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Cameroon bans Anglophone opposition groups; leaders arrested

In Cameroon, two leaders of a top Anglophone community organizing group were arrested Tuesday as the news of their detention sparked a new round of protests in Buea. The move came on the second day of this week’s general “ghost town” strike to call attention to Anglophone concerns in Buea, Bamenda and other cities.

Dr Nkongho Felix Agbor Balla

Barrister Nkongho Felix Agbor-Balla, the president of the Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, and Dr. Fontem Neba, the group’s secretary general, were arrested on the same day that the Cameroon government deemed two groups and their activities illegal in a letter made available to local media.

“All activities, meetings and demonstrations initiated or promoted by the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC), the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium (CACSC), any other related groups with similar objectives or by anyone partisan to these groups, are hereby prohibited all over the national territory,” the letter said.

A statement issued by the Cameroon Common Law Lawyers Association – one of the professional groups, including teachers and doctors, who have called for social and cultural reforms in the courts and classrooms – condemned the arrests.

“Their phones have been seized and they are being subjected to inhumane treatment,” the statement said, calling on supporters to gather at the police station and demand their release while blocking the roads to Yaounde to ensure they are not transported there.

Dr. Fontem Neb

Local journalists report that Internet access is shut down in Buea amid increasing tensions in the street.

Violent protests and arrests have occurred for months, as Anglophone activists have pressed for reforms in the French-speaking nation. What began as protests evolved into boycotts; doctors and health professionals joined the strike on Monday.

The cultural rift goes beyond language to encompass the political, economic and social inequalities Anglophones say they experience under President Paul Biya, who has been in power for more than three decades.

In Cameroon, those tensions have at times led to regional calls for secession. The consortium is again calling for a two-state federation, and asking people to “peacefully resist the sadistic military regime which has continued unabated for half a century.”

The consortium and its affiliated or aligned groups also demand the release of Cameroonian youth who have been detained since the new round of protests began in October.

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  1. Original Black Bantu South Africa

    Not suprised.

    • At this point in time,
      we are not going to wage an arm struggle against our enemies from La Republic; at least not yet. For the moment, we should begin by applying the power of “Passive Resistance” as a recourse. Now what does that mean? Some may ask. It simply means that:
      1) we have to completely ignore any rule, order, or law that emanates from Yaounde. 2) We are going to refrain from complying to any forms of taxaction.
      3) We are going to abstain from any and every civic celebration that insinuates a harmonious co-existence. 4)Most importantly, we must begin to hit them where it hurts the most, we must desist from consuming any product that is produced east of the Mungo, starting with a self impose abstinence from all alcoholic beverages.
      These are some very simple measures we can begin to apply right at this moment. It doesn’t require any massive mobilization, human or capital. It is easy to impose and time insensitive. They, our enemies, are helpless against such measures. These are tried and proven strategies that engendered India’s independence from Britain. While it may not result to the same consequence in our context, it definitely will incur an impact of significance.

    • Original Black Bantu South Africa

      The best I can say in this situation is that people’s life and the future of the youths should carry a higher priority over any kind of ideology. As it is written

      “Anyone who is among the living has hope –even a live dog is better off than a dead lion!”

      Talking about lions, a lion hunter do not make noise, otherwise the roles may be reversed and even with a gun he becomes the lion’s prey.




    • That is called politics and strategy….send eclaireurs to identified the troubles makers and pinpoint exactly the hardliners then make a move by offering solutions and separate extremists from the peoples having dsy to day issues that want to make society progress ..then hit hard on the extremist…they will be deal with according to the martial..terrorists law of cameroon…deal with them but let the peoples looking for better life for all alone

      • This is the Francanglais we must stand against these rabbies infected thugs teaching our children. 2 decades in Ireland and this moron cannot express himself or construct one single sentence in legible writing? Mediocrity is their standard not ours. The story of the pig and its golden ring.

        • AG yesterday on another thread, I was very critical about chairman Fru Ndi’s decision to appoint a Bamilike as Secretary General of the SDF. I hope this fool @ Pharoan is offering a glimpse of the Bamilike mindset?

