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Jackson Ngnie Kamga

Cameroon Bar President sued for hanging to power

Journal du Cameroun | The President of the Cameroon Bar Association, Jackson Ngnie Kamga and the Head of the of the Bar General Assemble Nico Halle have been sued for hanging on to power one year after their mandate expired.

Bamenda-based lawyer Barrister Acha Collins Ndoh has dragged the pair to court for failing to convene an elective general assembly of the Bar one year after their mandate expired.

Acha Collins, member of the Cameroon Bar Association filed the suit at the Bamenda High Court on April 24, requesting the jurisdiction to interpret “the provisions of section 47 (1) & (2) of law no. 90/059 of 19 December 1990 to organise practice at the Bar and article 4 of the internal regulations of the Bar”, as well as “the provisions of section 52 (1) & (2) of law no. 90/059 of 19 December 1990 to organise practice at the Bar and the provisions of articles 8, 9 & 12 of the internal regulations of the Bar. ”

Barristers Nico Halle and Ngnie Kamga were elected President to the Bar GA and Bar President respectfully on January 31, 2015, for a two-year mandate, renewable once. But are still to convene a general assembly since their mandate expired in January 2017.

However, Barrister Nico Halle says the failure to convene the general elective assembly is largely due to the Anglophone crisis which had the lawyers at its genesis.

In an interview granted The Guardian Post, Barrister Nico Halle says he and his team had made arrangements for the elective Assembly which was supposed to hold in January 2017 when the crisis broke out in November 2016 leaving them with no option but push it further.

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  1. The prolonged crisis is surely taking quite a toll on the men of law as reasoning and logic take a back seat.

    If lawyers are boycotting the courts in the NW and SW, where does such a case take place? And who will represent the defendants?

    • @John Dinga
      The reason of taking them to court is more important than that of the venue of the case. The question to be ansered here is why they don’t want to hand over or at least convene the GA as expected. It’s just us. Always hanging on to power at all Levels.

  2. Well done barrista Collins..instead of peoples sitting in their palours and make noises you are actually doing something about this…the same like theses illetrate intellectual that speak about the government should sue bollore here..the government should sue france there..why can they not make a complaint to court?international court?

  3. keep dreaming

  4. Pompidou Mensah

    Sue in what Court, please save your money and help join the fight, then we will incorporate a real legal system.