way to seperate without owing any francophone.Continue to stand on your point and support Biya,i like that.We have also carried guns to kill like your Biya,sit quiet and watch what is going to happen.

  20. @Colby At least we burnt schools,we did not kill like the gov’t.Schools can be replaced,but lives can never be replaced.I guess we are also the people that burnt down the National Assembly,right? Look,my friend,if u don’t have something to say,just keep quiet and continue to defend what u are benefitting from SW with your lame excuses. We don’t need francophones to support us.Becos,if francophones support us,they they will be asking for something in return,that is,for us to stay in Cameroon.I love the fact that francophones are against us.That will give us the lee way to seperate without owing any francophone.Continue to stand on your point and support Biya,i like that.We have also carried guns to kill like your Biya,sit quiet and watch what is going to happen.