        • Anyone who has trust in a Bamilike can equally leave a large sum of money on their coffee table and go to bed upstairs with an Ibo man around, in plain view of the money.

        • Dear Manyaka happy New year to you and the family bros. Ni John’s timing of the appointment was not the best but for the points we have scored through The Wirba parliament blow, Joshua Osih’s humiliation of the fat Beti professor and Atangana Manda, the marching in Buea and Bamenda, I’ll preserve some reservation for the man as at now. He says he is using a different strategy. Hopeful the strategy bette work now that the junta is going bunkers on our citizens. Aluta Continua. I am also shocked even the Munas have come out openly to atone for their father’s sins. Akere must be regretting why he helped Biya dodge the Fotso litigation law suit in Oregon some years back and why he was a key member of the Bakassi ICJ defense.

      • Ossing Agbowkem France

        You pecticid and a fool of your nature. As you are there in the USA, is that how politics is being played? Whether you people like it or not Southern Cameroon must get it sovereigncy

    • @Fire
      Why do you type in capital letters, its difficult to read and degrading. Is it that you don’t know how to switch between upper and lower letters. You can use the Caps Lock on the left side your keyboard.

  3. Sparrow Hawk Thailand

    Now I can see Biya’s real plan. It’s now very obvious that biya wants to use his unlimited executive power and francophone majority to suppress, oppress and subject the anglophones. I think this lone move is enough to ignite the real protest. Since biya has decided that gun speaks louder than pen and violence is more preferable to peace and that difference in opinions should be resolved in the war front rather than dialogue room, we must unite to stand against that evil spirit in etoudi called biya and his group of deadly cabinet. Biya continues to disgrace himself and LRC. The release of those men is inevitable and insurmountable. Crazy govt.

    • Noise maker behind keyboard..even here for keyboard you cannot win. Monkey with pepper for eyes…either you move to England or you move to nigeria….anglofools…I am cameroonian not anglofool/francofools and any revendication should look and improving the life of cameroonians not anglofools/francofools or divide…run and hide we know where you are hiding

      • You this little macquizard monkey. This is exactly how your Bamileke ancestors were annihilated the same day their UPC was banned. I feel so sorry for you !diot. At least we are resisting unlike you macquizard that is taking in deep in his behind from the same people that savagely erased your ancestors calling them extremist. You are so lost and the best you can do is to hide in that Ireland hamlet forever. More than 2 decades there all you can still write is francanglais? Better learn Gaelic you little thug. However do yourself some favour and ask the Irish how they managed to beat the English and chased them out of Dublin. Of course a terrorist consumer like you can only wait for eating time and show up with your 3 wives and 18 children lying how some are your sisters running persecution. Lost ntongtouh piglet.

        • My ancestors where fighting the French and English….if you cannot see the difference then go back to school..not majesty education…real school where you learn something not where you are told something….who are you fighting here??urself??

        • Are you not ashamed to admit that they lost and curled back into the hole where you have now emerged? Your ancestors seeked refuge in our sanctuary to survive and give birth to you and now you have the audacity to call us Nigerians because we seek to control our future from the same French you never cease castigating. Can you see now that you are a dumb dullard blind stupid dummy? I will ante up my gear as te macquisard you are comes. Ungrateful minting lunatic.

        • @AG thank you for telling that idiot the truth.

        • @AG
          Hahahahaha. Wuna go kill man here oh!

        • vaiocomputers Sweden

          So this ***** finally snowballed into federalism? Hahaha

        • vaiocomputers Sweden

          Kikikiki..some man go get heart failure.

      • You are now venting your frustration after suffering for decades with your bad English…I know the Irish well, if you don’t speak good english, they will subject you to ass-cleaning! Pharoan is a candidate of postmodern slavery. You have no other forum than this one to make an idiot of yourself!

