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Cameroon budgets CFA200 billion for social welfare fund

APAnews | The budget for this year’s running of the National Social Security Fund (CNPS) in Cameroon amounts to CFA200 billion, the gazette announced on Thursday.

According to the decree published in the gazette, the budget for the National Social Welfare Fund for the year has been approved and made enforceable.

With this endowment, CNPS should continue its transformation through not only the intensification of the digitization of the processes, but also the improvement in the social coverage of all affiliated people.

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  1. It is practically Impossible to spead up economic transformation,possible through rapid industrialization of villages allocating financial resources to social activities that have nothing to do with productive investment.it is pure waste of resources.the key word that should not leave the minds of our future aleads, must be,productive investment.it is the surest path to creating a socially balance system with reasonable income distribution.from observation,I am sure that no African government today can lead it’s people to complete industrialization in the next 30 years.the economic programming of our government officials,makes this impossible.so we must find another Parth,and it exists.follow my reasoning beyond.

  2. From my argument above, it is clear that the top dawn system of industrialization that worked well in Taiwan, Singapore,and especially south Korea under Chung hee park will not work in Africa because our aleads are not sufficiently rooted in our traditions.bieng mostly Christian and Muslim,they lack the spiritual base that creates the kind of aleads who led Asian countries like Singapore to rapidly industrialise.so how do we do?by going from original African systems like eh-kome(njangi)esusu in kiswahili.we can transform it to an investment base institution.for example when it’s somebody’s turn to collect the money.a productive project is thought,and the money used to fund it.small machines would be installed to create added value.pressing groundnut s to oil for example.

  3. Mr. Bah Acho, you prescribe the same treatment over and over. Don’t you get tired?

    Incidentally you may want to refer to EQINOX-TV as referee of the match between the DG of CNPS(Noel Alain Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akame) and his archrival, the DG of Tribune de l’Est Economie (Chantal Roger Tuile).
    Both know something about how the funds of CNPS are spent in Real Estate deals, trips to F. C. Barcelona, sponsorship of Roger Milla etc.

    As for money spent on retirees, that is probably a footnote. Check it out.