      • Ossing Agbowkem France

        Other countries are moving forward but La Repubique du Cameroon is behind because of their self centeredness in the ruling government. Don’t worry we shall trace you in Ireland

  4. Biya we told you to not negotiate with thugs and not bend to their ridiculous demands ,by freeing their thugs children ,you only emboldened them,like the typical idiots they are they assumed the state is weak and it is time to push for more, this reminds me of Tiananmen Square in china where the students made the mistake to believe that they are more powerful than the state ,the rest is history …the anglofools behind this madness are only delaying the inevitable, there will never be a secession nor a two states federation . There will never be a referendum and in fact I’m afraid all they have achieved is to delay for the rest of the country the processus of decentralization and autonomy, one has to be very dumb to think that amidst troubles in the far north and north ,troubles in the east and now in SW & NW the state will give autonomy to anyone the moment is not right and the fauteurs de trouble will only have themselves . As for that balla let him open his big mop again . Both of them should be hung by their balls if they have any . We have seen videos of Anglo being maimed and forced to exist classes which is a clear signal that this whole show doesn’t even have public support ,the fact you have to lynch children and terrorize them out of school is a clear indicator that the movement has lost steam and people are not buying your shenanigans anymore . The state came to the table you bumped your chest now te state has all sympathy and all corners of the nation are calling for military actions . Don’t you ever push your luck ,it was fun while it lasted. Hopefully primitive cowards and beasts of no lineage like pimento and AG can’t afford flight tickets and fight for their pseudo cause ,I didnt forget the panties sniffer called John dinga and his tchinda bmg and makakya . Raze the whole NW we have enough people to repopulate it .
    Im glad Franco have already withdrawn their kids . The illiterates waiting for the unesco should tell ban ki moon I said hi

    • Sorry Punguiss, anglophones voted to join us in a federation in 1961 and can equally exit in a referendum. We just messed them up so badly in bad faith. At least, they have pinned Mr Biya down in Yaounde. He would have left for Europe already! I dare him to leave for Europe again now and see what happens!

  5. stop moderating people comments and opinion

  6. Your down fall is near Biya and Co.. I feel sorry for you morons , the struggle continues. You just opened a new door/

    • Yamfouka…..ya ya ya….watever….noises makers..looser….peoples are trying to blackmaol the state to make money…pepper they theirs nyass now ..ah ah ah

      • Loosers? We are not loose boy, we are tight! Man from okoromenjang, class seven English is above you.

  7. …and Balla is a Beti (Yaoundé) name. Interesting 🙂

    • THERE IS GOD OHHHH United States

      Hahahaha! That’s the only thing you got from that article bro ? Truly we need to part ways with minds like yours, La Republic will truly never amount to something. Very Sad!!

    • We are all over the place, we simply to brag and bump our chest. The case of Nico Mbarga is a perfect example but unfortunately we will deal with that traitor called Balla. He will tell us who born up . As for Fontem neb they shouldn’t even bother bringing him to Yaoundé , just shoot him in some bush in bamenda or in the west and let him rot . Law and order by fire and by force .lets see if they have the monopoly for violence

    • I used to think this @confucius had some substance in his pinhead until I realize today that such twisted thinking is a Beti disease. Even if you are right the what? You are such a disgrace to that your learned Phd wife. Didn’t folks of your calibre also made a headstand that Obama is a Beti? The disease and symptoms of that rotten country is truly this Fang Beti entitlement. We have vormit it out and so it shall remain.

      • Agbor Balla is 100% of Bayangi decend.

        • Lie from the pit of hell Balla is à Beti name and his father is a Beti .

        • A tribalist only see Beti names to doctor ENAM, EMIA, IRIC lists. Moses was also raised Egyptian you big foolish swine.





    • Huge favour @FIRE: Could you please not type in “all caps”? It is really hard to read. Thank you sir.

    • You sre your 2 cousins..3 nephew 4 uncle’s and grand Father?? All gandja smokers??? You forget that cameroon is unique in the world?? Read cameroon history before the so called anglofools and francofools…Queen slaves we are fighting to free ourselves from the french but you are doing so to be his majesty slaves yeah?? Run and hide but we have drones now to smoke you out

      • You this ntongtouh monkey. The only reason you open your smelly Bamileke mouth here is because you want our shoulders to lean on. We will flush your piglet smelly face out you little macquizard. 2 decades in Ireland and you can’t write English? We are not part of your state and has never been. !diot.

        • English is not my language so i am trying my best….english french are not my standard monkey. I speak and write more difficult language than English…i am.a proud bamileke the real ISRAELI TE you jealous man…looking to steal from us…do you still own a parcel of land in your south west?? No all.sold to bamileke now want to create confusion to steal and blackmail in order to get same or resell same

        • Because of complex this monyongo !diot now thinks he is an Israeli Hahahahahahhahah lol. Soon he will say he is an Egyptian that built the pyramid yet walking around with the skulls of his ancestors as he struggle to feed them. It’s so true you are a lost pig. Stick to yourself and your people. A lot of them that stood up to the French were/are smart and sincere but you are just a lost sh!t eating pig raiser. Opportunistic impostor.

    • @Fire

      Please don’t reply to this lump of excrement called PINGUISS. The turd is a professional paid agent provocateur and will ramble so many words that says literally nothing apart from insults. Let the troll choke on its own medicine.

      • Kikiki thank you Mr AG! Did you hear how we got onto the so called chairman of the SDF? He appointed one of these frogs as Secretary General and told us he knew what he was doing! And then that illiterate called roger milla also thinks he can come out and speak that mixture of sounds…it’s not a language! Roger milla did not go far in professional football because of dullness. The French told him verbally that they would pay him 50,000 French francs at the time but on paper it was five hundred but because the fool could not read he signed the contract and only found out when his paycheck came in. We cannot deal with these guys because that’s the system they’re used to…fear and submission!

        • Kikiikiki Milla’s disease is dullness, hungry and langa Bros. I’ve been looking for his job description for God knows how long. I didn’t know the French did him that bad lol. They are the thugs that live on the illusion of entitlement. We will smash them down this time.

        • What of Foncha and Muna who brought you here ? According to your online barking they are definitely dumber than milla or any Franco . What about you who have been our slaves for more than half a century now ? Ah ah the joke is on you

  9. Now that they have all being identified it is time to deal with them. You do not blackmail cameroon boko haram learned it the hard way….you cannot come and force a country to divide..you form a political party and go to election with your ideas….bting it to the peoples not bulllying and harassing citizens…the dansing is over! Get out fast and run to nigeria or you will be cleaned

    I support you revendictions for better life but not to divide cameroon between anglofools and francofools.

    • MAN MOST WARK Reserved

      Shot up you fool. We will see who will laugh last. This action by LRC just build our case at the UN. We will get you LRC out of our country this year 2017. Mark my word

    • @ Pharaon
      Why are you jubilating all over? Where is the joy in a situation that can be described as going from the frying pan to the fire? Isn’t it pathetic to gloat over the perceived setback of anybody?

      • Let wait to see the frying pan ok?? As I said the vast majority of peoples do not support separation …if you dought bring it to the election table by forming a political party….listen you south west peoples are lazy cons…You cannot form a country with noth west fact! It will not work.

        • MAN MOST WARK Reserved

          You are real stupid. Was referendum not what the consortium is calling for. My friend go back and learn the history of Cameroon befor coming in here and expose your ignorant

        • idiot , and you think you wake up and ask for a referendum? you have to constitute a party and win elections and then push for, who is the consortium? lmao at least follow what was done in scotland, quebec etc. consortium my foot, what power do they have?

        • MAN MOST WARK Reserved

          you ignorant fool, do you know what a referendum is. Do you even know how the two countries came together? LRC divorced it self from the relationship in 1984, therefor, Southern Cameroon has every wight to determine through a referendum if they want to continue the relationship or not.

  10. Freedom is not free. Biya and his barbaric regime just escalated the fight. We shall never backdown. Time for the p’ple of Southern Cameroon to stand up and fight. I’ll never be a slave of La Republique again. Better die fighting, than being in perpetual slavery. We must fight for our generation and future generations. Time for real action is now. Brothers and Sisters, wake up from slumber. Don’t relent. We shall fight till the last man. Afree and independent Southern Cameroon is our only option.


  12. Of course my people. The ban move on the consortium was an expectation as they stood their ground against all forms of bribery and corruption. Remember this godforsaken junta has no respect for lawyers or teachers and observes human rights only on paper. It’s the only country in the world where lawyers are treated like thugs as they are beaten and dragged on the steeets in broad daylight while lawyers of other countries like Senegal have the savvy to rise to the highest office in the land. Where did LRC ever gave a free pass to a struggle that threatens their corrupt position looking from the launching of the SDF, GCE board to this struggle? We will mount tremendous pressure and they will be released in no time. Stay strong and pray for guidance, endurance and wisdom for our dedicated leaders – the consortium. We must not crack even as our head is this bloodied.

    I wonder what state they are talking about. West Cameroon has u animously rejected the Etoudi regime bs shun daylight bribery and corruption. LRC has no mandate in our land. Time will serve them as we work on it. Aluta Continua

  13. Folks, don’t be distracted. We must be strong even in our agony. Our physical and spiritual support count. The Yaounde regime is the problem but the answer will come sooner than expected. The fight is a real one and is taking different forms. Those who feel they have it all will soon be in the valley. Arresting the leaders won’t prevent birthing.

  14. Victory victory victory to the Anglophones. We are winning and the only thing the government can do is to use forced. This is just a catalyst to inspire more manifestations. When the lawyers tabled in their petition, the government used forced to intimidate them and the teachers. Later they realized that force was not an option. They started looking for means of dialogue and bribed some fons And chiefs which they refused to collect. The government is out of options and has only resorted back to their traditional habits of intimidation and arrest. This will not stop the Anglophone from achieving their goals. The government of la republic will regret this act of arrest. If they had an amicable means of solving problems, they will not go for arresting leaders for defending their people. Viva Ambazonia. Viva SCNC.

    • Alhaji,
      I`m not a fan of the word Ambazonia, but for the time being we need not split hair about words. After our ultimate victory against French trained puppets, we will stick to Southern Cameroons. Ambass Bay is derived from a Portuguese word of the Bay of Limbe, so as time goes by we will get rid of any foreign connotations to this struggle.

      That said, arresting these leaders implies that the state no longer has a negotiating partner. Who is therefore going to order back the students and teachers to class and lawyers to courts? This is a movement and has nothing to do with individuals,so targeting the movement’s leaders is not helpful at all. I hope we are not going to waste days talking about the release of the same leaders before any constructive dialogue continues.

      • My brothers and sisters we urgently need to start asking ourselves questions and finding reasonable answers.

        The government has many ways to make things happen. They have the military, they have money, they have control, they have power, and they have strategies.

        The government could order teachers back to the classrooms and any teacher who does not show up will be sacked. Any teacher who complains will be sacked. How are we going to take care of the teachers and their families?
        How are we going to take care of the lawyers and their families? How are we going to resist the military arrests? Who is going to organise the people so that the struggle is more successful?

        Some of the CPDM militants will start sending their children back to school.

        How are we preparing for all these situations?

        Time and time again our anglophone leaders have tried to achieve freedom but it has always resulted in things like this.

        We need to use the power of negative thinking. That means,l predict all possible problems we could face and make plans for them in advance before we even move forward.

  15. You block internet, you ban TV and radio, you ban Consortium and SCNC, you need to also ban English and pidgin in West Cameroon but what is inside the heart you cannot ban. So what next! We believe in the cause no body can change it.
    Mandela was tried and jailed by the apartheid regime but that did no stop others from fighting for their freedom. Mandela ruled the same South Africa, children born after apartheid are called “Free borns” for a reason. There are more real black millionaires today in South African than in LRC.
    ” why would a prison guard believe his is more free than the high risk prisoner his is guarding all his life?”

    • We all need a strategies my brother. What will it take to defeat their use of force?
      They have military weapons which we don’t have. They have money, they have soldiers.

      What can we use to counter the military weapons and their money.
      What I believe is that Biya is not the one ruling Cameroon anymore. There’s probably a ruling council made up of army generals and other intelligent people. They just put Biya’s name infront but they are running the show from behind.

      We must know the real enemy to be able to win.

      • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

        The Soviet Union was the second most powerful nation on planet earth but she disintegrated into 15 independent states because of the evil called marginalisation. The powerful soviet military could not prevent the dissolution of the USSR.

        LRC has the Military. However, no Military has ever defeated its People.
        If the People of West Cameroon continue to stand as one man, the Military of LRC and France will be defeated with the help of civil disobedience and public Relations abroad.

        1. Dictator Josef Wissarionowitsch Stalin vowed that the Soviet Union will remain “one and indivisible” ad infinitum. However, the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 resulted in the creation of 15 independent countries.
        2. Dictator Josip Broz Tito promised that Yugoslavia will remain “one and indivisible” forever. Today we know that he was only day-dreaming
        3. Dictator Umar al-Baschir swore that Sudan was “one and indivisible”. Today we know that he was simply playing to the gallery.
        4. Dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam pledged that Ethiopia will remain “one and indivisible”. Today Eritrea is an independent country
        5. Dictator Edvard Beneš swore that Czechoslovakia will remain “one and indivisible”. Today there are Czech Republic and slovakia as independent countries
        6. General Suharto vowed that Indonesia will remain “one and indivisible “. However, today East Timor is an independent state.
        7. etc.


        • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

          1. The United Nations will soon intervene if the killings continue
          2. I am already in contact with evidence with the ICC. I am urging others to do same
          3. Civil disobedience should continue in the Country
          4. West Cameroonians should stand as one man. LRC will now use Money to divide and rule

          Other countries regained their freedom, why should West Cameroon be the exception?
          Of Course, LRC and France will do everything possible NOT to loose the oil in Ndian. Of Course, they will continue to use force, intimidation, rape, Kidnapping, etc to retain Ndian oil because without Ndian oil and the abundant natural resources in West Cameroon LRC cannot repay her numerous loans.

          That notwithstanding, if West Cameroonians should continue to stand as one man, VICTORIA ASCERTA

        • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

          I hereby congratulate the de facto leadership of West Cameroon, the Consortium. You did a fantastic Job on behalf of West Cameroonians You stood your ground and refused the bribe Money from LRC. All efforts by LRC to divide you People remained fruitless.
          I am very proud of you People for defending the rights of West Cameroonians.
          God bless you all.

  16. Why are you guys troubling yourselves? To me thats a blessing in disguise for the Anglophones. How can you be negotiating with a set group and suddenly you turn and arrest them? The question is why then were you negotiating with them in the first place? Here is a good case for us to table to the UN now because we now got solid proofs. Whoever advised Biya made a political blunder.

    • Thanks bro! You have spoken my mind and the questions you have asked are vitally essential. The kingdom is already confused. We are fighting a just cause. They may arrest all our leaders but that won’t stop the birthing. Stay focused!

    • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved


      You are very correct that the Arrest of the de facto leaders of West Cameroon is a Blessing in disguise. It has once more internationalize the Anglophone Problem.It will soon backfire. It was another foolish decision of LRC. The ICC has been contacted by me. Other West Cameroonians have contacted the UN, AU, the Commonwealth, etc.

      Cameroon will never be the same again


      • Mola,

        I did contacted the ICC myself and they are keenly following the situation in Cameroon. They even have a representative on ground in Cameroon right now and a close friend of mine who also works at the ICC has hinted me that they have collected sufficient evidence in Cameroon that could amount to charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. I was surprised he even cited the Bakassi Peace Agreement that according to international law the troops of LRC were supposed to have withdrawn to the border LRC had at Independence which further aggravated their crimes as a foreign annexasionist force.

        What is happening right now are the last kicks of a dying horse. The arrest of our leaders is really a blessing in disguise as someone mentioned. In the history of the world, no military might has ever defeated a people determined to be free and truth and justice has always prevailed over falsehood. We are winning bigly. You can sense the nervousness from the other side after our leaders refused to be bribed and coward into submission.

        • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved


          Biya already has a case file for numerous extrajudicial killings at the ICC opened by Amnesty International. Our contributions will update his file.
          I included in my letter the Name of Okalia Bilai and justified it inter alia with Pictures of our children being forced to bath in and drink infested water in Molyko. Please when next you contact the ICC you should also include the Name of Okalia Bilai.
          There is no turning back for West Cameroonians.
          The members of the Consortium turned down billions of FCFA from the Etoudi Junta. Since the ARGUMENT OF BRIBERY failed, LRC decided to try ARGUMENT OF FORCE.


    • The fact the population stayed in on monday and these 2 persons have been subsequently arrested ,there are uniformed personnel present at all civil meetings on this civil dispute and no solutions by the goverment have been offered …..,is a very bad indication to investing parteners and pending growth issues for the whole country ,which is a shame as things were improving and this action of arresting professional reprasentatives of civil society is definately not good governece..

  17. Pharaon,
    You seem to be the only Cameroonian alive, flailing around the forum to confirm your treachery. You are a butterfly that thinks itself a bird!Remember Bamilekes are considered the most detested people in Cameroon, by the same people you are trying too hard to please. It is not surprising to some of us who have been keeping taps on the activities of your dubious soul on this forum. You sang Supreme leader here for three years, only to switch gears and start foaming in the mouth about Betis, forgetting that the Supreme leader is the boss of all Betis. No one ignores the fact that you can sell your mother for a few pieces of silver, but remember, Southern Cameroonians have outlasted some people of your ilk. Try to recall how the statement,” do something about it” disappeared in the mouths of fellow ethno polemists Mbappe, Pinguiss, Mbamois. They do no longer make threats, they just vent their frustration. So keep up, keep barking under our voices and seeking for notice, you will soon take Tchiroma’s place and feed fat the ancient grudge that you bear the Southern Cameroonian ” peoples”.

  18. I am not very surprised. We should have seen this coming. Know your enemy , know yourself well, and make plans for your enemy’s attack before you start the game. If our leaders do not plan for obstacles then it will be hard to achieve victory. I hope the Consortium of Anglophone Civil Society already has plan C, D, E, F, G, H, because this battle is going to be long. It will not last for one day or one week or one month. If not then it’s time to start making those plans.

  19. BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

    T have been writing on this Forum that the dialogues were a SHEER WASTE OF PRECIOUS TIME, ENERGY AND RESOURCES”. I have once more be proven right. The Leadership of LRC the most foolish, corrupt, dishonest, faithless, deceitful, arrogant and insensitive on planet earth.
    The Arrest of the ge facto eaders has taken the struggle to the next and final stage. It is a Blessing in disguise.
    A UN -supervised Referendum is now unavoidable. NO MORE NEGOTIATION WITH LRC.


    • This is exactly why La Republique has been dying to talk to the leaders only to nestle the dangerous feathers of their diabolic plan. Deceit all over their ways. Thank God the sagacious leaders anticipated the situation and transferred the leadership to Europe just before their arrest. The struggle continues. They can even kill us all but our struggle, idea and yearn to be free people will never die. Freedom is in the horizon.

      • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

        From day one LRC was not serious with the negotiation. They were just buying for time in order to plan for the use of force or to bribe the members of the Consortium.
        When the bribe Option failed they triggered the force Option.
        The Soviet Union and other countries used the force Option but disintergrated into Independent States. West Cameroon , God will also soon be free.

      • Bros,
        These are the last kicks of a dying horse. LRC criminal junta has just made one of the worst blunders by arresting these leaders. They have just spike our anger and intensified our resolve to be free. I just talk to someone home this morning and he is telling me that farmers are deciding to cut all food supplies to LRC and movement of trucks out of West Cameroon will be limited or stopped all together..

  20. We did what we had to do yesterday in Ekona
    Sorry for the two poor policemen and their families
    Our backs were pushed to the wall. I regret that I had to leave man.